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    Secrets FAQ by JC DentonDX

    Version: 9.6 | Updated: 12/28/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Kingdom Hearts Unofficial Secrets Guide
    For latest version, check GameFAQs.com
    Version              -        9.6
    Created on           -        9-28-02
    By                   -        JC Denton DX
    Size                 -        110.5 KB
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                      .cz'     qQQZZZBZZQQQQQXZO[zV:   .~.       ``
                     .?v`     .X#QQZZQZQQQQQXSZO[o=`    `_
                    .zx`      _ZZZZZZZRZQQQXXXZO[x=(.   _/~
                   .x2`        /jv0OO[dAZZZZZZQZO[o((__(: _
                  _ZZ`            ?mgQggmQ[xxxZZZO[oz=:?_ :
                 (ZO:              (A2@MMPOZZZZZZOx[=:`_``
                (q#:                `I=>_/4ywZwZwwga;^`     .
               (23r            `    `(>:`  = /FMMMMM]
              _2`/;  ````` .         |`i~_`|  : (e>>~`_,            `
             (2` (`         `    ``   )j((.    ({:(`  .
           .(^   :          .         /.```  `[(~.  _.
        ..(>`                         .).`/  (:(`` .`
       .(`.``                        ..](./  ``}(`` _` `
      .``.....  ``                   ~_}` /    ``c``` %      ``
    ```..``.``...``..         ..   .` `._._..   ./.`  `
    ```...``.(.`...`.`     ._(...(^` __/>`_~_:`. `;`  ~    `.
     ``.`.((((((((_..``  ...((!:.(g{=~~(`. _;_ `  ;`  {
     `..(((((((((((_(_____```((_`7%:::_.._(?`.....:   /`   `      ``
     ```((~(((((((z=>(:(>zz=`_~__(>=~._``  /:`__.z_` ` ) ....         .
     `````((>>>:>==>:>:(>:(((>~([:~`...._.`..  (>~~`  .7_.           ,`..
     ` .`((((:(((::((:(>==>>:(((`_((_(``~__```>`(,     ``.```:.,
       ````(((((((((((>>::(((::(~(6>u=:((:(.```   J! _^` J:` .
       ``.`_(`((((((((((((((:((:`>=>(((:(((((__.```____(=~.``.: `
        `````````(`~`(((((::((:~((((((((:~_.((:((:(v>:(~``  `_``__    ` .
        ````.``````````((((((::>:((((((((>_(OVvvv0vv?:`` . ......`...._~`
              ````````````````````````((((((:(((~(_``` (~(((v>```(......`
                ```````````````` ``````(((((((((`.`````
      The Unofficial Kingdom Hearts Secrets FAQ, hosted on the websites:
                 GameFAQs.com, Neoseeker.com, and IGN.com !
          9.6 - 10-22-02
          Just an update on layout. Final version may be
          coming soon! Now the FAQ isn't a jumble of
          crap. Hope it's easier to navigate. Also, my 
          email is changed.
    //**Coming Soon**\\
    A final version of this FAQ. Please people, if you
    find ANYTHING wrong please email it to me. If you have
    any USEFUL information please tell me before it's too
    Table of Contents
        Section 1 - FAQ Information
    I.     Introduction
    II.    Legal Agreement
    III.   Contact Information
    IV.    About Me and This FAQ/Version History
        Section 2 - Secrets & Information
    I.      Postcards in Traverse Town
    II.     Sora/Donald/Goofy Weapons
    III.    Summon Spells
    IV.     Hidden and Optional Bosses
    V.      Secret Cavern in Traverse
    VI.     Expert Mode
    VII.    Gummi Ship Blueprints
    VIII.   Locating Synthesis Items
    IX.     99 Dalmations
    X.      Torn Pages of the 100 Acre Wood & Mini Games
    XI.     Trinity Locations
    XII.    Secret Abilities
    XIII.   Spell Upgrades
    XIV.    Black Fungus
    XV.     Special Items
    XVI.    Optional Ending
    XVII.   The Ansem Report's
    XVIII.  Easter Eggs/Fun Stuff
    XIX.    Leveling Up Tricks
        Section 3 - Other Stuff
    I.      Final Notes And Thanks
    II.     Version History
    III.    Cool Stuff
     /     Section 1 - FAQ Information      \
     \ ____________________________________ /
    I. Introduction
    This guide was made so people could have fun with
    Kingdom Hearts. Learning a new secret is always fun,
    isn't it? Lots of secrets, and more to come soon in
    later  versions. Expect more secrets in the  future.
    This game has plenty of secrets to keep you busy and
    enough optional bosses to make angry **coughcough
    SEPHIROTH coughcough**. I hope it helps you!
    II. Legal Agreement
    Kingdom Hearts is (c) copyright Square Arts Co. LTD, all
    rights reserved. Disney charactors and themes
    presented in this FAQ are (c)  copyrighted to Disney.
    Any other things mentioned in this FAQ are
    copyrighted to their respective owners. Also, just
    recently found out, Tarzan is (c) copyrighted  to it's
    respective founder, Edgar Rice Burroughs. This FAQ is
    copyright (c) 2002 Jack Bock, author.
    Any site with my permission
    For newest version, check GameFAQs.com
    III. Contact Information
    New Email : Kingdom_Hearts_FAQ@yahoo.com
    Alright, from the flood of Instant Messages from
    people saying "Hello" and  "How do I beat this world"
    my AIM name has been taken off. To those who actually
    used my AIM name correctly and  helped me, thanks a
    whole bunch. I've actually made some good friends out
    of this.
    =What to send=
    Easter Eggs and Fun Stuff
    Leveling Up Strategy's of your own
    Corrections(not Spelling and Grammar)
    Anything this FAQ might not...explain...well
    =What NOT to send=
    Sephiroth Stradegy's(my god theres an FAQ for him)
    Spelling Corrections and Grammar
    Something that isn't optional or secret.
    Some huge list of item's
    A really bad strategy for a boss
    Saying things like "You suck you rip-off"
    Frequently Asked Questions--READ BEFORE YOU ASK!
    Alright, for those who simply do not get this game, I
    am tired of you asking me the same thing  over and
    over and over and over and over and over and over and
    over again. Someone that has  volunteered to answer
    some questions you may have is highwind002. Instant
    message him for questions, he knows just about
    everything. I am taking my AIM off, so, sorry.
    Q- Have you  beat Kingdom Hearts?
    A- I have now beat it, yes!
    Q- How do I get the secret ending?
    A- Beat ALL worlds,get ALL 99 dalmations, and win the
       Hades Cup. You do NOT need the Ansem Reports, OR
       anything else!
    Q- Where are puppies 60-63?
    A- You must defeat Malificient, then when returning
       to Hollow Bastion go to the Chapel and  go up the
       stairs to the left, and they are in a chest at the
    Q- After you beat Monstro, can you ever go back?
    A- YES! Keep going back and forth from Agrabah to
       Atlantica and vise versa. It will rarely appear.
