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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JC DentonDX

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/28/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    JC DentonDX's Unofficial Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
    Created      -  10-7-02
    Version      -  2.0
    Last Updated -  11-1--2
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                 (ZO:              (A2@MMPOZZZZZZOx[=:`_``
                (q#:                `I=>_/4ywZwZwwga;^`     .
               (23r            `    `(>:`  = /FMMMMM]
              _2`/;  ````` .         |`i~_`|  : (e>>~`_,            `
             (2` (`         `    ``   )j((.    ({:(`  .
           .(^   :          .         /.```  `[(~.  _.
        ..(>`                         .).`/  (:(`` .`
       .(`.``                        ..](./  ``}(`` _` `
      .``.....  ``                   ~_}` /    ``c``` %      ``
    ```..``.``...``..         ..   .` `._._..   ./.`  `
    ```...``.(.`...`.`     ._(...(^` __/>`_~_:`. `;`  ~    `.
     ``.`.((((((((_..``  ...((!:.(g{=~~(`. _;_ `  ;`  {
     `..(((((((((((_(_____```((_`7%:::_.._(?`.....:   /`   `      ``
     ```((~(((((((z=>(:(>zz=`_~__(>=~._``  /:`__.z_` ` ) ....         .
     `````((>>>:>==>:>:(>:(((>~([:~`...._.`..  (>~~`  .7_.           ,`..
     ` .`((((:(((::((:(>==>>:(((`_((_(``~__```>`(,     ``.```:.,
       ````(((((((((((>>::(((::(~(6>u=:((:(.```   J! _^` J:` .
       ``.`_(`((((((((((((((:((:`>=>(((:(((((__.```____(=~.``.: `
        `````````(`~`(((((::((:~((((((((:~_.((:((:(v>:(~``  `_``__    ` .
        ````.``````````((((((::>:((((((((>_(OVvvv0vv?:`` . ......`...._~`
              ````````````````````````((((((:(((~(_``` (~(((v>```(......`
                ```````````````` ``````(((((((((`..``.`````(_``..``.`
                    JC DentonDx's Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
     /           Table of Contents          \
     \ ____________________________________ /
          Section 1 - FAQ Information
    I.     Introduction
    II.    Legal Agreement
    III.   Contacting Me
    IV.    About This FAQ and Myself
    V.     Controls
    VI.    Primary Charactor's
          Section 2 - Walkthrough
    I.     The Training
    II.    The Destiny Islands
    III.   Traverse Town 1st Visit
    IV.    Wonderland
    V.     Traverse Town 2nd Visit
    VI.    Coliseum
    VII.   Deep Jungle
    VIII.  Locking Traverse Town
    IX.    Coliseum--The Phil Cup
    X.     Agrabah
    XI.    Monstro
    XII.   Atlantica
    XIII.  Halloween Town
    XIV.   Neverland
    XV.    Hollow Bastion 1st Visit
    XVI.   Traverse Town--New Gummi Block
    XVII.  Hollow Bastion 2nd Visit
    XVIII. The End of the World
           Section 3 - Game Information
    Part 1 : The Secret Ending
    I.     The 99 Dalmation Puppies
    II.    The Coliseum
    III.   The 100 Acre Wood
    Part 2 : Weapons & Spells
    IV.    Sora's Weapons
    V.     Donald's Weapons
    VI.    Goofy's Weapons
    VII.   Abilities & Spells
     /      Section 1 - FAQ Information     \
     \ ____________________________________ /
    This FAQ was made using WordPad. It is a short, yet explinational FAQ,
    on the hit Playstation 2 title Kingdom Hearts. This FAQ's goal is to
    explain things that people commonly get stuck on, so you can get through
    the game without any major trouble. It's not very in depth, and most of
    the things like abilities, optional bosses, and in general secret
    weapons/ spells/ items are all mentioned in my secrets FAQ, not in this
    one. I strongly suggest that you check out my secrets FAQ if you are
    wanting to know how to get "Ultima Weapon"..or the 99 puppies...or thr
    10 Traverse Post Cards. I'll include them once I get done with the whole
    Secrets FAQ:
    II. Legal Agreement
    The game Kingdom Hearts is  copyright 2002 Square Electronic Arts,
    L.L.C., all Disney Charactor's, locations, and themes are Copyright
    Disney. Tarzan is copyright 2002 Edgar Rice Burroughs,Inc. Permission
    used from Disney Interprises. All rights reserved. This FAQ is copyright
    2002 by Jack Bock. This FAQ is to only be used on GameFAQs.com , and/or
    any other site with my permission.
    III. Contacting Me
    Submit anything you like, or just post your questions, comments, ect. I
    do not accept people offering to help make the FAQ, but I do accept
    additional information. You will receive full credit for any information
    you provide in this FAQ.
    IV. About This FAQ and Myself
    My GameFAQs username is JC DentonDX, and I am 15. I live in Georgia, and
    I enjoy to write FAQs. My hobbies are baseketball, and martial arts.
    This is version 2 of the FAQ, and more versions will come in the future.
    The only things included in thie FAQ are things nessessary to complete
    the game.
    V. Controls
    Source: Kingdom Hearts Instructional Manual
    X               -Confirm/Cast spell holding L1
    Triangle        -Command party to attack/Cast spell
                     Holding L1
    Square          -Use special Abilities/Descend when
                     flying or swimming/Cast spell
                     holding L1
    Circle          -Cancel/Let go/jump/swim fast/acsend
    Start           -Display main menu/pause/special menu
    Select          -None
    Select          -Toggle First Person View on and Off
    R1              -Lock on Target
    R2              -Rotating Camera Angle
    R3              -Confirm(disabled in Menu's)
    L1              -Display Maguc  Shortcut menu
    L2              -Rotating Camera Angle
    L3              -Nothing
    Left Analog     -Movement
    Digital Control -Move Select Cursor
    Right Analog    -Select
    Press L1,L2,R1,R2,Start, and Select to reset your game and loose all
    unsaved progress.
    VI.Primary Charactor's
    You play as this  guy, the main character, who is 14 years of age. He
    has strong compassion for his friends and beleifs, and does not change
    his mind easily.
    Sort of, Sora's rival. These two have been fighting over Kairi for a
    long time. Age 15, and very serious.
    He wants to see new things.
    Sora and Riku both like this girl. She is 14, and  moved to thier Island
    a few years ago. She is cool. Not much to say about her, either.
    Sora meets him in Traverse Town, and agrees to help Goofy find King
    Mickey. He is a Shield-weilding knight who doesen't like weapons.
    Wizard and servant to King Mickey. He goes along with Goofy and Sora on
    their quest throughout the worlds.
    These monsters are heartless indeed, and plan on stopping those who have
    hearts and taking them for their own!
    Calling himself the seeker of darkness, there is not much I can say
    about him without spoiling the game.
     /       Section 2 - Walkthrough        \
     \ ____________________________________ /
    I. Training
    This is where you will really learn how to use and  apply the basic
    rules on how to play. You will be asked a series of questions, and you
    will have to make some sacrifices. There's not much to explain about the
    Training, since really it explains itself. For the mini boss, when he
    has his hand on the ground, you can climb up his arm and whack him with
    the weapon to get TECH POINTS and more damage.
    II. Destiny Islands
    Destiny Islands are the home of Riku, Kairi, and Sora. When you can
    move, Kairi will tell you she needs items. You need to give her:
    A.Two Logs
    -One log is on the beacg
    -One log is on the island where Riku is
    B.One Cloth
    -Cloth in a treehouse accessible by climbing a ladder
    C.One Rope
    -On the boat where Tidus is
    Once you have gotten everything, she will ask you if you want to call it
    a day. Doing this will disable you from fighting Riku, for the next day
    he is on the other side of the island. It is wise to gain at least 6 or
    7 levels before "Calling it a Day".
