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    Shin Akuma by Khrishach

    Version: 0.99 | Updated: 12/28/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    		  <Shin Akuma (Shin Gouki)>
                          ^From the twisted^
    		          ^Mind of^
    			 Version 0.99
    Well, legal stuff, you can't sell this, make money off this, use this, 
    	or quote from this without written permission from me. 'Nuff BS.
    Also, if I am wrong, you think I'm wrong, etc. Or simply have an opinion, email
    	me at khrishach@netzero.net. Text only please, and game fact contentions
    	only. I express my opinions in this FAQ. You want to tell me yours, write
    	your own FAQ. So tell me if a name or something is wrong, but lets not make 
    	this personal,	OK? I am only going off of my own experiences, and don't 
    	claim to be a great player. Just semi-good. This is just stuff I figured
    	out on my own.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: I have received a lot of mail on this one. To unlock Shin Akuma
    		on the DREAMCAST version imported from Japan: Beat him. That 
    		simple. As for the arcade, you have to input a code into the
    		bios in game test mode, and then beat Shin Akuma. I do not know
    		the code yet, and there has been much contradictory rumor as to
    		whether or not he his playable in the American Arcade. I am still
    		looking for the code, if you know it. The one I know unlocks 
    		new modes, but no knew characters. If you want info on how to 
    		import and play Japanese Dreamcast games on an American console, 
    		I have found a cheap and easy way that requires no hardware mods.
    		Email me for more info.
    Straight to the meat....
    Terms of the trade: this assumes you know what the basic buttons of (basically)
    	all 2d fighters out there. For this faq I will use the old old button names.
    For this FAQ.... (I will use just "Akuma" in this FAQ when referring to this character.)
    	LP = light punch
    	LK = light kick
    	MP = medium punch
    	MK = medium kick
    	HP = fierce (hard) punch
    	HK = fierce kick
    	P = Any punch
    	K = Any kick
    	PP = any two punches simultaneously
    	KK = any two kicks simultaneously
    	U = up
    	D = Down
    	B = back (away from the opponent)
    	F = forward (toward your opponent)
    	combinations of these will be used, i.e. UF = up forward diagonally
    	, = used to separate different parts of move execution
    	+ = to be done simultaneously
    	^ = move is to be done while in the air
    	* = is to be held for 2 game seconds approx. 
    	~ = cancel
    		Timing of a cancel is critical. To "cancel" one thing into another, 
    		complete the execution of the second move at the same time the first
    		strikes. Success is when the ending animation of the first move is
    		replaced completely by the second move. Combo heaven.
    	combinations of these will be used, i.e. UF = up forward diagonally
    	QCF = quarter circle forward
    	QCB = quarter circle back
    	HCF = half circle forward
    	HCB = half circle back
    	DPF = Dragon Punch
    	DPB = reversed Dragon Punch
    <<<<<A word on Shin Akuma>>>>>:
    	From what I understand of the storyline, he has gained Dark Power, as a gift
    	from the defeated Rugal. 
    	Shin Akuma is not a random character for a random player. If you like to just
    	throw out stuff, pick someone else. Shin Akuma is for a fast thinking yet 
    	coldly calculating player.
    	This new form has extreme power, speed, and I will argue, easily the highest 
    	priority in the game. He walks as fast as half the characters in the game run,
    	I believe he is the fasted character in the game, though with Orochi Iori and 
    	Vega(Balrog) close behind, though not in jump speed. He also easily has the 
    	highest priority. This, coupled with his blinding speed, give him immense 
    	counter ability. If played correctly, you should be able to come out on top of
    	anything done to you. His downside: Lowest health in the game. He is extremely 
    	easy to kill, and if you can't do everything he does on command, forsake any 
    	idea of becoming proficient with him. He, above all characters, showed me my 
    	skills were not enough. 
