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    Clock Tower FAQ by YSF

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                            KINGDOM HEARTS: CLOCK TOWER SECRETS
                     Kingdom Hearts: Clock Tower Secrets Version 1.0
                               For Sony PlayStation 2 Only
                                     By YEE SENG FU
    E-Mail   :                     ysf@pacific.net.sg
    Date     :                     27th November 2002
    ICQ      :                          25076522
    HomePage :          http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Portal/7933/
    Country  :                          Singapore
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    I have spent a lot of time typing this faq and the only way to show your
    appreciation is not to use this faq for profitable means and hopefully, this
    faq will be of some help to you.
    If you feel that reading this faq is a bit tedious especially when you have
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    2002 Disney. Owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc and Used by Permission.
    Developed by SQUARESOFT with joint cooperatinon from DISNEY Interactive.
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    |NOTE |The faq is best viewed using WORDPAD by setting it as Courier New  |
    |     |font 9 and with text wrapped to ruler.                             |
    Well, it's been a long time even since I wrote a new faq. To all those who
    are concerned about me, I am still serving the army now [as of year 2002].
    Despite the tight schedule in army, gaming is still my favourite hobby -
    needless to say, my passion for writing faqs still stays true. Therefore,
    I have decided to write this so-called "small-scale" faq. Although this
    might not contribute much to the faq community at gamefaqs, I hope readers
    will find it useful. Well, whether I will write more faqs in future remains
    a mystery, even to myself.
    Version 1.0   [27th November 2002]   [21.6 KB]
    -"First Visit To Clock Tower: Sealing the Neverland" section is done.
    -"Mystery of the Clock Tower" section is done.
    -"The Residence of the Phantom" section is done.
    -"Frequently-Asked-Questions" section is done.
    -"Credits" section is done.
    - Based on the US version.
    Table Of Contents
     1)First Visit To Clock Tower: Sealing the Neverland
     2)Mystery of the Clock Tower
     3)The Residence of the Phantom
    01)First Visit To Clock Tower: Sealing the Neverland
    After you have defeated the "one hand" Captain Hook at the ship's deck, you
    will eventually be taken to the Clock Tower. Notice the magnificent night
    scenary. You should also notice that in this gigantic tower, there is a clock
    each on all the four sides. If you fly to the very top of the tower, you
    should notice many doors on all sides of the tower.
     1)Speak to Wendy to learn about a faulty clock.
     2)Get Dalmatians 43, 44, 45 and use the save point on the roof if needed.
     3)Three faces read 12 midnight while one reads a quarter till midnight.
       Move to the minute hand that points to 9 and strike it three times until
       the clock chimes midnight.
     4)Keyhole is revealed and Sora seals it. Rewards obtained for sealing the
       keyhole are Navi-G Piece, Shared ability Glide, Tinker Bell summon and
       the Fairy Harp key chain.
    02)Mystery of the Clock Tower
    What is the mystery behind the Clock Tower? Well, you can obtain 12 good
    items from here- some are valuable like Megalixir, AP Up, Power Up and
    Defense Up.
    After sealing the keyhole, return back to the clock tower. You might sometimes
    notice a small white light shining above a door on either one side of the
    tower. Fly to that door to obtain an item. Every game hour after that, another
    light will appear above another door.
    To summary it, only 12 doors out of the so many doors contain an item inside
    it. The opening of the door is indicated by the white colour light. When and
    which door have lights appearing above it, depends on the time displayed
    on the clock and the game hour. Enter the main menu to check your gaming time
    to keep track of the time elapsed.
    For example, if the game hour is 25:00, then the clock will point to 1:00 and
    the 1:00 door will open. To convert the time on game hour to the time on the
    clock, simply substract either 12 hrs or 24hrs. It's the same LOGIC as
    converting the 24 hour clock from the game hour to the 12 hour time for the
    clock. See below for some examples.
      Game Hour       Clock Hour     Conclusion
      ---------       ----------     ----------
       24:00           12:00         A door will only open when the clock time
       24:30           12:30         is ?:00 where ? is between 1 to 12.
