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    Akuma (A-Groove) by PokesYOU

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     Capcom Vs. SNK 2   A-Groove Akuma Guide
        Nick T.  (c) 2004
    Unpublished work Copyright 2004
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    It is for private and personal use. It cannot be reprinted in part or 
    in whole, or reproduced in any form, written or otherwise.
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    All copyrights and trademarks are 
    acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.
    The CvS series and all of its characters are (c) Capcom of Japan and 
    (c) SNK / Playmore of Japan.
      Table of Contents
      2. LEGEND
          -strengths / weaknesses
          -A Groove Akumas gameplan
          -Battery, user, or anchor? 
      4. MOVELIST
          -3 hit air combo rule (w/ examples)
         A. Offensive
          -full screen
          -half screen
          -close range
          -opponent in corner
         B. Defensive
          -in corner / rushdown pressure
          -basic custom combo
          -ways of building meter
             A. blocked blanka ball setup
          -guard crush
          -C Groove
          -A Groove
          -P Groove
          -S Groove
          -N Groove
          -K Groove
    1. Introduction
    Most people say that Akuma is a bad character because of the damage he takes. 
    This faq is to help A Groove Akuma users with ways to move around, 
    get past tough matchups, and custom combos, which involve setups, and building
    meter. It's also going to help with how Akuma stays alive, which is explained 
    throughout the faq in many parts, explained in many situations. 
    In conclusion, the faq will explain how Akuma 
    is not as bad a character as people think.
    2. Legend
    st. = standing
    cr. = crouching
    Jab = LP
    Strong = MP
    Fierce = HP
    Short = LK
    Forward = MK
    Roundhouse(RH) = HK
    DP = Dragon Punch 
    3. Akuma Basics
    Akuma has a pretty good mixup game after knockdown, or on the ground. 
    His dragon punches have invincibilty at startup. He has good pressure 
    strings, with decent recovery. Along with a good runaway game, I feel 
    that Akuma is an all around good character.
    Akuma takes damage really easily. He has a hard time getting away from 
    a rushdown string (without using teleport). He also doesn't have too many 
    options of rushdown. Which is why you mixup normals and specials
    (explained later). Alot of characters counter Akuma. They include Vega, 
    Blanka, Sagat, Cammy, Sakura, Guile, almost everyone, except a few. I feel he 
    does okay against Ryu, Ken, Yun, and mostly the mid-low tiers.
       -A Groove Akumas Gameplan-
    The main purpose of A Groove Akuma is to build meter while still having an 
    effective ground/mixup game, while moving in for the custom combo setup. 
    Most players will know this and try to keep you away, which in turn can kill 
    you. Zoning is a big part in Akumas gameplan, offensively and defensively. 
    You want to maintain space with your opponent most of the time, this keeps 
    them alert and waiting for you to make the move, which becomes a guessing game
    for them, causing them to second guess and mess up. But what you want is to get 
    a knockdown most of the time. This is where his strengths come in. After the 
    knockdown, there are alot of options for Akuma to do. 
    (More explained in section 5)
       -Battery, user, or anchor?-
    Akuma needs meter to do alot of damage. 
    As I see it, there are two options for you to follow:
    1) Ratio 1, battery : Builds meter, doesn't require you to get in, 
                          you could just zone, bait, and counter. Still has
                          an effective ground/pressure/mixup game(see section 6). 
                          Overall, only basic gameplay is required. 
    2) Ratio 1,  user:    Can build meter if needed to. Still an effective ground 
                          game. But, the only thing thats different between first 
                          character spot and second character spot is that a 
                          rushdown plan is pretty much needed in second character 
                          spot to get in and use the meter(unless you're about
                          to die).
    The best spot in my opinion is battery spot. User spot can be used if you're 
    better at rushdown. But to be safe, battery spot is obviously the better 
    choice. Akuma as an anchor I would not recommend. 
