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    Unknown FAQ (Final Mix) by Iluna

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 03/22/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ~Everything about him~ FAQ
    Created By: Luna~Holybell~Enzoera 
    GameFAQs member user: Xenoserphia (ゼノセルフィア)
    Date Created: 1/1/2003 
    Ver: 1.4 (Final)
    E-Mail : squirestand@hotmail.com (no spam mails, no asking 
                                      for Video's)
    For : Kingdom Hearts ~ Final Mix only 
          2002 by Disney Interactive and Squaresoft
    This FAQ is written for ones who wants to know who
    is Unknown, how to defeat him. So this is not a walkthrough, 
    so please don't send me how to defeat this and that. And, 
    this FAQ will only appear on GameFAQ's. No permission is 
    allowed to take this FAQ and post it on the other places 
    unless you asked. You can only take this FAQ and keep it 
    to yourself without asking me, no changes, no plagarize 
    is allowed. Thank you. 
    Legal actions will be taken if you post into the other side 
    without letting me know.
    This FAQ Document is copyrighted by Luna 2002, 2003. All 
    rights reserved.
    -Luna~Holybell~Enzoera- 22/1/2003
                        -ルナ〜ホーリーベル〜エンゾェラ- 2003年1月23日
     - Version History
     - Introduction
     - Who is Unknown?
     - Preparations ~Before you step in~
     - Strategy ~The Showdown~
     - His true identity.......
     - Jimmy's Memo about Unknown 
     - Deep Dive Transcript and Thoughts 
     - Ansem Report ~ The Creation born from Ignorance~ 
     - Scene Translation ~ When Sora met Unknown......
     - End of FAQ and Credits.
    " You looks like him....." ~Unknown~
    1.0 - Defeated Unknown on that day (1.1.2003) and started 
    the FAQ, watched Deep Dive at night after half of this FAQ 
    is done,also found out how to escape from Unknown's catch 
    attack easier, thanks to CChan and Keyblade Master! They also 
    defeated Unknown! Congrats for them. Also fixed some grammar 
    mistakes here. Sent at 6/1/2003
    1.1 - Added Jimmy's Memo about Unknown section, Fix some
    errors and added the missing e-mail of the Author in the most
    upper part (guess I forgot to put my e-mail), will try to
    get the Ansem Report 12 translated and put onto my FAQ,
    as well as CChan's Deep Dive transcript. Thanks to Thorf for 
    his excellent translation for the Leaf Veil ability! Sent at
    1.2 - Changed Thorf's credit infomation, and fix some errors 
    inside FAQ, nothing new. But anyway, I'll try to record the 
    fighting scene with Unknown, so you can have a viewing pleasure 
    on it. Can't gurentee the exact date, but I'll try my best! 
    Oh yeah, I'll put in Japanese words for some parts of my FAQ, 
    for a better understanding on certain  things that you may not 
    1.3 - Updated FAQ, Description about new Ansem Reports, done! 
    the scene translation about Unknown met Sora, done! Fixed some 
    possible errors, and lately, Deep Dive is much more debatable in 
    KH board. It's a good news, and I can see the future of KH2. Well, 
    Added more stuff and added more Japanese words too! sent at 13/2/2003
    1.4 - Done for the FAQ, for now, This is the Final Version of the 
    Unknown FAQ, hang around for a long time, so it's time to end it.
    All of the info's about Unknown is posted, So I have no more worries!
    However, you may still e-mail me if you have questions.
    See ya!
    "We'll go together" ~Secret Trailer from KH~
    -=How Unknown steps into my life of Final Mix..........=-
    Welcome, welcome! This is the FAQ of Unknown, yeah, The guy 
    who is very popular now to the fans of Kingdom Hearts, well, 
    I'm not a fan, but I certainly want to know who Unknown is, 
    how Unknown action in battle...So after I brought KH : FM 
    (Stands for Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix) at the 28th of December 
    2002 (two days after the game is released). Once I got it, 
    rushed home, without hesitate. Open the PS2, and played it 
    non stop (of course I got a rest in between)
    After 2 days, I was informed that Unknown is at the place 
    where you can met him. But it turn out to be false since I 
    can't find ANYTHING there. So I suddenly remembered that 
    Unknown is somewhere at Hollow Bastion - Chapel by the 
    trailer that I've downloaded in the Internet. So I go 
    there and finally found him. Oh gosh, he's COOL! His 
    actions and stances is making my ass kicked! But not means 
    he's EASY, I have a very hard time beating up this guy, 
    and I still end up dead. But I fought him with the lowest 
    recommendation, so it can be overlook. Finally, I manage to 
    got him down to oblivion finally, whew! Well, I will explain
    more on Unknown. Hop down guys, earn a special reward after 
    you read my FAQ and defeat him!
    But take a side note. This is only for KH:FM players. So KH:
    Normal players will not have the chance to fight him and see 
    him. So don't be foolish and really go and find him at the 
    Hollow Bastion - Chapel, where the Seven Princesses are. Even 
    though you unlock everything, you won't find him there since 
    you can only find him at Final Mix.
    Ok, ready? get set? go!
    "You are the source of all Heartless!" ~Secret Trailer~
    -=Who he really is?=-
    Actually if you see the scene where he go through your body 
    after you get into the arena, you will see a lot of words 
    popping out like a flashback words. I only manage to caught
    some of them:
    -"Sora! where are you?"
    -"Riku! Why are you helping the heartless?"
    -"All for one and one for all!"
    -"I will find Kairi"
    -"You are the source of all Heartless!"
    -"I don't need a keyblade anymore, my heart is the weapon!"
    -"The legendary Pappu fruit"
    -"Give back Riku's heart"
    -"Kairi, Thank you."
    -"Sora, I'll protect you this time"
    -"Thanks Kairi"
    -"There is no way that you can get Kairi's heart!"
    and last, 
    -"Promise me that you'll come back" 
    and many more....
    Is he Sora? Another Sora? Future Sora? Actually it can't be 
    assume that it's right or wrong, because he passed through 
    you, and you suddenly freaked out by the flashback that you 
    saw. and ask him who he is (Squaresoft is so smart to make 
    Unknown really unknown! geesh! He has no voice acting! but 
    the scene has voice acting in it.) Assume that he is Future 
    Sora (since he knows everything about you, or not he won't 
    be passing through you and you saw those flashback scene)Then 
    he is way too cool to be such an adult. But I cannot confirmed 
    it, because I can know this theory is mostly false and 
    untrue. But what if he is? 
    A more shocking truth, Goofy asked him that is he Ansem? But 
    Unknown never admit that he is. Why Unknown? You are such a 
    jerk that you won't tell us players who you really are!!!!!!
    I want to know!!!!!! Then he started to talk about something
    : "You are special" "Your powers, they are futile for me, the 
    power which is very compatible to the darkness" Then he 
    started to charge up his palm. His palm has the electricity 
    on his hands, and attacks Sora. Luckily for Sora, he managed 
    to hold his electric attack by using the Keyblade to block. 
    But can't hold it longer, he reflected the attack, making the 
    Hollow Bastion's roop top damaged a little (sorry Ansem....). 
    And they talked again.
