Where can I find (mystery goo)?

  1. Where can i find mystery goo?

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  1. White Mushrooms (most common): they perform gestures and you have to cast the correct spell upon them; cast three and they'll drop items--a mystery goo is usually one of them (see FAQs for more details).

    Black Fungi (second most common): they're dark in color, turn to stone (invincible), and spray poisonous gas; in other words, they're tough to beat and they don't give you a whole bunch of time to do so. Beat them and they'll leave behind items (Mystery goo is rare though).

    Rare Truffle (least common): blue with yellow caps; they are constantly leaping up into the air; the idea is to juggle them into the air as much as possible and depending on how many hits you get off, the better the items you will receive; land very little in the way of hits = get no items; it's very difficult to do for the most part, I usually don't even try to juggle them--ever. I've heard that this is the best way to get Mystery Goo, but it takes practice.

    Check the FAQs for more info. Hope that helps.

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  1. You can get Mystery Goos from rare mushrooms.Rare mushrooms are quite rare
    to be found.But the worst thing is you need to kill it.Yes,that means you have to hit
    it 50 times in mid-air to get one.If you good enough to hit it 100 times you'll get another one.
    It's not that hard eh?Anyway,Ultima Weapon is awesome!

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  2. Mushrooms are the only way to get them.

    I find white mushrooms are the best. They give out mystery goos quite rarely. But they are quite easy to find.

    They perform all sorts of emotes. Such as shivering and floating. You have to lock onto them and perform the spell you think corresponds with their emote.
    If they are shivering, you cast fire. If they are floating, you cast gravity. Simple.

    After casting 3 successful spells in a row. They will jump up and down and chuck MP Balls all around the place. Charging your MP back to what it was (maybe more) and giving you rare items. Such as a mystery goo or various synthesis items.

    Good luck looking for them. They are the ones with the red beret and the white body.

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  3. White mushroom, rare truffle, and black fungus

    Try this website


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  4. I find that the best way to get them is to use the Rare Mushrooms on the deck of Captain Hook's ship.

    Go onto the deck. If there aren't Rare Mushrooms (blue coats and yellow caps) on their, then go to the other door back inside, and make a loop, going back out to the deck (I would go from the hallway, to the deck, to the captain's quarters, to the hallway, to the deck, and so forth).

    When there are, first, lock on to one. The easiest ones are at the front and back of the ship, but you can use the middle ones too. Jump and then click circle in mid-air so that you're flying. You don't need to be high up, just so that you are technically flying. Now, when you have a chance, hit the Rare Mushroom. This is easiest when they jump up. Now, if you're locked on to him, all you need to do is to keep hitting him at the right time. You just have to time your button presses. It takes a little practice, but not much.

    There is one snag though. Sometimes, especially with the ones near the middle of the ship, you'll hit one of the sails or something once you get high enough, and the mushroom will fall. That's why the ones on the two ends are best. But, when you're hitting them, assuming you don't manually move, you'll go around in a circle about one meter wide (game distance). You can try to get so that you're not close enough to the sails to hit them. Or, you can try to manually move and push it out towards the sea a little bit. This is hard though, because you move very quickly when you're flying, and you're likely to go too far. But it is possible.

    Either way, the great thing about this method is that you can get multiple mystery goos from one mushroom, and if you go all the way to 100, you'll also get a total of 5050 experience. That's why I prefer them over White Mushrooms. And Whites also are too random. And they don't drop mystery goos every time either.

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  5. you need to kill any mushrooms. the easyest one is the rare mushroom. its only easy in peter pans world on the ship deck (not always there)! lock on to one, start floating, but dont hit it! wait till the right time when your flying, then hit it! DO NOT MOVE! just keep a pattern going untill they vanish, or you mess up. if you kill them, you can get 3 mystery goos, shiitaki rank, and another rank, i forgot the name of!

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  6. you can get them from white mushrooms but they give it out very rarely heres where you will find them

    White Mushrooms appear in the following locations: (Note: They appear randomly.)

    Traverse Town -----------> Red Room (in the Hotel)
    Wonderland -------------------------> Lotus Forest
    Coliseum ----------------------> Hades Cup, Seed 6 (You won't receive items here)
    Deep Jungle --------------------------------> Camp
    Deep Jungle ---------------------------> Treehouse
    Agrabah ---------------------------> Treasure Room
    Atlantica -------------------------> Undersea Cave
    Atlantica ---------------------------> Sunken Ship
    Halloween Town ------------------------> Graveyard
    End of the World ---------------------> Final Rest

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  7. All you have to do is find a white mushroom and then cast three spells in a row on it.
    Also you could find a rare mushroom which it obviously by the name rare to encounter and hit it 50 times.
    For the white mushroom it most of the time would float with a red ball glowing above it so i hit it 3 times with fire. You also can use fira and firaga on it.

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  8. You have to find White Mushroom and use magic three times. To know which magic to use here's some tips.
    - shaking, fire ( fira)
    - light bulb, lightening
    - floating, gravity
    - fanning, blizzard
    - falls down, cure
    - spinning, wind ( areo)
    - freezes, stop

    There are something you need to know. When I did the spell three times I got a gem that says a white mushroom
    made you a master of time, or something like that.

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  9. Rare Truffles - very hard to do(hit it 100 times in the air w/o touching the ground)
    Black fungus - rarely drop
    White mushroom - cast the same spell 3 times on it

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  10. From the strategy guide (mystery goo)
    juggle rare truffles black fungus(before rescue) white mushroom(before rescue)
    10 times-20% defeat w/ combo finishing move 18%-100% cast fire 3 times=20%
    50 times-40% defeat w/ combo finishing move 2%-100%
    100 times-100%

    I hope that helped.

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  11. If you're still confused, you should look up an FAQ on this.

    It should be in the Hints and Cheats section.

    It'll go into detail on what you have to through.

    If you press ctrl + F and put in what you're looking for you'll find it faster.

    Hope this helps. :D

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  12. Hero_Of_Time710 gets my vote, best answer.

    I, too, find that the simplest way to obtain Mystery Goo items is by placating a white mushroom by casting exactly the SAME magic on it three times -- Fire + Fire + Fire, for instance. The goo is a guaranteed drop in the original JP release if done this way, but still has a very good drop rate in the NA release. Even placating a white mushroom any old way has a chance of dropping a Mystery Goo.

    If you're good at finding and juggling Rare Truffles (for a max of three goo per truffle), however, that's the way to go.

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  13. Also, see LoZfan03's definitive board topic, "best way to get mystery goo, once and for all" (Feb 2010).

    P.S. If you're reading this, please vote a thumbs-up for any answers that actually answer this question. The questioner abandoned the issue over a year ago and you can help close it.

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