    When you do "Call it a Day", Kairi needs more things for the raft after
    the scenes. She needs:
    A.Segull Egg
    -A tree near the Seaside Shack
    B.three Mushrooms
    -Behind a rock near raft
    -In grass neat the bridge
    -In the secret war
    C.Two Coconuts
    -Tree's near the raft(yellow coconuts only)
    D.Three Fish
    -Beach where you fight Tidus/Selphie/Wakka
    E.Drinking Water
    -Waterfall near Seaside Shack
    After getting all of these things, talk to Kairi. You then have the
    option to go home. When you decide to, it will be night time and a storm
    will come. You will go back to the island.Monsters will be there, being
    the first real heartless you battle. But, you can't kill them until you
    have the....
    Go to the island whee you fight Riku. There you will speak to him and
    get the KEYBLADE. Now, you can take on the heartless. Go to the door,
    and in the cave. You'll see Kairi, and end up fight a boss.
    EXP: 10
    Strike his hands with air strikes,  and when his hand is on the ground,
    walk up his arm and hit his face more damamge and tech points. You can
    kill heartless that this guy spawns for 1P each.
    III. Traverse Town 1st Visit
    Traverse Town is sort of the refuge of Kingdom Hearts. For those who
    have had their worlds abolished or destroyed, they seem to end up
    You wake up in Traverse Town. In the accessory shop is Cid(FF7). Go to
    the Item Shop to meet Huey, Duey, and Louie. There's a door at the back
    of Traverse Town, labled "Second District". Go there. Heartless appear,
    so kill them. Go in the door marked "Alleyway", then Donald and Goofy
    will come out of "Hotel". The goal is to finally catch them. Go to the
    door at the far end labeled "Dalmation House" to learn of the 99 missing
    puppies. Go back out to the second District. When you go into the
    "Hotel", Goofy and  Donald will come out of the 1st District, trying to
    find Leon. Go back to the 1st District, and then go to the accessory
    shop. Come back out, and you will fight Squall(FF8).
    Tech Points  - 2 for blocking his strike
    EXP          - 30
    To beat Squall, you just need to keep your distance. When he stirkes and
    is done, you strike and hit him. Blocking his hit is worth 2 Tech
    Points, and you don't HAVE to beat him.
    After you beat/loss Squall, he will reveal that he is Leon that Donald
    and Goofy are looking for. Yuffie appears(FF7) and then they take you
    back to their home in the 3rd District. A battle breaks out. Go to the
    Second District. Defeat some heartless, and then in the alley, go to the
    3rd district. Donald and Goofy will join you.When the battle is over,
    you will fight a  boss.
    |Guard Armor|
    Tech points   -2 for blocking spin strike
    EXP           -60
    To beat this guy, you have to take out the segments of his body. He's
    not that hard, just take out the  body first, hands second, feet third
    and head last.
    After the battle you team up with Donald and Goofy.
    Then you will learn a magic spell, and be able to fly the Gummi ship.
    You can go and explore around Traverse Town. In the 3rd District,
    there's a door with fire on it. Cast fire on it to see the wizard,
    Merlin. When you are done, go to the World Exit in the 1st District, and
    its off to...
    IV. Wonderland
    When you reach Wonderland, go into the door that the rabbit went out.
    When you go out, talk to the door, and  he will tell you to drink the
    potion to become  small. Before you do this, move the  bed revealing a
    small hole. Drink the potion and  go through the door.
    When you enter here, the Queen will wrongfully accuse Alice of trying to
    steal her heart. You must try to find evidence that the heartless are
    the ones who did it. Go into the hole marked "Lotust Forest".You'll see
    Cheshire Cat. Near the  Blue Trinity is a pink box and in it are
    FOOTPRINTS. Theres a yellow flower that says "Give me a potion and I'll
    makde you bigger". Give him a potion. Step on the  log to raise the
    lily-pad. And to the tree, a voice will say "Strike to Spin!". Get the
    fruit ontop first, then whack the tree. Eat the fruit. Now that your
    small again, go through where the tree moved and climb onto the lily pad
    and theres a pink box that has "Antenna" inside of it. Go to the
    mushrooms on the otherside and  climb up, and theres a hole in the tree
    that says "Bizarre Room" go inside there.
    You will land on some more evidence called "STENCH". Go back in the
    Queen's Castle, and in the Lotust Forrest. Then, climb the lily pad
    where you went to the Bizzare Room, and  go the other way to another
    hole in the wall, but it's green. It also says  Bizzare Room but you
    land in another location. You land on a water spicket. Jump to Sora's
    right and more evidence is there, "CLAWMARKS". Cheshire cat will appear.
    You will learn Blizzard. In the Queen's Castle, talk to one of the
    Guards, and he will ask if you are ready to present evidence. When you
    are, say yes.  Choose a  box, and then you will have to fight, no matter
    |Battle of the Cards|
    EXP              -    100
    Tech points      -    N/A
    Basic strikes and blows will kill the cards. Go over to the tower and
    hit the wheels. When the wheels are gone, destroy the tower, and you
    Alice is gone. Go back into the Lotust Forrest. The rock in front of the
    hole will be gone, and Cheshire Cat will hint at a boss. Now you can go
    to the Tea Party Garden, but you do not need to.There's a door to the
    Bizzare Room. Go there and you'll seee Cheshire Cat.Jump on the tables
    and light the candles. You will now need to get in the Bizzare Room in
    another enterance. Release the switch, and go into the Queen's Castle
    and SAVE. Go to the enterance of the Bizzare Room nearby, and talk to
    the cat. Then you will have to fight a boss.
    EXP         -
    Tech Points -
    Attack him until he fall, and then attack some more. Repeat this to beat
    him. Watch out for when he does his attacks. He isn't too hard unless
    your not careful. Roll around and  dodge if you have Dodge Roll.
    Sometimes he is too high to hit. Get on the table to do aerial strikes.
    When you use the table too mch, he will make it spin, making it hard to
    do this process.
    After you beat him, you will 'LOCK' Wonderland. There is nothing more
    for you to do here. Head back to the save point and go to Gummi Ship.
    Then, go to Traverse Town.
    V. Traverse Town 2nd Visit
    Here, you will need to do several things. First, stock up on items,
    especially potions, and get some new accessories. You can get  new
    weapons for Donald and Goofy, and some expensive Ethers. At the
    accessory shop, there are some new itmes to buy. You can always, of
    course, gain a few levels here.
    If you found any Dalmations in Wonderland, you can go to the Dalmation
    house in the 2nd District and the Alleyway to get a prize. Also, you can
    find the postcards in town, which are in my secrets
    , and receive some items for them.
    The thing about the second visit to Traverse Town is that you don't HAVE
    to come here, but it is a wise choice to stock up on item's, so I
    thought I should include it.When your done, go to the World Exit in the
    First District to the next world...
    VI. Olympus Coliseum
    When you come here, go straight into the Lobby. There, Phil(Hercules)
    wil tell you what to do.
    Go to the block, and press on the  box. Then talk to Phil. Then he will
    ask you want to go to the Trials for the Games.
    |The Trials|
    The rules are simple. Just destroy all of the barrels in the time limit.
    The first set is simple. Do regualr strikes on the first 3, then aerial
    strikes on the next 4, then do the rest however you see fit.
    On the next set of  barrels, try to get the ones on ground level first.
    Then, when you get to the top, use fire on the one thats hard to reach.
    "Two words: you guys aint' heroes!"
