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"One of the best free-roaming platformers ever?"

It may seem a little late for a review, but this is such a good game I couldn't resist writing a review for it.

Story 8/10

A very original story. Two elvish teenagers wonder off to the only place they're not aloud to go. They not only catch a couple of crazed evil people forming an army, one of their tough soldiers tries to attack Jak and Daxter (the teens) and Daxter is knocked into a pit of black stuff. He comes out as a sort of squirrel. Then they have to go on a quest to get Daxter back to his original form. Sort of like convincing a bad guy to stop world domination, but for your own purpose.


This is one of the games weak points. There isn't much variety in the gameplay. There are two veichles in the game you can ride on. The main idea is to collect 'Power Cells'. The problem with this is that there aren't too many ways of getting them. The most common way is to trade 'Precursor Orbs', which is repeated one too many times. There is however, quite a difference to each of the games areas.


This isn't the best point in the game. The only reason it might take you long is the frustration of some trickier Power Cells. It has 16 levels. Being a free-roaming one means that you can pick levels in a certain area. A bit like a Hub section of some more original platformers. You can also switch levels quickly in the hub areas. Getting 100% however, may take a while.

Sound 8/10

While not the best thing for tunes, the music for an area is good. When you're near lava, you can hear it bubbling. The rain and thunder effects are probably the most impressive features in the game. Also, if in deep water, a heart-racing sound comes into play as a shark chases you, the sound is pretty good.

Replayability 6/10

The game's weakest point. If you don't get all the Power Cells before the final boss fight, this is the only reason you'll play the game after its completed. As for coming back for more after getting 100% however is not good. None of the game elements change, so you'll know where everything is.

Mini-Games 7/10

While there aren't any proper Mini-Games, there are mini-games of sorts while collecting some Power Cells. They're quite interesting. Other than this there's nothing.

Difculty 8/10

For a platformer, you'll be surprised. There are a few timed areas, all vital to getting all 100% of the game. There are also VERY awkward jumps towards the end of the game. The bosses however, prove to be a slight dissapointment.

Overall 8/10

I can see nothing below average here. The story is the best part of the game, being a relatively unused sort of idea. A change from a platformer an insane Professer trying to blow up the world.

I reccomend you buy this game. if you don't like platformers, this should change your mind.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/26/02, Updated 02/26/02

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