    Q- Why Don't You have Ultima Weapon?
    A- I do now!!!
    Q- Where do I find  pups 58-60?
    A- In the Queen's Castle, in the Bizzare room, use
       the glide ability on the yellow pot.
    Q- Is it  possible to lock Monstro?
    A- Nope, there is not a keyhole in Monstro. But, you
       do need to complete it to get the secret ending,
       because you get High Jump. High Jump is vital to
       get some of the puppies, which you must have to
       get the secret ending.
    Q- How do I attach a torn page?
    A- Just go to the book in Merlin's House, on the bed.
       Some people seem to think that when you go to the
       book, it should attach. Alot of people are mad
       because there's nothing to do here in the 100
       Acre Wood. Chances are, you haven't snuck up on
       Piglet. Go up behind him in the tree and talk to
       him. From here on out, Torn Page's turn into Items
       once you complete a 100 Acre Wood Mini-Game.
    Q- Can I go back to Neverland Clock Tower?
    A- Well, YEAH ...talk to Tinkerbell in the ships
    Q- Why did (blank) happen?
    A- Why are you asking me? I didn't make the game...
    Q- (not really a question,BUT...) You need this for
       the Secret Ending.
    A- No you do not.
    IV. About Me and This FAQ
    My user name on GameFAQs is  JC DentonDX, and thats
    all you need to know. I am 15, and I like RPG and  FPS
    games. Probably why I love Deus Ex so much. This FAQ
    was created on September 28, 2002, and is on
    (obviously) secrets in Square's game Kingdom Hearts.
    This is version 9.6,and more are to come later in the
    future when updates are needed.
     /     Section 2 - Secrets & Info       \
     \ ____________________________________ /
    I.Postcards in Traverse Town
    You can get the first 5 on your first visit to
    Traverse Town:
    1. Hit the fan in the Item Shop
    2.On top of Cid's accessory shop, this is quite
    difficult to obtain.
    3.Next to boot's and  shoes, quite obvious
    4.Use the Blue Trinity mark near the Item Shop
    5.Open the blue safe behind Cid's shop after you fight
    Squall (or Leon)
    6 and 7. Use Thunder on the exposed wires in the 3rd
    district. Go to the now active Gizmo shop and step on
    the 3 buttons to get 2 postcards. You must check the
    clock to get them.
    8.After you have  killed Guard Armor, climb the ladder
    to the side of the  Gizmo shop in the  Second
    District, jump from roof to roof to the window
    entrance to the 3rd district, use target lock and
    find the  postcard.
    9.Use the Green Trinity mark in Cid's shop, and it's
    on the wall in the Synthesis shop, where there are
    10.Small pot on the shelf in Gepetto's house
    II. Sora/Donald/ Goofy Weapons
    Jungle Key, Three Wishes, Crabclaw,Pumpkin Head and
    Fairy Harp are already gotten once you lock Deep
    Jungle,Agrabah, Atlantica, Halloween Town and
    Spellbinder- Get all the first level spells, and  talk
    to Merlin in Traverse Town.
    Wishing Star   - When you can go to Gepetto's house,
    you will get it.
    Metal Chocobo  - Defeat Cloud in Hercules cup
    Olympia        - Win the Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules
    Lionheart      - Defeat Squall and Cloud in the Hades
    Lady Luck      - Use the White Trinity in Wonderland
    Divine Rose    - Talk to Belle in the Hollow Bastion
    Oathkeeper     - Talk to Kairi in the secret waterway
                     of Traverse town later in the game.
    Oblivion-Open the chest in Hollow Bastion Grand Hall
    Ultima Weapon  - Synthesis all 24 items in the
                      synthesis shop.
    |Goofy's Sheild's|:
    Knight's Sheild- Default
    Stout Sheild  - For Sale at Item Shop in Traverse
    Smasher       - For Sale at the Item shop in Traverse
    Mythril       -For Sale at the Item shop in Traverse
    Gigas Fist    -For Sale at the Item shop in Traverse
    Golem Shield  -For Sale at the Item shop in Traverse
    Onyx Shield   -For Sale at the Item shop in Traverse
    Adamant Shield-For Sale at the Item shop in Traverse
    Herc's Shield- Beat the Hercules Cup
    Genji Shield - Beat Yuffie in the Hades Cup
    Defender     - Rare item dropped by Defenders in
                   Hollow Bastion
    Save the King- Beat the Hades Cup time attack
    Dream Shield - When you beat a white mushroom with 3
                   fire spells, you get the fire arts,
                   and with 3 thunder spells, you get the
                   Thunder arts, and so on. If you get
                   all arts for all the spells and bring
                   them to Merlin, he gives you this.
                   White Mushrooms can be found in the
                   Deep Jungle later in the game. From
                   the  camp, to where you fight Clayton,
                   and run back to the camp, they appear
    |Donald's Staff's|:
    Mage's Staff - Default
    Morning Star -For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Warhammer    -For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Shooting Star-For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Magus Staff  -For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Silver Mallet-For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Grand Mallet -For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Wisdom Staff -For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Lord Fortune -Get every summon and visit the Fairy
                  God Mother where Merlin is.
    Violetta     -White Trinity in Olympus  Stadium
    Wizard Relic -Rare Item dropped  by Wizards in Hollow
    Dream Rod    -Aquire every spell and visit Merlin
    Save the Queen-Beat the Hades cup with only Sora
    III.Summon Gem's
    Earthshine  - Simba: Obtained from Leon in the Secret
                       Waterway in Traverse Town
    Watergem    - Dumbo: In Monstro's Mouth
    Naturespark - Bambi: Hundread Acre Wood, a torn
                  page turns into this when you visit
                  the HAW once you have it.
    Fireglow    - Mushu: Defeat Dragon at Hollow Bastion
    Genie joins you after you complete Agrabah, and
    Tinkerbell joins you when you complete Neverland
    IV. Optional and  Secret Bosses
    **NOTE** No more stradegy's for Sephiroth will be
    accepted. For god sakes, theres an FAQ for the boss.
    Just use that!
    Sephiroth   - The Platinum Match at the Coliseum
                  after locking Hollow Bastion
    //****Ultimate Sephiroth Stradegy!****\\
    Submitted By: TELL ME WHO YOU ARE.
    Alright...my strategy might seem...hm...really
    different and hard.
    1. Aero/Aerora/Aeroga
    2. Items like Elixir
    I didn't know how to get Curaga at the time...so I
    just used Cura whenever I needed to.
