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    Yamazaki by Toons

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    |   Capcom Vs SNK 2 (CVS2)  |
    | -Millionaire fighting 2001-     |
    [Insert some cool ascii art here]
    Character FAQ : Yamazaki RYUJI
    Version 1.3
    Written by Toons
    E-mail: psld@ifrance.com
    <psld (at) ifrance (dot) com>
    November 2001
      Version History
    09/11/01 : first version. Description of the moves, effectiveness, how and when to use them,
    some (easy)combo, general strategy. To be added soon: more combos, specific strategies, special
    intros, taunts, win poses etc ...
    14/11/2001 : added ascii art title (first try ^^;), taunt, i've aslo modified the review for the MK,
    more general strategy.
    15/11/2001 : added a move that i forgot... unforgiveable!!! Gome, gome ^_^d.
    Added the name of the moves, and more precise description of certain moves.
    16/11/2001: added A-groove combo, and C-groove combo
    26/11/2001 : added special intros, more combo and strategy
    05/12/01 : big correction : the name is yamaZaki and not yamaSaki as i wrote. Sorry about this
    big/huge mistake.
    Added info about the Drill super.
        Table Of Contents
    1- Introduction
    2- Convention
    3- Normal Moves
    4- Special Moves
    5- Desperation Moves
    6- Combos
    7- Misc
    8- General strategy
    9- Credits
      1- Introduction
    NOTE: I won't talk about yamazaki's story, why do he fight in CVS2, etc...
    because i know nothing on the subject ^_^d
    I will just list his normal and super moves (and desperation moves, of course),
    briefly describe what he does when u use the move and give you my opinion
    on their efficiency and in what case u can use them.
    WHY USE yamazaki: because he's got style!!! ^^ I don't see other reasons...
    Just kidding. Well, he's strong (i mean got stamina and deal good damage),
    has very good normal moves (especially C.HP and S.HK), very good range and ...
    he's cool (yeah again!!)
    He's not an offensive character, more like a punisher! Wait for an error and BOOM!
    Kick some ass ^^
    I'll use the 'normal' abreviations that could be found in most
    of the FAQs that u could found on the web, so it should be easy for u to understand.
    b = back
    d = down
    f = forward
    u = up
    db = down-back
    df = down-forward
    c. = crouching
    s. = standing
    j. = jump/jumping
    qcf = quarter circle forward: d, df, f
    qcb = quarter circle back: d, db, b
    hcf = half circle forward: b, db, d, df, f
    hcb = half circle back: f, df, d, db, b
    dp = dragon punch motion: f, d, df
    rdp = rear dragon punch: b, d, db
    360 = 360°: full rotation on the stick or controller
    p = punch
    k = kick
    lp = low punch
    mp = medium punch
    hp = hight punch
    lk = low kick
    mk = medium kick
    hk = hight kick
      3- Normal Moves
    * s.lp [**---] : classical low punch. Can combo into itself.
    To begin combo or to pressure your opponent and break the other player DM.
    * c.lp [**---] : same as above
    * j.lp [*----] : Not the best move to use when u jump.
    * s.mp [**---] : Can be canceled. Just as the LP but a bit stronger
    and hit a bit more range.
    * f + mp [***--] : Yama's overhead! This must be blocked hight. Nice move to pressure and
    mix-up to annoy your opponent
    * c.mp [***--] : cannot be canceled. Use to stop the rolling opponent.
    * j.mp [*----] : Not a great air move (Yama's bad in the air, don't forget that!)
    * s.hp [****-] : decent damage and can be used in combo, use close to your opponent
    for best results.
    * c.hp [*****] : Very good anti-air! Use this against jumping opponent: u are sure to hit
    (and not get hit) at 80%. But be careful of players with a delyed jump like Kim, Mai
    or any other Athena: u are sure to get hit at 100% ^^ if u use this move too early;
    if done with a ggod timing, u can have double hit (not bad, cause yamazaki is pretty
    Cannot be cancelled for combo.
    * j.hp [****-] : one his best move in the air, but must be used at close range. This move
    does not have a lot of horizontal range, but still very good for Yama cause of hight priority
    when close.
    * s.lk [**---]
    * c.lk [**---]
    * j.lk [*----]
     same as LP
    MK: the oppposite of the MP, just read and u'll understand
    * s.mk [***--] : can be canceled for combo, not a lot of range.
    * c.mk [*----] : cannot be canceled, why use this...?
