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    Sephiroth FAQ by CyberEarth

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                                   The Sephiroth FAQ
    WRITTEN BY: CyberEarth (CyberEarth@yahoo.com)
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    COPYRIGHT 2002 BY CyberEarth
    	This guide is for personal use only! Nothing in this document may be
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    	specified by the author ONLY. This FAQ was written for 
    This FAQ is *NOT* spoiler free! Some of the fun (and replay value) derived from
    this game comes from the immense challenges and developing your own strategies. 
    This document gives some (ok, a lot) of strategies away, as well as usefulness of 
    If you like exploring the unknown and inventing your own style of play, please do 
    read this. If you want a quick and dirty way to beating Sephiroth, then please,
      I. Introduction & Equipments
     II. Sephiroth's Attacks
    III. Strategy and Phases of Sephiroth
     IV. @#$#% I just DIED?!?
      V. Rewards and Conclusion
    I. Introduction & Equipments
          This FAQ was written for the EXPERT version of the game. Because I did not
    play NORMAL, some of the strategies (especially concerning how much life
    Sephiroth has) may be slightly off. However, the following strategies work for
    both EXPERT and NORMAL, you'll probably just do more damage on NORMAL, as well
    as take less.
          Sephiroth is an optional boss in Kingdom Hearts. He is accessable only after
    unlocking the Hades Cup. He'll be right below the Hades Cup inside the ???? match
    when you first unlock it. After that, it will turn into the Platinum Match. Be
    prepared for this match! Level requirements will depend on skill level, but once
    you see his pattern of movements, you can defeat him easily at lower and lower
    levels. I took him out on Expert at level 52. Was it easy? No. But being level
    100 won't give you that much more of an advantage, unless you severely lack defense
    and HPs. That being said... equipment!
    Physical Equipment: The best equipments you can wear are Gaia Bangles. They will
    give you a HUGE HP boost as well as much needed defense. Make sure you can take
    2-3 of his hits before you go critical. Anything that boosts HP + Def is
    recommended, but Gaia Bangles are the best, so try and synth 3 of them.
    Your keyblade is up to you, I used Oathbringer for the critical hits, my first
    time I went up against him, but some like Black Chocobo for the extra reach.
    It depends on how close you can get before you can hit him. If you aren't
    comfortable getting as close, use the Black Chocobo. You might even consider
    Lionheart or Oathbringer (for the critical blows), or any other weapon that
    boosts magic power for increases cure effect. This will depend on your HPs. If
    you have a lot, you'll want the extra magic power for your cure, so you can
    gain more per cast.
    Item: Equip as many Elixers as you can. Yes, they get used up during Collesium
    battles, but you saved your game before you faced him and died (and your Elixers
    were gone without killing him), right? If you don't have enough Elixers to fill
    your slots, use Mega Ethers. Refilling your MP is much better than refilling your
    life, but Elixers are really what you want to be using.
    Ability Equipment: Equip MP Haste, MP Rage (2 of if you got 'em), Critical Plus,
    Dodge Roll, Second Chance (VERY IMPORTANT), Strike Raid (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT).
    Other abilities won't really matter. However, I suggest NOT equipping Sonic
    Blade, Ars Arcanum, and Ragnarok. You'll want to always be able to use Strike
    Raid when you want it.
    II. Sephiroth's Attacks
    Basic Sword Slash
         Sephiroth does a basic standing sword slash. CAREFUL! His sword has TREMENDOUS
    reach. If you're good, try parrying it. More often than not, I simply got hit by
    this, and cured after 2-3 of them.
    Teleport Sword Slash
         Sephiroth does a teleport somewhere around you (generally behind you) and then
    follows with a sword slash. This can get ANNOYING, because you lose your target 
    on him. Damage is about the same as a Basic Sword Slash. He'll also do almost every
    time after you land a combo, sometimes interrupting your combo.
    Flame Pillar
         Sephiroth summons a huge pillar of flame to surround him. He is not invincible
    while he does this, so take advantage of it. Unfortunately, you can't get close
    enough to him while he does it to hit him... or can you? He normally does this
    attack after 2-3 sword slashes, and after interrupting Sin Harvest.
    Sin Harvest
         Sephiroth teleports into a corner and summons some nasty voodoo against you.