       25:00            1:00         There is no way you can make the time on the
       26:45            2:45         clock to go faster than the game clock. That
       30:15           06:15         means it is impossible to get all the 12 items
       33:35           09:35         at one go. To obtain all the items, you need
       38:00           02:00         to visit the clock tower at least 12 times.
       40:00           04:00         To complete this quest, you need more than
       41:20           05:20         12 hours of time.
    From what I have observed, the door will not neccessary open at exactly ?:00.
    I have seen doors starting to open only from about ?:03 - ?:05. That means
    you don't need to enter the tower at every exact hour. The door remains
    open ONLY for a FEW minutes so you have to grab the item before it closes.
    By ?:10, the door should be closed.
    If that happens, simply leave the Neverland and reenter at the Clock Tower
    save point to ACTIVATE it again.
    The general strategy is after collecting an item, leave the Neverland, spend
    an hour outside to kill time either by training characters, collect treasure
    chests which you have missed earlier on, unlock trinity and play some
    mini-games before returning there. In short, visit the tower every HOURLY.
    As you open each door and obtain each item, a white light appears over the
    correspondingly hour on the clock face directly below the door. This helps
    you keep track of the items collected.
    1:00 Orichalcum         |   7:00 AP Up
    2:00 Power Up           |   8:00 Defense Up
    3:00 Mythril Shard      |   9:00 Orichalcum
    4:00 Power Up           |  10:00 Defense Up
    5:00 AP Up              |  11:00 Mythril Shard
    6:00 Mythril            |  12:00 Megalixir
    Please refer to the Frequently-Asked-Questions below for any clarification
    if you have.
    03)The Residence of the Phantom
    It is advisable to seal the Neverland keyhole early so that you can obtain
    all the 12 items as early as possible. You should also obtain all the items
    here before sealing the Hollow Bastion keyhole. If not, the Phantom takes up
    residence here and you won't be able to get the items unless you defeat it.
    The Phantom is another tough, tricky boss. After sealing the Hollow
    Bastion keyhole, return to Ship's Cabin in Neverland. Place Peter Pan in
    your party, speak to Tinker Bell to engage the clock tower Phantom. Upon
    defeating the Phantom, your Stopra spell is upgraded to Stopga.
    Here's some strategies for fighting the Phantom.
    Party               : Sora, Goofy and Peter Pan.
    Recommended Level   : 70+
    Recommended Item(s) : Mega-Potion, Ethers and Elixir.
    Magic Shortcut      : Fire, Blizzard and Thunder.
    Compulsory Ability  : MP Gift [Goofy], MP Rage, MP Haste and Second Chance.
    Additional Ability  : Berserk, Second Chance, Second Wind and Scan.
    Equipment           : Those that boosts high MP, especially for Sora.
    HP: 1200   Exp: 9999
    At the start of battle, immediately lock on to the clock hands on any side of
    the clock tower and cast Stop on it to "freeze" time. If you don't, the clock
    tower will start a countdown. Once time runs out, a character will be
    knocked out. Character that is knocked out due to this countdown cannot be
    revived back to fight on this battle again.
    The countdown will first start on the third character, follow by the second
    and then Sora. This is the order which you place your party members. When
    the spell is about to wear off, immediately recast Stop on the clock hands
    Phantom is completely invulnerable to all attacks if there is no orb under-
    neath it. When an orb appears, this is the time to attack the Phantom. The
    colour of the orb indicates its weakness- it signifies the type of attack
    that can hurt him at this period. Other than this attack, no other attack
    can damage him.
      Colour of Orb      |      Type of Attack        *- You normally inflict
    -------------------------------------------------    one to three physical
      White              |     *Physical Attack          combo to it when orb
      Red                |      Fire                     is white. In the long
      Blue               |      Blizzard                 run, having more MP is
      Yellow             |      Thunder                  better than having high
    -------------------------------------------------    Strength.
    In conclusion,
    (a)Heal yourself only and forget about healing the other two members. Reserve
       MP for casting spells on it.
    (b)The most difficult part of the battle is to hit it with the correct spell
       because it manoevers swiftly in air. Make good aims and try not to waste
       unneccessary MP. You should be good at gliding your character as well as
       make them attack well at the same time.
    (c)Take note that you do NOT neccessary need the Stop spell on the clock
       hand to completely wear off before you cast another NEW Stop spell on it.