    	(All opinions based on a 4-point Shin Akuma)
    	All in all, he is easily a huge defensive porcupine, and the most aggressive
    	offensive character in the game. The trick is to not get hit or trapped! :}-
    <<GROOVES>>: I assume you know the  grooves for this game, and what they do. Here I 
    	 discuss their basic relevance to Shin Akuma.
    	C-GROOVE = Great Groove for Akuma, due solely to the AIR BLOCK! This eliminates
    		   A whole word of punishment from Akuma's dread list. The implications
    		   of this I think are immediately obvious. Special to super cancel is
    		   just ugly, especially considering Akuma's two level 3 supers, 
    		   discussed later. Super to super cancel is pretty pointless, though.
    	A-GROOVE = How Disgusting!! As if this monster couldn't combo enough already!
    		   This is not a groove I use much, but done correctly, a full string
    		   could easily finish an opponent. And pokes when activated become
    		   almost unstoppable with there speed.
    	P-GROOVE = I believe this to be the most powerful Groove of all, and with Shin
    		   Akuma, its demonic to the point of redundancy. Parry, power combo,
    		   Parry, power combo. A near perfect parrier would be unstoppable. And
    		   a level three in no time that just sits there waiting instead of 
    		   decaying with time. Just don't EVER miss! :}-
    	S-GROOVE = I believe this to be Shin Akuma's weakest groove. He takes damage so
    		   poorly that if you are red, you will likely lose next time your hit.
    		   So discount level 3's. Infinite super fireballs aren't great either,
    		   as his are slow and easy to dodge, not to mention punish. Not worth
    	N-GROOVE = This is my Groove of choice, and one of Akuma's best. The added 
    		   maneuverability just add to the terror, and the counter roll is fast
    		   enough to roll and then punish most things beyond a jab. Super 
    		   counter is worthless, because with him, you could just counter in the
    		   first place. Rolling adds to the fear, and the mini jump is a good 
    		   poke/combo starter. Finally, and best of all, the ease of quickly 
    		   building and executing a level 3 for 2 bars due to the fact that you
    		   are (should be!) always pressuring, and the stat change during charge 
    		   do make a difference with his counters.
    	K-GROOVE = I am torn on this one. Yes, you can easily build a level 3, which 
    		   with this guy crush an opponent, but your talking about trying to
    		   actively turtle a pressure bad*ss. And with the way he eats it if
    		   you miss, it simply seems self defeating. If you are determined,
    		   make sure to NOT TURTLE. Pressure and use traps to trick your 
    		   opponent into attacking, and then use Just Defense. Also, abuse the
    		   teleport, as this done right will make up for the lack of rolling.
    		   Do not count on getting a super bar by damage, as you will be mostly
    		   dead by then.
    		He does little damage. And can die in one hit, depending on what hits 
    	I highly recommend you DO NOT use a 2 point Akuma either, for the same reasons. 
    		One good combo and your toast.
    	3 point is better. This is a higher Akuma that might live to do some of his 
    		massive	damage I talked about. 
    	BEST CHOICE is a 4-point Shin Akuma, as this will give you the life bar of a 
    		ratio 2	to work with, and enough damage to obliterate opponents, if 
    		your good enough.
    	I built more groove points with a 4-point Shin Akuma than with anything else, 
    	topping	out with an ending score of 2492 Groove points. I think I could have 
    	topped 2500 if I had defeated God Rugal first time out. But I got hit three 
    	times, which was death. 
    <<<<<Now that we done got 'dat out 'da way....>>>>>
        I am also assuming you know what the regular buttons do, like D+FK. If you don't, 
    	take some time to experiment. It will be better for you than if I told you.
    	I am only going to mention the ones I feel are special for Shin Akuma.
    	I also REFUSE to put a rating system on his moves. That leads to some moves
    	being ignored and most overused. EVERYONE has a different style for playing
    	this powerhouse. And all moves have some place. The trick is to stay 
    	unpredictable with Shin Akuma, so you don't get hit. Don't discount any
    	moves, even the ones I myself have labeled mostly useless. If your 
    	opponent thinks you'll never use it, pull that Ace out of your sleeve, and
    	his expression will be worth it.
