How do I beat (riku) in hollow bastion the second time?

  1. I cant beat him. im using metal choboco.

    User Info: gater228

    gater228 - 8 years ago

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  1. ElectroSpecter provides a pretty good strategy in his FAQ. Here it is, in summary:

    - Use Aero(ra) at the beginning of the battle, and keep re-using it when it runs out.

    - Have the "Guard" ability equipped and use it to deflect Riku's attacks when you have an opening. This will stun him for several seconds and should give you just enough time to land a full combo. Sometimes, if you "Guard" right after landing this combo, you'll deflect another attack, allowing you to land another combo. This is a pattern that may or may not recur.

    - Running (or gliding) away is a good thing! If you need to heal, glide away from Riku and do so. If you see him start going berzerk, you're best served to glide away and avoid him until his flurry of attacks subsides.

    - You may also want to avoid the attack when he starts throwing his keyblade. You can, in theory, hit the keyblade back to him and cause some damage, but it's risky to try.

    - Have the "Ars Arcanum" ability equipped, and, if you can, try to pull one off on him. This will inflict significant damage if you land it. If you get him down to about half a health bar, one of these should either leave him with very little health left or finish him off.

    The quicker you finish him off, the less likely he'll be to stay "powered up" permanently, which is also a plus.

    User Info: BFarmer1980

    BFarmer1980 (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Equip guard most definitley and counter attack. with counter you can attack very quicky without lag. aerora will waste mp, better save it for cura. have olympia equipped for critical blows. you can win just like that. you can guard all his attacks (swipes and his dark raid) and hes pretty easy to read. just glide away from his dark aura attack. the move that has him zoom all over the place and finshes it with a stab that causes shockwaves.

    User Info: alton603

    alton603 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. ALTON is right because aero would waste your mp and just get how he uses his attacks and then attack him
    when his hp bar is green he's gonna stay blue and have a new attack to dodge it by gliding away from him.

    User Info: abdallah99

    abdallah99 - 8 years ago 0 0

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