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"Well, it was fun at the end."

Ever picked up a book for a high school English class, and forced yourself through the first 250 pages. And then the last 50 pages were read like butter. Beautifully written and interesting. then after you finished you thought to yourself, "Why couldn't the rest of the pages been that good?" That's Kingdom Hearts.

I am currently on my second playthrough of the game, and it's a chore I have to tell you. The last few worlds and the presence of a battle arena offer much excitement for any gamer, specifically one who is a fan of RPG's The beginning is, in contrast, slow and terrible.

Story- Very Squaresoft. Has that fantasy feal they like to deliver that doesn't really tell you what's going on until like 45 minutes before the credits at the end roll. And thus, I had no idea what to expect. Because of this I deeply enjoyed the story, the idea of conserving Hearts to take control of the universe and such. But some of the info you get early on is either misleading, or amkes the plot seem stupid. This slows the game down and makes it seem like a really good gumball inside of a sucker made of frozen motor oil.

Graphics - Really, is that it? I will be the first to say I do not enjoy it when I play a game, and the people in it look real. But this is laughable. In one scene, a character is talking, and you can tell when they smile where the spline and the teeth that form the mouth weren't attached to the face properly/ Still, some of the animation is awesome. that doesn't save Sora from looking really creepy at times though. Almost like a child abductor or something.

Gameplay - The worst part of the game. The worst part is trying to be trying to attack someone, and for no reason at all, Sora starts walking. So you have 5 seconds to make it to the bad guy, and Sora begins walking, because he feels like it. I swear they must have laid enemy AI in Sora to help make the game harder. Well Square, it only made it annoying. Also, the menu is so simple, it's difficult. the item screen is borish and oddly laid out. And god forbid you want to use an item in battle, you better hope you put it in Sora or any of your other party memebers inventory. And this is a problem by itself. Say you give Donald two high potions. Well unless you went in and changed his configuration (confusing don't try it), he will use them on Goofy when Goofy has lost like 2 hp. Not too smart. My girlfriends uncle has been working on nucleaur submarine's for the past 20 years. And after finding out about how they work, I feel the confusion I have felt is similar to learning this game.

Boss Fights - Welcome to the saving grace. Other then not being able to skip cut scenes, the fights are awesome. Wait until you fight within Hercule's world. Awesome. Definately the high point of the game.

Overall - It's alright. It exists and should be treated as such. If you are an avid RPG fan, you will love every minute of it, maybe. I have loved Final Fantasy for a long time (a decade at least), and this one was hard to push through. Play it if you feel it important. Otherwise, just do what you feel is right.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/25/08

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts (US, 09/16/02)

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