    Phil will give you the spell Thunder. Train for the games as you see
    fit, then leave to the Coliseum Gates and talk to Hades. He will give
    you  an ENTRY PASS. Take this pass to Phil.
    |The Preliminaries|
    Fight the first set of monsters, and then you will see Cloud(FF7) walk
    by. After the second set, you will fight the 3rd and so on. After match
    5, you'll see a scene with Cloud, and then you'll hear a hint of a boss.
    Then when you beat the 6th Match, you have to fight Cloud.
    EXP          -N/A
    Tech Points  -1  slide strike,2 parrying strike
    Cloud is tricky. Keep a good lock on him, and when he  stops doing the
    slide strike, he will usually jump into the air and lunge his blade
    down, being the best time to attack him. Keep an eye on your HP gauge,
    he goes some hefty damage.
    If you win or loose to Cloud, another boss will come, but Hercules stops
    it. Use this time to stock up on itmes you bought at Traverse Town, and
    save. Then go to the Arena to fight...
    "Kid, I got two words of advice for you--ATTACK!"
    EXP          - 200
    Tech Points  - N/A
    Cerberus is moderately hard. The best way to deal damage and not get
    hurt is to stick to one side of his 3 heads(left or right) and keep
    attacking it. It's not very smart to attack the middle head.Be
    constantly moving because of energy he throws at you. When he rears his
    head up, immediately move before he bites you. To make the energy balls
    and ground energy easy to dodge, just roll with Dodge Roll if you have
    it(you may not do to the choices you made at the beggining of the game,
    see my secrets FAQ for more
    . Again, common sense is what beats this guy, along with most in the
    After you beat him, you geta Hero Liscense, allowing you to fight in the
    games. There's nothing more to do here for awhile, so go to the World
    Exit. Sitting on the steps os Cloud. You learn Sonic Blade. Go out. If
    you need to, go to Traverse Town and  buy some supplies. Then, its off
    to the new world of...
    VII. Deep Jungle
    **This is my favorite world**..lol..
    When you get here, your all all by yourself. Right when you enter,
    you'll have to fight this leopard. Just be careful, I don't think he can
    hurt you because of...Well, after the scenes, you get to have Tarzan.
    Tarzan will be the same level as your Goofy, and he is a good fighter.
    If you wish to have him on your team , switch him out with Goofy later,
    since Goofy usually has more levels than you.
    When in control again, go down to CLIMBING TREES. Then theres a hole
    labled VINES 2. If you just fall down in the vines, you will end up in
    HIPPOS LAGOON. Jump across the hippos and water until you are at a place
    called CAMP. Enter the nearby TENT to regroup with Donald and Goofy.
    Talk to Jane. There are missing slides outside of the tent(6), and when
    you find them all give them to her.
    Now, go to the Hippo's Lagoon and to the left, there is a climbable
    vine. Learn how to use the vines, and get to Vines 2. When in Vines 2,
    get to a vine stuck on a tree that takes you to Climbing Trees. Go into
    the Tree House to trigger a  cutscene. Now jump down, off the nets, and
    into a new hole. You get to slide on the vines. You'll end up at the
    camp. Go to the Tent to another cutscene.
    Go out and into the rocky place called BAMBOO THICKET. Go to the next
    few screens and  get pieces of GUMMI(Fire-G,Protect-G..ect). After you
    have them, go to the Hippo's Lagoon. Go up the vine at the right(Vines),
    and then go to Vines 2. Then, get to climbing Trees. Kill all of the
    Heartless to get another Gummi Piece. Then, go to the Tree House, and
    kill the heartless to get the last Gummi Piece. Jump down into the
    sliding place, and go to the Camp.
    Go and save at the Tent, then go to Bamboo Thicket, where you hear a
    gunshot. You will fight the leopard. After you beat the leopard, you
    will receive a WHITE FANG. After the fight, go to the Tent. Go back to
    Hippo's Lagoon, then Vines, and then Vines 2, and Climbing Trees. To
    beat this part, hit the big black thing. Then, go down the hole and
    slide the vine thing, and go to the Camp(or you should end up in the
    Camp). Head to Bamboo Thicket. When you arrive at the Cliff, you will
    have to fight Clayon
    EXP          - N/A, other than the Heartless
    Tech Points  - N/A, other than the Heartless.
    Kill the heartless first, then go after him. Move around alot, because
    he will shoot you. He's not really a  boss. After you kill him, you will
    |Clayton and Stealth Sneak|
    EXP          - 30 for Lizard, 240 for Clayton
    Tech Points  - N/A( im not sure on this )
    Keep locked onto him, because he is partially invisible. When the lock-
    on cursor moves up, move out of the way, he's trying to hit you. After
    you deal some damage, he will appear, and he leaps around. Try to keep
    up with him. He will make his hands glow and clasp them together, so
    watch out for that. After all of this, he will become diabled for a few
    seconds, whack him hard. Clayton will no longer be on his back, either.
    He will then spit out this white stuff that can be dodged easily. He
    will soon die, and then you will have to defeat Clayton, who is easy.
    Kerchak will throw you over a wall. Go into Waterfall Cavern, and form
    here, jump form ledge to ledge until you reach a place called ???. Ah,
    yes. You just completed Deep Jungle. Find a save point and get to the
    Gummi Ship. Fly back all the way to reach...
    VIII. Locking Traverse Town(3rd visit)
    This is what stumped me...
    When you get here, stock up on item's and suck, and then head to the
    second district. After defeatign the heartless, go to the Alleyway. Then
    after defeating more heartless, go to the part with bars and water that
    you walk on. There's a RED TRINITY that you can now use.
    When you use it, go inside to see Leon and Aerith(Aeris,FF7). You will
    talk to Leon automatically, and when your done, talk to him again. Go
    back to the 1st District, in the accessory shop and talk to Cid. No,w go
    to the 3rd District, and theres a door in an alley with fire on it. Use
    FIRE to open it. The rocks move, so be careful. The enterance is around
    to the side.
    When you enter, it will be empty. Merlin will come and fill the house
    with his magic. Talk to him when the scenes are over and then talk to
    Fairy Godmother to get a new summon spell, Simba. Now, leave and go to
    the third district to see Riku. Then go up the stairs to the small
    Go over to the power wire that is loose in the 3rd District. Hit it with
    lightning,and go to the 2nd District, and go to the Gizmo shop. Go out
    of the Gizmo Shop on the other side, and to the left, climb the ladder.
    After fighting the Requeims, use the Red Trinity on the blocked off way.
    Ring the bell 3 times. Now, if you are not stocker up on items, go
    through to the 1st District at the door in the 3rd district, NOT the
    second, or you will have to confront a boss. If you are ready, jump down
    and go
    to the rotating picture to fight...
    |Opposite Armor|
    EXP          - (not sure)
    Tech Points  - 19 for blocking
    To beat this guy, take out his hands first, feet second, and then his
    body/head last. It really dosent matter. Whn he does not have feet, he
    will use a cannon-like blast that can be easilt dodged with "Dodge
    Roll". If you can't beat this guy, then you should just go level up.
    Congradulations, you just locked Traverse Town. Go to the World Exit.
    Now, you can WARP DRIVE to the Coliseum, where the Phil Cup is taking
    IX. Coliseum--The Phil Cup
     Go in and talk to Phil to enter in the PHIL CUP.
    This Section will be updated soon with all Seeds, since you don't fight
    in some when you restart the Phil Cup.
    10th Seed: Jungle Vice
    Powerwild          x4
    Soldier            x3
    You should have no trouble with this seed.
    9th Seed : Monkey & Magic
    Powerwild          x1
    Green Reqiem       x2
    Red Nocturne       x2
    Yellow opera       x5
    Kill the monkey first, then attack the cluster of heartless mages.
