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    Jungle Slider FAQ by Mike Strife

    Updated: 11/18/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By: Mike Martignetti (AKA: Mike Strife)
    E-Mail: mike_strife@hotmail.com
    Kingdom Hearts is property of Squaresoft and Disney Interactive.
    1.0 - FAQ INTRO
       1.1 - Intro
       1.2 - Legal Crap
       2.1 - What is Jungle slider
       2.2 - Where/When is jungle slider
       2.3 - Controls
       2.4 - Tarzan
    3.0 - GAME INFO
       3.1 - Level Format
       3.2 - Getting Prizes
       3.3 - Unlocking new pathes.
    4.0 - GAME LEVELS
       4.1 - Green Serpent
       4.2 - Splash Tunnel
       4.3 - Jade Spiral
       4.4 - Panic Fall
       4.5 - Shadow Cavern
    5.0 - OUTRO
       5.1 - Thanks.
    1.1 - Introduction
    You're probably wondering why I'd write a guide on such a small part of the
    game. We'll I wrote one becuase it's a pretty fun minigame and even though
    the rewards aren't amazing it's pretty fun and lots of people only try it once
    and don't get all five prizes.
    1.2 - Legal Stuff
    This is a pretty small faq and I hate long legal sections so....
    This is my (Mike Martignetti's) faq. I wrote it. Don't steal, copy,
    or post it without my permission... nuff said.
    2.1 What is Jungle Slider.
    Jungle Slider is a mini game in the Tarzan World. You slide down branches
    and through caves and gather fruit along the way, for every 10 fruit you
    pick up you get a prize. There are a total of 50 fruit in the mini game.
    You are also timed, view your scores in your Journal under mini games.
    2.2 - Where/when is jungle slider.
    Jungle slider can be accessed after you lock the Tarzan world. To access it
    to go Tarzan's treehouse. Either on the net below or on the walkway into the
    house, walk around it till you see a small boat hanging from some rope. Line
    yourself up with the boat and jump off the tree house towards it. You'll be in
    a small area with a huge hollow tree trunk and a save point. Jump into the
    tree trunk to start the mini game.
    2.3 - Controls
    The controls are simple enough. You are constantly sliding so you can only move
    left and right to pick up the fruit. You can hold down on the analog to slow
    down alittle bit, this will help you take corners better, also hold up to go
    bit faster on the straight aways. If you come to an obstacle, like branches
    or rocks in your path you can jump them with the jump button. If you are
    changing pathes to go to another level, HOLD down left or right before it
    at these pathes the controls get pretty jerky and you could still get thrown
    the other path.
    If you are playing the mini game and miss a fruit press start right away.
    You can restart the mini game by choosing restart. This is way better then
    finishing and having to get all the way back up to the treehouse.
    2.4 - Tarzan
    The hardest part of this mini game is Tarzan, he serves no purpose at all,
    to annoy you. He slides near you, doesn't pick up any fruit he touches, and
    blocks the screen at points, making it hard to see if any fruit is coming up.
    Just learn where the fruit is and be there before it is. Ignore him the best
    There is one benifet to having Tarzan race with you. If you go really slow and
    let him stay ahead of you constantly he will guide you to the fruit. Just stay
    behind him and follow him exactly to get it all.
    3.0 - GAME INFO
    3.1 - Level Format
    Each level consists of slider either down branches or through a cave. Each
    level has 10 fruit to be picked up. At the end there will 2 paths to go down,
    if you haven't finished this level yet, one path will be blocked. One path
    will go to the next level and the other one will dump you somewhere in the
    world. After finishing a level you must climb all the way back up to the
    to play the mini game again.
    3.2 - Getting Prizes
    You get one prize for every level, to get the prizes you have to pick up all
    the fruit
    in the mini game up to that point. To get the prize for level 1 you need 10
    20 for level 2..... 50 for level 5. You will get the prize as soon as you pick
    up the
    last piece of fruit needed.
    3.3 - Unlocking New Paths
    To unlock new levels you have to complete the level you are currently on. To
    level 2 you must first get all 10 fruit in the first level, then finish it. You
    also get all the fruit for that level then use the restart option. This will
    you at the begining of the mini game and the new path will be unlocked, BUT
    time and score for that run will not be recorded in the Journal.
    4.0 - GAME LEVELS
    4.1 - Green Serpent
    This level is the one you played during the game.
    The first 3 fruits will be on the left side of the branch. The next 3 are on
    the right side, and the next 3 in the middle. A bit ahead there are 2 branches
    blocking the course. Jump over them, or get hit by them and the friut is in the
    middle of the course right after them.
    You'll get AP UP as your prize and will be dropped off at the campsite. Go back
    up to the treehouse and the new level will be unlocked.
    4.2 - Splash Tunnel
    Finish the first course again, getting all 10 fruit. Then hold Left after
    the last fruit. Keep holding it until you go down the new path. This level is
    in a cave. The first set of 3 fruit are on in the middle. A bit down the course
    where there's a big turn are the next set of 3 fruit in the middle. Now you'll
    down a long section with tons of little rocks in your way. Jump over them and
    eventually you'll be in a really wide cavern. Stay in the center till you see
    the first fruit. After you get it and another one in front of it go to the left
    of the large boulder coming up and get the 9th one. Immediatly after getting it
    hold right and you'll smash into the huge boulder. It'll break apart and keep
    holding right til you get to the 10th fruit. Get it and abit later you'll be
    back onto the left path.
    You'll get ORICHULIM as your prize. You'll be dropped off at Hippo's Laggon.
    Head back up to the tree house, the next level will be unlocked.
    4.3 - Jade Spiral
    Another Branch level. Get the 20 fruit this far and after the 2 paths combine
    level 2 hold left and you'll go down another path. There are no obstacles in
    way if I remember right, just slide down. There's 3 fruit in the middle, then 3
    to the left, 3 more in the middle, and later on another in the middle. Near the
    end of the course you'll notice a bush to the right blocks the next level.
    The prize for this level is a Megalixer. You'll be dropped off at the Cliffs.
    Back to the treehouse.
    4.4 - Panic Fall
    At the end of level 3 hold right before where the bush was and you'll go to the
    next level. Another branch level, but this one is near the falls. Some of the
    fruit is tough to see in this level. There are 4 fruit in the middle, then 2 on
    the right, and then 4 in the middle again. You'll see another bush blocking
    the next level.
    You'll get DEFENSE UP as your prize and be dropped off at the top of the falls.
    4.5 - Shadow Cavern
    Before the bush in the last level hold left to get to this level. This level is
    little wider than the previous. The first sets of fruits come pretty quick and
    are close together. All 10 are in the middle but the 10th one is a little bit
    more to the left than the rest of them.
    There are no more paths, For finishing this level you get POWER UP as your
    You'll be dropped off at the bottom of the falls.
    5.0 - OUTRO
    5.1 - Thanks
    Thanks to Eric Ketchum (Zarathustra) for being the first one to send me the
    prize to Level 3. And  Wildtiger2427, Aaron Bergman & chaos__blade for also
    letting me know.
    Qualera for telling me about slowing Sora down.
    Aaron Bergman for telling me about how Tarzan helps.
    And special thanks to Squaresoft and Disney for making such an awesome game.
    Everyone who played the game and weren't too stupid to be scared off just cause
    it was partially Disney.
    This Document Copyright Oct 30 2002 Mike S. Maritgnetti
    You can e-mail me questions or comments to mike_strife@hotmail.com

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