Review by RayKnight

"Eat your heart out"

What's all Square's fans biggest wish? A game with lots of characters and with various characters in it, look no further, Kingdom Hearts is here.

With Tidus, Wakka, Squall, Selphie, and much more! And not to forget Disney's Mickey mouse, Goofy, Donald and many others. And with lots more to go.

Alright, now to get to the story line, you're Sora, and you're transported to an island filled with none other than, Disney's characters. And a monster by the name of Heartless comes and kidnapped Mickey.

Great graphics, great music, this game is something worth buying. Donald as a Black Mage, Goofy as a Squire? And Mickey as a King! What more can you ask for? And not to forget, great story line. Various Disney's character like Alice in Wonderland, Tarzan and many more.

What do people always look in a game? Music? Yes, this game has great music. Gameplay? Yes, great gameplay that'll take away your holidays. Replay value? Sure, after completing once, you'll want to do it once more.

Sick of summoning Ifrit? Shiva? Why not summon the Lion King himself? Simba. Or maybe Bambi? Dumbo? And not to forget the sick lizard, Mushu from Mulan.

Villains? There're plenty, Hades from Hercules and many more. Don't want to spoil it for you.

Gameplay 10 out of 10

Great gameplay and replay value, although it looks like a game for kids, you'll soon change your mind after you've bought this. Cool graphics and great music, and many many characters.

Graphics 10 out of 10

Great graphics, with a little 2D style and a mixture of 3D style. It makes this game so fun you'll forget about your homework. Highly detailed graphics and if you think that 2D cartoon made into 3D stinks? Think again.

Control 10 out of 10

Great and easy control that works like an Action RPG, sort of like Brave Fencer Musashi. Moves can be easily execute.

Audio 10 out of 10

Great music, great effects, even great voice acting. Actual voices from Disney's characters. So you'll never get bored just reading text, instead, you can hear them reading it out to you.

Replay value 10 out of 10

Great replay value, after completing the game once, you'll want to beat it once more. It gets addicting each time you play through the game.

Overall 10 out of 10

Its a wonder how Square can merge with Disney to create this game where Squall and Selphie and other Final Fantasy character will appear. So if you're starving for an Action RPG that features all your favorite Square's character, go get a copy...yes, right now.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/09/02, Updated 05/09/02

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