    8th Seed : Big Feet
    Hammerlegs         x1
    Powerwild          x4
    Take out the 4 monkeys first, then the feet. Watch put for when the feet
    raise up.
    7th Seed : 6th Mage
    Red Nocturne       x5
    Yellow Opera       x5
    Using Blizzard will not heal any of them, so thats a good attack to use
    agaisnt them.
    5th Seed : Nightwalkers
    Large Body         x1
    Powerwild          x5
    Take out the monkeys, then the big blob guy.
    4th Seed : Hard Hitters
    Gauntlets          x1
    Blue Rhapsody      x3
    Shadow             x4
    Kill the normal heartles, then the blue guys, and then those hands.
    3rd Seed : Indomitable
    Large Body        x2
    Green Requiem     x6
    Kill the green things,because they heal the  blobs then kill the 2 blob
    guys. To easily get behind a blob guy, use dodge roll if you have it.
    2nd Seed : Wild Corps
    Gauntlets         x1
    Hammerlegs        x1
    Powerwild         x4
    Kill the monkeys, then the hands, and the feet. The order for the hands
    and feet really doesent matter, just get rid of the monkeys first.
    1st Seed : Shadow Battalion
    Armored Torso    x1
    Yellow Opera     x4
    Blue Rapsody     X4
    Kill the Torso guy first, and then take out the rest of those annoying
    freaky flyers.
    When you beat this, you will receive GRAVITY as a magic spell. Go to the
    World Exit, there's nothing more to do here.
    When you get in the Gummi Ship, there is a warp hole to the right. Go to
    it, revealing the new world...
    X. Agrabah
    After the scenes and the fight, go to the door marked STORAGE and save
    your game. Leave the storage, and go to MAIN STREET. After fighting the
    heartless, climb the nearby pole marked as ALADDIN'S HOUSE. There's a
    moving carpet, but he's stuck under a case. Move the case to set him
    free. Now, go back to MAIN STREET and go to ALLEY. There you will meet
    Jasmine and Jafar.
    After you do that, go back to Aladdin's House and there is a small
    keyhole that the Keyblade fits in. You must move a case that looks like
    the one that was on the Flying Carpet. Now, go to ALLEY, and fight the
    monsters until they are gone. Jump onto the higher level and theres
    another small keyhole. Jump across the window sills and go through the
    now opened door. Now, there is nothing to do here at all, so do what
    Donald said, and follow the Carpet to the Desert( enterance is at the
    frotn of this town, its not the world exit it's the Desert). Also, it
    would be wise to save before you go.
    After flying here,you'll see Aladdin trapped under the sand. After you
    defeat the heartless, a cool scene will appear and you will go back to
    the town. Climb up the boxes to the right and jump from on side to the
    other and go to the Alley. Go across the windows sills, and go to MAIN
    STREET. Then, go to Aladdin's house.Jump back down onto the Main Street.
    Jump onto the pot with a board on it adnd onto all of the levels, and
    jump to the open door labled "BAZAAR". Then after battling(don't fall
    off)  go across the window sills and onto the boxes. Jump acorss and
    release the small keyhole. Now, go back to Main Street.
    Go to the pot with a board on it and then cimb up and jump directly
    across and go through this door labled "PALACE GATES". Then , a Mini-
    Boss battle will occur.
    |Spider Connector|
    EXP         - (NOT SURE)
    Tech Points - 4
    To beat this thing, keep all of the spider pots away from it. If any of
    them connect, you must destroy them before it takes any damage. Then
    when there are no spider pots  connecting it, whack it to defeat it.
    Save your game, and go to the Desert. When you get here, you'll have to
    fight another boss who is hard...
    |Cave Head|
    EXP          - 400
    Tech Points  - 8
    To defeat this, you should get ontop of its head and whack the eyes from
    there. If you don't have any item's, you can get health from the
    heartless he spits out of his mouth.
    Go inside the CAVE OF WONDERS. Save yourself the trouble, and drop down
    the hole to the side. You need to have Aladdin in your party to do this.
    Go around in the water, and activate all of the gems. There's one in the
    Dark Chamber, one in the Silnt Chamber, and one that opens a wall up.
    There's a Blue Trinity herem also. In the room called HIDDEN ROOM, hit
    the pillar with FIRE. Go back up to the HALL. There's a door nearby
    makred as "Bottomless Hall". When you enter here, jump up to the left so
    you don't get washed down in the hole. Get to the other side, called
    Now that the pillar is moved, go through the door. You now have to fight
    Jafar and Genie(he is under Jafar's rule).
    |Jafar & Genie|
    EXP         - 500
    Tech Points - 11
    Stay away form Genie, and keep a lock-on to Jafar. When he does the ICE
    attack, remain in the circle or outside of it, or it will kill you.
    Genie will warn you before he hits you, so that should be a good way to
    know when he's near you.
    After you beat him, go back to the Treasure Room and save.Now go back
    and go straight to see Jasmine. Jump down and fight the final Jafar...
    EXP          - 730
    Tech Points  - N/A
    Just hit the bird and make sure you don't get hit by Jafar's attacks.
    There's really nothing to this battle.
    After the scene, you have to escape on the carpet. When you are out,
    find a save point, and you have completed Agrabah. Genie is now a
    summon, and go find a save point and head back to Traverse Town if you
    need to. Otherwise, going to the next World, you'll run into...
    XI. Monstro
    Monstro really isn't a world, and Monstro does not have a keyhole. He
    can't have a keyohole because he's a Whale, haha. When's the last time
    you saw a whale with a keyhole. So, I expect no emails concerning "HOW
    DO I LOCK MONSTRO". I already got that email 50 million times in my
    When you enter, swim over to the settlement. Then after the scene go
    into the hole marked as CHAMBER 1. This is quite confusing. Here's a
    list of chambers tp visit and the order you visit them:
    Chamber 1 - Near Geppetto's settlement
    Chamber 2 - On the ledge in Chamber 1
    Chamber 3 - Straight ahead in Chamber 2
    Chamber 2 - Adjacent to Chamber 3 door( not the C2
                you just came from )
    Chamber 5 - Left in Chamber 2(the one your in)
    Chamber 6 - Jump down from C5 to here
    Chamber 5 - Door is straight
    Chamber 4 - Door is in Chamber 5
    I got this info from a friend. The order is right, but I don't know
    about the directions. Somone inform me on this.
    After the scene(when you enter chamber 4) go to the Bowels, you will
    have to fight...
    |Parasite Cage|
    EXP          - 500
    Tech Points  - 9
    Really not a stradegy for this guy unless you call whack, get whacked,
    heal, a stradegy. Blocking his tentacle will give you 9 points, and then
    you get 500 for killing this thing.
    After the battle, jump down into the hole for a cutscene. You learn High
    Jump when you talk to Gepetto, which is vital to getting all of the
    puppies. From Gepetto's Ship, jump over to the other side of the mouth,
    and jump up and onto the ledge. You should now be able to jump into the
    section of Monstro called THROAT. Get all the way up to the STOMACH and
    now you have to fight...
    |Parasite Cage 2|
    EXP          - 700
    Tech Points  - 19
    The stradegy is the same. Whack, get whacked, heal. Repeat. If you have
    trouble with this thing its because
    A. You're an idiot
    B. You need to level up
    C. Your under the influence of drugs
    The only thing different about him is his HP. Also, you might be dying
    from stepping on the yellow stuff, which you should not do.
    After you beat him, Geppetto leaves with Pinocchio, and they now live in
    Traverse Town. If you need to, go there to stock up on supplies and talk
    to him in the 3rd District. You may have gotten the Summon Stone here in
    Monstro. Take it to Fairy Godmother and you will have Dumbo.
    There's a tournament at the Coliseum, the Hercules Cup.
