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"Wrestling with Legends........"

Overview: When Acclaim first announced this game, I like many others thought ''Great, Legends of Wrestling stuck with the WWF Warzone engine.'' Out of that series of games the only one I ever enjoyed was infact was Warzone, the games went down hill from there. So Acclaim states that they've built a new ISP engine or something. Which isn't half bad if you ask me. But of course you're wondering ''Is Legends Of Wrestling worth my hard earned money?'' I'll answer that in my review of this game today.

The Graphics:
Too me, the graphics are great. I've always loved a more ''cartoonish'' wrestling game instead of a realistic looking one for one reason. It gives it a video game feel. Everyone pretty much looks like everyone with the exception of them being shot up with steroids. Seriously tho, Hogan looks like Hogan, Van Dam looks like himself. The Arenas look good, crowds a bit on the lame side but who cares about that. You're really wondering how the blood is aren't you? Blood is great, drips on mat an STAINS it. Heh

The Sound:
It's a wrestling game. What do you except? Oh the ring announcer is very cool. Mix and match certain names from the edit mode and he'll announce them, height, weight and home town. Some names that even aren't on the list he'll announce. Very cool, thumbs up Acclaim for that idea. Now the music is fairly okay for the covers of certain themes, Hogan's theme sounds more like a ''Man Called Sting'' if you ask me, but I do like the re-done versions of ''Walk'', Sabu's ''Hulka Blues'' and the re-done Iron Man. Other then that the music is cheesey and generic.

Not Many in this title, I mean sure you can do a 3 way dance or 4 way, a tag match or hell even a tourny. But those get borning after awhile considering the slow engine. Oh yeah, there is a career mode too. Let me speak on that :)

Career Mode:
Fairly interesting way they did this mode I think. It's cool that they want you to go threw with your creations to earn more move slots and all but that gets REALLY annoying. It's also cool having the different promotions being beat and stuff. I also like the advice given by Jimmy and Captain Lou. Other then that it gets pretty boring.

Engine/Animation/Wrestler Accuracy
Accuracy is the funniest thing in this game, I love watching Jimmy Hart Press Slam King Kong Bundy if that tells you anything. The engine I find fun considering its slow as hell. Animation on most moves is good.

And finally.......
The Edit Mode:
I have a huge disagreement if people like this mode or not. That was the one mode people used all the time in the previous Acclaim games because it was SO good. Until you remember all your wrestlers fight the same. Wait, ranting about a different game now. Sadly Acclaim took a step down with this game. People claim if your good with the create a stencial its easy to make anyone. I seriously doubt that. Make Psicosis or any lucha libre star for that match, I tried making many NOAH and other Japanese guys and failed missribly.

So should you get it? That's a matter of opinion. I *like* the game. But not so much as I'd recomend it. I'm giving the game a 6/10 for the soul reason of I like most of it, but not all. I hope LOW 2 is improved on majorly if it ever comes out.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/10/02, Updated 05/10/02

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