How do I beat (sephoroth)?

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    What level do i have to be to beat him?

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  1. I beat Sephiroth at level 85 on Normal Mode. If you have the Ultima Weapon and three Gaia Bangles, you could probably take him out at around level 60.

    To defeat Sephiroth, you'll have to dodge his attacks and keep smacking him until his invisible life bar starts to go down. A good ability to have is Guard, as you can block the majority of his sword attacks with them. Use Glide/Superglide or Dodge Roll when he uses Flame Pillar. Second Chance and MP Rage are good abilities for this attack.

    In his second phase, Sephiroth will become much quicker and use "Descend Heartless Angel". You have to hit him when he says that and prevent him from casting it. If you fail in doing so, your MP is gone, and your life is down to 1 HP. Then, Sephiroth will use a sword combo to finish you at that point. If you see the ball for Descend Heartless Angel already forming, simply go to items and get an Elixir ready. As soon as the ball touches you, use the Elixir to heal yourself. It will cure you the minute the attack takes affect.

    Once you get to the third phase, he'll use a lot of sword combos and a meteor attack. He'll say, "I am the chosen one. Come, I shall lead you to the promised land." Stay away from him because you can't hit him at this point. Also, this is when the meteors will fall from the sky. Stay away until he says, "Now, you've witnessed true power." You'll be able to hit him then.

    And that's all there is to it. If you want to take out Sephiroth and pwn him easily, Ultima Weapon and three Gaia Bangles is the way to go. If don't have the Ultima Weapon, wait until level 85. That would be the best level to take him on without the greatest Keyblade.

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  1. There is no especific level, since what really matters is the skill of the playerbut being aroun 70-80 is a good choice. Having Second Chance and MP Rage also helps.

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  2. If your really good you might be able to beat him at 65, with some good abilities equiped like MP Rage, dodge roll, and a Cure on a shortcut. Just keep dodging in the beginning and wait for an opening to attack. if he starts saying a chant, attack him immidietly. if he finishes the chant you will probably die. have tons of elixirs and keep aero up at all times. with some practice you might win after awhile.

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  3. Hes not that much harder.You could beat him at level 99.Hes still beatable at level 70 or higher.

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  4. It is recommended to have 2 MP rages on since that allows you to use Cure/ra/ga after every hit. Other then that it mostly comes down to player skill and your style of play.

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  5. The only things you need is being at lvl 70 at least.
    The ability to have one HP when having hit by a critical attack.
    Hi-potions for when he does the attack where you lose all your MP and HP.
    Curaga for healing when allmost down in other cases.
    The MP-rage ability so you recieve MP when being hit

    Now you have to just attack him. When he does the critical attack where he absorbs your HP/MP he will come at you to kill you, you have to throw a hi-potion just before his countdown finishes. Then the hi-potion will fall on your head after the attack. Let him hit you so you recieve 1 MP (Because of the MP rages). Then you can quickly heal yourself and you can fight on.

    This attack is the only thing you need to worry about.
    The other attacks aren't that critical. Because almost everytime he hits you, you can heal yourself. :)

    Good luck fella :p

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  6. all of the above helps, and i found a nice, juciy secret while fighting him.

    When he uses Flame Pilar, Sacrafice some HP and make shure he flinches a little bit before the Attack comepletly Finishis. if done corectly, he will re-cast the spell, and you can repete the process. i used a Codebreaker (Cheat Device) to have Infinite HP. That helps (Kinda) when facing him. and cast Aeroga When the battle starts to reduce Attack Damage.

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  7. Mainly, you just have to memorize attacks and have all your elixers set to your item slots. Ultima Weapon helps but isn't needed; I never got it in my game but I'm pretty sure I used Either Metal Chocobo/Lionheart/Oblivion to beat him.

    The better you are the earlier you can defeat him; I've beaten him around 50.

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  8. When he uses fire pillar use strike raid, not only will it hurt him, you'll be to far away for him to hurt you. good luck!

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  9. Honestly I would recomend being at level 80 or high to have a better chance... use the oblivion key chain or ultima weapon if you have it... He uses a predictable set of attacks... its the same pattern... just memorize it and counter when you can... take your time and dont just rush in slashing... You will not see the gauge go down for a little while... he has a few "invisible bars" of health

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  10. Why not make it easier and synthesize the Ultima Weapon as well as making sure your level is around 70+. Defense and high HP are also advised because you can sustain less damage from his attacks. Of course you don't have to equip the Ultima weapon you could also equip the lady luck keyblade - good stats all round.

    I also suggest looking at the Sephiroth FAQ which contains vital strategies.

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  11. I just have one tip to add, don't give up, There is no absolute strategy, the all of these tips should help, but it mostly takes skill and perseverence.

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  12. I've beaten Sephiroth on expert @ level 60 w/ Wooden Sword and around mid 60-70 with the staff. (I codebreaker'd those.) It's all about timing and getting the fight down right. I had multiple hypno crowns (or what gives the best overall boosts) and just learned how to time my attacks. I decided not to go after him when he does the 0MP + 1HP move, I just sat back and used a megaelixer. Keep moving and never let him get you continuously chained or else you're going to lose a lot of health, quickly.

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  13. All you need is a lot of elixirs and hi-potions, be around 70-80,and the ultima weapon isnt a bad idea either. be sure to always be locked on to him when he teleports and stay near him to intercept his "sin harvest" attacks

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  14. I remember trying to dodge roll to him when he used Heartless Angel. It didn't work well...
    One day I got smart and decided to use superglide. Works like a charm! Always be cautious of him using heartless angel and when he does, superglide over to him and attack. Other than that just use curaga when needed and don't give up and take breaks if you can't seem to get him.

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