    Unknown's real intention is to fight Sora and get his powers, 
    though he said "You looks like him" (I really had the feeling 
    that He is Future Sora/ Darkness Sora) And Unknown also said that 
    you are incomplete, So he needs to test your powers, and he want 
    to prove himself that your powers are compatible with his desire. 
    Sora, of course does not want this to happend, draws his keyblade, 
    together with his companion, and engaged into the battle.
    Who he really is? What did he want from Sora? Where did he come 
    from? How did he know about Sora? Why he wants Sora power? All 
    are in a mystery.....Until you defeat HIM!
    *Note here: The upper part of my explanation is my own prediction
    and my feeling of meeting Unknown for the first time, so there
    is no right or wrong, for a correct translation when you fought
    Unknown, scroll down for more infomation, It's Thorf's 
    translation dialogue about Sora and Unknown's fate meeting.
    "Ansem?" ~Goofy~
    ~準備 ~ 入る前に、どしおか?~
    To unlock the figthing with Unknown, you must do the step below 
    (not must, but it's safe to do all this things below)
    - Sealed all Keyholes (100 Acre Wood excluded)
    - Got all 99 Dalmatians
    - Complete Hades Cup (I played Proud Mode in FM, you don't need 
    to complete it, but it is still needed for unlocking Deep Dive in 
    FM. Thanks to Keyblade Master for finding this out)
    - Found all Trinity marks (Trinity Jump, Smash, Tower, Shove, 
    If you played Final Mix Proud Mode, you only need:
    -99 Dalmatians
    -Found all Trinity Marks (I heard it's not nessecary to find all,
    but for completion desire, you are allowed to do so.)
    You can meet him after you sealed the Keyhole at Hollow Bastion.
    Before fighting him, Ok , you definitely need those things, or 
    else, chances of winning this battle is nearly ZERO.
    - Divine Rose Keyblade (because of the ability to connect 
    consecutive combo hit with short recovery time)
    ソラの武器 = ラヴィアンロース
    - High Strength (around 50 and above)
    - High Defense (around 50 and above, 40+ defense is too 
    - High Level (around lvl 65 and above, lvl 75 is ideal, Lvl 80
    and above can 85% gurentee that you'll win. Unless you're very
    - Equip Accesories that will boot your strength, and defense 
    for bonus
    i) Counter Ability (カウンター)
    ii) MP Rage (2 if possible)(ダメージアスピル)
    iii) MP Haste (MPヘイスト)
    iv) Curaga (put it in your magic shorcut command)(ケアルガ)
    v) Aeroga (same as Curaga)(エアロガ)
    vi) Second Chance (ラストリーヴ)
    vii) Dodge Roll (ドツジロール)
    viii) Leaf Veil (リーフベール) 
    (new ability : While you are casting a cure spell 
    on yourself, enemies can't hit you.. Thanks to Thorf and the 
    Ultimania Revised Edition strategy guide!)
    ix) Combo Plus (ONLY EQUIP ONE!!!!! NO MORE!) (コンボプラス)
    -PARTY: Sora, Donald, Beast (Goofy is extremely useless, I choose 
    Beast because of his High HP, Attack and Defense, but CChan said 
    Donald and Goofy are his ideal party, well, is because Goofy will 
    surpass you after he reached around lvl90 and above. If you want 
    low level fight, go for Beast)
    -Ars Arcanum (ラスト。アルカナム) ability
    -Elixir (エリクサー)
    -Mega Elixir (ラストエリクサー)
    -Your fingers movement (fast and sensitive)
    -Your Judgement (very important)
    -Graviga (グラビガ)(for the purpose of tech points, I think?)
    Ok, once you reached Hollow Bastion - Chapel (ホロヴバスディオン〜礼拜堂) 
    you will notice there is a black sphere right? (the place where the 
    6 princesses are、you can chat with those princesses for more info)
    now hop in, You'll find Unknown there.
    "Remember, there will always be a door to the light" ~Mickey Mouse~
    ~戦闘~ 運命の緒戦全開!~
    *You still need to pray even though you got all the recommendations above, 
    it's crucial since he has an attack that will kill you instantly if you're 
    not careful enough. Worst, you can't do ANTHING after you get hit by this 
     His attacks are listed below:
    Sword Slash = When he get near you, he will use this move, If you use 
    Divine Rose Keyblade with Counter Ability, you will be faster than his 
    attack. (Slash you, counter, counter again, doing combo) If you equip 
    only ONE combo plus, you will be doing four hits, and then He will start 
    attack you with his Sword Slash again, by  then, you will start dodging, 
    dodge, come back, and do the same thing as above. I know, you will get 
    hit by his slash once in a while. But at least, it's better than running 
    away without doing anything. Right? as he will continue using this move 
    until he HITS you.
    Teleport = Once you go far away from him, he will teleport in front of 
    you (no matter how fast you run, he will be catching up with you.) And 
    then hit you with Sword Slash. It's also possible that he uses the Prismic 
    Missle (blue) in bewteen. Look down for more info.
    Big Bang Attack: He will come out two Big Bang attacks. no worries, as 
    long as you DON'T GO NEAR IT. It's best to go behind or beside him when 
    he does this move because he will leave a gap where you can attack him, 
    he will make a pose (Tai Chi post)and you will have a chance to smash him 
    a bit. Beware because once he does that, he will immedietely counter attack 
    you back with his Sword Slash
    Mirror Wall Stance: He will throw out and build a mirror stance in front 
    of himself, where you will get hit if you go too near. He will go through 
    his own wall (he's a ghost!) and hit you with Sword Slash, so it's best to 
    hit him at side, same as Big Bang Attack. He will leave a gap where you can 
    smash him. 
    Dancing Twin Sword Slash : His two hands (flashing hands) will come out 
    with twin swords, and start dancing, be very beware of this move, you can 
    counter this move but no matter what it is you need to cure after his 
    move his over since he's very fast, you will surely get hit (one or two 
    hits, enough to take you down to hell). If you want to avoid it (when 
    you want to heal yourself), be sure to dodge roll it, but as you will 
    get hit by this move or not, Second Chance will save you out (if you 
    equip it). And if you are really lucky, you can cancel his attack and 
    counter him back!
    Prismic Missle (Blue): Yes, once you see a blue light in circles, that's
    the move. Dodge roll it diagonally left or right. DON'T GO STRAIGHT INTO 
    IT, as the move only go front, not left and right. You can't hit him since 
    he will go very back, you can't get to him. So dodge until he does the Two 
    Big Bang Attacks. 
    Catch: This is the one. He will catch you with his "electrical" hands. 
    Where you can't do anything. Your command will be messed up and you'll 
    have two options in your command menu (4 options will change into.....) 
    Shock, or Release. It acts like a roulette, so aim for the release, if you 
    choose it correctly (Release) you won't get hurt, but if you choose Shock, 
    Your life will be drained (so before he does this move, get your health bar 
    to almost full, or full.) You can't Cure, use item or whatever, and he will
    either attack you with his Sword Slash move or Dancing Twin Sword Slash, 
    making your damage recieved doubled. You can't do anything unless you 
    choose release.