    This move will hurt! Do not let it hit you! It will reduce your HPs to 1 (if you
    have Second Chance equipped), and your MPs to 0. It will kill you outright if you
    don't have Second Chance. After he does this, he will normally do a Teleport Sword
    Slash and try and kill you. If you interrupt this move (by hitting him), he'll
    immediately go into a Flame Pillar.
         Sephiroth does a frenzy of standing and leaping blows, then leaps up and
    does a finisher. This will hurt very much, but I've noticed the hits don't stun,
    so you can dodge roll away and Cure in the middle of his tantrum if you want.
    Just be wary of the last blow, because it takes a chunk of life. After he's done,
    he's winded for a second, so get a few hits in.
    Darkness Ball Attack
         Sephiroth summons 5-8 Darkness Balls that surround him, then he closes in on
    you, and does as Basic Sword Slash as the Darkness Balls draw in close to you.
    He will also do a Teleport Sword Slash here as well, if you dodged the
    Darkness Balls and his Basic Sword Slash. Doesn't really do a whole lot of
    damage, but it can keep you stunned if you get hit by a lot of them. I basically
    mashed Cure here, and waited for an opening to hit him.
    Meteor Shower
         Sephiroth turns white and summons a bunch of meteors. They circle around
    him slowly, causing you damage if you get hit. Then the meteors get sucked into
    a black hole over his head, then a huge meteor from the black hole hits you.
    He's invincible (at least from my testing) while he's doing this, so just try
    and stay away, and cure as needed.
    III. Strategy and Phases of Sephiroth
    Basic Strategy:
         Sephiroth has a LONG reach with his sword. Do not underestimate your own
    reach. Using the MP Rage abilities, you should gain MP every time you get hit,
    enough to cast Cure. Obviously, this makes things easier if you're not spending
    time using items to regain your precious MP. Hit him when he's open, and try to
    avoid getting hit. Wait for your opening, just don't swing blindly. You'll die
    if you keep doing that. The basic strategy here is to whittle him down slowly
    but surely (hence the emphasis on defense and HPs), while ensuring that you stay
    Now... on to the phases and specific strategies.
    Phase 1:
         Sephiroth uses Basic Sword Slash, Teleport Sword Slash (when you combo),
    and Flame Pillar. Dodge Roll his Basic Sword Slash if you can, or parry it if
    you're really good. He will run all over the place, and attack you at different
    angles. If you get hit, don't fret. You *NEED* to get hit in order to keep your
    MPs up. This is very important, as your MPs will cure you. Using Cura or Curaga
    if you have it, you should pretty much refill your HPs with 1 casting. You may
    also use whatever form of Aero you have, but at 2 MPs casting cost, I normally
    skip it. As discussed in the equipment section, you might want to even use a
    weapon that enhances your magic power and MPs. When he does his Flame Pillar,
    that's your chance! Dodge Roll away from him quickly, then use your Strike Raid
    to hit him through his flames. After a few of these, his life bar should begin
    to move. You may try and normal combo attack him here, but I don't recommend it,
    because more often than not, he'll use Teleport Sword Slash, and hit you from
    behind. When his life gets down to when the Yellow bar is visible, he'll
    teleport and say "COME ON".
    Onto to Phase 2...
    Phase 2:
         Sephiroth will start doing Teleport Slashes and become in my opinion,
    slightly faster. Maybe he just attacks you more often. But the big thing here
    is his Sin Harvest. He'll teleport away from you into a corner somewhere, then
    he'll say "SIN HARVEST" and have a rainbow-like glow around him. Then you'll
    notice that same rainbow-like glow over your head. At this point, it's too late.
