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    Zangief by Pink Spider

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/28/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Zangief FAQ for
    Capcom Vs SNK 2
    Author: Ron McRae a.k.a. Pink Spider
    Email: Psychommunity18@hotmail.com
    Version 1.0
    5-Using Zangief
    Ousha!!! My first FAQ!
    I've been using gamefaqs a long time now and always
    wanted to write a FAQ!
    Problem was everytime I wanted to start one, someone else would
    submit one covering a topic
    I had planned on using before I could finish mine.. :(
    Anyway, not too bad for a first FAQ, IMHO! ^_~
    -Simple Controls-
    DF-Down Forward
    DB-Down Back
    UF-Up Forward
    UB-Up Back
    QCF-D, DF, F  Quarter Circle Foward
    QCB-D, DB, B  Quarter Circle Back
    HCF-B, DB, D, DF, F  Half Circle Foward
    DP-F, DF, F  Dragon Punch Motion
    RDP-B, DB, B Reverse Dragon Punch Motion
    LP-Light/Jab Punch
    SP-Medium/Strong Punch
    FP-Hard/Fierce Punch
    SK-Light/Short Kick
    FK-Medium/Foward Kick
    RK-Hard/Roundhouse Kick
    PP-Any 2 Punches
    KK-Any 2 Kicks
    -Standard Button Moves-
    -Light/Jab Punch-
    Standing LP: Standing overhead chop.
    Can be used as an anti-air move on jumpers people trying to cross over.
    Crouching LP: A fast thrusting poke. Fast as hell! Great poker!
    Jumping LP: A mid air poke much like his ducking LP.
    I never use this move, pretty useless IMO.
    -Light/Short Kick-
    Standing SK: A quick kick to the knee/shin area. Good for close up poking.
    Crouching SK: Fast and combo friendly ankle kick. Good for close up poking.
    Jumping SK: Good for jump ins, better for meeting jumpers in the air!
    Jumping D+LK: A double knee attack. Looks cool, but its not so hott!
    Good for jumping in deep but thats about it.
    -Medium/Strong Punch-
    Standing SP: A fast chop! Great for hitting approching attackers without
    them seeing anything comming.
    Crouching SP: Semi good anti-air move. Useless for upclose poking.
    Jumping SP: Another useless jumping move. Timing is lame.
    -Medium/Foward Kick-
    Standing FK: ABUSE THIS MOVE! Great for nailing approching attackers
    and full screeners jumping in closer! A wonderful poking move!
    Crouching FK: Another great poke! This kick has a pretty good hitting
    range and works great for keeping attackers away...
    Or can be used as a poke for jumpers as they land.
    Jumping FK: A big ol' boot to the face! Good for jumping in
    deep or mid air meetings between two characters.
    Hard/Feirce Punch:
    Standing FP: A straight punch. Good power. Great attack to use at the start of the match, or
    on full screeners trying to jump in closer. Dont use it unless you are sure it might hit!
    Crouching FP: Same as the standing FP but while ducking.. alittle less range.
    Jumping FP: Straight jumps in the air will result in Zangief punching down at an angle.
    Not very useful...
    Jumping Forwards & Backwards he will attack with a straight punch as he lifts his body into
    the air. Ok for jumping fireballs, not to good for much else.
    Straight jumps in the air plus pushing Up and Zangief will attack with a head-butt.
    An ok move for attackers trying to jump over you.
    Jumping D+FP while jumping forwards or backwards and Zangief will attack like a
    big scary flying squirrel with a body splash! Does good damage and a GREAT jump-in attack.
    -Hard/Roundhouse Kick-
    Standing RK: A standing kick where Zangief spins to reach his leg high in the air.
    Has ok speed and great for hitting jumpers. Other than that its not to useful.
    Crouching RK: Sweep kick. Nice range but slow recover time!
    Jumping RK: A jumping drop kick. Good range. works good as a jump in,
    far or deep jumps. Ok for air to air as well.
    -Special Moves-
    Double Lariat: PP or KK
    Zangief spins like a top with both arms extended! Fireballs will pass through him during this attack.
    Zangiefcan also be move closer or further away during the move.
    PP version is slower KK is faster.
    Banishing Fist: DP+P
    Passes and snuffs out fireballs!
    Ok attack for close up battle or to hit on comming attacks.
    Spinning Piledriver: 360%+P
    Zangief's bread and butter! Alot of damage!!!
    Always have this move ready to be unleashed!
    See the section of the FAQ on using Zangief for more tips!
    Atomic Suplex: 360%+K (Close)
    As useful as the Spinning Piledriver.
    Looks more flashy so its nice to throw a few of these in so
    your challanger cant complane you use the pile driver to much! ^_^
    Flying Powerbomb: 360%+K (Far)
    Zangief will walk about half way across the screen looking for someone to hold...
    but not to cuddle.. He's looking for someone to slam on the back of their neck with a jumping powerbomb.
    Good for hitting nervous attackers trying to get away.