    *A side note here, you can't dodge his catch attack, and you'll have time to 
    choose between Shock and Release, remember, it's acts like a roulette (you 
    command bar will change to three shock, and one release, and the position 
    will always change)
    All Way Laser (???) : He will go into the corner of the battle arena, he 
    will cast out the all way laser attack, and move himself into circles, 
    actually no need to be fear with this attack, if you need, Glide and cast 
    Curaga if needed, this move is nearly too easy to dodge (although you 
    can't move much in between)
    Prismic Missle (red): This time, it's harder to dodge this move compare to 
    the Prismic Missle (Blue), since the missle is fired around 20-30 missles 
    at once, this move is quite hard to dodge, and it aims to you very accurately. 
    Curaga yourself if this move hurts you too much. You can try to glide it,
    for a better evading this move.
    OK, hop on to the strategy...He has three Attack Phrase. Every phrase uses 
    different strategy.
    He will only use Sword Slash and Big Bang Attack at the begining, but 
    basically, dodge roll his attacks once you need it, because you need 
    some break in between, Dodge Roll will make it useful. He will slash 
    you horizontally (the Sword Slash move) and his attack range is wide. 
    You can counter his attack but beware, Counter him is quite risky and 
    don't cast Aeroga yet!(you'll waste it) Counter and bash him, if you 
    use one Combo Plus only, you will be doing four to five hits, but after 
    this he will start slashing you. Either you get hit by his slash or not, 
    be sure to always bash him, dodge if needed, heal if possible. Remember 
    the pattern, although Donald can save you when you are half dead, you 
    still need to keep your life full. You never know what will happen next.
    Mostly when you dodge for too much, he will teleport to you and use Sword 
    Slash again. do the same as above. After this he will either counter with 
    two Big Bang Attacks, or Sword Slash, but once he teleported, He will mostly 
    do the Mirror Wall Stance attack
    Big Bang Attack : go to his back (the side is too risky) to bash him, but 
    beware he can counter you with his sword slash after this move. So beware.
    Mirror Wall Stance attack: got to his back and bash him, again, he will 
    defintely counter you with his sword slash after this move or you go in 
    front of him. So beware.
    Basically there is nothing to worry about him at this moment, Bash him 
    until his health bar drop to half of his pink health bar, He will start 
    his second phrase attack. Still not easy if you ask me. Talk is easy, 
    but to do it is a different story.
    This is a pain.......Pain in the ass......
    He maintain some of the same attacks used in Phrase One, but instead, he 
    will use the Dancing Twin Sword Slash more often, you can counter that move, 
    but no matter how you do, you'll sure get hit, so Cure if possible. Big Bang 
    Attacks is much wider ranged now, so also be careful. Once he teleport 
    backwards, he will start to use the Prismic Missle (Blue).Be sure to dodge 
    diagonally left or right since you can't do anything to him except dodge.
    choose the right answer, and escape from it! It's ok when you choose the wrong 
    answer in the begining, you'll have the second chance to choose it, but make 
    sure you cure yourself before he start using Catch move (it's very unpredicatble, 
    so maintain your life at maximum when he switches his attack phrase.) And once 
    you're done. He'll mostly does his Mirror Stance Wall or Big Bang Attack. Not to 
    mention he will also does the Dancing Twin Sword Slash and Sword Slash move 
    after you manage to escape from his Catch, or either not, those 4 moves are 
    the highest posiblity of his "will come out move" after the Catch move, once 
    you know his pattern, you can either counter or dodge his attack, you'll know 
    that he will leave his gap to you. So take this opportunity and blast him.
    Yeah, to avoid serious damage if you choose the wrong option after he 
    catch you, cast Aeroga before he start to catch you (the Proud Mode players), 
    so that move won't drain too much of your HP.
    You will spend time dodging his attack more often in this Phrase, but no 
    worries, you have to be patient since you can't do much but just wait for 
    opportuny to catch his gap.
    CChan and Keyblade Master have an easier way to make you escape from Unknown's 
    catch attack, Before he starts to catch you (try to time when will he does 
    the move), Cast Tinkerbell, instead of 4 options, it reduces the option into 
    3 (2 shock, 1 release) making it easier to guess the right answer, but take
    a note here, although it is reduced, you still need some luck. 
    Once you pass this phrase, it's time to go for the THIRD PHRASE ~ THE FINAL
    This is much easier than the Second Phrase. Maintain the same way as before, 
    you have made this far, Once you see his body is glowing in blue and his body
    is protected by a some sort of Barrier, that's the time he using his one of 
    Third phrase moves, the All Way Laser, Glide is the easiest way to dodge this 
    attack. Cure if needed. But beware that he will use the Prismic Missle (red) 
    once in a while, you must dodge roll it. Once this is over, and you will see 
    that he'll cast Big Bang Attack or Mirror Wall Stance again, dodge it, go to 
    his back again, and blast that guy! Maintain this strategy until his health 
    reaches zero. Keep Ars Arcanum as your last resort so that you can quickly get 
    this guy down. But also beware, he is much faster, and he also uses Catch move 
    once in a while so don't be off guard. Keep your alert high. As high as possible.
    If you take down his health to zero, congrats! you'll get 14000 EXP, EXP 
    Necklace, Ansem Report 12. and a scene that really screw you up.~
    Note that he never talks in this battle, thus he never feel pain.....what 
    is this guy anyway?
    *Someone in the Message Board stated that his weakness is Gravity, which will
    slow down his movement and stun him, giving 4 seconds for free bashing.
    Well, I do know the weakness when I first fought him, but although you can 
    do so, but you'll end up got hit, and it easily missed him. Although it is 
    not really recommended, but you can try to have fun with it. But whatever it
    is, various strategy of defeating Unknown is an explore and wiseness of 
    playing KH:FM Proud mode, It's quite a new discovery anyway.
    "Behind the Darkness =/= Door to the Light" ~Deep Dive FMV~
    -Before Deep Dive and After Deep Dive-
    <> = Before Deep Dive
    () = Deep Dive Scene
    -Japanese websites stated that 60% of the people believes that he is Mickey in 
    beautiful version. Actually, they are half correct, they are 3 Unknown's if you 
    see Deep Dive (all dressed in Black Hood) One of them is Mickey in Black Hood! 
    with the Kindgom Key! ()
    -Future Sora? Yes, He is quite possible to be him, because there is one man who 
    saw Sora,told Unknown "He looks like you". Will it be him? Future Sora? and he 
    wields Keyblade too!quite compatible with Sora's ability and looks. (Secret 
    Ending makes him look like Sora)Even the Deep Dive revealed that he IS Sora in 
    other form (thanks to the Blind foldedguy, listed as Another Unknown) But it's 
    safe assume to not to take a wild guess at this moment. Wait for confimation of 
    KH2. ()
    -Future Riku? nah, the possiblity of he is Riku is zero........But Deep Dive 
    have shown 3 Unknown's and one is them being Riku (the Blind Folded Guy),
    and it's still under confirmation. So it's not really confirmed yet. ()
    -Why didn't he tell you who he is after the battle ends? Well, it's quite a 
    debatable topic, He never tells you who he is. But he stated that they will 
    meet again. And that time, his identity will be 100% confirm. We have to wait 
    until KH2 is release <>
    -Unknown's eyes is glowing! Yes, he does that when Sora look at the night 
    sky at the begining of the Deep Dive, where he comes out from the dark 
    dimension and looking at Sora from the corner. Is he a demon? ()
    -"You are the imcomplete one", Why did Unknown said that? He even stated that 
    Sora's power is the true power after you defeated him.  He also said "I am.....
    again, a mere shell..."(What is THAT supposed to mean?) before he disappears 
    darkness (He isn't dead yet) <> 
    -In Deep Dive, Unknown and Another Unknown is fighitng, one Keyblade with one 
    Keyblade! It's because the Unknown throws the Keyblade to Another Keyblade. 