    	Credit goes out to Cagigas, as the one to supply the much needed names.
    	^MK and ^LK = this is special because it crosses over, though the MK does a 
    		      better job than the LK. Great pressure and good combo starter.
    	"Tenma Kuujin Kyaku" = "Demonic Air Blade Kick"
    	DIVING KICK = ^D+MK = Akuma dives DF from the air. Great priority, but tough,
    		maybe impossible, to combo after. I can't, anyway. Great priority.
    		Use to quickly descend to stop what might be waiting for you if you 
    		landed normally.
    	"Zugai Hassatsu" = "Skull Destroyer"
    	OVERHEAD = F+MP = Good to punish those with no wake up stuff, but throws are 
    			  always better, as Akuma's are fast and very damaging.
    	"Gou Hadou Ken" = "Great Surge Fist"
    	FIREBALL = QCF+P = the basic Akuma fireball, at double the size. Three 
    			   different speeds. Be careful not to get predictable with 
    	"Shakunetsu Hadou Ken" = "Scorching Heat Surge Fist"
    	POWER FIREBALL = HCB+P = A bigger, stronger, multi-hit fireball, with a 
    				 slight startup time. Be careful not to be 
    	"Zankuu Hadou Ken" = "Sky Slashing Surge Fist"
    	AIR DOUBLE FIREBALL ^QCF+P = Akuma chucks two full size fireballs as he arcs. 
    				     This is a core move folks. ABUSE THIS!!! Screws 
    				     invincible startup anti-airs, as they will pass 
    				     through the first ball, and eat the second.
    	"Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku" = "Sky Slashing Tornado Kick"
    	HURRICANE KICK = QCB+K = a spinning kick which helicopters and juggles. 
    				 essential to all the big combos I know. Goes over 
    				 fireballs. Has quite nice priority as far as the spin 
    				 kicks go, and can be used as a counter, but it can be 
    				 punished easily if you miss, with the important 
    				 exception of the QK version, which has no recovery 
    				 time. Can be done on a wake up.
    	"Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku" = "Sky Slashing Tornado Kick"
    	AIR HURRICANE KICK = ^QCB+K = extends his air time and does multiple hits. I 
    				      don't have much luck with its priority though. 
    				      Delay this if you want to hit someone on the 
    				      ground, and do early for air hits.
    	"Gou Shouryuu Ken" = "Great Rising Dragon Fist"
    	DRAGON PUNCH = DP+P = The infamous. His best move, as you can counter almost 
    			      anything. Does decent damage, has invincible startup. 
    			      Can be done on wake up.
    	"Tenma Shurettou" = ???
    	HIGH COUNTER = D,D+PP = counters a high/mid/special attack, as he teleports 
    				and drops on the opponent, hitting as he lands. 
    				Does quite a bit of damage, though its not perfect, 
    				as it can miss, and can be blocked if the move it 
    				countered was fast enough. Typically counters 
    				anything slower than a linking LP/LK though. I use 
    				this sparingly, just because I think Dragon Punch 
    				first, but I am trying to work this into my thinking.
    	"Tenma Shurettou" = ???
    	LOW COUTNER = D,D+KK = Same as above, only for low attacks. Nail those cheep 
    	"Ashura Senkuu" = "Ashura Air Flash
    	TELEPORT = DPF/DPB+PP/KK = a teleport. It has no ending delay, and can be 
    				   buffered out of. What more could you ask for? 
    				   Kicks go half screen, punches full, and DPF goes 
    				   toward the guy, and DPB away. Example of no delay:
    				   Shin Akuma teleports into Joes Double Cyclone after 
    				   the invincible activation has passed. And dragon
    				   punches Joe out of his level 3, taking no damage.