    You're gonna get hit by it, and your HPs will now become 1, and your MPs will be
    0. Directly following this, he'll use a Teleport Slash, and impale you. Here's the
    strategy: Sin Harvest is your time to nail him. Do not get close to him and hit
    him, unless you just happen to be near him when he teleports and starts doing Sin
    Harvest. If you interrupt his Sin Harvest, he'll immediately go into a Flame
    Pillar. This isn't good if you're standing near him. Stand away, near the center
    of the arena, then when he teleports, QUICKLY press R2 to lock onto to him. If you
    hear "SIN HARVEST", QUICKLY use your Strike Raid to nail him. It will interrupt his
    Sin Harvest, making you immune. If his Sin Harvest attack manages to go through,
    use an Elixer right before it actually affects you. If you time it correctly,
    you'll go through the item animation, Sin Harvest will hit, then your item will
    take effect. This is why you have Second Chance and those Elixers... just in case
    it hits. After that little exchange, dodge roll and/parry his Basic and Teleport
    Slashes, then wait for him to use Sin Harvest again, and repeat. He'll also use
    Omnislash for the first time. You can either get hit by this and cure like mad
    during it, or use Strike Raid to become invincible. I normally get hit a few times
    at the beginning of this to regain MP, then cancel into a Strike Raid to avoid
    the final hits of his attack. When he's done with his Omnislash, combo him, or
    continue to hit him with Strike Raid. Just get some hits in. After you knock his
    life down to where the Green is just barely visible...it's on to Phase 3.
    Phase 3:
         Sephiroth gets really angry here. A black and green vortex will surround him,
    and he'll have a white glow. Instead of relying on Sin Harvest, he'll
    be hurling other nasty voodoo at you, namely Darkness Balls and Meteors. While
    he's doing Darkness Balls, you can hit him. So make use of it. You'll need to cast
    Cure frequently here, so don't hesitate. When he does his Meteor attack, he's
    invincible (at least from my testing). Avoid the meteors as best you can, and
    quickly pop out the cures. Occassionally he will use Sin Harvest during this phase.
    DO NOT LET IT THROW YOU OFF GUARD! He uses it infrequently here, and often at
    strange times, like right after his Meteor Shower. Sometimes he'll just do a
    Teleport Slash after it, and sometimes he'll teleport into Sin Harvest. My advice
    is to *NOT* cast Cure after the final meteor blast, and wait to see what he does.
    If you hear Sin Harvest, nail him with Strike Raid. If not, dodge roll, then Cure.
    He'll also use Omnislash here again as well, and it will be more powerful.
    Just repeat the strategy you used in Phase 2 for that, and you'll be okay. He'll 
    infrequently use Flame Pillar, especially if you're close to him.
    Try and dodge roll away, then launch into a Strike Raid attack to hit him for
    some damage. Remember to cure! After this phase, he's dead.
    Good job!
    IV. @#$#% I just DIED?!?
         Don't worry when this happens. It will happen a lot until you get used to his
    incredible range and his timing. If you're dying in the first phase, either you
    aren't curing properly, or you don't have enough defense. Try levelling, or
    synthing items like Defense UP and Gaia Bangles. If it happens during the second
    phase, it's probably due to Sin Harvest. You must *QUICKLY* press R2 to lock onto
    him, then nail him with Strike Raid. If you can't seem to do that, rely on
    Elixers. Get your Elixer ready when you see him doing Sin Harvest, then quaff
    it just before Sin Harvest hits. If you're dying during the third phase, it's
    either from Sin Harvest, or from his Meteors. I never died from his Omnislash,
    becuase you can cure in the middle of it. If you're having trouble against that
    move, raise your defense or use Strike Raid during it.
    SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE FIGHTING! Unless you have 99 Elixers, you aren't going
    to want to waste them and not kill him. Load your item slots up with Elixers,
    get your abilities you want, equip the stuff you want, then save. If you die,
    just reset, so you still have your Elixers in tact.
    V. Rewards and Conclusion
         Huh? Nothing happened? Well... that's sort of true. After you defeat him,
    you'll gain a MASSIVE amount of exp, 18,000 to be exact. Sephiroth will just
    stagger back, float up, and disentegrate into particles of energy. Whether or
    not you killed him, or he just teleported away is up for debate...
    Also, you'll gain his biographical information in Jiminy's Journal.
    Here's the quote from the journal entry:
    "Once known as the greatest of swordsmen, his wehereabouts have been unkown for
    some time. He challenged Sora to a on-on-one duel. No one knows why he has
    suddenly returned. Apparently, he and Cloud have crossed paths before."
    Challenge him as much as you want using this strategy, I used it to get to level 
    100 easily.
    Copyright:  Please note this Document is (c) Copyright 2002 by author,
                Anthony Rubino. Nothing in this document may be reproduced
    	    without prior written consent from the author. This document
    	    may NOT be posted publically, either electronically or
    	    otherwise without prior written consent of the author.

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