    Also makes a wonderful wake up move for challangers just getting
    off the ground or for challangers trying to get in close while you are down.
    -Super Moves-
    Final Atomic Buster: 720%+P
    Can you say "DAMAGE!"
    Hard to hit so if you should dizzy your challanger make sure to get this super off!
    Easier to hit after jumping in than from just standing.
    Aerial Russian Slam: QCF, D, DF+K
    Talk about anti air moves! This one is the best! Fast as hell and just as painful!
    MAX power version can hit jumpers almost a full screen away!!!
    -Zangief Special Intros-
    Vs. Eagle: Eagle does the Manchester Black and Zangief does the Double
    Larait then they bounce off each other a few times and taunt after.
    Vs. Raiden: Both men grapple with each other before jumping backwards into the
    air landing in their fighting positions.
    LP: Red with gold trim
    MP: Teal with gold trim
    HP: Blue with gold trim
    Punch x3: Yellow with white trim
    LK: Grey with gold trim
    MK: Brown with white trim
    HK: Black with gold trim
    Kick x3: Pink with gold trim
    Start: Your saved edit color
    -Color Edits-
    E-mail me your edits and I'll post em'! Nothing lame ok! ^_~
    Evil Zangief
    By: Pink Spider
    E-mail: Psychommunity18@hotmail.com
    Description: Dark grey skin, black clothing with reddish brown trim.
    08, 04, 00
    16, 16, 18
    13, 13, 15
    11, 11, 13
    08, 08, 10
    07, 02, 00
    06, 00, 00
    09, 09, 09
    05, 05, 05
    04, 04, 04
    00, 00, 00
    30, 30, 30
    20, 22, 20
    12, 00, 02
    08, 00, 02
    5-Using Zangief
    There is two types of people in the world...
    People who love Zangief and people who hate Zangief!
    Why do some hate this giant Russian? Find him hard to control maybe?
    Sick of people like me handing you your own ass while using him?
    Anyway, love him or hate him, I'll discribe how I use Zangief to success!
    -Rule #1 POKE!
    Poke the living hell out of your challangers.
    Use well placed and well timed Light Punches, Medium Kicks and
    Feirce Punches to keep your attacker away from you!
    The more you poke them to death, the more angry you make your challanger..
    Which leads them to making.......
    -Rule #2 MISTAKES!
    Learn to take advantage of EVERY mistake your challanger makes.
    Always have a spinning piledriver ready for someone
    who jumps in to close, or for those split seconds after a missed
    special move which leaves a challanger open for an attack.
    -Rule #3 The 360!
    Being able to hit Zangief's 360 attacks is what can make or break a Zangief player!
    I ALWAYS start my 360 on the right side of the D-Pad working
    to the Down, then Left and then Up.
    I find the 360 is easier to do if you just focus on hitting the
    key Right, Down, Left and Up.
    The more you focus on hitting EVERY point on the D-pad
    the less of a chance you'll get the move off!
    This is the method I used and I complete the moves 99.9% of the time!
    -Rule #4 Rolling!
    OMG! Zangief is SOOOOOOOOOO much more fun with the roll!
    This plays a HUGE part in his offence.
    Roll in past a move.... BAM! Spinning Piledriver!!!
    The more you hit the roll+SPD combo, the more your challanger
    will want to stab your eyes out!
    -Rule #5 Jump ins!
    ONLY jump in when you know you have a good chance of hitting your planned attack!
    Use mostly only a D+FP, FP or RK!
    Jumping straight up with a HK often works good for keeping challangers
    at bay and keeps them nervous when it comes to planning an attack.
    Try to get a feel for when you believe your challanger will jump in!
    Hitting a Aerial Russian Slam is always the best
    bet for making people wish they had never left the ground!
    LP, D+MP and HK all work well as anti air attacks.
    And HP for full screen jumpers trying to jump in closer.
    -Rule #6 Hado-ken!!!
    Shotos making you angry throwing Hado-ken after Hado-ken??? What a chicken!!!
    Mid-range: Jump in with a FP or just roll and hit the 360 move of your choice!
    Close range: Use the Banishing Fist to hit the character as well as the fire ball,
    or use the Spinning Lariat!
    Full Screen: Block and walk in closer to get in range for an attack!
    Thats about it!!!
    Just take your time and take it easy! Well planned attacks are everything!
    Special thanks to Mike, Al, Willem, Ken, Jeremy & Danny for being my Street Fighter punching bags! :)
    And to all the pros at Chinatown Fair Arcade for using me as a Street Fighter punching bag... :(
    Please forgive any typos, my spelling sucks!
    CAPCOM Vs SNK 2/Zangief
    Copyright Capcom Co.LTD 2001. All rights reserved. Copyright SNK 2001.
    This FAQ is written by me and cannot be used for profit.
    Please do not use and/or link to this FAQ without my permission...
    I posted my email above for a reason, if you wish to use this FAQ just ask!
    Ignore that one simple rule and I will cast an evil voodoo spell on you.
    Most recent version of this FAQ will be found at www.gamefaqs.com

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