    Another Unknown catches it, and they fight one on one at the building! (It's a 
    cool scene, Unknown kills the Neo Shadows along his way running upwards to the 
    building, where Another Unknown is)
    *Actually they are not fighting, Unknown just "pass" the Oblivion to Another
    Unknown, and wield the Kingdom Key. So he wield 3 keyblades. Sora, is it you!?
    -Kairi? Nope, it's a false theory about him being Kairi, Kairi is a GIRL! and 
    at that time she's already at Destiny Islands, how did she got here??? dressing 
    up as Unknown? Unknown is also known as The Enigmatic Man, so it's impossible 
    that Kairi is Unknown.
    -Kuja? Zidane? Leon? Cloud? Sephiroth? Locke? Well, you have gone too far. one 
    word, NO. Hop on, next!
    -New Chracter that will show up on KH2? Yes, If he isn't Future Sora/ Darkness 
    Sora, then he is probably the New Character that Square brought up as a 
    preparation to KH2, if Squaresoft can confirm this. I will be happy! Because 
    his looks aren't 100% revealed yet, and he looks EXACTLY like Sora, If I were
    you, I sure get misunderstood that he is THE Future/Darkness Sora. So I hope 
    he is either Future/Darkness Sora, or a new character. Pray for KH2 to come 
    out!(either way, I can 80% confirm that Sora is still the main character in KH2)
    -Unknown is still half-unknown, but thanks to Square, we'll have debates again
    -"He looks just like you" - Said by Another Unknown. Damm, I will remember this 
    hint forever! ()
    -Unknown and Another Unknown are friends!? Yes, if you see the FMV, two of them 
    wearing the same black-green hood. And they were talking to each other. Another 
    big possiblitythat Unknown is Darkness/Future Sora, and Another Unknown is Riku. 
    But as usual, not to take a wild guess at the moment. ()
    -Unknown's battle theme is called "Disappeared", while Deep Dive's theme is 
    "Another Side". They rocks, the song suits the battle with the eerie and tensed 
    atmosphere, making us feel excited when fighthing Unknown. About "Another Side"
    err......quite emotional I should say? <> , () (credit goes to Thorf, Thanks to
    -Apparently, Squaresoft already confirmed the development stage of Kingdom 
    sequel, but since KH2 is under the stage of conception. We would have to chase
    the news. To get the latest info. On my assumption, if KH2 wants to be a good 
    the production should take at least 2 years (Year 2005, Around July-December) 
    Any questions? quarrels? opinions? or complains? send it here! I'll try to 
    all your questions that you longed for.
    "The Secret place"
    "His voice....It's left me"
    "This time...I'll fight" ~Deep Dive FMV~
    You expect Jimmy to note what he says about Unknown? Unfortunately, it's
    really making you more blur and confused......
    " ?
    A Mysterious guy who appeares at Hollow Bastion "
    In Japanese, It will be like this:
    Yes, that's it T_T
    Seriously, I will sigh.......But if you press Triangle and take a closer look
    His cloths is really making my ass kicked! I wonder if I can cosplay that guy
    someday?? And his face is dark and unknown (the coat covered his head and face
    you can't see his face), overall, he is quite a cool guy I suppose?
    "A world between = A forgotten World
                                         The gathering"  ~Deep Dive FMV~
    According to Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, if you reached a certain requirement,
    You will unlock a Completed Secret Ending call "Deep Dive ~ Another Side,
    Another Story". More Shocking! More kick ass! And it's the extended version
    of Special Secret Ending FMV in Kingdom Hearts Normal Version! well, you won't
    see the movie in US and you would have to DOWNLOAD it to see for yourself,
    but actually the words are the "key" to the opening the door to the Kingdom 
    Hearts sequel. Well, those words were mainly ripped from the previous Special
    Secret, but now, it added a lot more of cool scene! You'll see Unknown fighting
    Neo Shadows (a new heartless) with left hand wielding Oathkeeper (Yasoku no 
    Omamori) and Oblivion (Sugisarashi no Omoida) plus the Kingdom Key! (Kingdemu
    Kii), Blind Folded Guy (officially known as Another Unknown for a moment)jumps
    off the building and uses the Oblivion Keyblade, Unknown killing heartless,
    Mickey in Black Hood, with his keyblade........etc
    Thanks to CChan for his wonderful Deep Dive transcript!~ Hop on! Imagine 
    yourself how the scene goes.......... 
     Special Secret Movie
         Another Side, Another Story
                 [deep dive]
    - The first scene shows Sora standing in the middle of four crossed roads,
    starring at the night sky, followed by the following words:
         Utter silence
    - Then the scene shifts to a bottle lying on the water on the sandbeach:
         A fragmented tale     断片の物語
             A world without you    君のいだい世界
         The eyes will close  目を閉じる
    - Unknown walks out from a rock. Eyes staring at something, and his eyes
    were glowing.....and then, he starts to walk in front.....
         Something so natural
    - Flashes......
    - Unknown walks in the rain, with ripples of water around (this is the scene
    from Another Side, Another Story). Neo-Shadows surround him; he fights them
    with his dual Keyblades, Oblivion (過ぎ去りしの思いだ) and Oathkeeper 
    (約束のお守り) while twisting his body around in this cool battle scene. 
         The memory beyond
    - He slashed away with his 2 Keyblades (and even kicked one Neo-Shadow away),
    While slashing the Neo Shadows, One of the Neo Shadows jumps out and assults
    Unknown, knowing that the Neo Shadows is assulting his back , he jumps to the 
    back and fly up mid air with a slow motion, then kills the Neo Shadows along
    flying up the mid air, and throws the Keyblade like a boomerang to hit those 
    Neo Shadows constantly. After he caught back his Keyblade and landed, he then 
    jumped onto the facade of the building. With Neo Shadows surrounding Unknown
    nearly everywhere, with countless of Neo Shadows on the ground, He looks up
    to the roof of the building.....
         Something so simple
    - Blind Folded guy started to walk a bit to the edge, looking down........
    Unknown stares, then ran across on the side of the building while slashing 
    the Heartless away. The camera zooms to the blindfolded Unknown.
                  "Where's Sora?"    
                  "We must find him..."  
    - Unknown throws the spinning Keyblade, slashing the Neo-Shadows coming 
    towards him from the opposite direction. (Unknown also takes out the third 
    Keyblade, the Kingdom Key.) The blindfolded Unknown jumped down.
       [Ansem's other report]         "A creation born of ignorance."
             法則                    無知から生まれし創造
    - The blindfolded Unknown caught the flying Keyblade, Oblivion. (The words
    below passed very quickly, so I'm not completely sure whether it's right but I
    can guarantee you it's 95% correct ^^)
        Behind the darkness [insert not equal to sign] Door to light
              闇の裏側 =/= 光の扉
    - The two of the Unknowns met, passing each other as the time moves slowly.
               The secret place   秘密の場所    
               "His voice... It's left me."
