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"This game only gets a short review, I've already wasted enough time with it."

Kingdom Hearts is what you get when the most popular cartoon company (Disney) allows the most popular RPG company (Square-Enix) to make a game together. As many of you already know, this is a game where you get to travel through different Disney worlds and meet some of the characters from different Disney movies. Since the 16 bit era, games based on Disney characters haven't been so popular anymore, at least not as how popular Ducktales, Chip & Dale, Quackshot or Castle of Illussion starring Mickey Mouse used to be, but it's safe to say that Kingdom Hearts changed that because it was a great commercial success.

The story focus on Sora. He lives on a tropical island with his family and his two friends Kairi and Riku. His dream in life is to someday get out of this island and have many adventures with Kairi. One day their island gets attacked by many evil dark creatures and it turns out that Sora is the chosen Keyblade warrior. He then gets teleport to a town where he catch up with Leon (Actually it's Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, but he calls himself Leon now, maybe because FFVIII was another horrible game by Square I don't know) and he introduces Sora to Goofy and Donald who need to help to find the King (Which everyone should know who it is but I'm not going to spoil it here). Together with Donald and Goofy, Sora has to search through different Disney worlds to search both for Sora's friends and the King.

And here's already the flaws Kingdom Hearts got. The selection of Disney worlds are really boring. Why have a world based on Alice in Wonderland, Tarzan or Pinocchio when there's no Lion King world, no Gummi Bears ever shows up, I think a world of Oliver & Company would be great, and so would a world based on Mulan e.t.c. But the worst of all is that Scrooge McDuck is no where to be found in this game. Oh well we should be happy with that at least they did something right and included a "The Nightmare Before Christmas", and Jack will join your party on that stage.

Another bad thing about this game is that you can't skip any cut-scene, which is not strange because the cut-scenes are the only good thing this game actually got, but have maybe a five minute cut-scene before every boss fight is something that programmers should be hanged for. But that's only another small flaw compared to the biggest one of them all.

The camera angles in this game are one o fthe worst I've ever seen in a "popular" game. It's really hard to control Sora when the camera angles changes all the time. Of course in battle it doesn't matter much since all you got to do is to press one button to lock on your enemy and then smash the X button until the enemy dies, just make sure to be ready to heal yourself. But it takes maybe 10 seconds for Sora to heal himself in the middle of a battle when enemies are all over the place so watch out.

Kingdom Hearts really had the potential to be a really good game, it's just a shame it didn't turn out to be that. A with better choice of worlds, a more interesting storyline, an interesting main character unlike the whiny Sora who you just want to punch in the face, and of course as I just said better camera angles and battle system, this game could really be something good. Maybe it seems like I want to bash this game just because it's popular, but that's not it.

This was one of the games that made me by a Ps2, and it took me about three years to finish because it was so boring. There are a few popular Ps2 games that I played and thought "Hey these games are good but not as good as people told me they are" but Kingdom Hearts was the first and maybe only one that was bad. Young kids might still like it because it's Disney, and I admit I thought it was cool to see a few FF characters again, but all in all this game is just bad...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/16/08

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts (EU, 11/15/02)

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