    4. Movelist
                      Version       Damage (Close/Far)
    Jab:              Standing        (400/300)
                      Crouching       (300/300)
                      Jumping         (500/500)
    Strong:           Standing        (700/900)
                      Crouching       (800/800)
                      Jumping         (700/700)
    Fierce:           Standing        (1100/1300)
                      Crouching       (1100/1100)
                      Jumping         (1100/1100)
    Short:            Standing        (400/400)
                      Crouching       (200/200)
                      Jumping         (400/400)
    Forward:          Standing        (800/800)
                      Crouching       (700/700)
                      Jumping         (700/700)
    Roundhouse:  Standing        (1300/1100)
                      Crouching       (1200/1200)
                      Jumping         (1100/1100)
    Seoi Nage : 1700
    Tomoe Nage : 2000
    Tenma kuujin kyaku: 800
    down+forward kick (air only)
    Overhead chop: 800
    f+strong (can't be blocked low)
    Gou hadou:  
                 -jab: 800
                 -strong: 900
                 -fierce: 1000
    Shakunetsu hadou ken:
                 -jab: 900 (1 hit)
                 -strong: 1000 (2 hits)
                 -fierce: 1100 (3 hits)
    Zankuu hadou ken:
    qcf+p (air only)
                 -jab: 600
                 -strong: 700
                 -fierce: 800
    Tatsumaki zankuu kyaku:  
    qcb+k (also in air)
                 -short: 900 (2 hits)
                 -forward: 900 (2 hits)                             
                 -RH: 1300 (3 hits)
    All hurricane kicks for Akuma are 500 on first hit and 400 for every hit 
    Gou Shoryu:  
    f, qcf+p
                 -Jab: 1700
                 -strong: 1800
                 -fierce: 1900
    All versions are 3 hits each
    Hyakki Shuu:  
    f, qcf+k
    no input     -Slide: 1000
    any p        -Punch: 1100
    Any k        -Kick:    1200
    f/b+p(close) -Punch grab: 1100
    f/b+k(close) -Kick grab:   1900
    Ashura senkuu:
        f,qcf+pp   (long distance forward teleport)
        b,qcb+pp (long distance backwards teleport)
        f,qcf+kk    (short distance forward teleport)
        b,qcb+kk  (short distance backwards teleport)
    Messatsu Gou Shoryu: 3885
    qcf x2+p
    Tenma Gou Zankuu: 3150
    qcf x2+p (air only)
    Messatsu Gou Hadou: 3780
    hcb x2+p
    Note:All supers are level 1 because well, it's A Groove :)
    5. Basic Combos
    -cr. jab, cr. forward, fierce fireball
    -cr. short, cr. jab, cr. short, short hurricane
    -cr. short x2, short hurricane, fierce dragon punch 
    -cr. strong, cr. short, short hurricane, fierce dragon punch 
    -cr. jab, st. fierce, fierce fireball 
    -cr. jab, cr. roundhouse, short hurricane 
    -cr. short x2, fierce dragon punch 
    -crossup forward, cr. short x2, fierce fireball
    -crossup forward, cr. short x2, short hurricane
    -tiger knee air fireball, st. forward, fierce red fireball
    -tiger knee air fireball, st. forward, fierce red fireball, jab dp x2 
     (in corner only)
    -crossup forward, cr. jab, cr. fierce, forward hurricane
    -crossup forward, st. fierce, fierce red fireball
      -3 hit air combo rule (w/ examples)-
    The 3 hit air combo rule only works with Akuma. 
    It happens when you knock your opponent into the air and you get 2 extra hits 
    while they fall.
    close cr. roundhouse, short hurricane = 3 hits
        The cr. RH counts as one hit and because you're close, 
        the short hurricane does two hits.
    far cr. RH, short hurricane x2 = 3 hits
        The cr. RH counts as one hit and because you're far, the first short 
        hurricane does one hit, and the second does another hit.
    tiger knee air fireball, st. forward, fierce red fireball, jab dp x2 
        (in corner only)= 3 hits
        The fierce red fireball counts as one air hit, and the jab dp counts as 
        two( if the dp hits twice, if it hits once, do one more dp)
    6. Basic Strategy
      A. Offensive
      -Full screen-
    Once Akuma is at full screen distance, it's hard to move in
    (characters zoning, etc.). The whole thing to Akumas game is to make your 
    opponent mess up and go for that big combo/damage. In order to do this you 
    have to use his specials to get you in if they're zoning you. Simply walking 
    up and trying to attack will not work most of the time, they most likely 
    will go for a throw, or just simply push you back, which is hard for Akuma to 
    counter without RC fireball or a crossup. 
