Finding Shiny Crystals?

  1. I cant get any Shiny Crystals it seems. I am at the end of the game (only thing lift is to kill ansem and optional bosses) and am killing enemies to get items. However I have killed dozens (literally) upon dozens of Wizards literally not one has dropped a shiny crystal. Actually i think maybe one did. But compared to my success rate with other enemies, even Wyverns have dropped more Power Crystals than Wizards have Shiny Crystals. I need help?!

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    And yes i have checked the Item Synthesis faq and various faq guides

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    A_MAZ_ING - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Defeating wizards is your only source of shiny crystals, as the guides state.

    At end game, Traverse Town's Second District offers the best supply of these heartless. One easy circuit is entering the Hotel, defeating the defenders in Hallway, then the four wizards that appear. Cut through the Red Room out to Alleyway. Defeat all the wizards down there, then jump up to the balconies, and defeat the wizards across that stretch. Enter the Green Room, cut over to the Hallway again, and start all over.

    Whenever heartless aren't dropping items, try resetting your console and reloading your game. The odds often improve after a reset, whether of the game or the console.

    Including these links for the next person looking for help....

    WolfKnight's Item Synthesis FAQ is a good source of info.

    But ElectroSpecter's walkthrough includes a Synthesis Shop section full of good recommendations for finding missing materials. (Search for: [snth])

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