    XII. Atlantica
    After the scenes, find Flounder easily by locking onto things. After the
    tutorial, the search, the fight and the scene, you have to find to King
    Go to the Undersea Valley. Follow the Trident markers and you will end
    up at a place called  Calm Depths. Hold down right on the analog to get
    to the Undersea Cave. Go up to the Undersea Gorge. Then you will finally
    see a whole that says "Triton's Palace". Go straight to Triton's Throne.
    After the scene, go to the Undersea Gorge and Ariel will show you her
    Grotto. Go to it to trigger a cutscene. Leave and hear of Ursula's
    Genious plan. Go to Undersea Cave, and then get to Calm Depths. Notice
    the dolphin. Get sucked into the Undersea Valley, and gra onto the
    dolphin. He'll take you to a sunken ship. Go into the ship and a shark
    will attack you ::has a Deep Blue Sea flashback::. I hate sharks, guys,
    they are spooky.
    Go to the outside of the ship and you can fight the shark. Go back out
    to Undersea Gorge. Hit the jet and you will smash up the treasure chest.
    Now, go into Ariel's Grotto, about 5 feet away. Go to the Trident.
    After the scene, go to King Triton's palace. Go to his Throne. After the
    scene, you will see that Ursula now has his Trident. There's a save
    point behind his throne inside of a clam. Go to the Undersea Gorge.
    Beside Ariel's Groto is the hole you popped out of. Go down in that
    hole. Then go to Sunken Ship. Examine part of the boat outside of the
    big ship, and Sebastian will get to see the enterance of Ursula's Lair.
    Go to the place marked DEN OF TIDES in the Sunken Ship Area.
    Go to Cavern Nook if you need to save. A Save point is inside a clam.
    Note, you should get you items ready, and use a tent, because this is
    where the boss's start to get hard in the game, so to speak. Now leave
    and go to the place called
    Tidal Abyssys. Then after you fight, go to Ursula's Lair to fight...
    |Ursula Form 1|
    EXP          - 1000
    Tech Points  - N/A
    Form 1 isn't very hard. You do not need to hit her at all at first. At
    the bottom, the cauldron is reacting and doing all sorts of things. For
    example, if the pot is...
    Red    - Use Blizzard on the cauldron
    Blue   - Use Fire on the Cauldron
    Repeat this process a few times, and it will stun Ursula. Then, you
    should go and hit her. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times to kill her.
    To regain MP, you need to fight the Eels. Sometimes, yellow sparks come
    out of the cauldron, and she will sometimes make the cauldron do a wind
    attack that can be easily avoided if you stay away from the cauldron.
    They recover soon after you kill her.
    Then, go to Tidal Abyssys, and then go to Den of Tides. Go from here to
    Sunken Ship, and then go from Sunken Ship to Calm Depths. Swim up the
    Current with Mermaid Kick. Now you will go to an area called ???, and
    |Ursula Form 2|
    EXP         - NOT SURE
    Tech Points - NOT SURE
    Ursula is huge, hard, and really ugly. Keep on the move constantly for
    the lightning, and don't get in front of her face or she will bite you.
    This takes off a LOT of energy. I found it easy to sneak behind her neck
    and whack her from there. But, she will eventually turn around, and she
    will sometimes use a attack and she will suck you into her mouth. Use
    Mermaid kick to get out of the suction waves. Just be patient and kill
    her. She will also yell, "Now I'm angry. Time to teach you some
    respect!" when she says this get away from her as FAR AS YOU CAN. You
    may notice it is very hard to get behind her neck with mermaid kick, and
    taking it off will make her easier.
    After you beat her, you will go to the palace, and Triton will tell you
    that the keyhole is in Ariel's Grotto. Go there to complete Atlantica.
    Then you will get the crab claw and your on your way to...
    XIII. Halloween Town
    This movie(The Nightmare Before Christmas) is the only thing that
    violates just about every single one of the 10 Commandments, lol. Maybe
    not, but it's the only thing I see as evil and completely sick. I'd
    rather watch Hannibal Lector than play this level. And what I really
    hate is that the main charactor jas the same name as me(Jack).
    When you enter Halloween Town, go out into Guillotine Square. Go to the
    Pumpkin light and a cutscene will trigger. Go to the nearby door marked
    LAB ENTRYWAY. Then, up the stairs and into Research Lab. You'll need to
    find Sally.
    "That good for nothing girl! 'Don't know why I bothered creating her..."
    See why it's evil? Haha..anyways, go to the Guillitine Square. The mayor
    is going nuts, and Sally is in the Graveyard. Graveyard is beside a
    building and up some stairs. When you kill all of the heartless, Sally
    and Zero appear. Go back to the Lab, which is in the Guillotine Square.
    Talk to Dr. Finklestein, and a cut-scene will appear.
    Now, you need to get SURPRISE. Go to the Graveyard and fight the
    heartless. Then, examine the coffin to go to another screen. Talk to
    Mayor, and he will have you do a sort of mini game. Go up to the
    toombstones in the order that the ghosts appear. The pumpkin will burst
    open, revealing a chest with JACK-IN-THE-BOX i it.Go back into the door
    and back to the Guilotine Square, and back to the research Lab.
    When you talk to Dr. Finklestein, Shock, Lock, and Barrel steal the
    heart. They have taken it to Oogie Boogie. Go back into the graveyard
    and examine the coffin. Then when you are in this next screen, examine
    the pumpkin statue. There's a stone sticking out of the hill. Examining
    it will lead you to the next screen.Go to the gate, marked OOGIE'S
    If you go down to the bottom, and fight off the heartless, you can get
    in the bathtub, taking you up the the enterance of Oogie's manor. When
    you enter, make the platform rise by casting  fire on it. Follow the
    stairs and the wood until you reach a door called EVIL PLAYROOM. You'll
    have to fight Lock, Shock, and Barrel. They aren't hard. Save your game,
    and go almost to the bottom to a green door titled TORTURE ROOM. Here,
    you will face...
    |Oogie Boogie|
    EXP          - 2500
    Tech Points  - Don't Know
    Oogie Boogie is tough. Not because he will kill you, but because he will
    trick you. Keep locked onto Oogie Boogie at all times. When the buttons
    turn bright, step on one of them when you are very closely lined with
    Oogie Boogie(why you need to lock onto him). Then you will go into a
    cage-like area and you get to hit him. Repeat this.
    Now you must find all of the black bubbles from which Oogie Boogie is
    drawing power. They can be tough to find, so just look hard. There are 7
    total. After you find them, you seal the keyhole, get Pumpkinhead(Sora
    Weapon), and a spell upgrade. You are now ready to move on to...
    XIV. Neverland
    This is by far the shortest world, and the easiest to beat, too.
    A world labled as Battle Level 7 is on the Gummi Ship map. When you go
    here, you will end up on Captain Hook's ship. Go out the door that
    Tinkerbell unlocked. You' encounter heartless here. After the battles,
    take the ladder up and go into the door to the right. Kill all of the
    heartless in here, and jump down into the hole in the corner of the
    room. It will take you to the very bottom of the ship. Take the ladder
    in the middle of the room up, then get onto the table and  jump in the
    hole in the  celing.
    Leave this room through the door, and open the door across to the right.
    There's a green trinity in this room. To use it you must have Goofy,
    Donald, and Sora in your party. Head up the stairs. Jump on the table,
    onto the shelf, and into the hole in the roof. Open the door to the
    right, and use the green trinity to bring the ladder down. Climb to
    fight a boss...
    |Sora's Shadow|
    EXP          - 2000
    Tech Points  - (DONT KNOW)
    This guy is a real pain. Go up to him and hit some combos, and then run
    away. As you progress in the battle, he will split into 3 Shadows. If
    you run around and lock onto the one with the most energy(equip SCAN),
    thats the one you must hit. After hitting him, he will go underground
    and come up and hit you. This can be a real pain. To avoid it,
    constantly roll around. I wasen't paying attention when I beat him, and
    I didn't get the tech points and the experience, so if you would, submit
    it to me please!