    1. 2 MP Rages, MP Haste, Second Chance, Guard, Dodge
    Roll, and Superglide. Strat for 1st form: Now I've
    seen people write that they used Aero/Aerora/Aeroga at
    the start. Well you don't need it. Sephiroth's sword
    is oh...bout as big as he is. So...run as far as how
    tall Seph is to him then just jump high enough (NOT
    TOO HIGH!). If you run just close enough to him, he'll
    do his horizontal slash. After jumping over his
    horizontal slash, hit the X button when you're close
    enough to him. Follow the hit with three more X
    presses. He'll vanish after the fourth hit. Ok..I did
    a little bit of experimenting...and he will appear 2
    seconds after he vanishes. So..count 2 full
    LOCK ON AT THE RIGHT AFTER. So it's..hit square then
    R1 right after hitting square. If timed right..you'll
    block Seph's dashing slash and face him. THIS HAS
    2 SECONDS. After blocking his slash, repeat the
    HITTING process and then do the BLOCKING process over
    and over again. If you're ever hit..keep a distance
    from Seph, then CURE right away when you're health bar
    is almost or drained at the half way point.
    Summary of Strat 1: Run up to Seph as far as how tall
    he is then quickly jump over his horizontal slash
    (REMEMBER NOT TO HIGH) and then hit him once, land
    back down, then follow it with 3 more hits. Count two
    seconds then hit square and R1 right after that to
    block his dashing slash at the right time. Repeat
    these two processes over and over again til you get a
    little bit past his Orange life bar. At a distance,
    use CURE whenever you're health bar is almost or
    drained at the half way point of your health bar. *USE
    2.Strat for 2nd form: Now Seph will start to run like
    hell at this point. HE ALSO HAS THE MOVE SIN FERNAL.
    HIM THEN SLASH HIM FOUR TIMES. Keep your distance from
    him until he vanishes. NOW WHEN HE VANISHES HE'LL
    toward him. By doing this, you will roll underneath
    him and his dashing slash AND NOT GET HIT. YOU SHOULD
    Summary of Strat 2: WHENEVER SEPH USES SIN FERNAL,
    distance from Seph. When he vanishes and reappears
    behind you, quickly dodge roll toward him to evade his
    slash and him. You should be close enough, so hit him
    4 times. Block right away when he starts his Omnislash
    type move, count three of the slashes he does After 4
    blocks, run away from him and DODGE ROLL to the side
    when you see the energy wave coming at you. Repeat
    these three processes over and over again. USE CURE
    3.Strat for 3rd and Final form: Now Seph is pissed and
    use his mighty power on you. He now has a tornado type
    slash and his ordinary dashing slash. He also has his
    Omnislash type move and Sin Fernal. HE ALSO HAS A
    SLASH. Quickly run up to him and slash him four times.
    Use the same strategy used for his second form. For
    his METEOR MOVE, let the comets hit you to restore
    See? My strategy is different, confusing, and hard.
    Hey..works for me. TOOK ME AN HOUR OR SO TO COOK UP MY
    OWN STRATEGY TO BEAT SEPHY. But I didn't need to use
    any Aero and its forms...or any elixirs. I had to rely
    on Cura the entire time. Later on when I beat him
    after and had Curaga..it helped better. Thanks for
    your time.
    Ice Titan  - The Gold match after the Hades  Cup
    //**Stradegy for Ice Titan**\\
    Submitted By: Heyer Valice
    He launches a bunch of ice crystals at you during the
    fight. You have to have Sora bat them back at him.
    It's best to roll around while he does any other
    attack, and just keep hitting him with his own ice
    shards. Eventually, he falls to his knees for a time,
    where you can actually start hitting him with things
    like Ragnarok. Also, you cant use Aero.
    Phantom     - Go to the  clock tower in Neverland
                  after locking Hollow Bastion
    //**Boss Stradegy for Phantom!**\\
    Submitted by: Teardrop Samurai
    Use magic corrosponding to the color. For example, if
    you see a yellow ball, use Thunder. A red one, use
    Fire. Also, when Doom is counting down, target the
    Doom Clock and cast stop on it.
    Kurt Ziza   - Talk to the carpet in Alladin's House
                  after  unlocking Hollow Bastion.
    //**Boss Stradegy for Kurt Ziza**\\
    Submitted By: honorable dragon
    after talking to the carpet in aladins house and
    combat esures with kurt zisa, immediately cast aero,
    kurt places a spell on your party preventing ANY spell
    casting, in his first stage of attack is simple
    jumping around and using a slashing attack, when hes
    not doing these, attack the orbs in his hands, when
    both are destroyed, he sinks down and allows you to
    hit his bobbing head, after sustaining good damage,
    kurt gets up and moves in to his second mode, a big
    barrier that envelopes him, this time only magic with
    hurt him, so take his barrier down with magic and he
    will sink again. do a little more damage on him and he
    will get up and repeat his first set of attacks, only
    this time he is faster and doesnt allow a lot of time
    to attack his orbs like last time, and along with his
    previous attacks, now he will go airbourne and attack
    from there as well in the form of a vertical or
    horizontal spinning attacks that dash at you, the best
    way to dodge them is to dodge roll, for the vertical
    spinning, roll to the left or the right, for the
    horizontal, roll towards him right when hes baout to
    hit you, repeat this strategy till the big agrabah
    weapon is down for the count.
    V. Secret Cavern  in Traverse Town
    To get the secret Cavern in Traverse, you need to have
    a red trinity. Go to the Red Trinity in the Alleyway,
    and you will crash through the bars. This place leads
    to where you can talk to Leon(or Squall) and Aeris.
    Later, much later, in the game, you will need to go
    here to aquire a certain item which I do not want to
    spoil. Later in the game,(spoiler) it is a critical
    place where you meet Kairi, so it is a secret until
    that point, really.
    VI.Expert Mode
    At the beggining of the game, you can choose Expert
    mode as the  diffuculty setting. If you pick the sword
    at the begining of the game, it is considered "Ultra
    Hard". When you beat expert mode on any setting
    (sword/sheild/rod) you can see your overall statistics
    and some art. Pretty cool.
    VII. Gummi Ship Blueprints
    I, personally, hate the Gummi Ship, but heres some
    cool blueprints. Gepetto is the man inside Monstro the
    whale, and you cannot  talk to him until later.
    Kingdom  - Default
    Hyperion - Defeat 5000 heartless, learn all summons
                 and  talk to Gepetto
    Gepetto  - Complete the Monstro world and  talk to
    Cid      - Defeat 500  heartless and talk to Gepetto
    Leon     - Defeat 4000 heartless and talk to Gepetto
    Yuffie   - Defeat 1500 heartless and talk to Gepetto
    Aerith   - Defeat 3000 heartless and talk to Gepetto
    Cactuar  - Defeat 1000 heartless and talk to Gepetto
    Chocobo  - Enter and leave Gepetto's house 30 times,
    and go in and  talk to Pinnochio to get it.  If you
    don't get it, leave and  talk to him again, and do it
    until you  have it.
    For these blueprints, you get them for defeating the
    corrusponding blueprint for the enemy you kill. For
    exaple, when you fly the Gummi ship, if you shoot out
    a 'CINDY' , you will have the Cindy Blueprint. Not
    everything has one of these blueprints thought.
