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"Volume one of a great trilogy"

Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy was created by Naughty Dog, the creator of the Crash Bandicoot series. Naughty Dog has moved on from Crash. Jak and Daxter was created in 2001. This is the first in the Jak game trilogy. This is now a Greatest Hit, so it is now 20 dollars. Why wouldn’t you buy this for 20 dollars for a game you will play the rest of your life.


This game has a fantastic story line. You start out being introduced to your main characters Jak and his friend Daxter. They are exploring an island they were told not to go to. While exploring they were attacked and Daxter fell into a pool of ‘Dark eco’ which changes him into an animal called an Ottsel. They then return home and go to their tribe’s wise sage Samos. He says only one man might be able to help in but no one has seen him in many years. They decide to go and try to find a man who might be able to help change Daxter back to his original form and so the game begins.


The levels in this game are huge. They are also very detailed. You are always given a task to do. But you don’t have to do it immediately. Instead you can go anywhere you want explore anywhere you want. The tasks are not that hard to do. Some may take you a while but not insanely hard. To do some of these tasks you have to work this ‘eco’. This is a powerful substance that can have my different powers. There are five kinds of ‘eco’, red, yellow, and blue are the ones you will work with the most. The others are dark eco and one more type of eco which I will not spoil for you; you will discover it in the game. These two you will not work with a lot. Also if you like games that you have to collect thing you’re in for a treat. You have over 101 power cells to collect, 20,000 orbs and 7 scout flies in each level. The enemies are also smarter than the average bear. In traditional games it you jump from one edge to another you will shake off the thing that is chasing you. Not in this game. They will follow you. Some people don’t like that, well that’s one of the things that makes this game interesting. However these enemies aren’t hard. This game will always have something for you to do.


This game has some of the best graphic in the PS2 you’ll ever see in a PS2 game. Naughty Dog really used the power of the PS2 in this part of the game. Regular games just repeat the background and the environment. Not this game. Jak and Daxter you can actually see other levels from the level you are in. In one point in the begging of the game you can see the whole world from a high plateau. It is amazing the work they did on this and it made the game great.


The sound is good though it can get a little redundant from time to time. They came up with a good variety of music through out the game. In new areas there is always new sound. You will enjoy it in light nice environments, and be afraid in darker environments. The music is always appropriate for the setting.


If you like really hard games you won’t like this. For the most part this game is easy. Some parts are hard and cause if you make a mistake like fall you have to complete it again only without he enemies. All in all it’s not that hard of a game though. For those of you who like some what easy, fun games then this is a game for you.

- Huge environments
- Awesome characters
- There is always new enemies
- The best scenery you can ask for
- No loading time
- Not overly hard (Could also be a con)

- Very very short.


You will be entangled in the story line and will fall in love with the characters. The tasks will keep you playing. The enemies will be getting harder and you'll be having more and more fun. It will take you fifteen to twenty hours of game play.


This game is a lot of collecting like I said. There are 101 power cells, 20,000 Precursor orbs, and 116 scout flies. It’s still fun after the first time. You can practice on your skills and see how much better you’re getting and if you like this game enough and you’re going to get the second one.


This game is now only 20 dollars. How could you go wrong with that? I strongly encourage you to buy this game. For 20 bucks it’s worth it. Happy playing.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/25/04

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