Review by josefmilo95

"Childish but still amazing"

Gameplay: 8/10

this game has very decent gameplay. It makes you work for items and such. But there are a couple annoying features of this game. one is that you will constantly be changing camera angles. Two is that if you are low on health and u use heal it takes a full 2 seconds to take effect and by then the enemy will have killed you. But thats basically it, moving on.

Sound: 4/10

Repetitive and annoying and makes you want to go deaf. The music in the game starts off nice and everything then you go further into the game especially further into the game where that same stupid song is still playing!

Story: 10/10

this is what makes this game worth it. It has an amazing storyline. Including characters from disney movies and final fantasy. Its intense and makes you want to play to the end and find out what happens.

Length: 10/10

Another perfect score here. With all the extras in this game it could take u a solid 100 hours of great gameplay. My first time throught it took me about 30 hours without even trying to do the extras.

Challenge: 8/10

This game poses a decent challenge. Bosses are tough to fight the farther you get into the game and you have to really search for treasure chests and everything like that but its not like impossible difficulty unless you are extremely low leveled.

Replayibility Value: 10/10

This game has great replayability. If you dont get all the extras the first time then restart and try again on a new game. If you get all the extras (such as getting the puppies and torn pages) you will get a show called the secret video which will give you a sneak peak at kingdom hearts two.

Buy or Rent:

BUY! No contest! This is a great game with plenty of extras and a great story line. And a new copy is only twenty bucks. A used copy is only fifteen bucks so it's completly worth it to buy. But it truly depends on what kind of game you like. If your a pshcyho non-patient all-out violence kind of gamer this is NOT your game. It takes patients and hard work but pays off in the end with great boss battles, great storyline this is a must buy for many gamers. Especially rpg lovers or people who like final fantasy and such.

Overall 7/10

This is a great game that is fun and replayable but falls short in the sound section but that should not matter much to you more experienced players so thats that and good bye for now.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/16/08

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts (US, 09/16/02)

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