    Cindy              Bomb                Ifirit
    Shiva              Remora              Odin
    Lamia              Ahriman             Otomos
    Sandy              Imp                 Golem
    Sylph              Siren               Diablos
    Carbuncle          Stingray            Deathguis
    Mindy              Catoblepas          Typoon
    Goblin             Adamant             Alexander
    Leviathan          Ramuh               OMEGA
    Also, when you have gotten all of the 99 puppies, go
    to the Dalmation house and you get a huge collection
    of Gummi Ship Blue Prints.
    //**Buy and Sell Gummi Ship Parts**\\
    Submitted By: ZidaneTribal
    Cid will Buy and Sell Gummi parts once you :
    Beat Cerberus
    Lock Wonderland
    Lock Deep Jungle
    Lock Traverse Town
    VIII. Locating Synthesis Items
    Here are the Item's and the monsters that drop them.
    To identify monsters, use the Journal.
    Bright Shard   - Green requiem
    Blaze Shard    - Red Nocturne
    Frost Shard    - Blue Rhapsody
    Thuder Shard   - Yellow Opera
    Mythril Shard  - Barrel Spider, Behemoth, pot spider,
    Power Shard    - Bouncywild, powerwild
    Spirit Shard   - Large Body, soldier,
    Lucid Shard    - Shadow
    Blaze Gem      - Bandit, fat bandit
    Frost Gem      - Sea Neon, Sheltering Zone
    Thunder Gem    - Aquatank, Screwdiver
    Spirit Gem     - Air Soldier
    Mythril        - Angel Star, Behemoth
    Bright Gem     - Search Ghost
    Power Gem      - Air pirate, battle ship, pirate
    Lucid Gem      - Gargoyle, Wight Knight
    Bright Crystal - Defender
    Lucid Crystal  - Darkball
    Mystery Goo    - Rare Truffle
    Power Crystal  - Wyvern
    Shiny Crystal  - Wizard,
    Orichalcum     - Behemoth, Invisible
    Bright Crystal - Defender
    Gale           - Angel Star, Invisible
    //**Rare Truffles**\\
    Submitted By: flipside
    I recently discovered a very effecient way to level up
    and get items at the same time involving rare
    truffles. I'd write my own faq but I really don't want
    to deal with it so I'll let you do the honors if you
    consider it worth mentioning. If you need mystery goo,
    power gems, elixers, megalixers, and experience, you
    want to fight rare truffles (those blue shrooms that
    jump around a lot). A word on fighting rare truffles,
    the best place to combo them is in Neverland on the
    deck of the ship. The reasons for this is simple, Sora
    can fly, and the rare truffles appear fairly often, I
    went there originally looking for power gems but
    somehow ended up getting more mystery goo than power
    gems. I like it better than the end of the world
    because they appear often and require less skill to
    juggle. I think they appear more often after Hollow
    Bastion but you can start right after Neverland. My
    usual path to get them to respawn was to go back and
    forth from the cabin save point to the deck of the
    ship. Simply go onto the deck, start flying, pick your
    target, and start hitting. The best part is that all
    you have to worry about is pressing X, because Sora
    will stay right under the truffle. The key to success
    is to time the hits so you get into a rhythem at which
    point you just start going up while juggling the
    truffle. Now unfortunately it is hard to control which
    way the truffles go so they will often land on the
    rigging, in a crows nest, or your keyblade will simply
    hit something else and fail to connect. This isn't
    that big of a problem though because there are 4
    truffles each time. Once you manage to make it above
    the rigging which will be after 20-30 hits depending
    on where you start, it's smooth sailing and all you
    have to do is pay attention to how high you hit the
    truffle. I usually elected to do one hit at a time as
    I felt most comfortable with this technique, but you
    can also time a 2 hit combo that is a bit faster. A
    good tactic is switching techniques to change the
    truffles direction if your near an obstacle. The two
    easiest truffles to juggle are at the front and rear
    of the ship since you are least likely to run into the
    rigging. Once you get good at it, you can usually
    juggle 2/4 of them all the way up to 100. As a final
    note, as to why truffle juggling is so great, you get
    MASSIVE experience points the longer you juggle. For
    those of you who like math, here's a nice formula to
    remember, the total experience gained from juggling a
    truffle can be calculated with n(n+1)/2 where n is the
    number of hits. If you make it all the way up to 100
    hits, guess what, that's 5050 exp! This beats fighting
    the rock and ice titan's any day becasue you'll also
    get 2 elixers, 1 mega-elixer, and 2 mystery goos (and
    come on, who doesn't like mystery goo). Let me know if
    you wanna use this within a couple days, otherwise I'm
    gonna submit it to someone else. btw, you don't have
    to use what i wrote.
    //**White Mushrooms**\\
    Submitted by: erickei
    Clearing the tent area, then the Bamboo Thicket, then
    the Cliff will ALWAYS result in all 3 areas respawning
    (keep doing them in that order). Particularly after
    Locking Hollow Bastion, this is an excellent place to
    power up and get rare items, even if the white shrooms
    don't show up. You fight Powerwilds (power gems),
    Wizards, Darkballs, Wyverns, and the little green
    wizards...and unlike HB, no Defenders! ^_^ So you can
    easily rack up the Bright, Lucid, and Shiny
    Crystals...and the occasional staff for Donald from
    the Wizards...
    //**Rare Truffles**\\
    Submitted by: Nick
    Easiest way to get shrooms-
    1. Got to Halloween town
    2. Go to graveyard
    3. Destroy every monster there-make sure no monster is
    4. Go to the cat statue thingie-examine it
    5. Kill all enemies here (note-can be black mushrooms
    6. Make sure no monster is left
    7. Take same route back to the graveyard
    8. You should find mushrooms there
    9. When done with mushrooms, save, and repeat to your
    hearts content
    You can find these Item's,and their location is here.
    Under construction.
    IX. 99 Dalmation Puppies
    Upon getting these puppies, check in frequently to the
    Dalmation House to receive Item's From them. Alot of
    people like to say these are wrong and correct them,
    but I assure you that they all are correct.
    Traverse Town:
    1,2, and 3   - The hard to reach Island across from
                   Merlin's House, get there after you
                   have obtained Glide in Neverland
    4,5, and 6   - Behind the Red Trinity in the 1st
                   District Alley. You must have the Red
                   Trinity to get them
    7,8, and 9   - In the Item Synthesis Shop, after
                   getting the Green Trinity they are
    10,11, and 12- Hidden in the Secret Waterway, use Red
                   Trinity when you have it.
    13,14, and 15- On a high platform in the Queen's
                   Castle, reachable via a hidden
                   Exit in the Lotus Forrest.
    16,17, and 18- On one of the High plarforms in the
                   Lotus Forrest
    19,20, and 21- In the Tea Party Garden. Sora needs
                   the  High Jump ability, obtained after
                   completing the 'Monstro' level.