               "This time... I'll fight."   
    - As they passed each other, the blindfolded Unknown head down while the other
    went up. Brief symbol of the Kingdom Hearts in pink can be seen.
           A world between = A forgotten world
           The gathering
           狭間の世界 = 忘れられし場所
      The third enemy = Nobody. "Who is Nobody you ask? They are the non-existent
      第3の敵=NOBODY "ノーバディ。。。?存在しない者"
    - Then it briefly shows a scene of Sora floating in the introduction of Kingdom
            ---   ENDLESS  ---
              "What took you so long, Kairi?"  
              "Can we do it? Against that?"  
    - Flashes of Unknown, Sora falling, Riku and Kairi could be seen. Then is shows
    Unknown walking to another Unknown (don't know which is which).
            ---  HEARTLESS  ---
              "We have come for you, My Liege."  
              "You are the source of all Heartless."  
    - Briefly shows Kairi reaching out. The below words will have scenes of the
    blindfolded Unknown and the other Unknown passed each other slowly.
           [The Thirteenth Order] 
             - Metamorphosis  変身:変貌
             "Sora?" "ソラ?"
             "Sora... Why?" "なぜなんだソラ"
             "Your Highness? But why?"  "王様、なぜなんです?"
         Change             The third key
          変化             第3の鍵
         Behind the darkness [insert not equal to sign] There is the light
            End of the world   この世の果て
            "What is this place?"    
            "Is this the answer you've been looking for?"   
            "This is the world in its true form." 
            "Maybe our journey meant nothing after all."
    - A flash of Kairi; Unknown falling down from the building. Killed Heartless 
    in a row. Briefly shows the Kingdom Hearts symbol in pink.
            --- Paradise ---
    - A short flash of four pictures of (possibly different) Unknown.
            "We'll go together."
    - Then it shows:
    - And an Unknown spins down from a building, with noticeable protruding round
    ears and a Kingdom Key. It's Mickey, with that (perhaps) evil look in his eyes.
            KINGDOM HEARTS
    - Unknown walking to another Unknown that was sitting down, with the moon in
    the horizon. The Unknown who sat down mimes some words.
           "He looks just like you."
    - Sora's body fly across the raging sea.
           "Everything is coming back to me, the true..."
    Now looking those things would make you irritated "Why can't I get Kingdom 
    Hearts Final Mix! Square is unfair!" Well, I don't think it's unfair. If
    US Kingdom Hearts can get extra's, why not Final Mix can't added the extra's?
    Players only wanted the scene, so ones who played Final Mix can help those
    poor players out there, it's our job. So Deep Dive is transcripted for your
    own viewing pleasure, If we can't do it in video, Words usually do.
    ~What I thought about Deep Dive~
    Ok, I'm the first one to look at Deep Dive among GameFAQs players, basically
    what I can know is: One, Kingdom Hearts sequel is probably out in Tetsuya
    Nomuya's mind now. Secondly, Kingdom Hearts is full of missing plots at the
    end of the game, Sora and Kairi got seperated, and they promised each other
    to come back when time comes, thrid, Sora, Goofy and Donald decided to go
    together, to find Riku, and King Mickey. Fourth, The Door to the Light is 
    not yet found, besides Kingdom Hearts, there will be another Deep Dive on 
    the Kingdom Hearts door, what lies beneath that depths in Kingdom Hearts.....
    That will all releated to the next sequel of Kingdom Hearts, as I can know
    Now, the Deep Dive starts with Sora looking at the starry night to the 
    skies. Utter silence probably refers to Sora is silenced during the road 
    to find his way.
    A Fragment Tale, The Eyes will close, A world without you = Probably
    refering to Kairi, after seperated with Sora at the end of the game
    Something so natural = Feelings of Sora? or Kairi? I think this is 
    nothing special though... Maybe it means something that feels 
    nothing, yet uncertain?
    Unknown comes out from the rock, his eyes glowing, Looking at Sora?
    Make an appearance? Maybe....But what I'm more intrested is, I finally
    got to see his face! but his eyes were glowing......A GHOST? O()O!!
    (I rather treat him as a Zombie..^_^). 
    Here's the interesting part.
    Unknown walks in the rain, towards the "battlefield" of Neo Shadows,
    The camera angle of focusing Unknown is GREAT! with left hand wielding
    Oathkeeper, and right hand wielding Oblivion. Maybe continued from the
    Special Secret, he's preparing to ask the Blind Folded guy about Sora's
    whereabouts, instead, Unknown is being assulted.
    Unknown, of course, don't really have trouble handling those cheapy 
    Heartless, instead, His strength can matched a thousand Army! (sounds 
    familar? Gau Ban? I supposed?) Endless of Heartless fail to touch even
    a single fur. Unknown is surely fast. But without a doubt, Unknown
    IS the person that you fought at the Hollow Bastion (the size of
    proportion and figure being the same, just that he didn't show his face
    throughout the whole battle at HB, but in Deep Dive, he does, and exactly
    looked like Sora in adult. But not to mistake that the Unknown who comes
    out from the rock, he is different. Why so many Unknowns? confusing....)
    OK, back to topic, Unknown kicked a Neo Shadows away, and keeps slashing
    (I assume in Hollow Bastion, Unknown doesn't wants to let Sora know that
    he is the another keyblade master, in fact, If Sora knows Unknown is one
    of the another Keyblade user besides Riku. Sora will confused Unknown as 
    Riku.). One or few of the Neo Shadows jumps out and quick assasinate 
    Unknown, but failed, slow motion..... and Unknown keeps floating on mid 
    air and slash those heartless, and throws the Oblivion Keyblade like a 
    boomerang, I don't know why, I have the feeling of seeing this move 
    before, Strike Raid????
    He jumps down, and jumps to the higher cliff on the building, staring at
    the blind folded guy (Another Unknown). "Where's Sora?" refers to someone
    who wants Sora to appear. Preferbably Riku. Since in the new scene after
    Sora got the Oathkeeper keyblade. Riku have asked for Sora's location 
    before, so I assume it is. "We must find him" maybe refers to Unknown
    ,who wants to set out his journey to find Sora. Unknown runs up to the
    building, tries to go up to the roof to the Another Unknown. And kill
    those heartless which blocked his way. Cool!
    He throws the keyblade Oblivion to the Another Unknown, and wield another
    default keyblade which we never thought about, the Kingdom Key! scene 
    turned to slow motion...Ansem's Report - The Creation born of Ignorance.... 
    Well IF Ansem Reports which is gathered by Sora during his journey turned 
    out to be a useless piece of crappy journal of Ansem, maybe his theory can't
    prove to be "gifted" by the power of Darkness, then, in Kingdom Hearts, what
    is the true darkness? Since Kingdom Hearts to the one who seeks darkness
    is dark, for ones who seeks lighe found KH to be a light. Then, what's the
    secret behind the door of Kingdom Hearts? Ansem is blinded by light due to
    his mistake of taking darkness as the power, it doesn't mean his theory is
    a creation of ignorance..... maybe to Sora, the report was turned to be
    a ignorance talk by Ansem (show off I assume? that's just my assumption).
    But for me, Ansem Report stated out from his study to Darkness, made the 
    Heartless until he found Kingdom Hearts. Maybe have a secret behind it?