    * j.mk [****-] : not bad for Yama! quite a ggod horizontal range for him ^^
    Use this move in the air for air-to-air duel if you're far from your opponent. If you're
    close you'll prefer the j.HP
    * s.hk (far) [*****] : AHHHHH! If yamazaki should have only one move it MUST be this one!
    One of the best poking move ever ^___^; You must abuse this! Very long range: u can hit the
    opponent at the beginning of the round!!A bit more than half screen range, for a normal move
    it's great! But take care of shotos! If they anticipate your kick, they will punish u with a dp.
    If your ooponent is smart enought he could anticipate it and roll trought this move... take care
    and use it at long range.
    * s.hk (close) [***--] : good damage and hit twice.
    * c.hk [****-] : a sweep like the one of the shotos. Good move to prepare your next offensive
    and very good range (just like his s.HK)
    * j.hk [***--] : good vertical range and damage, but do not use this in air-to-air attack. This move
    doesn't have a lot of horizontal range... Use it to jump-in to begin your combo.
    f /b + HP : take your opponent by the head and slam him on the ground! Useless violence... ^^;
    U'll stay close to your opponent and can keep pressuring him.
    f /b + HK : take your opponent by the head and throw him far from you. This is good if u want some
    air! Give u some time to prepare your next offense.
      4- Special moves
    QCF+P [**---] : Double return
    nice move to counter/reflect fireballs. If u play against a shoto scrub who keep throwing
    fireballs from the opposite side of the screen use this to surprise him. The reflected fireball is
    very fast!!
    yamazaki will use his back hand, taking it out of his pocket, and do some kind of uppercut, with
    a trailing slash of purple energy. This energy will absorb the fireball and yamazaki will throw
    a purple fireball while taking his hand down, back to his pocket.
    If bad timed, he will only do the first part of the move (the uppercut like motion).
    QCB+P [***--] : Serpent slash
    yamazaki will hit the opponent with his extended arm!!! 0_ooo A bit like Dalshim will do.
    The interest of this move is:
    - u can delay it by holding the punch button and also cancel it by pressing any kick button while
    holding P.
    - u can choose the angle of the hit (it depends of the P u will use). LP will hit opponent in the air,
     MP will hit horizontaly, and HP will hit on the ground.
     The LP version can be used as an anti-air.
    DP+P [*----] : Hydra's judgement
    yamazaki will take a knife (hidden in his pocket!!) and stab the other character. LP version
    will stab once, whereas MP& HP version will hit twice. Nice move :-D that come out quickly
    enought to be used in combo (after QCB+K).
    QCB+K [**---] : Sand scaterring
    He will kick the ground with his back leg to trow dust on the opponent, while laughing.
     Not a long range move, but effective at close range and part of his bread'n butter combo!
    (If it connects follow with QCB+HP.)
    DP+K [***--] : Flight of tempering
    overhead special move. Too slow to use in combo. Nice to mix-up your ground game. Works well
    against newbies ^^.
    yamazaki takes his foot up and slams it on the ground.
    HCF+K [***--] : Taunt and counter
    ah ah ah! one of me favorite ^__^ Not that it's a great/efficient move, but it's stylish!!
    Yama will do a kind of taunt and if the other player hit u during this, Yama will
    automatically counter him! Can be used as an anti-air but take care! This
    is against hight and mid attacks. U are vunerable to low attacks and throws.
    HCB,F + P [***--] : Bomb bopper
    A special that must be done when at very close range. Nice because it's impossible to tech hit
    this throw (because it's a special move)! Use this move after a roll for example.
    yamazaki will grab his opponent by the head and give him a headbutt (with an extra explosion!).
      5- Desperation Moves (Supers)
    2*QCF+P [****-] : Guillotine
    A nice super! The one i use the most! VERY good as an anti-air move!
    IMHO the best of his two DM(in fact, the easiest one to connect in real match).
    Yama jump into the air and try to catch his opponent. If successfull he will takes him by the head,
    slams him on the floor, drags him and Kicks him!!
    2*HCB+P [***--] : Drill
    a grab super, to use when your at very close range of course! If it connects, u will see Yama put t
    he ooponent on the floor and wait (kind of...) for about 2 seconds. During this period he has one
    hand out of his pocket and the other is inside his pocket. If tap the punches buttons very rapidly
    you'll increase the number of hits he inflicts to the opponent. You'll know that u reach the max
    hits if u see yamazaki with both hands out of his pocket!!
