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"Embarassingly similar to Crash Bandicoot"

I was dubious about this game before I played on it, I borrowed it off a friend, she said it was rubbish, I tried it out. 3 days later we traded it in at a shop.
I think the main reason I don't like this game is because I'm 15 and I've grown out of these sort of games, however I still find enjoyment in Spyro so that doesn't really work. In this game you play Jak and your aim is mainly to bring back Daxter to being human (he has become a ferret). You roam around levels finding things, trading things, participating in challeneges and riding various machines.

From the start this is a very 'collect stuff' sort of game. Oh and can I just mention that you are subjected to a pointless video to watch at the start that you CAN'T skip and DOESN'T even help you!!!??!?! Your first aim is to collect lots of orbs and gain 20 powercells. In every area there are 7 scout flies to find (thats a hell of a lot). You are generally left to your own devices apart from hints from Daxter and the sage. However if you are looking for a challenge, scrap this, Daxter hints you continuously, basically telling you what to do. The enemies are pretty uninventive and standard. They lumber along and try and hit you, and they don't look very good either.

There are basic powerups like Blue and Green eco to make you faster/stronger/more healthy. These appear quite often and usually are needed for challenges. There is no limit to how many lives you have, which is a plus point. However you only have 3 hits and then you die, which is annoying, especially as daxter nearly always makes a sarcastic comment when you do.

What surprised me the most was how similar this is to Crash Bandicoot. Sure the levels aren't as straightforward and there is much more to do. But, AND THIS IS A BIG BUT there are crates, metal crates and exploding crates. You have a spin more and and hit on the ground move. The environments are very similar (anyone here remember the sewar level in CB 2 with the eel in the water that electrifies it? Or the futuristic level with the hot pipes? BOTH THESE FEATURES ARE THERE) ARRG! This drove me insane - oh and all the enemies are animal (sound familiar).

Alas another problem is the simplicity of the game, there is so much to do, yet it is all so EASY. One challenge has you hit qan egg off a wall, and that is it. Oh. And another one has you hit cows until they go in a pen, this takes about 2 hits. Amazing. This game is also extrememly repetitive, it made me want to turn it off, it was all, find powercells, find orbs, find this I DON'T WANT TO. All aided by an annoying ferret with annoying one liners ENOUGH ALREADY. There is also far too much to do in one level, it drove me crazy, I had no idea where to start because all of the darn hints are when you don't want them. They don't tell you basic stuff like how to power a vehicle, what the controls are or what to freaking do. I was so confused, they don't even tell you how to beat the first boss (luckily it was laughable simple).

Ok this game isn't all that bad, if you are a young gamer then buy it, you'll probably love it. The graphics and landscapes are lush! Really they are nice, If they wern't so similar to crash bandicoot this game could have scored more. They are colourful and big, there is a difference from Crash Bandicoot the levels are MASSIVE and not so tunneled in one direction. A major improvement. The characters are also well though out with personality and the challenges can be fun, they are too also more colourful and more varied than the cast of CB. This game is fun, but that is it. It is also repetitive and simple. I played on this game for about an hour and a half and that was 11% of the game, a crap 11%.

This game could have been great, but it's bad, and unoriginal.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/27/05

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