    Olympus Coliseum:
    22,23, and 24- In the blue Trinity beside the main
    Deep Jungle:
    25,26, and 27- On the far end of the Hippo Lagoon
    28,29, and 30- In the  Vines 2 area, reachable by
                   climbing the Ivy in the Hippos Lagoon
                   and swinging over to the far platform
    31,32, and 33- Blue Trinity in the Climbing Trees
    34,35, and 36- Blue Trinity in the Camp area
    37,38, and 39- Chest in Aladdin's house
    46,47, and 48- On a high point in the Palace Gates
                   area, reachable with the High Jump
    49,50, and 51- Near the enterance of Cave of Wonders
    52,53, and 54- Aladdin must be in party, bounce up
                   atop a treasure mound in the Cave of
    Halloween Town:
    40,41, and 42- Bridge area, near the enterance of
                   Oogie's Manor
    64,65, and 66- After you defeat Oogie Booige, and his
                   mansion, go to Moonlight Hill.Go in a
                   newly accessible door, and theres a
                   chest. Open it.
    67,68, and 69- Pull the bellrope at Jack's front door
                   and look below the front stairs
    70,71, and 72- Guillotine Square, use Glide atop grey
    55,56, and 57- In Chamber 3
    73,74, and 75- When water level drops, on a stack of
    76,77, and 78- Chamber 3, check all enterances
    79,80, and 81- In Chamber 5
    43,44, and 45- In a corner of the clock tower
    82,83, and 84- When flying, on a beam in the ships
    85,86, and 87- Yellow Trinity in the ships hold
    88,89, and 90- Chest in the Captains Cabin, after
                   Shadow battle
    Hollow Bastion:
    61,62, and 63- Grand Hall on second visit
    91,92, and 93- Bottom of the Rising Falls
    94,95, and 96- Cast Gravity on the floating chest at
                   the castle gates
    97,98, and 99- Cast Gravity on the chest in High
    Check back to the Dalmation House when you have some.
    12 Puppies : Curaga-G gummi block
    21 Puppies : Firaga-G gummi block
    30 Puppies : Thundara-G gummi block
    42 Puppies : Mythril Shard(..eh?)
    51 Puppies : Torn Page and Mythil(now we're talkin)
    60 Puppies : Megalixir
    72 Puppies : Orichalum
    81 Puppies : Ultima-G gummi block
    90 Puppies : Ribbon
    99 Puppies : Every gummi and an improved Aero spell
    X.Torn Page's of the 100 Acre Wood & Mini Games
    This Section will be updatedin the future, with a
    small guide to the 100 Acre Wood Mini-Games.
    Traverse Town   : Rescue 51 Dalmations(listed above)
    Agrabah         : Dark Chamber in the Cave of Wonders
    Monstro         : Chamber 6
    Halloween Town  : The  bookcase in the Doctor's Lab
    Atlantica       : Ariel's Grotto
    |Pooh's House|
    Pooh will leave and then go back to the Hunny Tree.
    Then, go talk to Owl. He will tell you about the Torn
    Pages. From now on, you will need a Torn Page(all
    listed above) to move into newer area's of the 100
    Acre Wood.
    |Pooh's Hunny Tree|
    Piglet will be beside the bush. When he see's you, he
    will run away. Go around to the other side of the tree
    and sneak up on him, and talk to him. Pooh comes. To
    complete this, just smack the bee's and make sure they
    don't pop Pooh's Balloon.
    |Rabbit's House|
    Follow Pooh in. Pooh gets stuck. Leave and go around
    and talk to Pooh. Rabbit tells you to make Pooh some
    carrot juice, but Tigger has came and  bounced all
    over the garden. Just try to get to where you think
    Tigger is going to land before he lands there.
    |The Swing|
    Jump into the stream to get Eeyore. Help Eeyore find
    his tail. Lock onto Pooh, and make him follow you onto
    of the hill and onto the slide. This may take a few
    times, but when you get it, you will know because he
    will land on Eeyore's house.
    |Tigger's Bouncing Spot|
    Tigger will teach you how the real Tigga'z play. Just
    follow what path he goes on. After you get this,
    Tigger will make you play hit pot game. Just lock onto
    the nuts he throws. After this you can leave and you
    are done here, or talk to Tigger and Roo to get sone
    rare nuts for Owl. Why can't he get the nuts, he can
    |Muddy  Path|
    Find Pooh's Friends:
    Eeyore - He's in the center of the mud hole.
    Roo    - Bouncing on a tree in the muddy part.
    Rabbit - Bring Pooh to the holes in the wall, and
             Rabbit will come out of these holes
             randomly, so then talk to him.
    Tigger - Lead Pooh to the Flowers and he will go up.
             Jump on the stump with wind coming out, and
             then lock onto the spider web in the log. Go
             across to talk to Tigger.
    Owl    - Lead Pooh across the log, and make him get
             on the flower. Owl will land next to the
    Piglet - In the tree hole up where Owl. When you talk
             to him with Pooh, he will go down to another
             hole. Jump down and talk to him
    100 Acre Wood Status : Complete
    XI. Trinity Locations
    Traverse Town
    Blue:In Traverse Town, there is another Blue Trinity
    in the 3rd District on the other side of that golden
    statue/fountain looking thing. There are ramps on
    either side of the wall the statue/fountain is on.
    Head up either one and the blue trinity is at the top
    of the ramps. Drops Munny and a Camping Set, if I
    remember right.
    Blue: First District, by the cafe; First District, by
    the world exit.
    Red: First District, alleyway; Second District, by the
    grate to the Secret Waterway; Second District, atop
    the Gizmo Shop.
    Green: Cid's Accessory Shop.
    Yellow: Behind Merlin's House.
    White: In the Secret Waterway, by Leon.
    Blue: Lotus Forest, in the grove near the entrance;
    Lotus Forest, farther toward the back.
    Green: Rabbit Hole, near the save point; Bizarre Room,
    in the empty fireplace.
    White: Lotus Forest, on the other side of the picture
    in the Bizarre Room.
    Olympus Coliseum
    Blue: By the gates, on the left side; By the gates, on
    the right side.
    Green: In front of the Coliseum gates.
    Yellow: In the lobby, by the stone block.
    White: In front of the Coliseum gates.
    Deep Jungle
    Blue: In Jane's Camp; On a high platform in Climbing
    Green: In a hidden spot in the Treehouse -- hunt
    around carefully.
    White: In the Waterfall Cavern, in front of the
    Blue: Bazaar, atop a platform; Cave of Wonders, in
    the Silent Chamber.
    Red: Cave of Wonders, in the Treasure Room.
    Green: Storage Room, off the Plaza.
    Yellow: Cave of Wonders, in the Hall.
    White: Cave of Wonders, in the main entrance.
    Blue: Mouth, atop a platform; Throat, on one of the
    spiral platforms; Chamber 5.
    Green: Mouth, on the roof of Geppetto's shelter.
    White: Chamber 6.
    Red: In the entrance to Oogie's Manor, only available
    before defeating Oogie.
    White: Moonlight Hill.
    White: Triton's Palace, in the center beneath the
    purple shell.
    Green: Ship's Cabin, at the entrance to Hook's cabin.
