Where is all the postcards at?

  1. I need all the locations of each postcard.

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  1. I.Postcards in Traverse Town
    You can get the first 5 on your first visit to
    Traverse Town:
    1. Hit the fan in the Item Shop

    2.On top of Cid's accessory shop, this is quite
    difficult to obtain.

    3.Next to boot's and shoes, quite obvious

    4.Use the Blue Trinity mark near the Item Shop

    5.Open the blue safe behind Cid's shop after you fight
    Squall (or Leon)

    6 and 7. Use Thunder on the exposed wires in the 3rd
    district. Go to the now active Gizmo shop and step on
    the 3 buttons to get 2 postcards. You must check the
    clock to get them.

    8.After you have killed Guard Armor, climb the ladder
    to the side of the Gizmo shop in the Second
    District, jump from roof to roof to the window
    entrance to the 3rd district, use target lock and
    find the postcard.

    9.Use the Green Trinity mark in Cid's shop, and it's
    on the wall in the Synthesis shop, where there are

    10.Small pot on the shelf in Gepetto's house

    [read the full faq at http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/516587/19474]
    thanks to JC Denton DX who wrote the faq

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