    Even there is a "False Ansem reports" what's that suppose to mean? Is there
    something behind the false? then where is the "truth"?
    Two Unknown's past each other, face by face....and words popped out....
    The Secret Place
    "His voice, it's left me......"
    "This time, I'll fight"
    Remember at Hollow Bastion, after Sora became Heartless? Don't you notice
    that Kairi will start saying words after she, with Goofy and Donald, met
    Sora-Heartless? That's where Kairi said "This time, I'll protect you". Ok
    here, let me emphasis on something. THIS doesn't refer to Kairi. If you want
    proof, ok. Let me go on. Do you know Sora is figthing for Kairi after he
    got the Oathkeeper keyblade? (as for the world?) second, IF Kairi is one of
    the Unknown. How would she got here, the Deep Dive is happened a few years
    after Ansem's battle. You should know the world is disconnected. If Kairi
    manage to got here, she won't exist in the "seperated" world. Promise to be
    back after Sora found Riku and King Mickey. Kairi is not suppose to know
    about Unknown at that moment. Without knowledge or whatever it is...How 
    would she got here? She would rather stay at Destiny Island and wait for
    Sora and Riku to come back.
    Flash back of Sora and Kairi......and words popping out more, Another Unknown
    goes down and able to kill a line of Neo Shadows, (yes a line) and words are
    shown "A world between, A forgotten world. The gathering" Mostly refers to
    the world is connected once again.. By who? We know Ansem is the one who did
    it at KH. But never means he will be resurrected once more. We need proof.
    Ok, even if Ansem is resurrected and connect the world once more, I think 
    Ansem won't be able to find the door to the light anymore. Light is blinded
    by resurrection of Ansem I assume? If so, that's the reason why Riku, Sora
    and Mickey all wear the same black hood outfit, of course became Unknown. But
    that's only my assumption. I wonder if the KH2 comes out, story will more
    onto Dark, finding the light? hmm, sweet!
    "ENDLESS, What took you so long, Kairi? Can we do it? against that?" I think
    this more refers to the past time. Remember when Sora first wielded the 
    Keyblade. Sora is quite shocked? Leon also said that as long as Sora wields
    the keyblade, the heartless will not stop hunting them. That's how "can we
    do it? against that?" is refered. ENDLESS also has the same meaning as those.
    But for "What took you so long, Kairi?" is still a mystery for me.
    "HEARTLESS "We have come for you, My Liege." "You are the source of all 
    Heartless."" is probably refers to Ansem, and King Mickey. I don't really
    know how and why...But in Ansem Report 10, Mickey have visited Ansem before.
    Thus, the above statement maybe a past line for Ansem and Mickey, by that
    time, Mickey already fall in Ansem's trap, after knowing Ansem's evil plot.
    Ansem even had a bigger surprise about that "key" to "the door to the light" 
    infomation. So in new Ansem Reports, he stated out that how he connects the
    world, create chaos and havoc, and found the Kingdom Hearts.
    [The Thirteenth Order]
           - Metamorphosis
             "Sora... Why?"
             "Your Highness? But why?"
    Ok, that refers to Donald and Goofy, I think this is after the credits roll.
    Where Pluto only knows where King Mickey goes, and Sora, Donald and Goofy
    chased Pluto go. OK on here onwards is ONLY MY IMAGINATION, not a THEORY
    so no e-mails about this. I only imagine the storyline, not proving this
    theory, ok? 
    "Metamorphosis is probably when Sora founds out the door to the light lies
    behind the darkness depth, so Sora should know the consequences of obsessed
    to the darkness to find the light. Thus, he became Unknown. Donald and Goofy
    knows that Sora can't find the light anymore, go to the depth of darkness
    without searching the light. Sora can't be a normal person anymore, so I 
    assume Sora has gone crazy, and killed Donald and Goofy. King Mickey may
    also turned evil at that time after Sora killed those two guys. So
    Donald or Goofy may ask why he wants to do that......."
    My created KH2 story....... hmm I don't really know how it is. But if this
    really happens I really going to buy that game......for sure.
    Behind the darkness =/= Door to light. Interesing point here. Behind
    the darkness, you can't find the door to the light. Only strong hearts
    can feel, thus summon the light. This is probably known to KH players.
    If you remember Kairi's past when her grandmother tells the story of dark
    and light in Hollow Bastion, the similar sentences is shown. but if behind
    the darkness is not equal to the door to the light, then how Kingdom Hearts
    the endless abyss of darkness, is light? So if Ansem think KH is darkness, 
    then Kingdom Hearts is darkness. So Kingdom Hearts is some sort of two 
    sided faces of definition.
    "Change the third key". What's that suppose to mean? I know Keyblades have
    only two type, one to seal, one to open (Sora's Keyblade is to seal the door.
    Riku's keyblade is to open people's heart to darkness)but the thrid key? Since
    Mickey's keyblade has the same function as Sora's keyblade does, so I don't
    think Mickey's keyblade is the third keyblade, unless the Riku's keyblade has
    it's third function as another keyblade?
     End of the world
            "What is this place?"
            "Is this the answer you've been looking for?"
            "This is the world in its true form."
            "Maybe our journey meant nothing after all."
    Ok here.....The place where you found on the end of the game. The END OF THE 
    WORLD. I presume this place is where the all world is connected using this place
    as the base connector. "Is this the answer you've been looking for?" is where
    the light is found on Sora's heart. But someone may just not satisfied, and ask
    "Is this the answer you want to find, Sora?" It may be. "This is the world in
    it's true form" is probably End of the World, said by Ansem, "this is how the 
    world looks like, there is no light but darkness is the ruled the world, is the 
    nature of cycle that reforms what the world originally is." "Maybe out journey
    meant nothing after all." I assume this is said by Donald or Goofy. "After
    so much happen on the journey, our journey is only the begining of the end."
    So I think they must have problems on Sora or whoever it is. Or something
    More flashbacks.....
    Paradise and Four diffrent set of Unknown pictures..... Heck that confusing!
    Would it be one of the Unknown's being Kairi? Actually I DO stated that Kairi
    being Unknown is a false theory, It won't prove anything. But if one of the
    Unknown's being Kairi. Then Square would leaves us a question. IF "This time
    I'll fight" is refering to Kairi not at Hollow Bastion after she was released,
    if that meant "I will be the one who save the light from Dakrness, even though
    it means I have to be darkness.." Why Kairi has to be Unknown? If Kairi IS the
    one of the princesses of heart. Then it makes sense of Kairi "may" be "Unknown"
    But my real question is, Does Kairi HAVE the reason on why she want to be 
    Unknown? Beach girl in  the Secret Trailer would not make sense anymore since 
    the Beach girl really looks like Kairi, and it happens on Destiny Island..... 
    Lastly, Mickey Mouse! in evil form! wearing black hood! with the Kingdom Key!
    and cool pose! Woo Hoo. I suppose Mickey is traped on Kingdom Hearts, Darkness
    consumed Mickey. And Mickey "sacrificed" himself to save his physical form 
    from the darkness, thus became like THIS. My assumption actually, so don't
    really agree or disagree....
    "I have come to meet you" That is the Unknown who came out from the rock
    go towards to the Another Unknown (another new Unknown) who sat on the rock.
    Nothing really special here. But what's interesting is the one that the Another
    Unknown mumbles..
