Bright crystals are not being dropped?

  1. I have killed over 125 defenders and not a single one has dropped an item, ever is there someone who can help me thanx?

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    x0_Big_B_0x - 7 years ago

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  1. There, there [pat, pat]. That's not unusual with crystals, and bright crystals can be the worst of that lot. The very next pass could yield a couple of them, so keep trying.

    BTW, 125 defenders is still early going. (Has one dropped a Defender shield yet?)

    Make sure every Lucky Strike possible is equipped on your party. Goofy learns Lucky Strike at LV27; Donald, at LV55 (his last ability). If you chose the dream sword, for Sora that could take a while (LV69). He learns Lucky Strike fastest with the dream shield (LV15) and usually before reaching end-game with the dream rod (LV39). Defenders don't appear anywhere another character might help with an extra Lucky Strike.

    Quick and dirty grind expressly for bright crystals is found in Traverse Town, supergliding from Third District to First District to Item Shop and back again, clearing the center of Third District (six defenders total) each pass. Takes a couple minutes per pass, with 12 MP or better and spamming Thundaga (twice per wave for three waves).

    About the only other thing you can try: Save, reset the console, reload the game. Square was and remains notorious for the random factors included in drop-rate calculations. Old Squaresoft titles did it in-game; newer Square Enix titles use the console's "random number generator" (or RNG). So a soft-reset of the game or a "hard" reset of the console has a high probability of improving drop rates. True with any Square title, and KH is no exception.

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  1. Just keep going. Equip all your lucky strikes that you have and enter the hotel. Kill the 3 defenders in the hallway, enter the red room then the green room then the hall again and they will have respawned. takes about a minute for 2 trips at level 50. faster the higher your level

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  2. kingofallcool, slightly faster variation on that theme is Hallway > Red Room > Alleyway > Red Room > Hallway and repeat. No extra heartless if you just turn around on the Red Room's balcony. The Red Room itself remains empty as long as the back-and-forth grind is kept up.

    Of course, you can use the Green Room instead for two extra wizards on its balcony.

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  3. wow that is strange because I defeated around 6 defenders in the third district and I got two bright crystals from them. (goofy is the only one with lucky strike). But I guess its best to grind in the Hotel and Third district

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    _Maemai01_ - 6 years ago 0 1

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