    In this room, there's a hatch at the bottom of the floor. Go down to
    find Wendy, and Peter will leave. No, go back to where you fought Sora's
    Shadow to save. Go to the door at the other end of the room to trigger a
    cutscene. You learn to fly, and then you have to fight...
    |Captain Hook|
    EXP          -
    Tech Points  -
    This guy isn't(to me) as hard as Sora's Shadow. He makes heartless
    appear constantly, and you can get good experience for killing them. You
    should always be moving around flying. When the time is right, fly up to
    him, whack him, and then fly away. After you beat him, you learn "Ars
    Arcanum", my favorite ability.
    You'll now be taken to a huge clock called Big Ben. Talk to Wendy more
    than once and she will tell you that the clock is wrong. To fix the
    clock, go the one that is different than all the other times. Lock onto
    it and whack it. Then when the time is correct, it will reveal the
    keyhole and you have already completed Neverland. You learn the
    extremely useful GLIDE and now you are ready to go to...
    XV. Hollow Bastion
    This world is BY FAR the most confusing aspect of the game, period. It's
    long, and again, very, very confusing. This is why 50% of you people
    have come to read my FAQ, lol. There are actually 2 parts to Hollow
    Riku has stolen the keyblade from you, Donald and Goofy think that Riku
    is Mr. Almighty, and now, your all alone. But wait, you get to have
    BEAST on your team. Climb up the white platforms up to the CASTLE GATES.
    Be sure not to fall. To the right there is an elevator. Take it down.
    There are alot of heartless to deal with, and since you have a wooden
    sword, it's best to let beast kill them all. There's a bubble to right
    taking you to a waterway. Take the next few  bubbles you see, and you
    will pass a not-usable BLUE TRINITY, but will be later...
    Hit the switch, and it says that the 'CASTLE GATES HAVE OPENED'. Go back
    the way you came, and take the elevator back up. Now you can go into the
    castle. When you enter, Sora get's the keyblade back, and then you have
    to fight...
    EXP         - 2000
    Tech Points - 17
    He's fast and he has alot of HP, but he's not hard. His attacks barely
    even hurt you. Keep Goofy and Donald healed, for they contribute in the
    battle. He will soon be defeated
    Now you have Donald and Goofy back. Go to the door in here and find the
    heartless symbol marked on it. Here you need to find 4 emblems. Go in
    here, and into the libray at the left up the stairs. Now, you must solve
    the library puzzle, but not hard.
    In here ther are sets of books on the shelves, missing 1 volume out of
    each set. You must find the volumes to each set to complete the puzzle.
    Just go around and look for the books and put them back in their correct
    places, usually according to color. When yuou are done, you will come
    across a red button. Pressing it will unlock the door to the second
    floor of the main hall.
    On this floor there are 4 emblem pieces. They are as follows:
    -Use Fire on the candles
    -Red Trinity beside the box(Donald and Goofy in party)
    -Break pots next to statues
    -Pushing a statue to reveal a chest
    Jump down and go to the door in the center to insert all of the pieces,
    thus unlocking the door.
    Take the other door on the other side back to the outside of the castle.
    Examine the orbs to see various things. There is one that takes you up
    to the next level. Go now to the Castle Gates, then the Great Crest, and
    then into the High Tower. Hit the two red orbs near the top, making the
    two huge  blocks fall, taking you to the final area. Then, go into the
    great Chapel to fight...
    EXP         - 6500
    Tech Points - 119
    Moving constantly is a great idea, and you can't get her when she is on
    the platform. So, lock on to the platform and hit it, reducing it's HP.
    As you hit it, the platform will lower, thus giving you a chance to hit
    her. She does an attack that is powerful but easily avoided. Just go
    behind one of the pillars against the wall, hahaha. After this battle
    you will then fight...
    |Dragon Malificent|
    EXP         - someone submit this
    Tech Points - 17, 34
    This battle is as tough as you make it. She has alot of HP, and fly
    around constanly. She does an attack which green fire comes out, and you
    should start rolling or flying to avoid it. Just hit her when she is
    calming down and thats how I killed her.
    Go through the warp thing and talk with all of the princesses from all
    of the different worlds. Use the save point and get items from the
    princesses. Now, go through the new door. Run up there and then you will
    |Possesed Riku|
    Tech Points
    This is one of the most difficult battles in the game, I'm serious. Riku
    has deadly speed and agility, and he has powers given to him by ansem.
    Not a good combination for an opponent, eh? When he strikes, be careful
    and roll behind him and then hit him with a combo. Soon after repeating
    this process, he should turn into a state where he is glowing with
    lightning. It's a very good idea to be in the air, and while in air,
    select heal just in case he hits you. Fly around until he stops. He will
    then do a move where he says, "Heal This!", and when he does that, go
    and whack him. Towards the end of the battle, he will constantly stay in
    the state, and its a good idea to fly, and sort of "zoom in on him". and
    hit him like so. He will eventually fall, and if you can't beat him,
    don't feel bad.
    Aftert the cutscene, you are turned into a heartless. Run down to
    followe Kairi, Goofy, and Donald. Go back down to the first area(just
    keep going back to the beggining) and you will find Kairi. She will give
    you back your heart and then you will automatically go to...
    XVI. Traverse Town--The New Gummi Block
    You will talk to everyone in the 3rd District House. After you talk to
    them, Leon(Squall) says you should talk to Cid about going back to
    Hollow Bastion.
    Go to the 1st District via the big door in the 3rd District. Cid will
    tell you that the Gummi Piece is in the secret waterway. Go down here
    and Kairi will be there, then you should examine the picture to get the
    last Gummi Block. You get the Oathkeeper, and when you take the Guumi to
    Cid, he will install it. After the scene, go back to Hollow Bastion.
    XVII. Hollow Bastion--2nd Visit
    In the Rising Falls, you will see Beast and have the option to have him
    in your party. Make your way back into the Great Chapel and talk to the
    Princesses. Then go save at the save point, and go back into the room
    with the keyhole. You will then have to fight the infamous Final Fantasy
    feind, Behemoth!
    Tech Points
    Although not the hardest boss, he does have a bit of HP. The simple
    strategy is: climb on his back, and slash at his horn. Try to stay on
    when he tries to throw you off. His attacks are mostly in front of him,
    and if you get on his back, taking damage is not a factor.
    Leave here, and go back into the Great Chapel, where you will learn
    Firaga. Go to the Library, and talk to Belle to receive the Divine Rose
    keyblade. Aeris will give you some Ansem Reports. Return to a save point
    and go to the gummi ship, entering the final world...
    XVIII. End of the World
    This world isn't long, it's just full of battles. I really dislike this
    world because it is simply too boring. Head towards the glowing light at
    the end of the area. The walls are sort of "invisible", and walking
    along them will allow you to see where they are. Chests will spawn
    battles, but also show you where the walls are. You'll fight easier
    versions of Behemoth, and very strange heartless who are the most
    powerfull you have faced so far. When you get to the light at the end,
    you will be taken to a strange place.
    In this valley, jump down all the platforms. Get some chests, too.
    You'll end up in an area where you go back to all the worlds. Just go up
    to the purple light and hit it, then fight the monsters here, then go
    straight to the green light when it takes you back. This can take a
    You will arrive in the 100 Acre Wood, where you can save which is very
    wise. Go foward into the next world. In the room, examine the computer-
    like object. After the battle, go back to the portal hole...