    This DM is cancelable, in C-groove, with the one above (see combo section).
    Very good damage but hard to connect in real match.
    xx : means cancel this move with the next one.
    1. j.HK, s.HP, QCB+K, QCB+HP
    2. j.HK, s.HP, QCB+K, DP+HP
    It's the same combo, only the last move change ^^ Depends on your style...
     ** C-Groove (this is the one i found)
    3. (opponent in corner) 2*HCB + MP xx 2*QCF + LP
    Try to connect the 2*HCB +MP after a roll or to punish a whiffed move. If it connects u have
    to cancel the last move of the DM. When yamazaki punches the opponent up in the air, quickly
    do 2*QCF+LP: he will jump to execute his other DM
    4. 2*QCF+MP xx 2*QCF+LP
    To finish the first DM, yamazaki will do his Double Return (QCF+P) that will launch your ennemy
    in the air. This is where you have to do the next super (Lv1 Guillotine) : Yama will jump and catch
    the oppponent for another turn ^^
     ** A-groove
    yamazaki doesn't have a very complicated A-groove combo. If you want to use all your super bar
    your opponent must be in the corner, or else you'll be able to hit him only twice then he will be
    to far...
    SO, let's go:
    5. HP+HK (to use your super meter) then: C.HK, S.HK, S.HK, S.HK (etc ...), 2*QCF+P
    6. HP+HK (to use your super meter) then: C.HK, C.HP, C.HP, C.HP (etc...),  2*QCF+P
    (etc...) mean do the S.HK/C.HP as long as you have the super meter. Just before it end
    do the DM (2*QCF+P).
    You can also mix the S.HK and C.HP. Take care, if you do do the S.HK you have to be a bit
    faster than if you use the S.HP. Just pratice a little! =)
    7. c.HK, HP+HK (to use your super meter) then: HCB,F+P, HCB,F+P, HCB,F+P, 2*HCB+P
    I found this one 3 days before seeing it in a combo movie ^^
    U can do the 'Bomb bopper' (HCB,F+P) only 3 times because the animation of this move is long.
    This is kind of the same combo that u can do with Vice, thanks to the special throw tecnique!
    After knocking down your opponent with the c.HK, use the A-groove super meter and you'll be
    able to catch your ennemy off the ground (OTG techniq well known from MVC2 player) with your
    special throw before he gets up! This will count as a combo.
      7- Misc
     ** Colors
    costume = shirt & trousers
    LP : grey costume with yellow hair
    MP : green costume with white hair
    HP : purple costume with green fluorescent hair
    LK : blue costume with blond/orange hair
    MK : grey costume with white hair
    HK : red costume with grey hair
    PPP : black costume with red hair (looks like an undead Yama)
    KKK : white costume with white hair
    START : your custom colour
     ** Taunt
    When pressing LK+START at the same time, your char will execute his taunt.
    For the Dreamcast version, i advise you to hold down the LK "then" press START
    it's easier and you won't pause the game, what could be annoying ^^
    When doing this yamazaki will "have a break"! He will crackel his neck and say:
     "Mono tarin ne na" (that mean: I'm not satisfied yet).
    This is a very  good taunt cause it won't last long! After knocking down your opponent
    or throwing him you can taunt! You have enough time!! So don't hesitate but keep in mind
    that it will give him more power gauge. If your opponent already have a full power gauge
     you can abuse your taunt ^______^
    Also be careful of player who have the recovery (d+PP), if you planned to taunt after a throw
    or a sweep...
     ** Special intros
    VS Chun-li:
    Hong-fu (from Fatal Fury) comes out and try to protect Chun-li. yamazaki say something
    and do a serpent Slash (the HP version ^^) that hit Hong-fu. Hong-fu runs while holding his
    @$$ (where Yama hits him...!).
    VS Terry:
    Yama throw a knife to Terry's feet. Terry punch the floor and brakes the knife! Yama's upset
    and the round begin.
      8- General strategy
    IMO, yamazaki is not a very offensive player but more like the one
    who will punish every mistake the other player makes.
    He's best at mid range: not too close, not too far. stay at mid-screen
    from your opponent; in fact in the range of your s.HK. At any mistake
    the other player does, HK him ^^
    Thanks to his S.HK and to his QCB+P, yamazaki can keep some distance between
    himself and the his opponent. And that's where he's the best: mid-range!
    The QCB+LP is a good anti-air if done early enough and right timed (don't forget you can delay).