    "He looks just like you"
    And Sora is like warped through the edge of the ocean, floating. Maybe it means
    Sora IS Unknown, where Sora is dropping to the depths of Darkness.......
    "Everything is comming back to me, the true......."
    Said by Unknown. Really makes me believe that Unknown is Sora....May it means
    the history is repeating himself???
    Well, it's a long long definition actually, I will post more here, wait till 
    the next update then, at the meanwhile, Don't e-mail me about these first.....
    I'll let you shoot me after I've done all my research on Unknown and Deep Dive.
    "Something so natural" ~Deep Dive FMV~
    法則 裏アンセムレポート〜無知から生まれし創造
    Thanks to Thorf and his Japanese teacher, for translating this reports
    found ONLY in FINAL MIX of Kingdom Hearts! 
    Ansem Report 10 (Japanese) / Ansem Report 11 (English)
    - Available by defeating Kurt Zisa
    In opening the door that stores a world's hearts, the wall around that world 
    is broken down. We see this as a shooting star. Through this, I have been 
    able to understand the reason why the material known as Gummi Blocks has the 
    ability to allow travel to other worlds.
    The cause of a world's wall collapsing is the appearance of the Heartless, but 
    finding a world's door takes time. And claiming a world's heart is a similar 
    If the door has been closed by the key known as the Keyblade, you probably 
    cannot reach that world's heart again. Before the one with the Keyblade appears 
    in this world, I must take measures to do something.
    Supposing that there is a close relationship between the Princesses and the 
    Keyblade, it seems likely that they will resonate with each other...
    I have chosen one special girl. I do not know if she possesses a power like 
    that of the Princesses. But, there is a chance, and this is an experiment. 
    She may lead me to the place where the one holding the key is...
    I shall send her off to the ocean of different skies
    ---------JAPANESE ORIGINAL TEXT--------------------------
    Ansem Report 11 (English)/ Ansem Report 12 (English)
    Obtained by defeating Sephiroth.
    I have transcended to an existence of only the heart. I should have 
    come back as a Heartless, but there is no sign of such a transformation.
    My body has surely perished. However, I am different from the other 
    Heartless, keeping the memories of before, and I have not taken on the 
    form of a Heartless. It is clear that there are still many things to be 
    In order to cross over to the dark side, which is not this world, you 
    must go beyond the door of Kingdom Hearts, the place connected to the 
    world's heart.
    The innermost part connected to the world's heart, the place connecting 
    to the world of darkness. (I will record the details in another report...)
    There are still so many unknown worlds.
    The present world.
    The world of darkness.
    The world of light.
    The world in-between.
    Where does the true paradise lie, I wonder?
    ----------JAPANESE ORIGINAL TEXT----------------------
    た場所、キングダム ハーツ
    Ansem Report 12 (Japanese)/ Ansem Report 13 (English)
    Obtained by defeating Unknown.
    When the heart casts off the flesh, where does the body go?
    Heart and soul are separate, and the spirit remains in the body. 
    But can we assume that the leftover body and soul perish?
    Certainly when the heart changes into a Heartless the body 
    However, that is only this world's story; in another world, mightn't 
    they change forms like the Heartless and exist there?
    If we take that to be the case, there must be a you other than 
    yourself existing somewhere.
    An existence neither of darkness nor of light.
    An in-between existence.
    Cast off by the heart, a mere shell, one who begrudges both the 
    darkness and the light.
    This mystery cannot be easily resolved.
    The relationship between the heart and the flesh is a complex one.
    But since we exist here, they cannot be termed as existent.
    Therefore I shall call them...
    "The non-existent ones."
    ---------JAPANESE ORIGINAL TEXT----------------------
    This is all the new Ansem Reports that you will only find in Kingdom 
    Hearts:Final Mix. Although I would say Ansem is a wise and intelligent 
    for takingso much research of studying the heartless, in the end, he 
    still be defeated. So here, some of his theory may seem ignorant (Creation 
    of ignorance, remember?)
    But most of his theories left out to you players to figure it out. So for
    now, I won't be giving theories, but if you have those, feel free to
    e-mail me, and I'll post your theories here!.
    But if I come out with a theory suddently, Yeah, might as well post it here.
    But for those who interested, you can check out the Kingdom Hearts Board,
    Those topics were hot nowadays and still up to debate! 
    "Maybe our journey meant nothing after all" ~Deep Dive FMV~
    シン−スの翻? 〜ンラと謎の男の運命相遇〜
    This is it! When Sora met Unknown, What are they saying? What happend? Are
    you curious to find it out! Then there you go! (Thanks to Thorf! Again!)
    And you will be shocked to find it out!
    - Unknown / Nazo no Otoko - 謎の男
    Translation by Thorfinn Tait. Do not use or post anywhere without permission.
    After the conversation with Donald and Goofy upon entering the End of the 
    World, a mysterious portal appears in Hollow Bastion's Chapel (Room of the 
    Dragon), in the same place as the portal to fight Maleficent Dragon was. The 
    five princesses gathered here all comment on the portal's appearance. 
    Cinderella / シンデレラ
    I wonder, could that gate's appearance be a sign of something bad?
    Aurora (1st time) / オーロラ(1回目)
    From that gate that suddenly appeared, I can feel the power of darkness... No, 
    not darkness.  Something different.
    Aurora (2nd time) / オーロラ(2回目)
    Maybe it's a power even more dangerous than darkness.
    Snow White / 白雪姫
    On the other side of that gate...  I have a bad feeling about this.
    Jasmin (1st time) / ジャスミン(1回目)
    If it were the power of darkness, we would be able to hold it back a little.  
    But, this is different.  A power other than darkness.
    Jasmin (2nd time) / ジャスミン(2回目)
    Light, darkness, and a third power...
    Alice / アリス
    What on earth is that?!  A different feeling from darkness...  Sora, take care!
    Sora, Donald, Goofy and Beast go through the portal, which disappears after them, 
    to find themselves in a large circular room like the one they fought Maleficent 
    Dragon in.  Behind them a shrouded form which seems to be fading in and out of 
    existence appears, following them.
    Sora turns in time to see it almost upon him, gasping and falling back as it 
    reaches him.  But it continues, walking straight through him.  As it does so 
    Sora has a rapid flash of memories...
    あれ? あそこに
    おまえも あいつらの
    無事でよかった カイリ−−−
    キー ブレード−−
    とにかく その子は
    そう ともだち!
    勝手言って ゴメンな
    俺 空を飛んだ
    俺 ここ知ってる−−−
    つながる心が 俺の力だ!
    俺 どうなるんだろ−−−
    消え て 闇に−−−
    カイリ−−− ありがとう
    あとは リクだけか
    必ず 返すよ−−− 約束する
    Sora stumbles back and falls to the ground as the figure continues past him.  He 
    turns to look at the now apparently solid figure, a man completely shrouded by a 
    dark grey hooded coat with a long zip, and two drawstrings hanging from the 
    The man stops.  Sora gets up.
    Who are you?
    The man does not talk, the words simply appear in Sora's mind.
          ほう 君も特別なようだ
          Ah...  It seems you are special too
    The words cause him to momentarily see only darkness...
    The man turns to look over his shoulder.
          That's a familiar sound...
