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"Very Simply: A Fun and Great Game."

My brother had this game since he got his Playstation 2, and asked me if I wanted to play one day. I wasn’t expecting anything from this game, but it turned out to be a very entertaining, fun, and comedic game that was worth every penny he paid for it. And even more so now that the game is available for only about twenty US dollars as a title on Playstation 2’s Greatest Hits series.

Story: 5

The story of Jak and Daxter is set in the world of magical energy called Eco, and many artifacts and ruins of an ancient race called the Precursors are scattered across the land. Eco comes in a variety of colors, all which have different effects on Jak and Daxter. The game starts as the two friends leave on a journey to the forbidden Misty Island, in which they find many beasts and bad guys running around and pools of the dreaded Dark Eco. Daxter accidentally falls into a vat of Dark Eco, and becomes turned into a small furry animal. To turn him back you must journey to find the Sage of Dark Eco, but the plot quickly twists when some miscreants set out to unleash the harmful effects of Dark Eco onto the world.

Our hero, Jak, is a quiet hero who doesn’t talk but gets the job done. His sidekick Daxter, on the other hand, is a goofy and comedic little rodent. Throughout the game Daxter provides you with plenty of laughs to keep you more than entertained, continuously laughing, and interested.

When you think about the fact that it is supposed to be a goofy, off the wall platform game, you shouldn’t really expect an amazing story. The story is pretty well laid out for the world its set in. A little bit cliché, but while playing it I did not think about story line too much. Instead, I was busy enjoying the game for all the fun things it had to offer. After all, games are allowed to not have epic story lines as long as the game play is great, right? Which leads me to…

Game play: 10

This is where this game REALLY shines. There are plenty of levels to keep you entertained with three types of items to collect to be able to power up your percent completed number, as well as power up some wacky machine to be able to get to the next set of areas. You can also play a number of mini games with villagers in each place to get more Power Cells, or trade them Precursor Orbs to get more Power Cells. All of it amounts to a lot of good fun. The villagers I also must say were very well done.

The magic and attacks given to Jak and Daxter are pretty neat, and well done. There are enough new things to keep fighting monsters fresh and fun. Hell, I didn’t even know there were more than the few attacks until I started messing around with the R and L buttons and figured out some really neat, and sometimes NEEDED maneuvers to get across a certain gap or other such obstacle.

The enemies are fairly typical. Dangerous but once you get down how to take them out they are easy unless there are swarms of them. The enemies were very well done and thought out though, and do go very well with whatever area you might happen to find them in.

There are also several levels and areas where you can ride or drive vehicles or animals through obstacle course style places. These areas are also a lot of fun, always with some sort of added challenge like time limit, or littered with bombs and enemies set there to stop you from getting to the other end.

Also, NO LOAD TIMES! You seamlessly run through the enormous levels and towns with no loading. This is such a great thing when you compare it to some games with load time. After playing this, those games seem to take AGES to load, and I wish all games could be like this, or at least many more like it.

Graphics: 8

Nothing to complain about, good graphics and good lip-sync with the voice acting. The attacks of all parties involved and Eco effects looked really neat, especially the blue Eco turbo jumps. Things like that will make you think, “COOL!” when you first see them. Even later on in the game the programmers and designers did a very good job of mixing things up and keeping the graphics fresh and fun.

Sound: 10

I’m not really one to complain about sound. It didn’t annoy me, fit well with whatever area I was in at the time, and all that jazz. The sound effects were very well done, and went great with each type of magic, or attack. The voice acting was also very well done, and everyone talks! No subtitles to read makes for a much more fun game. I always found myself to dislike subtitled games after playing games with voice acting…I didn’t like having to look at the text and miss whatever was going on in the game :D.

Difficulty: 5

The game isn’t that hard or long. Most of the areas have a decent challenge with small puzzles or timers. There are also A LOT of precursor orbs to collect on most levels, and completing the level with only 197/200 leads to a long search, but you feel much better once you find them and get that extra 1% on your completion percentage.

There could have been more areas, more monsters, and definitely more bosses, but the game is no less without them. Those things would have just made the game EVEN better.

Replay Value: 1

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of replay value in the game once you find all the Orbs, Power Cells, and Scout Flies. In the event you missed anything you can go back and find it at a later time, but unless you really just want to play the game -again-, nothing changes each time around.


Overall, this is a really fun and innovative game.

Plenty of things to keep you entertained throughout the entire game, but it isn’t as long as you would want it to be. It COULD have been longer, and harder, but it is definitely fine the way it is, and as I said at the start worth every penny, especially now that it’s a greatest hits title.

Its not the GREATEST game I've ever played, but definetely a great game and worth a try, at the very least.

After playing this I was also excited about getting Jak II, so I hope that the sequel is as good as the first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/24/03

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