    				   One note worth mentioning, the teleport now stops 
    				   IMMEDIATELY when it hits a game wall. Don't get 
    				   caught with your pants down out of that one, 
    				   instead see if your opponent knows this interesting 
    				   fact... ten to one he will wait thinking of the full
    				   teleport time.
    	He's got five. Ouch
    	"Messatsu Gou Shouryuu" = "Great Rising Dragon Deadly Attack"
    	PROGRESSIVE UPPERCUT QCF,QCF+P = Akuma equivalent. I believe this to be 
    					 fairly useless. You can combo into it or 
    					 juggle with it, but it does little to less 
    					 damage, especially compared with his 
    					 level 3's. Your better off using a dragon 
    					 punch instead and saving the level.
    	"Messatsu Gou Hadou" = "Great Surge Deadly Attack"
    	SUPER FIREBALL = HCB,HCB+P = A reallllyyy big fireball. Level 1 is quite slow, 
    				     where as the level 3 is about normal fireball 
    				     speed. More levels is more hits and damage, of 
    				     course. Useful at times when you need a good 
    				     projectile to counter or pressure, but a waste 
    				     for a poke. Nice chip though, at 8 hits on 
    				     level 3.
    	"Tenma Gou Zankuu" = "Great Demonic Sky Slasher"
    	AIR SUPER FIREBALL = ^QCF,^QCF+P = Diagonal super fireball from the air. 
    					   The recovery is horrid, as he jumps almost 
    					   straight up after releasing it. Nasty 
    					   Surprise with good timing, though.
    	"Shun Goku Satsu" = "Imprisoning Death Flash"
    	RAGING DEMON = LP,LP,F,LK,HP = The nastiest of its type. It has the speed of 
    				       his full screen teleport, goes full screen, 
    				       and does 33 hits, coupled with insane damage. 
    				       Even with the general loss of power of all 
    				       raging demon types, this is still gross. Just 
    				       remember it doesn't go through fireballs anymore. 
    				       Still, this out of nowhere, or better still, a 
    				       teleport, can turn a game. Beware though, as it 
    				       no longer has air priority, or hits people after 
    				       they are staggered, so don't actually hit with 
    				       the 2 LP, or your opponent will have time to 
    				       jump. Level 3 only.
    	"Misogi" = ???
    	SUPER TELEPORT DROP= HCB,HCB+K = Very fast, doing almost as much damage as the 
    					 Raging Demon. Shin Akuma drops out of the sky 
    					 to land a skull crushing blow. Can hurt anyone 
    					 who's trying to actually do something, like 
    					 a fireball. Will nail people in a jump too. 
    					 Just make sure you don't use this randomly
    					 either, as the recovery, if blocked, is enough 
    					 for anything.
    	In this section I will go a little into the combo SYSTEM as I understand it 
    	and as it relates to Shin Akuma.
    	Combos amount to a series of consecutive tricks with good timing. Here's how 
    	the theory goes.
    	Push: When hit with different attacks, opponents are typically pushed back a 
    	      little. I'm sure you've seen it. This limits the amount of ground 
    	      attacks that can be done to an opponent before they are out of range. 
    	      This maximum range is Dubbed by me in this FAQ the Push Limit. This will 
    	      refer to the number of hits that can be done typically before you must 
    	      do your next move in the combo sequence, or lose the combo entirely. 
    	      This assumes you started toe to toe. Farther away means less hits. 
    	      Best news though, cancellation of moves cancels their push, meaning you
    	      can take a combo farther with them
    	Juggle: Refers of course to keeping a body in the air after knocking it 
    		around. Juggle works on a point system. Everything in the game is 
    		assigned a juggle "factor," a certain amount of points toward 
    		juggling. In order to juggle, you must connect with a higher 
    		juggle factor move than the one before. Multiple hit moves have a 
    		different juggle priority for each hit. When the move hits, the
    		lowest juggle hit will connect first, followed by the rest, will
    		will continue the juggle, using the lowest possible juggle, to 
    		give you more chance to continue the combo.
    	Cancel: To cancel the last frames of animation of a current move, instead
    		substituting a new move.
