I can't find any power gems?

  1. Please help, I need three power gems till I get the ultimate weapon, I just need to know what heartless to beat to get them.

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  1. They can be found by defeating basically every enemy on Captain Hooks Deck in Never-land. The enemies are Pirate, Battleship, and Air Pirate.There is a 4% chance from an Air Pirate,8-16% Chance from Battleship, and 4% from Pirate. to get there just go outside from your spawn point.

    Another way is by using the summon Bambi. all Bambi does is run around and drop items. the more items Sora kills while Bambi's summoned, the better items you'll get. there is a 30% Chance to get it from Bambi.

    Finally find a lone White Mushroom enemy. DO NOT PHYSICALLY ATTACK IT!! it will begin doing random *charades* that will tell you what kind of Magic Spell to use on it. if you get 3 correct, it will reward you with synthesis items. you have a 10-40% CHance from this enemy. they are found at *Traverse Town, Red Room[2]: Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder charades
    * Wonderland, Lotus Forest: Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder charades
    * Olympus Coliseum, Hades Cup[3]: Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder charades
    * Deep Jungle, Tree House & Camp: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Cure charades
    * Agrabah, Treasure Room: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder and Gravity charades
    * Halloween Town, Graveyard: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Aero charades
    * Atlantica, Undersea Cave & Sunken Ship: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Cure and Stop charades
    * End of the World, Linked Worlds: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Cure, Gravity, Stop, and Aero charades
    **Locations from kingdomheartswiki

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  1. If you (or the next player) have trouble finding ANY synthesis materials, WolfKnight's Item Synthesis FAQ is a good source of info.

    ElectroSpecter's walkthrough also includes a Synthesis Shop section, full of good recommendations for finding missing materials (search for: [snth]).

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  2. BTW, late in the game white mushrooms evacuate from Traverse Town's Red Room and never return. And the only time one'll drop a power gem is if it mimes for Stop magic (freezing in midstep) AND is most likely if you can satisfy it three times with Stop before its time runs out. One might drop if only the third time is Stop, but a very slim shot at that.

    And fungi of any sort drop nothing at the coliseum, so those are good for practice purposes only (and really only after defeating the timed variations, when you can pick a particular round to fight).

    In ElectroSpecter's guide, search for "[mshr]" for nicely formatted tables. The Mushroom Hunting FAQ is also a darned good source.

    Definitely easier to land in Neverland (Ship: Cabin) and exit kitty-corner to Deck.

    Whatever your try, remember to stack on the Lucky Strike abilities, one to each character if you can. Each one improves upon the posted droprates by leaps and bounds.

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  3. Ugh, sorry, one more. For Bambi, only in Halloween Town can he help you find power gems. (Bridge is probably a good location to try, if you're interested.)

    Again, Neverland is faster. And for quick cut-to-the-chase answers, I can't recommend ElectroSpecter's guide highly enough as a first stop.

    BTW, the KH "wikia" is one of the worst sources of info. Errors and omissions run rampant there, very unreliable.

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  4. Haha, your funny man, I like you (not in that weird way)

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