Which power should I pick?

  1. I'm at the very beginning of the game where you choose which strength and weakness you want. Which would be better to choose for each strength and weakness?

    User Info: GAMEFRAK100

    GAMEFRAK100 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Just so you know, those are TheKamikazeWarrior's still-incomplete Ability Guide (29K) and Spirit_Slash3r's PAL walkthrough (794K). And you should be warned, the latter opens up with a complete story analysis -- huge spoiler turf.

    The mechanics behind all of the opening choices is detailed in full in Zarathustra's Level Information guide (11K). Contains both stat and ability tables.

    Also, if you return to the top Answers page, use Search Questions to look for "sword" and you'll find lots of other opinions on this very frequently asked question.

    BTW, for low-spoiler walkthroughs, I'd recommend CJayC's (good for finding signposts) or ElectroSpecter's (most thorough; nifty ability and gear tables).

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Other Answers

  1. It depends on your Style. I highly recommend NOT taking the sword, if you don't care about the change in abilities.


    This has a list of abilities Sora can learn if you choose a certain weapon.


    This has a list of Stats(at lvl 1) that sora gets w/ different comb. Just go to the In-Game Walkthrough.

    User Info: Carbuncle009

    Carbuncle009 - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. FWIW, if I have no particular aim, I choose the power of the guardian (shield) and give up the power of the warrior (sword). That may not suit your aim, however.

    Choosing the power of the mystic (rod) offers a few very nice benefits. And choosing the power of the warrior is great if you want the most challenging playthrough possible. I recommend against giving up the power of the guardian, however, unless you seek a grueling struggle at the start.

    User Info: falconesque

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  3. Answer from the heart. The game very neatly conveys that your choices have consequences, and that's remarkable to find in a game. Make your choices, own the consequences.

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