    A good thing to do when the other scrub jump-in is to do C.HP and follow
    with S.HK. It's not a combo, it will not link, but it can hit if your
    opponent is careless. Take care of shotos (or any other char who have a DP)
    if they are smart and quick enought they could punish u.
    A startegy i use against characters who doesn't a wake-up move:
    if you can connect  a c.HK, go very close to your opponent and do another c.HK while he gets up.
    If it connects again, stay close to him and do a DP+K as he gets up (he will fear another c.HK and block
    low... ^^). You can keep mixing the c.HK with the DP+k (or another overhead) all day long,
    or as long as your opponent blocks in the right position. This is very good to annoy the other player
    if you stay unpredictable: he will not know to block hight or low!
    Once he blocks just throw him!!! With a normal throw or with HCB,F+P (or with the Drill: 2*HCB+P)!!!!
    If you play against a "fireballer" go ahead carefully. Block and between two fireballs walk toward.
    Do not rush, take your time. If you play in C, A, N groove you can roll throught if your far away.
    If your at close range you'll have to anticipate a little bit.
    You can also try to use the QCF+P for some mix-up and to surprise your opponent. Do not use it too
    often, you'll become predictable and get punished! Use the QCF+P once in a while (one or two times
    per round).
     ** Drill tips (2*HCB+P)
    I will just say "tips" and not combo section for the Drill, because this super is not comboable!
    I think it's because this is a throw type super (Like Zangief 720°, not comboable).
    First, you have to know that this super have nearly no range! You have to be very cloes
    to your opponent or you'll miss!
    So how and when to use this super? If you plays with a groove that have a roll (C,A,N) or dodge (S)
    use your super after the roll. If you anticipate a fireball or a dragon punch or any move at close range,
     roll and use your super!
     From Brennan Swan <evil5150@hotmail.com> :
     "The drill super has near ultimate priority even at level one. It will guaranteed beat most supers
     and even dragon punches. The only times it wont work are if you are too far away or your opponent
     is in the air."
    Another interesting way to connect this super: Jump.lk, (pause) Drill.
    (pause) mean that u have to wait for your opponent to recover from the stun done by your jumping +lk.
    If u do the super to rapidly it will miss. U have to delay the excution of the super for just 0.5 sec, it's enought.
    This is a well known tactic for Vice-players! If u play very offensively and always pressure your ennemy with
    Yama's basic combo (J.K, QCB+K, QCB+HP) and your opponent blocks the J.LK, don't go for the combo
    QCB+K, QCB+HP try the "(pause) Drill"!!
    Also see combo number 7 in the combo section (A-groove combo): another of using this super.
     ** Guillotine tips (2*QCF+P)
    Thx to <killernalga@yahoo.com> :
    "U may want to do this as a strategy as well. The Guillotine super has alot of
    priority only at lvl 3 i know i love to use him but if u do a lvl 1 and the opponent hits u
    it will cancel yours out.
    My way of using that super is by rolling in and if i see that that other character is doing some
    sort of animation bang!!! lvl 3 super very affect on people who love to wait. And it works wonders saved my
    ass a couple of times. I use the N option to keep them alert he needs the run ability it so beautiful when he
    runs and you'll always have them nervous because they know idea whether i'll do a super or annoy them
    with th c.hk. Well just wanted to send this maybe it'll help u "
    This is a very good strategy that i use too but i forget to write it down in this faq ^^; Thx Killernalga
      9- Credits and thanks
    If you have any comments, suggestions , please tell me: psld@ifrance.com
    Thanks to Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com)  for hosting my FAQ.
    Special thanks to SilentJ (and his faq on yamazaki for CVS), tha's where i found
    the name of the move, and some description. I used things found in his FAQ
    according to point 4 og his disclaimer.
    "(4) Give credit. I don't care if you use stuff from this FAQ,
      just please give me, or whoever I may have credited, full
      credit, for whatever you take. Yes I'm talking to you."
    Thx to Killernalga and Nino-chan for the help/suggestions in the strategy section.
    Thx to Brennan Swan for fixing the Name of yamaZaki ^^;
    Thanks to you for reading all this.
    Thanks Capcom AND SNK for giving us a great game like this, and such characters!!
    Special thought for SNK who just stop their activities :-(
    This FAQ could be consulted at www.straightfighterz.fr.st or www.straight.fr.st
    Video game section of EPITANIME (www.epitanime.com)
    French association on Japanese culture!
    © 2001, Toons

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