Where is the best place to level up quick?

  1. Where is the best place to level up quick? im bearly on level 63 and i already beat the game ok almost but im at the door where you fight ansem for the final time i believe the place is called final rest or something like that i would like to be in level100 or 99 before i beat the game so where is the quickest and most fastest way to level up?

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    Skatmachine - 8 years ago

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  1. Found it, best place is Traverse town. Run through the hallway -> red room -> green room then back to the hallway. youll get around 1860 exp each lap, and you should be able to get 2-3 laps a min. As an added bonus youll max out on high potions, ethers, and possablely elixers as you do it. oh and you should be able to get a defender for goofy and a wizards relic for donald.

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  1. The Hades Cup would be a good choice. It's a tournament, so there is nonstop fighting and you'll gain a lot of experience from the more difficult enemies.

    Other than that, I'm not sure of any specific areas, but Hollow Bastion and The End of the World would be good worlds to go to.

    Good luck!

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  2. The best and most easiest place to level up quickly is on the deck of Captain Hook's ship. However you have to strike lucky on a Rare Truffle spawn. When the oppertunity arises juggle a Rare Truffle consecutively up to 100 times making sure that you do the same for every Truffle. It doesn't matter if you miss one Truffle, just move on to another.

    Ultimately it isn't very hard to strike lucky on a Rare Truffle spawn, so you can always come back to the deck whenever you like. If they don't spawn over a while just soft reset with "L1+R1+L2+R2+START+SELECT" and load your game. Make sure you save your progress in a nearby save point before soft reseting. The closest save point is in a bunk room just under the deck.

    The juggling it self isn't that hard, you will get use to it after a few attempts.
    There are more areas where these mushrooms spawn but I recommend here as it helped me reach level 100 in no time.

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  3. In the world that never was, you can fight the behemoth in the room after the giant space. He gives pretty good exp

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  4. Go and fight in the hades cup, hollow bastion everywhere, and the end of the world, then you should level up pretty good but remember, if the start where you met tidus,selphie and wakka, if it said "your journey will start at dawn" its easy leveling up until lvl 50 then slow lvl up, if it said "your journey will start at midday" or somthing it will be normal lvl up and if it said "your journey will start at noon/afternoon" i dont know the it will be hard lvl up until 50 the easy lvl up. holy crap that was a lot but i hope it helps

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  5. The Hades Cup is a good place to level up, but there is also an infinite amount of heartless in the climbing trees area of Deep Jungle, and its the easiest place to level up, if that's what your looking for. Otherwise, if your up to it, a good way is to repeatedly fight Sephiroth.

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  6. Well I pretty much avoided that problem by staying back on Destiny Islands and leveling/ waiting till lvl 20 even though it takes forever. But yeah even though people say to do the Hades cup actually after much experience I''ve noticed that the Hercules Cup gives you more in the end, creepy cause I have two games the EXACT same and exact level and i Messed with both of them on each and the one on the Hercule Cup levled faster though I got less Experience during the same amout of going through......... wierd.

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  7. Agree re Traverse Town -- with the additional benefit that it's the most efficient way to seek out bright crystals, which are what you may well find yourself shortest on at the end -- there are three defenders (which drop bright crystals) among the 13 heartless you encounter each lap.

    If you need power crystals, do the gizmo shop instead -- reasonably high percentage of wyverns. Or, after each lap of the hotel, go to the gizmo shop (encountering three wyverns and two darkballs on the way, then back to the hotel. Less efficient, but still pretty fast.

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