How do I beat ursula and eels.?

  1. i keep killing the eels and they keep coming back to life, and when i hit Ursula she takes no damage. plz help me somebody.

    User Info: greatgonzalez13

    greatgonzalez13 - 6 years ago

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  1. The basic answer has been given a couple times: fire magic at the cauldron (falconesque is correct that it doesn't matter which spell, so the easiest choice is usually fire, which is quickest ... and I think it was probably intended to require a color match, a la Phantom, but they coded it wrong or forgot about it or something). When the cauldron backfires, Ursula will cry out and then go limp; this means she's vulnerable to attack, so have at it until she revives, whereupon you'll have to do the process again. (It takes a few cycles.)

    While Ursula is conscious, you cannot hurt her, so staying away from her is a very good idea, and in fact is a major key to the battle. (This is easiest if you stay locked onto her she'll stay in view.) When she starts her spinning attack, the best defense is to stay as low as possible, basically hiding behind the cauldron.

    But what about those moray eels (whose names are Flotsam and Jetsam) should they be ignored? Well, yes and no. Yes, because they can't be destroyed (they'll always revive after a little while), and also because they aren't very dangerous to you. But no, not always they're there for a reason. Specifically, when you run out of magic, the eels are always there, vulnerable to physical attack and hitting with physical attacks recharges your magic! (Actually, they can't be physically damaged while they're unconscious, but this doesn't last long before they revive again and there will almost always be at least one conscious. When you're out of magic just target lock, cycle through the targets until you've found a conscious moray, and hit him for a while until you've got a couple of bars worth of magic... then go back to launching fire(a)(ga) into the cauldron. This works best if you equip the ability MP Haste, but that just speeds up the process; it always works.

    Those morays are the reason you don't need to equip spellbinder, or carry lots of ethers (though ethers can make it much easier, and spellbinder sort of helps ... though the tradeoff with spellbinder actually isn't clear, as you do less physical damage with it than with some other keyblades you'll have available ta that point, so the physical parts of the battle will be dragged out longer). This battle can be won straightforwardly with any equipment choices, provided you learn to stay out of Ursula's way when she's attacking, to hit the cauldron efficiently, and to jump right on her as soon as she's unconscious.

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  1. I assume you mean the first boss fight with Ursula? There are 2 but to beat her the first time lock on to her cauldron and attack it with magic. This causes the cauldron to backfire and inflict damage on her.

    User Info: Rheinschmidt

    Rheinschmidt - 6 years ago 2 1
  2. Target-lock the cauldron and cast magic at it until you hear Ursula cry out. (Matching your magic to the cauldron's emissions isn't necessary.) Then target Ursula and attack her. Your attacks will finally do damage, but only until she wakes up. Be sure to also tap triangle so your party members take part too. When she wakes up, take cover and target the cauldron again.

    User Info: falconesque

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  3. If that doesn't help, on the FAQs page each walkthrough offers a different variation. One should work for you, no waiting required.

    Searching questions isn't very effective since so few spell "Ursula" correctly. Thanks for being the exception. :j

    You can browser through all the Boss questions, though:

    P.S. Unlike board topics, questions remain open until you close them by clicking an "accept" link. So thanks for that, too.

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  4. Uh yeah thats what you should do though here is an extra piece of advice.. ignore the eels,as they always come back to life.And equip Ethers! Also equip Goofy's,"MP Gift" ability if you have it,as him giving up one MP for you to get THREE MP,will also save you from using up your ethers.And also equip ALL MP abilities on Sora.All MP Rages,etc.Hope that helped you even more.

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  5. Actually falconesque the colour underneath the cauldron tells you which spell will work a that time

    User Info: kingheartsfan

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  6. Yes, kingheartsfan, it does indeed look like a clue, doesn't it? But it's a red herring, or simply broken.

    The actual spell used makes no difference, so you can spam fire repeatedly if you like. Give it a try next time, eh? :j Lots of players spend a ton of time on it, which is why I mentioned it.

    User Info: falconesque

    falconesque (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 0
  7. First of all, equip all of the ethers that you possibly can along with the spellbinder keyblade (assuming that you have it),and when the battle begins, cast magic at the cauldron until it releases a flash of light that KOs the eels and stuns Ursula, then attack her as much as you can until she wakes up, rinse and repeat until it's over, and use ethers and attack the eels when you're low on magic.

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  8. Lock-on to the cauldron and cast fire until Ursula's cauldron backfires then attack her and repeat the process all over again.

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