    Yellow: Ship's Hold, on a platform halfway up to the
    White: Up on the deck of the ship.
    Hollow Bastion
    Blue: Great Crest, after the large platform battle;
    hidden in the Dungeon.
    Green: On the second floor of the Library.
    Red: Entrance Hall, second level, in front of the
    White: Halfway to the top of the Rising Falls.
    XII. Secret Abilities
    This info was submitted by Honorable Dragon!
    Basically, what this chart means is if you picked 1 of
    the 3(sword, staff, or sheild), then these are the
    levels you receive abilities and what the abilities
    Lv.      Sword         |       Staff       |    Shield           |
    9  |Combo Plus (1)     |Scan               |Guard               |
    12 |Vortex             |Treasure Magnet [1]|Scan                |
    15 |Scan               |MP Haste           |Lucky Strike        |
    18 |Blitz              |Counterattack      |Second Chance       |
    21 |Berserk            |Critical Plus [1]  |Counterattack       |
    24 |Counterattack      |Guard              |Jackpot             |
    27 |Air Combo Plus [1] |Aerial Sweep       |Treasure Magnet [1] |
    30 |Aerial Sweep       |Treasure Magnet [2]|N/A                 |
    33 |Treasure Magnet [1]|MP Range [1]       |Blitz               |
    36 |Guard              |Berserk            |MP Range [1]        |
    39 |N/A                |Lucky Strike       |Treasure Magnet [2] |
    42 |N/A                |N/A                |Combo Plus [1]      |
    45 |MP Haste           |N/A                |Vortex              |
    48 |Critical Plus [1]  |Second Chance      |Berserk             |
    51 |Second Chance      |MP Rage [2]        |Critical Plus [1]   |
    54 |N/A                |Jackpot            |N/A                 |
    57 |MP Rage [1]        |Vortex             |Air Combo Plus [1]  |
    60 |Treasure Magnet [2]|Air Combo Plus [1] |Aerial Sweep        |
    63 |Jackpot            |Blitz              |MP Haste            |
    66 |MP Rage [2]        |Combo Plus [1]     |MP Rage [2]         |
    69 |Lucky Strike       |Critical Plus [2]  |Critical Plus [2]   |
    72 |Combo Plus [2]     |N/A                |N/A                 |
    |Sora's Abilities|
    Dodge Roll:
    After defeating the guard armor in traverse town.
    fulfill the requirements for defeating each of the mini games in
    hundred acre wood.
    Sonic Blade:
    After defeating cerberus in the coliseum.
    Ars Arcanum:
    After defeating captain hook in neverland.
    Stirke Raid:
    Win the pegasus cup in the coliseum
    Defeat Riku at hollow bastion the second time.
    Trinity Limit:
    complete the hades cup, after defeating rock titan.
    10: Berserk
    15: MP Haste
    20: MP Rage(1)
    25: Second Chance
    30: Treasure Magnet(1)
    35: Second Wind
    40: MP Rage(2)
    45: Treasure Magnet(2)
    50: Jackpot
    55: Lucky Strike
    Donalds cheer ability is received after you defeat malificent.
    9: Rocket
    12: Jackpot
    15: Charge
    18: Treasure Magnet(1)
    21: Tornado
    27: Lucky Strike
    30: MP Gift
    33: Second Wind
    36: Second Chance
    39: MP Rage(1)
    42: Treasure Magnet(2)
    45: MP Rage(2)
    51: MP Haste
    54: Berserk
    Goofys Cheer ability is receieved after you defeat the parasite
    cage the first time.
    At the beggining of the game, when you keep certain things, and
    sacrifice others, and your stats affected.
    Keep      Sacrifice      HP      MP      AP      STR      DEF
    Sword     Shield         18      2       3       6        1
    Sword     Staff          18      2       1       6        2
    Shield    Staff          18      2       1       5        4
    Shield    Sword          18      2       3       4        4
    Staff     Shield         18      3       3       5        1
    Staff     Sword          18      3       3       3        3
    To make this simply, when Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie ask you the
    questions, it determines how fast you level up. Theres a mulitude
    of availiable answers but to keep it simple heres what you say for
    what.Answer all the questions with the first answer and you will
    level up fast.Answer all the questions with the second answer and
    you will have a normal level up pace.Answer all the questions with
    the third answer and you will level up at a slower pace.
    XIII.Spell Upgrades
    It does not matter what order you get these.
    Fire          - After Donal and Goofy join you
    Fire          - After beating Genie Jafar in Agrabah
    Fire          - Princesses in Hollow Bastion
    Blizzard      - After beating Jafar in Agrabah
    Blizzard      - From Cheshire Cat in WonderLand
    Blizzard      - When you Defeat Behemoth
    Thunder       - Beat barrel-smashing  in Olympus
    Thunder       - When you beat the Hades Cup, 30th Seed
    Thunder       - Defeat Ursula
    Cure          - After Beating Clayton and Stealth
                    Sneak in Deep Jungle
    Cure          - After you have sealed Hollow Bastion,
                    talk to Aerith in the library
    Cure          - Yellow Trinity in Neverland, in a
    Stop          - After beating Phantom in Clock Tower
    Stop          - After beating Parasite Cage in
    Stop          - When you complete the Eyore's Tail
                    in 100 Acre Wood. Get a score of 20-
    Gravity       - Winning the Phil Cup in Olympus
    Gravity       - After  Oogie's Manor in H. Town
    Gravity       - Beating Hades in Olympus Coliseum
    Aero          - Yellow Trinity  in NV's Ship Holds
    Aero          - After beating Opposite Armor in T.T.
    Aero          - Getting 99 Dalmatians
    XIV. Rare Monsters
    Black Fungus-
    Agrabah           : Bazaar
    Halloween Town    : Moonlight Hill
    Olympus Coliseum  : Pegasus Cup, 4th Seed
    Olympus Coliseum  : Hades Cup, 36th Seed
    Hollow Bastion    : Cell
    End of the World  : Linked World
    -Rare Truffle rarely appears in Monstro and Neverland
    -Screwdiver rarely appears in Atlantica
    -Aquatank occasionally appears in Atlantica
    -Gargoyle and Weight Knight appear in Halloween Town
    -Pirate frequently appears in Neverland
    -Air Pirate occasionally appears in Neverland
    -Battleship rarely appears in Neverland
    -Invisible and Angel Star appear in End of the World
    XV. Mystery Goo
    Mystery Goo can be hard to find. Here are some ways to
    find them easier.
    Mystery Goo
    If you would like to submit how to get these in other
    ways, please email meh.
    XVI. Optional Ending
    To get another Ending , rather than the default one,
    get all 99 Dalmations, beat the Hades Cup, and lock
    every single world. You do not need the 10 Ansem
    Reports, even thought it's cool to have them.
    **Note**Completing the game on expert mode does NOT
    give you the other ending like some people have said.
    XVII. The Ansem Reports
    As was rumored, you do NOT need these to get the
    secret ending.