    EXP         -
    Tech Points -
    Ohh, man, I lovvve Fantasia. It was the only Disney Movie that kept me
    interested! It had the most awesome music ever, and this tune is thought
    to be one of the scarriest ever written in history(and you thought Walt
    Disney was kiddy).
    Although the spooky music seems to foreshadow the difficulty, he is not
    that hard. Just hit him in the face.
    After the battle jump down into the fire. Notice the heartless sign on
    the wall. As you defeat more heartless, the heartless seal will fade.
    This takes forever.
    Alright, through this door is the final save point, the FINAL REST. Go
    to the door and you will end up in the Destiny Islands. Go to the cave
    with the drawings.
    |The Ansem Battles|
    1- EXP
       Tech Points
    2. EXP
       Tech Points
    Ansem is not that hard depending on what level you are. If you want a
    challenge try level 40-50, and if you just want to murder him, level 60
    and above. He does an attack where his heartless sheilds him. Roll
    behind him when you are close, and you can get back to him. He will
    sometimes get the heartless thing to possses your party. When he does,
    press 'X' when the attack bar switches to "FREEZE" or this possesion
    will hurt you. Other than
    This battle is exactly the same as the one above, except for:
    A. Donald and Goofy do not join you
    B. He has a new attack
    His new attack is like a homing missle. It can be hard to dodge. To
    avoid this attack, set a pattern that I cannot explain to Dodge Roll out
    of the way.
    After the battle you will be taken somewhere. Ansem will get huge and he
    will use this huge sword thing. When he attacks he will pause and thats
    your time to attack. He should not be any trouble. After this, you will
    then go into a portal hole that leads to a dark room. Then come out and
    then in the next portal hole you will go into a dark room with Goofy.
    Then fight the monster thing outside and then you will get Donald.
    When you come out, this is it. The last battle with Ansem. He is pretty
    much the same as the one above. Just be careful.
     /       Section 3 - Game Information   \
     \ ____________________________________ /
    Part 1 - The Secret Ending
    First things first--you do NOT need the Ansem Reports. Monstro is not a
    world, but you must have High Jump to get all of the Dalmations( you
    obtain this in Monstro ), and the Dalmations are required for the secret
    endings. The secret ending is worth the wait. **NOTE** most of this info
    is copied straight from MY SECRETS FAQ.
    I. 99 Dalmations
    Traverse Town:
    1,2, and 3   - The hard to reach Island across from
                   Merlin's House, get there after you
                   have obtained Glide in Neverland
    4,5, and 6   - Behind the Red Trinity in the 1st
                   District Alley. You must have the Red
                   Trinity to get them
    7,8, and 9   - In the Item Synthesis Shop, after
                   getting the Green Trinity they are
    10,11, and 12- Hidden in the Secret Waterway, use Red
                   Trinity when you have it.
    13,14, and 15- On a high platform in the Queen's
                   Castle, reachable via a hidden
                   Exit in the Lotus Forrest.
    16,17, and 18- On one of the High plarforms in the
                   Lotus Forrest
    19,20, and 21- In the Tea Party Garden. Sora needs
                   the  High Jump ability, obtained after
                   completing the 'Monstro' level.
    Olympus Coliseum:
    22,23, and 24- In the blue Trinity beside the main
    Deep Jungle:
    25,26, and 27- On the far end of the Hippo Lagoon
    28,29, and 30- In the  Vines 2 area, reachable by
                   climbing the Ivy in the Hippos Lagoon
                   and swinging over to the far platform
    31,32, and 33- Blue Trinity in the Climbing Trees
    34,35, and 36- Blue Trinity in the Camp area
    37,38, and 39- Chest in Aladdin's house
    46,47, and 48- On a high point in the Palace Gates
                   area, reachable with the High Jump
    49,50, and 51- Near the enterance of Cave of Wonders
    52,53, and 54- Aladdin must be in party, bounce up
                   atop a treasure mound in the Cave of
    Halloween Town:
    40,41, and 42- Bridge area, near the enterance of
                   Oogie's Manor
    64,65, and 66- After you defeat Oogie Booige, and his
                   mansion, go to Moonlight Hill.Go in a
                   newly accessible door, and theres a
                   chest. Open it.
    67,68, and 69- Pull the bellrope at Jack's front door
                   and look below the front stairs
    70,71, and 72- Guillotine Square, use Glide atop grey
    55,56, and 57- In Chamber 3
    73,74, and 75- When water level drops, on a stack of
    76,77, and 78- Chamber 3, check all enterances
    79,80, and 81- In Chamber 5
    43,44, and 45- In a corner of the clock tower
    82,83, and 84- When flying, on a beam in the ships
    85,86, and 87- Yellow Trinity in the ships hold
    88,89, and 90- Chest in the Captains Cabin, after
                   Shadow battle
    Hollow Bastion:
    61,62, and 63- Grand Hall on second visit
    91,92, and 93- Bottom of the Rising Falls
    94,95, and 96- Cast Gravity on the floating chest at
                   the castle gates
    97,98, and 99- Cast Gravity on the chest in High
    Check back to the Dalmation House when you have some.
    12 Puppies : Curaga-G gummi block
    21 Puppies : Firaga-G gummi block
    30 Puppies : Thundara-G gummi block
    42 Puppies : Mythril Shard(..eh?)
    51 Puppies : Torn Page and Mythil(now we're talkin)
    60 Puppies : Megalixir
    72 Puppies : Orichalum
    81 Puppies : Ultima-G gummi block
    90 Puppies : Ribbon
    99 Puppies : Every gummi and an improved Aero spell
    II. The Coliseum
    For the secret ending, you must complete the Hades Cup, the Platinum and
    Gold matches are not required. Just the big, huge, Hades Cup. Soon to
    come, I will have the complete stradegy I'm working on for the whole
    Hades Cup(some of these bosses are hard!).
    III. The 100 Acre Wood
    This place is fun. It's not required to beat the game, but it's required
    to get the secret ending(it has a keyhole).
    To go to other parts of the 100 Acre Wood, you need the Torn Pages. All
    of them are required to lock the 100 Acre Wood. The 100 Acre Wood isn't
    hard, it's mini games.
    Traverse Town   : Rescue 51 Dalmations and go to
                      Dalmation House
    Agrabah         : Dark Chamber in the Cave of Wonders
    Monstro         : Chamber 6
    Halloween Town  : The  bookcase in the Doctor's Lab
    Atlantica       : Ariel's Grotto
    |Empty Meadow|
    Talk to Pooh on the log, then when he leaves go back to his house.
    |Pooh's House|
    Pooh will leave and then go back to the Hunny Tree. Then, go talk to
    Owl. He will tell you about the Torn Pages. From now on, you will need a
    Torn Page(all listed above) to move into newer area's of the 100 Acre
    |Pooh's Hunny Tree|
    Piglet will be beside the bush. When he see's you, he will run away. Go
    around to the other side of the tree and sneak up on him, and talk to
    him. Pooh comes. To complete this, just smack the bee's and make sure
    they don't pop Pooh's Balloon.
    |Rabbit's House|
    Follow Pooh in. Pooh gets stuck. Leave and go around and talk to Pooh.
    Rabbit tells you to make Pooh some carrot juice, but Tigger has came and
    bounced all over the garden. Just try to get to where you think Tigger
    is going to land before he lands there.
    |The Swing|
    Jump into the stream to get Eeyore. Help Eeyore find his tail. Lock onto
    Pooh, and make him follow you onto of the hill and onto the slide. This
    may take a few times, but when you get it, you will know because he will
    land on Eeyore's house.
    |Tigger's Bouncing Spot|
    Tigger will teach you how the real Tigga'z play. Just follow what path
    he goes on. After you get this, Tigger will make you play hit pot game.