    	Buffer: Start the motion of a special/super during another move for much 
    		faster execution of the second move.
    	Chain: Some people have a Light something that will strike continuously to 
    	       create a small combo. Shin Akuma has two, his LP and LK. You can 
    	       typically get in two before Push Limit is reached.
    	Jump in attacks are a good way to get more hits and lead into a chain. I 
    	prefer MK for the cross over, or the double air fireball for nice damage 
    	and extra hits. The fireballs also help assure that you wont eat as many 
    	anti-air attacks for the jump in.
    	What it amounts to is that you only get a certain number of hits after the 
    	first juggle move, no matter what you do.
    	Using Akuma's core combo for an example, here are several possibilities 
    	for the same combo. Also I think it worthy of note that the initial hit 
    	of Akuma's hurricane kick, with the knee on the rise up, has lower juggle 
    	priority than the rest of the move, no matter what strength you use. 
    	A "#" will signal when the opponent leaves the ground into the juggle. 
    	L = Light version of a move.
    	This is a minor chart for the relative juggle priority. The first hit 
    	represents the juggle starter, having enough number to get someone of the 
    	ground to start the juggle, but not to continue one. All moves not listed
    	have either just the first number or none, making them moot in a juggle
    	discussion. The trick is to know how far in hits the move goes based on
    	your activation button, so you can keep going.
    	|Hurricane            | Hit-1 | Hit-2 | Hit-3 |       |
    	|Dragon Punch         |	Hit-1 | Hit-2 | Hit-3 |       |
    	|Messatsu Gou Shouryuu|	      | Hit-1 | Hit-2 | Hit-3 |
    	1)	LK, L-Hurricane#(2 hit), Dragon Punch (1 hit)
    	2)	LK, LK, L-Hurricane#(1 hit), Dragon Punch (2 hit)
    	3)	LK, LK-Hurricane#(2 hit), L-Hurricane (1 hit)
    	4)	LK, LK, LK~L-Hurricane#(1 hit), Dragon Punch (2 hit)
    	5)	MK~L-Hurricane#(2 hit), Dragon Punch (1 hit)
    	6)	LK, L-Hurricane#(2 hit), Messatsu Gou Shouryuu LV1(2 hit)
    	7)	LK, L-Hurricane#(2 hit), Messatsu Gou Shouryuu LV3(3 hit)
    	Note: Hit-1 of the hurricane can be either when he's in the air, hitting a
    	      standing opponent, or as he's going up, with his knee, to hit a
    	      crouching opponent. The knee will change the number of hits, but
    	      does not extend juggle, so it still keeps with this chart. It just
    	      shortens your combo.
    	The reason 2) has one more hit is because when the opponent is standing, 
    	the Push Limit is 2, if he's crouching, its one. However, if they are 
    	standing, and you are fast enough to cancel the LK, you can do 3, as in 
    	combo 4). Combo 5) is harder than combo 3), but does more damage. 
    	By the way, the juggle by super for this combo is an example. Don't do 
    	it in practice unless you really need to show off, as it is a complete 
    	waste of super.
    	The limit on the first three combos for air hits is the same, at 3 hits, 
    	because of the decreasing juggle priority. 
    <<EXAMPLE COMBOS>> Just a few in case you just decided not to read that. Though 
    		   you should.
    Jump in Double Fireball, Crouch MK~L-Hurricane, F-Dragon Punch - 6 hits
    Jump in (Cross over) MK, Crouch MK~L-Hurricane, F-Dragon Punch - 5 hits
    Jump in Double Fireball, Crouch LK, LK~L-Hurricane, F-Dragon Punch - 7 hits
    Jump in (Cross over) MK, Crouch LK, LK~L-Hurricane, F-Dragon Punch - 6 hits
    Crouch LK, Crouch LK, F-fireball - 3 hits
    Crouch LK, F-Dragon Punch - 4 hits
    Crouch LK, Crouch LK, Crouch FK - 3 hits
    Crouch LK, Crouch LK, Messatsu Gou Hadou (lv 3) - 10 hits
    Crouch LK, Messatsu Gou Shouryuu (any lv) - 7-10 hits
    Works only on tall guys.