    The only options you have are the following:
    1) Throw fireballs for pressure, 
       and move in depending on what your opponent does.
    2) Bait and trick your opponent.
    Number 1 is self explanitory. But, number 2 requires a little more explanation. 
    Baiting and tricking your opponent can technically be done with anything, 
    as long as you're safe. At full screen distance, when you try to move in by 
    baiting and tricking you should try to anticipate your opponents next move. 
    Let's look at a few things:
    A) Teleporting in and out:
       Most people will try to counter you at the end of the teleport, teleporting
       backwards after is pretty safe.Mixing up different distanced teleports 
       creates a frustrating guessing game for your opponent, often making the 
       jump back or towards you, or whiffing attacks. If they jump towards you as 
       you teleport, more than likely you'll recover before they land, dragon 
       punch them. If you recover at the same time they land, then go for a 
       pressure string (explained later). If they jump back, throw a few 
       fireballs. Can't get much simpler than that. : )
    B) Throwing whiffed air fireballs:
       Throwing air fireballs is good for air and ground cover. duh ; ). But air 
       fireballs give you a mixup of different distances, and therefore, different 
       area cover. This can sometimes be misleading to a character like Cammy.
       The person using her may try to roll though them, but since her roll is 
       slow, you can throw her when she's done(if it's timed right). You can also 
       trip into short hurricane..etc. But basically the air fireballs are used to
       throw off timing. Sometimes you can even fake an air fireball (When you're 
       just about to land, do qcf+any punch. The air fireball animation will come 
       out but no fireball). Whiffing air fireballs builds meter fairly well 
       also. But sometimes just jumping back can give your opponent a false idea.
    C) Whiffing short hurricane kick:
       This can be used to bait a slide or a trip. The fact that the hurricane 
       recovers quickly and that its from a far distance, gives you plenty of time
       to block, dash in and throw, giving you a mixup possibility on their wakeup 
       (explained later). Sometimes people will try to cross you up when you get 
       close enough, you definitely should recover before they land. Just do 
       hcb+fierce(anti crossup dragon punch). Other than it building meter, 
       whiffing short hurricanes doesn't do much at full screen distance. 
    D) Jab command roll: =O
       Thats right, the command roll. Often seen as a crappy move, the command roll
       is good for baiting(at full screen at least ; ) ) This move also gives your
       opponent an idea that its okay to attack. You should probably predict that 
       your opponent will attack, and If they try to attack, you do that notorious 
       psychic dragon punch that you hear about sometimes. The command roll goes 
       through attacks also. It goes through Rocks elbow attack(qcb+punch), 
       Nakoruru's bird super, and I think it goes through Rocks shine knuckle 
       super, not sure on that one. Either way, the command roll shouldn't be left
       out completely.                                         
      -Half screen-
    As I mentioned before, zoning is Akuma's big thing. Well, this is where it 
    happens. As I said Akuma pretty much just waits for that big oppurtunity to do 
    damage, and zone again. Akuma has a few select things he can do when both 
    characters are turtling(this is what most likely happens at half screen). 
    Again, baiting plays a part in this too, along with a good footsie game. I'll 
    explain the reasoning behind zoning and what it has to deal with.
