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"I've got two words of advice for you: Buy This Game!"

Yes, that's three words. But if you've played this game and have gotten up to the Coliseum, you'd know what I mean (maybe if you've seen Hercules, too... but I'm not sure). Anyway, to the review:

Graphics: 10
Very cartoony, but not cel-shaded. Neat, huh? Anyway, the game is very good-looking so far. I have noticed some characters not looking much like they're supposed to (Hercules), but that's just being picky.
The spell effects and the like are VERY good looking too. Some of the magical effects are spectacular.. so spectacular, I almost drueled in awe. Seriously.
Anyway, most of the game looks terrific. Although a bit blocky at times, everything looks incredible. The worlds in the game either
A. Look just as good as it did in the movie
B. Look much better than it did in the movie
The latter being the majority. :) But that's just my opinion.

Gameplay: 9
Allow me to describe the neat system that's in Kingdom Hearts:
You have a command list to the bottom left of the screen. It's similar to the ones found in Final Fantasies when a character's turn is up. You know, the ones containing ''Attack'', ''Magic'', ''Item'', etc.
It's there always. As is your HP/MP thingy. Oh, and let me tell you a little about that: VERY COOL! You have the character's portrait in the center of a circle, and outlining that circle is the HP meter that hugs the side of the portrait circle. As you gain more levels and more HP, the HP meter continues to grow around the portrait until it makes a full circle around the portrait (presumeably). Cool, or what? Oh, and the MP meter outlines the HP meter. It does the same thing the HP meter does.
Anyway, back to the Command List:
When nothing is happening, the Command List (CL from now on) is colored blue. When you get into a battle (no special effect thing between going into a battle), the CL turns Red. From there, you can Attack and whatnot. Using the D-pad or the Right Analog Stick you can choose the different selections on the CL.
When not in a battle, all the commands stay the same and you can walk about and attack stuff like you would in a battle (you can't hit NPCs, though).
The fourth option in the CL is reserved for two reasons:
1. When not in a battle, you can use it to lift certain objects, pull levers, etc.
2. When in battle, it's reserved for Special Abilites you have equipped (more on that in a moment).
Phew. Next in the order of business is AP and Abilites. AP starts off at about 3, I believe. It stands for Ability Points. As you progress in the game and gain levels, you will sometimes acquire a new ability. These abilties cost AP in order to be equipped. Meaning, if you (somehow) have a 2 AP Ability and a 1 AP Ability in the beginning of the game, you can equip both, but no more than those because they equal 3 AP. Likewise, you can equip 3 different 1 AP Abilites and... those are all the possibilities. ^^; Got it?
Okay, NEXT is the Battle System:
The Battle System may be shallow at first (you should've seen my first review!), but as you progress and get more used to it: it turns out to be a godsend. It's incredible, really. Abilites sometimes extend combos and therefore give you a bit of an upperhand over the enemy: Awesome! The Magic part of the battle system is relatively cool too, seeing as how you can make shortcuts to 3 different magic spells, rather than going to Magic on the CL and choosing the spell you want to use. You really don't have that much time. There's no stopping in battle whatsoever. Unless you press Pause, of course... but then you can't do anything unless you press Pause again. :p Anyway, the frantic item/magic(at times) selection thing can be quite annoying at times, but you'll learn to get away from the action and heal yourself in the corner in no time at all.
Finally: The whole Gummi Ship thing is relatively easy to use. It's until much later that you learn how to make a good-looking/working ship. You should see mine. :)
No idea what a Gummi Ship is?
Basically, it's a ship that transports you between various Disney worlds. In between the worlds are small obstacle courses of sorts, where you have to stay alive until you get to your destination. It's much easier than it sounds. :)

Sound: 9
Absolutely nothing wrong with the music in this game. Nothing. It's by the same girl who did the music of Legend of Mana (I loved that game), so it's great! Unfortunately, it does get tedious and a bit bland at times. But it sure is cool to hear the Winnie the Pooh theme song in a videogame. :p
The voice acting isn't bad, either.
Haley Joel does a good job, as does almost everyone else. The only ''bad'' actor I can think of was Selphie, but that's just because she's a nobody. James Woods DOES do the voice to Hades, btw. And for some unknown reason he doesn't sound as good as he does in the movie... hmmmm. Anyway, David Boreanez does a terrific job as Leon (''It's Over!''), and some guy does Cloud very well. And boy, is it awesome hearing Cloud scream at you right before he practically impales you. :) Mandy Moore does a terrific job as Aeris, too. I've yet to hear Lance Bass... but I'll update this when I do.

Difficulty: MEDIUM to HARD
Think this game is for kids? Think again. The first few hours of the game isn't HARD, but a little annoying. I doubt your baby brother would have fun playing this game. Anyway, once you get to the Coliseum you'll see the difficulty pick up BIG TIME. If it weren't for the difficulty of the boss, I wouldn't be writing this review! I hope the rest of the game is as challenging.
UPDATE: I died a few more times, but the Coliseum boss is the boss I had the most trouble with as of yet. Also, leveling up big-time (like I did) does give you a somewhat unfair advantage over the enemy... :(

Overall: 10
This game is terrific. It's very fun, relatively deep, and pretty darn long so far. :) I'll put a score for the Story when I'm done with the game. But until then: BUY THIS GAME ANYWAY!!!

WARNING! When you get to the Coliseum Tournaments, do NOT look at the Rankings to keep the surprises from being spoiled!!!

Note: This is the second version of this review.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/19/02, Updated 10/14/02

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