How do u find evidence in Wonderland?

  1. How do i get the book off the shelf?

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    froshie_bryan - 6 years ago

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  1. Exploring is the hallmark of a good RPG, and Wonderland hands you puzzles galore. Tiny stuff.

    You need to explore every nook and cranny to find all four pieces of evidence, finding various ways back into the Bizarre Room. Finding one piece of evidence is all that's required to move the story forward, of course. It's entirely up to you, but finding all four nets you something very helpful a little early. (You still get it later.)

    The book on the corner shelf in the right-side-up Bizarre Room depends on triggering other puzzle pieces elsewhere. If it's flat, you need to make it three-dimensional before you can examine it, but it can't be taken off the shelf. Maybe you meant something else?

    ElectroSpecter's walkthrough can lead you through Wonderland step-by-step, if you prefer.

    P.S. Return to Wonderland's Rabbit Hole before pushing on. Defeat all the heartless and a chest may appear. Happens up to three times over a game; once is before presenting evidence, the second time is right afterward, and the third is much later.

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  1. An image (100K) you might find helpful, a map of sorts to Lotus Forest and Bizarre Room both:

    Mostly understandable, even if (like me) you can't read Japanese.

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