    1)Baiting and punishing
    2)Roll cancel fireball
    3)Basic poking
    1)Baiting and punishing:
      Same as full screen except things are alot stricter. Simply whiffing 
      anything will not work much at half screen. Your opponent will either poke 
      from a distance, or bait you. Its simply a matter of who out baits who. Any 
      good player will know the distances for most of the pokes, if not all of 
      them. So knowing your range is important. Now since Akumas pokes barely 
      reach the opponent at half screen, walking in and out and throwing out a 
      cr. forward or a cr. roundhouse into fireball isn't going to get you too 
      far, baiting is Akumas only option at half screen. Baiting with jabs could 
      get you opponent to throw a whiffed poke then you go for a crossup. If you 
      see your opponents pattern while you bait, the next time they do it, you can 
      punish with a dragon punch, or short hurricane. Depending on your opponents 
      reaction speed try to use stuff with a tiny bit of lag to bait, such as 
      cr. forward, or st. strong, sometimes even st. fierce.
    2)Roll cancel fireball:
      Roll cancel fireball at half screen can be used to bait a jump, a roll, or 
      to stop that safe poke that your opponent does every so often to make you 
      panic. If they jump, you dragon punch. If they roll, you throw them. This 
      makes your opponent frustrated and possibly make more mistakes. But as I 
      said above, your opponent will most likely be baiting you also, 
      so be careful. 
    3)Basic poking:
      Not much to be said for this part. Just poke from a distance with 
      cr. forward, cr. forward into fireball to bait a roll, and cr. roundhouse 
      into fireball. 
      -Close range-
    This is where the rushdown/mixup game comes in. Akuma has a wide variety of 
    things to do at this point. I find that this is a strong part of Akumas ground
    game. This is to make your opponent panic and mess up. Again? yes. Baiting 
    plays another part yet again in this section! His rushdown and mixup game I 
    feel are structured in the following(no specific order):
    1)Counter hit / throw setups
    2)Good footsies
    3)The almost infinite block string
    I understand that the list above should all be summed up under 
    "good footsies", but it's easier for me to explain, therefore, it's easily 
    explained to you, the reader.
    1)Counter hit / throw setups:
      These as i've come to realize, are very important in a close range ground 
      game. These are the basic foundation of rushdown in my opinion. A counter 
      hit / throw is when you attack your opponent for a short amount of time, 
      then just walk forward and throw because they think you're going to attack. 
      Thats the throw setup of that part.
      cr. short x2, st. jab, crossup forward, throw.
      cr. jab x3, cr. forward , fireball....opponent blocks it, you dash in, 
    The counter hit part of it is when you poke once or twice to try to bait an 
    attack after they block your pokes , then when you see it coming, you counter 
    it with something fast, into a big combo.
      cr. short x2, wait, opponent tries to counter, you do cr. jab into short 
      hurricane, activate/Dp ..etc.
    Of course when you're doing this you need to watch out for supers.
    2)Good footsies:
      When people think of footsies they probably think poking, and thats probably 
      all they think. Its actually just mixing up your patterns. With Akuma this 
      can be done in many ways. He has different ways of resetting combos and then
      simply going for a throw at any point. Footsies can be a mixture of anything 
      safe. Switching from specials, to block 
      strings, to throws is a basic footsie game, and Akuma is no exception to 
      this. It can also consist of counter hit / throw setups as explained above 
      to work into a reset combo. I'll show examples of this:
      Akuma Vs. Sagat:
      cr. short x2, st. jab, crossup forward, cr. short, wait, (Sagat tries to 
      cr. forward), cr. short, short hurricane, fierce DP. (Sagat wakes up), 
      cr. jab, st. jab, walk up, throw. (Sagat wakes up), st. short (it hits), 
      cr. short, st. short, RH demon flip, punch grab, short hurricane, 
      In the example I used all 3 things mentioned in the description above 
      (Resetting combos, counter hit / throw setups, switching patterns into a 
      throw). Thats pretty much how you apply footsies to Akuma.
    3)The semi-infinite block string:
      I discovered this a while ago and I use it in my rushdown game. 
      cr. RH, short hurricane....repeat.
      It's semi-infinite because the only opening is between the end of the short 
      hurricane, and before the cr. RH hits. It happens really fast and because 
      the short hurricane has alot of priority, the only thing the opponent can do 
      is block it, counter attack it, or super, or else they get hit. It never 
      pushes you back unless you add any extra poke in the string.