    Just lock onto the nuts he throws. After this you can leave and you are
    done here, or talk to Tigger and Roo to get sone rare nuts for Owl. Why
    can't he get the nuts, he can fly.
    |Muddy  Path|
    Find Pooh's Friends:
    Eeyore - He's in the center of the mud hole.
    Roo    - Bouncing on a tree in the muddy part.
    Rabbit - Bring Pooh to the holes in the wall, and
             Rabbit will come out of these holes
             randomly, so then talk to him.
    Tigger - Lead Pooh to the Flowers and he will go up.
             Jump on the stump with wind coming out, and
             then lock onto the spider web in the log. Go
             across to talk to Tigger.
    Owl    - Lead Pooh across the log, and make him get
             on the flower. Owl will land next to the
    Piglet - In the tree hole up where Owl. When you talk
             to him with Pooh, he will go down to another
             hole. Jump down and talk to him
    100 Acre Wood Status : Complete
    Part 2  : Weapons and Spells
    IV. Sora's Weapons
    Jungle Key, Three Wishes, Crabclaw,Pumpkin Head and  Fairy Harp are
    already gotten once you lock Deep Jungle,Agrabah, Atlantica, Halloween
    Town and Neverland.
    Spellbinder    - Get all first level spells and talk
                     to Merlin
    Wishing Star   - When you can go to Gepetto's house,
                     you will get it.
    Metal Chocobo  - Defeat Cloud in Hercules cup
    Olympia        - Win the Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules
    Lionheart      - Defeat Squall and Cloud in the Hades
    Lady Luck      - Use the White Trinity in Wonderland
    Divine Rose    - Talk to Belle in the Hollow Bastion
    Oathkeeper     - Talk to Kairi in the secret waterway
                     of Traverse town later in the game.
    Oblivion-Open the chest in Hollow Bastion Grand Hall
    Ultima Weapon  - Synthesis all 24 items in the
                      synthesis shop.
    V. Donald's Weapons
    Mage's Staff - Default
    Morning Star -For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Warhammer    -For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Shooting Star-For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Magus Staff  -For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Silver Mallet-For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Grand Mallet -For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Wisdom Staff -For Sale at the Item Shop in Traverse
    Lord Fortune -Get every summon and visit the Fairy
                  God Mother where Merlin is.
    Violetta     -White Trinity in Olympus  Stadium
    Wizard Relic -Rare Item dropped  by Wizards in Hollow
    Dream Rod    -Aquire every spell and visit Merlin
    Save the Queen-Beat the Hades cup with only Sora
    VI. Goofy's Sheilds
    Knight's Sheild- Default
    Stout Sheild  - For Sale at Item Shop in Traverse
    Smasher       - For Sale at the Item shop in Traverse
    Mythril       -For Sale at the Item shop in Traverse
    Gigas Fist    -For Sale at the Item shop in Traverse
    Golem Shield  -For Sale at the Item shop in Traverse
    Onyx Shield   -For Sale at the Item shop in Traverse
    Adamant Shield-For Sale at the Item shop in Traverse
    Herc's Shield- Beat the Hercules Cup
    Genji Shield - Beat Yuffie in the Hades Cup
    Defender     - Rare item dropped by Defenders in
                   Hollow Bastion
    Save the King- Beat the Hades Cup time attack
    Dream Shield - When you beat a white mushroom with 3
                   fire spells, you get the fire arts,
                   and with 3 thunder spells, you get the
                   Thunder arts, and so on. If you get
                   all arts for all the spells and bring
                   them to Merlin, he gives you this.
                   White Mushrooms can be found in the
                   Deep Jungle later in the game. From
                   the  camp, to where you fight Clayton,
                   and run back to the camp, they appear
    VII. Abilities & Spells
    Basically, what this chart means is if you picked 1 of the 3(sword,
    staff, or sheild), then these are the levels you receive abilities and
    what the abilities are.
    Lv.      Sword         |       Staff       |    Shield           |
    9  |Combo Plus (1)     |Scan               |Guard               |
    12 |Vortex             |Treasure Magnet [1]|Scan                |
    15 |Scan               |MP Haste           |Lucky Strike        |
    18 |Blitz              |Counterattack      |Second Chance       |
    21 |Berserk            |Critical Plus [1]  |Counterattack       |
    24 |Counterattack      |Guard              |Jackpot             |
    27 |Air Combo Plus [1] |Aerial Sweep       |Treasure Magnet [1] |
    30 |Aerial Sweep       |Treasure Magnet [2]|N/A                 |
    33 |Treasure Magnet [1]|MP Range [1]       |Blitz               |
    36 |Guard              |Berserk            |MP Range [1]        |
    39 |N/A                |Lucky Strike       |Treasure Magnet [2] |
    42 |N/A                |N/A                |Combo Plus [1]      |
    45 |MP Haste           |N/A                |Vortex              |
    48 |Critical Plus [1]  |Second Chance      |Berserk             |
    51 |Second Chance      |MP Rage [2]        |Critical Plus [1]   |
    54 |N/A                |Jackpot            |N/A                 |
    57 |MP Rage [1]        |Vortex             |Air Combo Plus [1]  |
    60 |Treasure Magnet [2]|Air Combo Plus [1] |Aerial Sweep        |
    63 |Jackpot            |Blitz              |MP Haste            |
    66 |MP Rage [2]        |Combo Plus [1]     |MP Rage [2]         |
    69 |Lucky Strike       |Critical Plus [2]  |Critical Plus [2]   |
    72 |Combo Plus [2]     |N/A                |N/A                 |
    |Sora's Abilities|
    Dodge Roll:
    After defeating the guard armor in traverse town.
    fulfill the requirements for defeating each of the mini games in hundred
    acre wood.
    Sonic Blade:
    After defeating cerberus in the coliseum.
    Ars Arcanum:
    After defeating captain hook in neverland.
    Stirke Raid:
    Win the pegasus cup in the coliseum
    Defeat Riku at hollow bastion the second time.
    Trinity Limit:
    complete the hades cup, after defeating rock titan.
    10: Berserk
    15: MP Haste
    20: MP Rage(1)
    25: Second Chance
    30: Treasure Magnet(1)
    35: Second Wind
    40: MP Rage(2)
    45: Treasure Magnet(2)
    50: Jackpot
    55: Lucky Strike
    Donalds cheer ability is received after you defeat malificent.
    9: Rocket
    12: Jackpot
    15: Charge
    18: Treasure Magnet(1)
    21: Tornado
    27: Lucky Strike
    30: MP Gift
    33: Second Wind
    36: Second Chance
    39: MP Rage(1)
    42: Treasure Magnet(2)
    45: MP Rage(2)
    51: MP Haste
    54: Berserk
    Goofys Cheer ability is receieved after you defeat the parasite cage the
    first time.
    At the beggining of the game, when you keep certain things, and
    sacrifice others, and your stats affected.
    Keep      Sacrifice      HP      MP      AP      STR      DEF
    Sword     Shield         18      2       3       6        1
    Sword     Staff          18      2       1       6        2
    Shield    Staff          18      2       1       5        4
    Shield    Sword          18      2       3       4        4
    Staff     Shield         18      3       3       5        1
    Staff     Sword          18      3       3       3        3
    To make this simply, when Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie ask you the
    questions, it determines how fast you level up. Theres a mulitude of
    availiable answers but to keep it simple heres what you say for
    what.Answer all the questions with the first answer and you will level
    up fast.Answer all the questions with the second answer and you will
    have a normal level up pace.Answer all the questions with the third
    answer and you will level up at a slower pace.
    Thank's to the people who gave me any needed information. You know who
    you are! More versions will come in the future.

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