       All I did was simply cast the Stop spell on it consistently every now and
       then [even if the clock hand does not move] and the result is that the
       clock hand stays stationary throughout the entire battle. Because of that,
       all my characters still remain alive at the end of the battle. Casting a
       second Stop spell simply prolongs the time even if the effect of the first
       spell has not finished yet. 
    For even more in-depth strategies on how to fight the Phantom, I suggest you
    refer to Wirewyrm <wirewyrm@hotmail.co>'s Phantom faq at gamefaqs.
    Below is a compilation of questions that were asked by readers via e-mail.
    If you have any question to ask me, it is advisable that you read this
    section once. This section will undergo continuous updating as long as
    questions are sent by readers.
    E-mail me at <ysf@pacific.net.sg>. Feel free to give me feedbacks. Your
    suggestion is welcomed.
    Last Update: 26th November 2002
     1)Is it worthwhile to get all the 12 items in the Clock Tower?
       Frankly speaking, not worthwhile considering the amount of time you need.
       However, there are really some good items to get. If you find this quest
       troublesome, then you can forget about it. If you are a perfectionist who
       must find every single item in the game like me, then you can't miss this
     2)When is the best time to start getting these 12 items?
       Do it immediately after sealing the Neverland keyhole. Do not go and
       seal the Hollow Bastion unless you obtain all the 12 items because the
       Phantom will take up residence there if you do so. You will then have
       to defeat it before you can continue to get all the missing items.
     3)Is there a way to make the time on the Clock move faster?
       Unfortunately nope. If you compare the game hour in the menu, there is
       some relation to the clock hour. You just have to wait for another hour
       for another door to open. The one-hour game duration is also the SAME
       duration as that of our REAL life.
     4)I do NOT have the patience to wait that long.... What to do?
       My answer is simple- find something to kill time. You can spend an hour
       outside Neverland to accomplish these tasks [listed below] and then visit
       the Clock Tower every hourly. Trust me, time flies really fast. Besides,
       it's time to get some stuffs which you have missed earlier before going
       to Hollow Bastion. See below for example.
        a)Levelling up- Try fighting at the Colieseum. Complete the Phil Cup,
          Pegasus Cup and Hercules Cup as well as their respective time trial
          challenge. If you don't do so and seal the Hollow Bastion keyhole, the
          enemies at the Colieseum tournament becomes tougher and it will be
          difficult for you to beat, especially the time trial.
        b)Seal the 100 Hundred Acre Wood keyhole. Play the mini-games to unlock
          Sora's Cheer ability.
        c)Trinity Marks- You might gain ability to unlock new colours of trinity
          marks. Return back to previous worlds to unlock the new trinity marks
          which you couldn't use earlier on.
        d)Others- Collect all previously missed treasure chests, especially those
          that need the Glide ability. And, don't forget about the Dalmatians.
          Try the Jungle Slider, Vine Swinging and Mushroom hunting mini-games.
       So, are the above more than enough to kill time?
     5)I enter the Clock Tower a little late than I normally should. The light
       does not appear above any of the door. What should I do?
       Simply leave Neverland and reenter the Clock Tower to activate it. The
       light should appear. For example, I once enter the Clock Tower at 28:15
       according to the game hour. By right, the 4:00 door should open but it
       did not. I exit and reenter again. Surprisingly, the clock hour changes
       to 4:00 and the light did appear on one of the doors. This is the only
       time the clock hour is not adjusted to suit the game hour. But after
       getting the item, I exit and reenter the tower. The time on the clock
       was adjusted accordingly to what it should display.
     6)Phantom is hard... what should I do?
       Check the strategies above or refer to Wirewyrm <wirewyrm@hotmail.co>'s
       Phantom faq at gamefaqs.
     7)Why did you decide to write a faq on Kingdom Heart's Clock Tower?
       Well, I just want to taste the feel of writing a faq again; something
       which I used to have and enjoy a lot. As mentioned earlier in the
       introduction, whether I will write new faqs in the future remains a
       mystery, even to myself. I am sad not to be able to involve in writing
       Final Fantasy X [my most favourite and loved RPG currently] faq. As
       for Kingdom Hearts, it is currently my second most favourite PS2 game.