      It works well on big characters, but on small characters, the short 
      hurricane whiffs. So, you use it like a counter hit / throw setup situation.
      Akuma Vs. Yuri:
      cr. RH, short hurricane, (Yuri ducks, the hurricane whiffs), Yuri tries to 
      Dp out, you counter Dp.
      -Opponent in corner-
    When the opponent is in the corner, you need to play with Akuma in terms of 
    the zoning explained in the half screen section, with the trickiness of the 
    rushdown explained in the close range section, along with a mixture of good 
    footsies, and counter hit / throw setups(seen above). Basically, this is where 
    it all comes together. You want to mix all the strategies explained in the faq
    and use it. Lets say you start off with zoning. You throw a few fireballs to 
    get your opponent to roll or jump, and they don't, you out of nowhere dash in 
    and throw. But how about you don't throw, you could go for a 
    counter hit / throw setup, or a block string. With all this stuff to choose 
    from, you should be able to keep your opponent guessing your next move, unless 
    you get too obvious. Let's use Akuma Vs. Rolento:
      Throw a few fireballs to see what he does, Rolento doesn't do anything, you 
      dash in, throw. If he Scouter jumps, you dragon punch. He rolls, you throw 
      him back into the corner. On wakeup you walk up to him, cr. jab, st. fierce, 
      wait a split second, pp teleport behind. What happens is your opponent using
      Rolento may try to attack during that split second, you teleport behind him 
      and his move whiffs, and his back is turned to you, which is even worse for 
      Rolento. You then do cr. RH, short hurricane x2, kk teleport over the body, 
      dive kick over him on wakeup, poke once, throw into corner again.  
      After that you could go for a counter hit / throw setup...etc.
     The example had all the items explained in the previous sections. 
     These are all elements of basic footsies.
    When Akuma gets a knockdown, he has any number of things to do to an opponent 
    on wakeup. He could bait, jump around, go for throw, block string setup for 
    guard damage, alot of things. I use Akuma to bait most of the time if the 
    opponent has a super, considering the damage he could take. I bait the super 
    and then I block , the opponent has no meter now. Akuma during a knockdown 
    just needs to mix things up and make your opponent mess up, and give you an 
    advantage.The following are ways to mixup your opponent on wakeup:
    1)Whiff pokes, then teleport or jump back.
    2)Dive kick over the body, teleport over the body(you recover in plenty of 
      time to block)
    3)Walk back a little, whiff pokes.
    4)Do a red / air fireball for guard damage.
    5)Teleport over body, crossup.
    cr. RH, short hurricane x2, land, teleport behind, crossup forward,  
    st. jab x2, throw.
    All the setups listed above are used for baiting and once you learn the 
    timing, you should be alright. : )
      B. Defensive
      -In corner / rushdown pressure-
    Akuma getting stuck in the corner is like a death trap. Why not teleport out? 
    Thats fine if your opponent doesn't have super. But if they do have super, you 
    might get a super coming at you as you teleport, which hits you on your 
    recovery. You want to be able to turn the tables around and put them in the 
    corner. There are a number of options for this:
    1)Roll cancel jab fireball:
      This gives you the option of running away after the knockdown, or mixing 
      your opponent up(see knockdown section).
    2)Counter hit / throw setups
    3)Roll cancel short hurricane:
      You can do another short and activate, or mixup your opponent....etc
    4)Figure out their pattern and go for a big combo, countering your opponent.
    Not too much explanation needed for this section. I just wanted to put options
    in for this situation.
    7. Custom Combos
      -Basic custom combo-
    Akuma's custom combo is probably the most difficult custom combo in the game. 
    It takes alot of practice to get the timing
    down for it. It goes as follows:
    cr. RH, short hurricane, activate, [st. fierce, RH Demon flip, 
    (fierce, RH hurricane), land, fierce red fireball] x3 ,  
    (parenthesis)= in air [brackets] = repeat
    When you get into the corner, do:
    [st. strong, fierce red fireball] xN, fireball super.