    Ansem Report 1  - Lock Agrabah
    Ansem Report 2  - Lock Hollow Bastion, talk to Aeris
                      in Hollow Bastion library
    Ansem Report 3  - Defeat Ursula
    Ansem Report 4  - Same as #2
    Ansem Report 5  - Defeat Dragon Malificent
    Ansem Report 6  - Same as #2 and #4
    Ansem Report 7  - Defeat 3 kids in Oogie's Manor
    Ansem Report 8  - Defeat Hades in the Hades Cup
    Ansem Report 9  - Defeat Captain Hook
    Ansem Report 10 - Same as #2,#4. and #6
    XVIII. Easter Eggs and Fun Stuff
    -When in Pooh's house, you can play with the clock
    -Examine the MusicBox in Ariel's Grotto to hear the
        FF prelude(at least it kinda sounds like it)
    -Hit the water pipes in Rabbit's garden and water
        comes out
    -In the Detiny Islands, if you go under where Selphie
        is sitting, you can look up in first person view
        and see her panties. Hey, Don't look at me,
        someone on the boards posted it.
    -In the Phil/Pegasus/Hades and all the other cups, if
        you look at Sora, he does the victory dances of
        Squall, Cloud, and Zidane(for god sakes why did
        Zidane get left out??). (submitted by Teardrop
    -After beating the Hades Cup, look behind the pillars
        at the Cup Enterance, and you can find Orichalcum
        (submitted by: Someone...tell me your name !)
    -In 100 Acre Wood, theres a  big honey  pot. Near it
        are these fruits. You cannot lock onto them, and
        hit them ,and  you will get them. Give them to
        and he will give you items.
    -In Deep Jungle Camp/Tent, you can see Jane's panties
        looking in FPV.
    -In the destiny Islands, when you go into the cave,
        you can see drawings. You can see chocobo's,
        Donald with his pointy hat, and King Mickey's or
        Hollow Bastion castle.
    -In Traverse Town, 3rd District, you can look at the
        fountain and see the Spaghetti Scene in 'Lady and
        the Tramp'.(submitted by:Housepower)
    -In the hotel in Traverse Town: Look at all the
    paintings in the hotel and then hit the bell on the
    desk three times. Guy at the desk will tell you
    paintings are nice. Hit a few times more, and he'll
    tell you information about striking the clock in the
    green room. Go into the green room and strike the
    clock above the door many times. After awhile, a noise
    will be heard and on the couch will be a treasure box.
    Open it to get a Mythril.(submitted by:
    -In Halloween Town, if you ring the doorbell on the
        house, you can get a treasure chest.
     -In Hollow Bastion, in the Grand Hall, you can slide
        down the rail.(submitted by Codebanger)
    -After you have done the mini games in 100 Acre Wood,
        Pooh is sitting on the log, light his fire and
        get a free item.
    -In 100 Acre Wood, if you pull up some of Rabbit's
        plants, they will have items in them.
    -In the dalmation house, in one of the rooms, one of
        the puppies will follow you around.
    -In Neverland, the time on Big Ben is wrong, and
        putting it at different times, you can receive
        item's.(this was first put on here by TD Samurai)
    **//**Item List for Big Ben**\\***
    Submitted By: Kythlyn, IM him for Questions on This
    If you would like, you can submit info for this part.
    Neverland Clocktower (Big Ben) Item List by Kythlyn
    There are many doors on the clocktower, 12 of which
    have items inside.The doors will open one at a time
    depending on how long you have been playing.If you've
    been playing for less than 12 hours, then the number
    of hours represents which door will open.If you've
    been playing for more than 12 hours, then subtract 12
    hours from your total hours played to predict which
    door will open.The same goes for 24, 36, etc.A light
    will be visable in front of the current door with an
    item. Examine it.Once you get the item, that light
    will move down to the appropriate hour on the
    clock.After getting through Hallow Bastion for the
    FIRST time, a boss will be at the Clocktower, and you
    will not be able to get the items.
    The following item list was based on items found in
    Expert Mode.I have not yet confirmed whether or not
    the items vary based on difficulty.
    01:00    - Orichalcum
    02:00    - Power Up
    03:00    - Mythril Shard
    04:00    - Power Up
    05:00    - Ap Up
    06:00    - Mythril
    07:00    - AP up
    08:00    - Defense Up
    09:00    - Orichalcum
    10:00    - Defense Up
    11:00    - Mythril Shard
    12:00    - Megalixer
    XIX. Leveling Up Tricks
    Sacrificing and Keeping Items
    This info was sent in by highwind002/Honorable Dragon
    Email HIM any questions for this part in Stars, k?
    His email is: honorabledragon@yahoo.com
    I am feeling typy so i will also put the starting
    stats for which weapon you pick and sacrifice. To put
    this simply, when you Keep or Sacrificing Item's at
    the beggining of the game, it determines how you will
    level up.
    Keep      Sacrifice      HP      MP      AP      STR      DEF
    Sword     Shield         18      2       3       6        1
    Sword     Staff          18      2       1       6        2
    Shield    Staff          18      2       1       5        4
    Shield    Sword          18      2       3       4        4
    Staff     Shield         18      3       3       5        1
    Staff     Sword          18      3       3       3        3
    To make this simply, when Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie
    ask you the questions, it determines how fast you
    level up. Theres a mulitude of availiable answers but
    to keep it simple heres what you say for what.Answer
    all the questions with the first answer and you will
    level up fast until level 40.Answer all the questions 
    with the second answer and you will have a normal level
    up pace.Answer all the questions with the third answer 
    and you will level up at a slower pace until level 40.
                   --|Destiny Islands|--
    Yes, it's very possible to stock up on supplies, and
    gain levels on the Destiny Islands. I've heard of some
    people leaving at level 16, but I don't have that much
    patients. When you gain a higher "score" than Riku,
    you will receive a potion, and some 'Pretty Stones'.
    |Battle Riku|
    Experience  : 5
    Tech Points : 1
    At first, since most people on the Destiny Islands are
    first starting out, it's not as easy to fight him,
    A. He is cheap(knocking you off the sides)
    B. He has more life/power/techniques/ect.
    C. It takes some time to beat him.
    It's best to fight him once you are sure you are good
    at fighting. When you block his techniques, you get 1
    TECH POINT, and if you manage to defeat him, you get a
    potion if your "score" is higher than his. To block
    his techniqus, strike right before he strikes you,
    resulting that your two wood pieces hit, making a
    successfull block.
    Racing Riku:
    The race is easy. When Kairi calls the whistle, don't
    follow Riku, no matter what. I have a route to take
    that has yet to make me fail, and it's not  hard,
    either. When the race begins, go off the edge right of
    the broken bridge(yes you heard right). Go straight
    through the water onto the sand, and up the stairs.