    Jump in FP~Double Fireball, Crouch LK, LK~L-Hurricane, F-Dragon Punch - 8 hits
    There are of course, other combos, so feel free to experiment, but these are
    probably the best.
    <<SHIN AKUMAS FEARED LIST>> People he should be especially careful around.
    	His is real short! I came up with only 2.
    	GOD RUGAL: Since his anti-air is a VERY different evil, you need to be
    		   EXTREMLY wary. His teleport is as bad as yours, he can almost
    		   match your speed, he has more health, and he outranges what
    		   you win in priority. Shin Akuma's biggest scare. Abuse 
    		   fireballs especially the air double, because oddly enough,
    		   his painful anti-air Genocide Cutter has no invincible 
    		   startup. Be aware of which Godpress he uses, his rushing
    		   move, as one is unblockable, and the other WILL beat out all
    		   but dragon punch. DP is a safe bet here. Avoid his level 
    		   threes, all four, at all costs. And landing a lv 3 of your
    		   own can turn this battle, so wait for an opening. During all
    		   this you must consistently poke and pressure, especially with
    		   fireballs, to avoid giving him time to power Kaiser Wave, 
    		   which will blow through everything you do. Also remember, one
    		   good teleport deserves another, so teleport and poke, but in
    		   close, poke only with LK and LP, as anything else will earn 
    		   you a Genocide Cutter. Lastly, remember Genocide Cutter has
    		   weapon status, so you can't hit his leg. Its invincible. I
    	OROCHI IORI: Speed to make all jealous, its paced almost exactly with 
    		     yours. Same problem as God Rugal, Iori outranges Akuma, 
    		     but with speed to replace the Genocide Cutter. Scum Gale,
    		     his anti-air, will also hit you through your fireballs,
    		     though he will eat one of the hits. Don't miss by over-
    		     estimating your range. Fireball pokes won't work, he's too
    		     fast. Don't plan on meeting him air to air, he will win,
    		     because he jump higher and will hit first because of it.
    		     Love thy dragon punch, and throw him any time he turtles.
    		     Lastly: BEWARE THE MAIDEN MASHER! It can tear you out of 
    		     the air and take most of your life from a lv 4 Orochi Iori.
    		     And pick your super timing carefully, as its easy to miss
    		     this fast bastard.
    	Pressure like there is no tomorrow. Every time you block, you made a 
    	step back from a perfect Shin Gouki. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO! 
    	Use the run and teleport to stay directly in the face of your opponents. 
    	Don't jump kick a person with a wakeup, instead do Zankuu Hadou Ken. 
    	Invincible startup will jump through the first, and eat the second. Also, 
    	your dragon punch will beat anyone else's wakeup. Or you can use high 
    	counter Tenma Shurettou to punish. You can always be doing more damage 
    	instead of defending!
    	I hate to make this likening between two such unlike characters, but it 
    	boils down to the same thing with Geese. The one who gets most predictable 
    	losses. Mix things up to make sure its not you, and pay attention to your 
    	opponents habits. All players will do the same thing under the same pressure 
    	situation unless they find a reason not to. For example, lets say you know 
    	your opponent Ryu loves wake up dragon punches. Get in his face, time it 
    	right, and counter his DP with Tenma Shurettou. Do this a second time. By 
    	the third time on the ground, he's probably learned. So he may sweep, or 
    	try to throw. your Gou Shouryuu Ken can punish either effectively, or better 
    	yet, Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku into a combo. Or just ducking jab. Or throw 
    	him first, you are faster. Take your pick. In short, make your opponent 
    	regret everything he does, even blocking. But if he sees you coming because 
    	your too predictable, Shin Akuma's tiny life bar won't save you.

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