Where can I find rare mushroom?

  1. Where can I find rare mushroom?

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  1. I copied the following out of the Mushroom Hunting FAQ:

    White Mushrooms:
    1. Deep Jungle - Outside of Tent (*/Cure)

    2. End of the World - Room Before Last Rest Save Point

    3. Halloween Town - Graveyard (*/Aero) - This is the first section of the
    Graveyard just past the gates into it.

    4. Deep Jungle - Jungle Hideout - (*/Cure) This is the first area of this world
    where you get attacked by and saved from a tiger.

    5. Hades Cup - #7 Tier - (No Treasure Dropped)

    6. Traverse Town Hotel - Red Room - (*)

    7. Wonderland - Lotus Forest - (*)

    8. Atlantica - Undersea Cave - (*/Stop) - Area on the way to Triton's palace,
    markes with two tridents pointing into a small cave.

    9. Agrabah - Treasure Room - (*/Gravity) - Cave of Wonders area, with the
    mountains of gold.

    10. Atlantica - The Shipwreck, Below deck

    Rare Truffles:
    1. End of the World - Room Before Last Rest Save Point - Again, the save reload
    or respawn trick here. Easiest place to fight the Truffles outside of the
    Collieseum with the Uppercut trick.

    2. Neverland - Deck of Ship - This is the area you fight Captain Hook, tho of
    course you will not see Truffle`s here the first time you get there. The ship
    structure makes straight up truffle fighting really not easy, but there is
    always the
    option of flying for a real air combo as per the above trick. Spawn rates are
    seemingly good.

    3. Halloween Town - Area Right Before Boogie`s House - This is the area with
    the short bridge and the water passage which leads back to the fountain in
    Guillotine Sqaure. Spawn rates seem very small, but its possible to find Rare
    Truffles here. Geography can make fighting here easy or hard. Easy because you
    can trap Truffles in the corners of the sewer area where the spawn. Hard
    because the
    camera can go crazy in those areas. Note, if you hit a Truffle onto a slope,
    and it slides
    down and you hit it before it hits the water it DOES NOT count as the Truffle
    land and disappearing.

    4. Hercules Cup - #6 Tier - I highly recommend beating the time attack for this
    cup so you can freely select to battle Truffles here. Of course no dropped
    items, but practicing here is mad exp and is good for training for the Uppercut

    5. Hades Cup - #46 Tier - You can fight this one fairly easily without having
    to do time attacks to get the selectable battle option. But really, if you have
    the Hades Cup open, the Hercules time attack should be doable.

    6. Monstro - Throat - They appear here, in the area before the Monstro main

    Black Fungi:
    1. Halloween Town - Pumpkin Patch - This is the area with the twirly bridge
    thing that three little kids walk over. The spawn rate isn`t so hot here, but
    the Black Fungus does spawn here, and using the respawn trick for the levels
    (See my "General Hints, Tips, Comments.." section at the end of this FAQ), you
    can get enounters at decent enough pace.

    2. End of the World - Room Before Last Rest Save Point - Spawns all mushrooms
    so it drops the chances of getting only Black Fungi. Still fairly quick.

    3. Agrabah - Bazaar - This is the far right and back area accessible only via
    one route. Maybe you can find
    them there, I did. A little bit out of the way for the respawn trick but its
    your choice.

    4. Pegasus Cup - #5 Tier - Ah, the annoying battle which makes the speed battle
    for this cup rather annoying at times. Again no dropped items here tho, only

    5. Hallow Bastion - Dungeon (Is this the proper name for this area?)

    Good hunting!

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  1. which one?
    in certain worlds there are areas that they appear in but I don't know which one you're talking about

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  2. I often find them in Halloween Town.Can't remember the place,but all I remember is there's a bridge and a river.If they didn't appear,zone back 3 areas to reset.

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  3. Try this website


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  4. In the regular version theres only rare truffles, the only place I could find one was when I'm in Monstro.
    In the Jappenese verson theres this giant mushroom that has hearts around its head it can be
    found any where, I think, but I did see it at Atlantica and the same one in Travers Town.

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  5. You can only find them before Kairi's rescue

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