    From here, go straight and you will drop, and  go
    straight through the water. Go up the hill, jump on
    the platforms up to the Star, and jump down between
    the trees. Go straight to the right of the ract, and
    back where you came(left of the cave) and about a foot
    before you hit the wall, jump(in proportion of the
    game). Go down the stairs, through the water, and
    jump up and you have won the race. The only place you
    might have trouble is jumping up those ledges.
    Otherwise, it's the bets route I have found.
                   Tidus, Selphie, and Wakka
    Experience  : 2
    Tech Points : 2, if you block his back flip strike
    Tidus is not that hard. He does a flip strike that
    will give you 2 Tech points if you block it, and once
    you learn how to catch him with this, its the best way
    to get tech points. Now for the easiest way....
    Experience  : 2
    Tech Points : 1P for a regular throw, 2 for special
    The only reason this is not the best way is because
    it's easy to kill Wakka when you block his shots,
    because they fly right back at him most of the time.
    When he throws the ball, time it right, and you can
    smack it back at him. For  begginers.
    Experience  : 1
    Tech Points : 1
    There is not  much use to fight her, other than learn
    how she fights when you fight all 3 of them. You get
    one tech point to block her whip, and it can be
    //**For people with patients**\\
    Submitted by: Trealvyn_the_paladin
    Hi, I read your faq on telling how to level up at
    Destiny Islands and read how fighting Selphie isn't
    real good exp. Well, it is. In fact, in my opinion,
    she is the best one. She will do this leaping attack
    and automaticly hit you with the jump rope. If you
    counter in, then you will get 1 tech. But when you
    counter it, the jumprope will come back and hit her
    head, leaving you with one extra tech. She will keep
    on doing the same attack until you either mess up, get
    hit, or hit her. And the best thing is, SHE CAN NOT
    DIE FROM IT! Although it will get her hp down terribly
    low. I got to lvl 10 by doing this.
    |Fighting All 3 of them|
    Experience  : None
    Tech Points : Same as above
    Item        : Potion
    This, over all, can be tough. I recommend taking out
    Tidus, then Selphie, then Wakka. When Wakka is the
    last one, it'll be like child's play once you have
    learned how to hit his attacks back.
                    OTHER STRADEGIES TO USE
    This was submitted by CrazyCubeMonkey:
    After you reach level 40 your rate of leveling up
    reverses. The slow becomes fast, the fast becomes
    slow, and moderate stays the same. So it's actually
    best to level up slowly at the beginning because it
    takes about 100,000 less xp total to reach level 100.
    YJM's way to level up!
    Before sealing Hollow Bastion, the quickest way to
    level up is to fight Leon and Yuffie in the Pegasus
    Cup. Win the Pegasus Cup, then win again with Sora
    alone, then beat the time trial (3:00). Now you can
    choose to go straight to the Leon and Yuffie fight. I
    would suggest removing all items from Donald and Goofy
    since this is an easy fight and you don't want them
    wasting your stuff. You'll get 700 exp. each time you
    win. After your first visit to Hollow Bastion, the
    Hades Cup becomes available. Win the cup and beat the
    time trial (20:00) to choose your fights. I find that
    Behemoth, Hades, and the Rock Titan are all easy
    fights worth lots of experience. If you're good, you
    can beat up the Ice Titan in the Gold Match for 4,000
    exp. plus 28 for each icicle you deflect back at him.
    Beat the Hades Cup once to unlock the Gold Match. Then
    there's the Platinum Match...18,000 exp. Are you good
    enough to face the One Winged Angel (I listen to that
    song daily...so cool)?
    Darkside20's Stradegy:
    Hey, I learned through trying to get all the synthesis
    items to get the ultima, just need two more goos and
    can't seem to cast the right spells, but i learned a
    good way to level up is simply to stay in the hotel,
    battle the defenders, there are three there, then take
    out the wizards, go through the red room, into the
    green, defeat whatever is there, go back to the red
    room and into the hall, and repeat till you reach a
    satisfactory level. Right now I am at level 68. Which
    is also probably because I keep going to Atlantica to
    see if there are the truffles in the cave and as i go
    back and forth from the palace, i fight everything,
    and eventually level up. And a good way to take out
    those huge jelly fish that when hit enough but not
    kill burst into small ones, is to nail them with a
    barage of firagas. Well.. that's the tip.
    Submit your Leveling Up Stradegy's!
     /        Section 3 - Other Stuff       \
     \ ____________________________________ /
    I.Final Notes and Thanks
    This FAQ is  BY FAR not complete, but if you have any
    additional information you want to submit, then do
    so.I am open for suggestions and realize my FAQ may
    not be perfect. A big thanks go's to 'kouli', 'Tidus
    of FFX' , and others, for their huge contribution of
    info in this FAQ. Thanks very much. Their help makes
    this FAQ possible. JC DentonDX, signing off. Also,
    this FAQ was edited(as in grammar and  mispelling) by
    DragonSlayer2002. More updates almost every other day.
    II. Version History
    Version History :
    1.0 - Started on 9-28-02, and did all the main
          secrets. Will update when more secrets are
          available. I have zipped this  FAQ many times
          to get it to the smallest size, too.
    2.0 - 9-29-02, some people submitted info, and  some
          corrections. Added "How to beat Sephiroth", how
          to get Goofy's "Dream Shield" , and corrected.
    3.0 - 9-30-02, added submitted info from people on
          the  boards, and  IM. Easter eggs, boss
          stradegy for phantom, how to get firaga,
          blizzaga, and thundaga.
    4.0 - 10-2-02, Completed Synthesis Item's Section,
          Special Item's section and Treasure Chest
          Locations are both under construction. Don't
          expect too many updates for the time being.
          Also, the synthesis item will have alternate
          locations, soon.
    5.0 - 10-3-02, Added another fan submitted Sephiroth
          stradegy. I know have a "Frequently Asked
          Questions" section up. Look at the new
          Item List in the easter egg section to see what
          Item's you can get from it. I took my AIM name
          off, so email is now the only option. **Sorry
          to the people who really wanted to help, but
          people wanting to say "Hello" were just pissing
          me off. I am not your toy that answers all of
          your questions, either. Couple of easter eggs,
          updates on stradegy's, corrections, and others.
          Big, Big update.
    6.0 - 10-7-02, Added a Boss Stradegy for Ice Titan.
          From the 5 emails, I corrected that Sora does
          not do Zidane's victory dance, he does Zell's.
    7.0 - 10-16-02,Added this ASCII Art, thanks to the
          help of a friend. Also, the Treasure Chests
          section was taken out, for I may write another
          FAQ for it altogether. It has been replaced by
          "Leveling Up Tricks"
    8.0 - 10-17-02,Added complete Ability Section, 1 more
          FINAL Sephiroth Stradegy. Added Keep/Sacrifice
          part in Leveling Up Section. CONGRATS to
          highwind002 or honorable dragon.
     9.0 - 10-22-02
          Update on Contact information, all past verions
          except current verion's history have all been
          moved to the bottom of the FAQ. New layout to
          certain sections. Added a section on the 10
          Ansem Reports.
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