      -Ways of building meter-
    1) runaway air fireball
    2) runaway hurricane kick
    3) short hurricane
    4) cr. strong
    5) cr. forward
    6) whiffed jab Dp
    1)Most basic setup. cr. RH, short hurricane, activate
    2)cr. short x2, st. short, RH demon flip, punch grab, short hurricane, 
    3)cr. jab, st. jab, forward demon flip, punch grab, short hurricane, activate.
    4)jump in RH hurricane, short hurricane, activate.
    5)Anti air jab DP, walk forward a little, activate, short hurricane x2, 
      st. fierce, etc.
    6)st. jab, activate, st. fierce, fierce red fireball(if it hits)-RH demon flip
      ...etc(the rest of the cc) (If it doesn't)-RH demon flip, punch grab, 
      short hurricane, etc.
    7)jump in activate through an attack, fierce DP, cancel into short hurricane 
      after 2 hits..etc
    8)On Sagat- Jab Dp , walk forward, activate, cr. fierce, RH demon flip..etc
    9)In corner-fierce air fireball, dash in, st. forward, fierce red fireball, 
      jab dp x2, activate, st. jab, red fireball..repeat.
    10)Anti air with upward hurricane
      (down, down+back,back,up+back, up....a reverse C) activate when u land, 
      st. fierce... etc.
    11)Anti air grab with demon flip punch grab, land, short hurricane, activate.
    12)Jab air fireball(must hit their feet), dash in, cr. RH, short hurricane, 
    13)Mixup for all setups with a demon flip in it after activation:
       short Demon Flip, land, (if it hits): short hurricane, st. fierce..etc.
       (If it doesn't): cr. forward, fierce red fireball, quick cancel into 
       RH Demon Flip, punch grab, short hurricane...etc
    14)activate, close st. fierce, fierce red fireball, RH demon flip...etc
      A. Blocked Blanka ball setup
    Block it high, activate, fierce crossup fireball(tiger knee fireball), 
    cr. forward, fierce red fireball, cancel into RH demon flip, punch grab, 
    short hurricane ..etc... (Kinda risky if opponent has meter, but, it has good 
    mixup possibility)
      after the RH demon flip, if they try to anti air, do fierce, RH hurricane, 
      fierce red fireball. If they block high trip them with the demon flip, short 
      hurricane,etc. If they do nothing, punch grab, short hurricane...etc.)
      -Guard crush-
    1) In close...
    activate, fierce DP cancel into short hurricane...repeat....the 
    hurricane kick recovers fast enough to do a DP in time again.
    2) in close.....
    cr. forward, red fireball x2, RH demon flip....repeat 
    (has the same mixup possibility as the Blocked Blanka ball setup)
    8. Vs. Groove Strats
    This section is to give you basic strategies against all the grooves.
       -C - Groove-
    Since C - Groove relies on supers(duh :P), when they do get a full meter, 
    you want to bait the super, then block / avoid it, then zone your opponent. 
    Now depending on matchup, this will change slightly. 
    Watch out for:
    1)Roll super:
      -Just block it, the worst they can do is throw you.
      -You don't want to miss the activation into anti air custom combo 
    3)Any roll cancels:
      -If you know that a RC is coming, activate through it, Dp it, or avoid it. 
      -Try to bait them sometimes too, but if you're not looking for one, 
       don't give any oppurtunities away.
    4)Avoid RC openings:
       - The best way to do this is to attack with guard crush combos.
    5)Counter Attacks
      -A - Groove-
    Build meter before your opponent does. Any A - Groover will almost never use 
    their counter attack because of the meter for the custom combo. 
    Watch out for:
    1)Roll activate
    2)Jump-in / dash / walk up activate
    3)Any RC's
      -People may zone and bait you into their custom combo setup.
    5)Custom combo resets
      -P - Groove-
    Go for throw setups. Pressure with fierce red fireballs. Mix high and low 
    pokes. Start a custom combo differently each time(high / low). 
