"Amazing in all ways except length"

I don't really want to go into that much detail about the game as its so amazing and the player should get to experience everything without it being explained to him from someone else........but what the heck

The game is brought to you by Naughty Dog.....the same dudeys that brought the crash bandicoot games out. The game shows naughty dog all over as its really just a 3d crash game with hundreds of improvements. But anyway

Graphics:9/10: Although cartoony, the graphics are superb with everything beautifully detailed and amazing to look at. All environments not only being huge look so good and the characters mouths even move in time with what they say. Jak being the guy you mostly control looks pretty cool too.

Sound:8/10: All character voices are nice and fit with the characters attitudes perfectly. Although after a while the noises from beating baddies gets repetitive. The music fits with all environments and is easily recognised again as naughty dog work if you've played the crash games

Story:8/10:The story is fairly basic but with some really cool touches. Jak and Daxter are told not to go to an island........and well surprise surprise they go and see some strange things going on. Jak and Daxter go to have a look in a bit more detail and then they come across this weird looking gem and a pit filled with this weird black and icky looking goo. Suddenly a guard then comes up and attacks, but Jak saves the day with his main character skills unfortunately Daxter accidently falls backwards and falls into the goo! When Daxter gets back out hes a small furry rodent thingy. And so the story begins when you have to help Daxter get back to normal

Difficulty:6/10:Easy.......very....very...easy. The enemies patterns get easy to figure out and eventually you could complete the game without being hit...but hey.... sometimes the puzzles and the jumps are tricky and even I (yup....me....) got stuck for a few tries in some of the later levels in the game. Plus sometimes it can get a bit boring with nothing new near the end of the game.

Replayability:6/10: This game is short. I mean VERY short. I could play it again if I had nothing else to play but really, once you finish it that's it. You could go for 100% but that wouldn't take very long either.

Buy or Rent?:RENT!!: I rented it and it took less than a day to finish, on top of that it was an hour before it was 100% done. I strongly suggest you rent this as you'd be trying to sell it again for your money back if you buy it. Its that short. But hey....doesn't seem like theres a lot of lengthy ps2 games out at the minute and the games perfect for the younger generation

All in all, a fantastic game while it lasts

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/17/02, Updated 03/17/02

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