Is it possible to beat riku on the islands where your adventure first starts?

  1. The destiny islands i believe.

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    Dj_quickness - 7 years ago

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  1. Right. When he bends over backwards, that's his wind up -- don't be in front of him.

    Listen for cues, too. He's a grunter. Take a swing when he grunts and you may parry his attack for "Tech p" -- bonus EXP that's applied immediately.

    If you talk to Kairi and choose to call it a day, that's it for dueling with Riku. Your win-loss tally carries forward to the second day when the competition turns to a foot race. (The Pretty Stone items are better than Potions for selling later.)

    For myself, I usually save Riku for last, after leveling up a wee bit. Sora's HP first goes up at LV6, but the Strength and Defense boosts before then help, too.

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  1. Yes. He's tougher than the others, but definitely beatable. You can also beat him at the race, but once you get to that point, you can't go back to sparring with him anymore.

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  2. Oh yes, it's very possible to beat Riku on the Destiny Islands. In fact, once you figure out his attack pattern, it's quite easy. You see, for every four hits Riku takes, he'll fall over onto his back and attempt to kick Sora. That's when you need to dodge- after you hit Riku four times. Beware, though! When Riku's HP gets lower, he'll do this attack more often (after every 3, 2, and eventually every single hit!)

    It's in your best interest to keep track of how many times you've struck Riku, or else you'll end up getting owned. And don't run away or fall off the tiny platform, either. Automatic forfeit. One last thing: when Riku holds his sword up in an attempt to taunt Sora into attacking, you can make Sora jump and do an Air Combo instead. Generally, Air Combos work much better on Riku than Ground Combos.

    User Info: GenesisSaga

    GenesisSaga (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0

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