       The joint effort between SquareSoft and Disney was a tremendous success
       and I am proud to say that SquareSoft still remains to be my most
       favourite gaming company.
       I have actually intended to do a Secret and Side Quest guide for Kingdom
       Hearts like what I did to my Final Fantasy IX but then someone has already
       done it. Anyway, I don't expect many readers to read this faq, considering
       that it's a "small-scale", low production-wise but I thanks all the "ysf"
       readers who have supported me all these years.
     8)Can you send me your updated faq?
       My most definite answer is no. If there's 1000 readers, do I always
       have to send my updated faq to 1000 people. It will be VERY troublesome
       for me. Just go to www.gamefaqs.com and check if there's update in the
       'What's New' section. Or, you can go and check out my contributor page
       You can find all the faqs I have written, including reviews at
       my contributor page.
     9)Can I ask you a question regarding games via ICQ?
       In the past, I used to answer questions via ICQ. But now, I don't.
       I find that it's quite annoying when I was replying e-mails while
       the ICQ messages keep popping up. I have to answer so many questions
       at the same time. If you have any question, do not ask me through
       the ICQ. E-mail me instead if you have any question.
       One more thing. Do NOT add my ICQ number to your CONTACT list. Though
       I put my ICQ number at every of my faq, I don't expect everyone to add
       my ICQ number to his or her contact list. The thing is I already have
       a lot of contacts in my ICQ list. Those ICQ numbers which I added to
       my contact list, are those who are my classmates and my penpals.
       Even if you add my ICQ number to your contact list, I won't bother
       to add your ICQ number to my contact list. Firstly, I HARDLY know
       you well so it's unlikely that I will chat with you via ICQ. I
       might as well save the trouble of adding your ICQ number to my
       contact list. Secondly, if you have any question regarding games,
       you can e-mail me and ask me. ICQ will not be needed at all. I
       hope you can understand this.
    "Thinking of you, wherever you are."
    "We pray for our sorrows to end,
    and hope that our hearts will blend.
    Now I will step forward to realise this wish."
    "And who knows:
    starting a new journey may not be so hard
    or maybe it has already begun."
    "There are many worlds,
    but they share the same sky-
    one sky, one destiny."
    "Deep down in our hearts, there's a light that never goes out."
    "I know, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts is Light!"
    My Current Game Stats:
    - Normal Mode Completed.
    - Jungle Slider mini-games 
    - All worlds' keyhole, including 100 Hundred Acre Wood are sealed.
    - All Trinity marks unlocked.
    - All 10 Postcards found.
    - All 99 Dalmatians found.
    - All summons obtained.
    - All third-level magic spells obtained.
    - Phil Cup, Pegasus Cup, Hercules Cup and Hades Cup beaten, including all
      the time trial challenge.
    - All optional Bosses beaten- Phantom, Kurt Zisa, The Ice Titan and
    - All characters are at level 100 with all abilities learned.
    - Obtained Ultima Weapon, Save the Queen and Save the King.
    - Vine Swinger mini-game never played yet.
    - Haven't obtained the Shiitake Rank and Matsutake Rank from Rare Truffle
    - About 99% of treasure chests collected. Only some treasure chests at
      "Garden of Gummi" in the End of World not collected yet because my gummi
      stocks are full.
    - Never really experience creating my own ultimate gumi ship yet.
    Feel free to contact me and discuss Kingdom Hearts related topic with me.
    ysf <ysf@pacific.net.sg>
    - For typing the faq.
    - For her understanding and allowing me to continue typing up this faq. She's
      my girlfriend.
    Wirewyrm <wirewyrm@hotmail.co>
    - For writing a great Phantom faq.
    Jeff "CjayC" Veasey
    - The webmaster of www.gamefaqs.com.
    - For his dedication and hard work to www.gamefaqs.com.
    - Thanks for hosting all my faqs and reviews.
    - Thanks for making me a contributor page.
    Bradygames Official Kingdom Hearts guidebook- By Dan Birlew
    - Thanks for writing a comprehensive and well-illustrated guidebook. It has
      helped me a lot.
    SquareSoft and Disney Interactive
    - For their joint effort to create a magnificent game like kingdom Hearts.

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