    Watch out for:
    1)People trying to bait pokes so they can parry them.
    2)People who wiggle the joystick back and forth repeatedly so they can get 
    parries whenever you try to attack them:
     -Just throw them
      -Anti air them just as they're about to land(throw off they're timing for 
      a parry)
    4)Small jumps
      -S - Groove-
    Go for throw setups. Pressure with fierce red fireballs. 
    Watch out for:
    2)Level 1 super pressure / random level 1's
    3)Small jumps
     You don't want to miss the activation into anti air custom combo oppurtunity.
    5)Counter Attacks
      -N - Groove-
    Same as C - Groove except with run, small jump, and counter roll. 
    Thats all I remember at the moment...sorry. So you basically follow the same 
    thing as C - Groove(bait supers....etc). 
    Watch out for:
    1)Pop tricks
    2)Roll cancels
    3)Roll super
    4)Small jumps
      -Anti air custom combo setup
    6)Fake level 3:
      -They break a stock making you think they have a level 3 waiting
      -K - Groove-
    Same stuff as P - Groove. Except K - Groove has run and JD's.
    Watch out for:
    1)Small jumps
      -Anti air custom combo setup
    3)People trying to bait pokes so they can JD them.
    4)People who wiggle the joystick back and forth repeatedly so they can get 
    JD's whenever you try to attack them:
     -Just throw them
    5) Watch your opponents meter:
      -If you're about to die, and they almost have full meter, taunt them. When 
       they kill you, you'll have meter the next round, they won't.
    9. Character Strategy
    Akuma has some tough matchups that give him problems. The following are a few 
    that should help most people.
    Cammy Vs. Akuma is a rough matchup for Akuma. Most of the time Akuma will get 
    zoned out by Cammy and Akuma is left with a few options once he's been zoned. 
    What you want to do is get her to come to you while still being offensive.
    1)Runaway with air fireballs:
    -This gives Cammy a few options:
       A)Roll cancel through them: 
        -You can just anticipate an attack after she RC's, block it. If she 
         doesn't attack, throw her, or start your own rushdown game(see section 6)
       B)Wait for you to land to attack:
          -Throw her timing off with the air fireballs so you can counter her when 
           she attacks.
          -Since the air fireball finishes about the same time as you land, you 
           can start baiting her 
       C)Wait for you to land and zone you again:
          -If she gets at the right distance from you, you can go for a crossup 
           fireball. Then start a pressure game of your own
    2)Get a knockdown:
          -You can then go for crossup fireball, then your own pressure game. 
          (see section 6)
    Thats about it, just don't get zoned by Cammy, and you should be okay. :)
    Guile can zone and pressure you with Sonic Booms and block strings. 
    The best thing to do is work your way around those obstacles and go for a CC 
    1)Bait pokes to crossup and combo after.
    2)Jump in activate:
      -Most Guiles tend to throw a few Sonic Booms to get you to jump, 
       walk forward, do a few cr. forwards, then they hold
       their charge. When you jump in, they anti air you. Activate through it. 
    3)RC fireball through pressure strings
    Other than that, it's all turtling and baiting Guile to make him mess up.
    Sagat can keep you away with fireballs, st. short, cr. forward, and 
    Tiger Uppercut. Again, the best thing to do is work your way around 
    these obstacles and rushdown when you get the chance(see section 6).
    1)Short hurricane kick over low tiger shot.
    2)Fierce fireball under a high tiger shot:
                               -It just misses Akuma
    3)Fierce Dp through Sagats cr. fierce
    4)Short hurricane when Sagat does st. short.
    10. Thanks / Credits
    Nicholas "NiCKaH" C.
       - For editting help.
    The East Coast players
       -Helping me learn CvS2 throughout the years.
    bas, Buktooth88
       -Helping me in my gameplay and giving me an insight on West Coast and 
       Japanese gameplay.
    Thanks for reading
    My shoryuken.com screen name is Nick T. (period included) 
    PM me there if you have questions.
       -Go there for all your Street Fighter needs.  : )

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