    Once again the momentary darkness...
    The strange man's black gloved hand opens and a strange, blue light filled with 
    a lattice of hexagonal shapes begins to fizzle in it.
          You look like him.
    The darkness seems fractionally longer this time...
    Sora (getting slightly angry)
    What's that supposed to mean?!
    Sora gasps as the man begins to turn and he sees the energy.  As the man turns 
    he brings the Keyblade to his hand and with both hands he holds back the 
    tremendous blue lightning-like energy that the strange figure aims directly at 
    For a few seconds Sora strains against the energy, then he pushes it away.  The 
    reflected energy hits the ceiling, causing a shower of mortar and fine stone.
    The shrouded man stands facing Sora.  He seems to be staring, thinking, but we 
    can only see black within his low hood.
          完全ではない ということだよ
          Which means, you are not complete.
    Again the darkness...
    Sora stands straight, with his Keyblade at the ready.
          Incomplete one...
    And again...
          That power...
    In the background, music begins to play, a quiet but fast tune.
          Allow me to test your power.
    One last time Sora's world goes dark as the man "speaks".
    Sora readies himself for battle.
    A ferocious battle ensues.  The shrouded man uses blue surges of energy, walls 
    of energy, a red sabre of light, and once again his hexagonal lattice-styled 
    energy bolts, attacking in a dazzlingly fast array of magic and sword blows.  
    Sora and company do their best to hold off his attacks while getting in their 
    Soon Sora learns how to dodge the unknown man's attacks, but the man pulls out a 
    second red sword and becomes a whirlwind of blows.  He uses more energy attacks, 
    creating red laser-shooting balls of energy and assaulting Sora with blue energy 
    Finally the man seems finished as Sora lands a heavy blow, causing the figure to 
    be enveloped in a sphere of his lattice-etched blue energy.  Stumbling backwards 
    he clutches his chest...  But he pushes the energy away with his hand!  It 
    dissipates in a wave of blue and black energy.
          ...Truly fascinating.
    Again darkness follows his words.
    Sora gasps.
          This is going to be enjoyable.
    Once more the darkness envelops Sora's mind.
    As the light comes back Sora begins to run towards the man.
    What're you talking about?
    He charges and leaps, Keyblade held high.  But at the zenith of his leap, the 
    world turns black and white for a split second, there is a buzzing sound and the 
    man half-fades once more.
    Sora lands behind the unknown man, having jumped straight through him.  Behind 
    him, the man seems solid once more.  Sora turns to him, annoyed.
          In your present state you probably cannot understand.
    The world turns black...
    The man half turns, looking down at Sora.
          またいずれ 会える時が来るだろう
          In any case, the time when we can meet again will doubtless come.
    Wait, who are you---!
    Sora gasps as the man disappears before his eyes.
          I am...
    Again the darkness...
    The man fades in again briefly, and then is gone.  His invisible form ripples as 
    he moves, subtly revealing his movement, walking away from Sora.  But Sora 
    continues to stare at the space where he vanished.
          A mere shell.
    The darkness comes one last time.  When it lifts, there is no sign of the 
    unknown man ever being there.
    This FAQ is solely only for KH:FM players, and as well as one who seeks for 
    Unknown's identity. You may send e-mail's to me, ask more about him. I may 
    update my FAQ once in a while so be patient.
    Well I would like to thank those guys:
    ~CjayC (www.gamefaqs.com)~
    -For making out this website and KH Message Board so we can gather together, 
    and share our opinions about this game.
    -Without you, this FAQ wouldn't be possible
    -Your KH Walkthrough helps me a lot! Thanks a bunch!
    ~Squaresoft (www.playonline.com)~
    ~Kingdom Hearts Official Website (www.playonline.com/finalmix/index.html)~
    ~Disney Interactive Japan and America (http://www.disney.co.jp/interactive/
    -For doing this game, you're the man!
    -KH:FM and Kingdom Hearts is probably the greatest hits of game that ever 
    released this year. Thanks to Tetsuya Nomuya, the Director of this game! 
    -And thanks for the Deep Dive FMV scene, it's great!
    -We are waiting for your developement of KH2, We are looking foward to it!
    -Thanks to them, I had fun playing KH:FM during this holiday season! 
    ~enigmaopoeia (www.go-dream.com)~
    e-mail at: enig@go-dream.com
    -Her contribution to the KH is super! she provided many infomations about 
    KH:FM, and about Unknown, you can check out her Secret Ending guide, and 
    Final Mix guide for more infomation
    -Without her help, we would be still riddle around Final Mix for now....
    -Well, you should deserve more than just a credit. Thanks a lot! enig.....
    -Yeah, she is KH Master at the GameFAQs KH board. You can seek her knowledge 
    if you need to.
    ~JillV (kairi_li16@hotmail.com)~
    -I assume that you are a she... yes....you're a she....
    -She is the ever first person on GameFAQ's KH board that brought the 
    Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Platinum Limited!
    -Too bad that she can't be fast enough to defeat Unknown, so that we can 
    share the opinions about Unknown (If she can read Japanese......)
    -Her contribution about KH:FM info and differences between KH:Normal 
    Version and KH:FM is very detailed.
    ~Keyblade Master (psychoboyz2002@hotmail.com)~
    -Thanks for your info about fighitng Unknown without nessacary to clear 
    Hades Cup in Proud Mode!
    -Thanks again, for letting us know that the another way of solving Unknown's
    catch attack by using Tinkerbell summon!
    -Congrats for geing the Third one who defeated Unknown!  
    ~CChan (souleq@hotmail.com)
    -Thanks for pointing out that there is another way of dodging his Catch 
    attack without many problems!
    -You are the fouth one who defeated Unknown! Congrats!
    -Your Deep Dive transcript is great! Thanks for giving me permission
    to post it out. You must be working very hard to jot down the words
    aren't you? let's give him a big clap for giving so much effort on
    doing his work on his FAQ!
    ~Thorfin Tait (User name "Thorf" on GameFAQ's KH message board)
    -Thanks for the name of the Unknown's theme and Deep Dive's theme!
    -And thanks for letting me download the songs.
    -His ability to translate the Leaf Veil ability, so we won't be wondering
    WHAT THE HELL DOES LEAF VEIL DO???? He got the Ultimania Revised Edition
    Strategy Guide. It's extremly helpful. Thanks for that!
    -Thanks for HIS GREAT TRANSLATION on Ansem Reports 11 & 12! He's great!
    Also thanks to his Japanese Teacher for helping Thorf to translate it.
    -Also thanks for his translating the Sequence when you fought Unknown,
    at Hollow Bastion.....Because of his translation, I finally know what
    Sora and Unknown say when they first met!
    -The biggest contributor on this FAQ, He's great! 
    And all GameFAQ's memebers and all who read this FAQ, my mum, and my PS2!
    and anyone who supports me! Thank you, without all of you, This FAQ wouldn't 
    be here.
    Bye! Ja ne~
    END OF FAQ, Luna~Holybell~Enzoera 2002,2003 All Rights Reserved.
    ~Luna's Art Of One - Works of Art~
    "He looks just like you" - Another Unknown
    "彼は君に良く似ている" - ?謎の男
    "Everything is comming back to me, the true" - Unknown 
    "思い出し始めたんだ,本当の..." - 謎の男

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