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We've waited for this game, forever. It seemed like such an idiotic idea, but as time went on, we realized how much synchronization is brought between those two words. Disney and Squaresoft...Alright, three words.

Story: 9/10
The story starts off chronicling the adventures of Sora, a young boy, and Riku and Kairi, his friends. They are off to see other worlds, as you find out within the first half hour that Kairi is from another world. You see, all the worlds are not connected. Each world is a city or a town, and that's that. Meanwhile, in the Disney world, Donald discovers a letter from Mickey. The stars are disappearing, and he's off to find out what's the matter with them. Donald and Goofy start their own adventure to find the king, as Sora, Kairi, and Riku progress on their own story.

Graphics: 10/10
Simply amazing. The only game more polished than this is Devil May Cry, and that's pretty hard to top. It has all the color of Final Fantasy X, but with a more rounded look. It looks smoother than any other Final Fantasy. You can see the texture of the different surfaces, and all the shadowing is great.

Control: 7/10
The control is very basic. ''X'' is the ''attack'' or ''use'' button. It's used to talk, to attack, to use items, and whatnot. The right analog stick is used to control actions, such as ''Attack'' or ''Item'', which are both triggered by ''X''. ''R1'' locks onto the nearest enemy, and ''Circle'' jumps. I thought that the camera was very flawed, and the buttons got confusing sometimes. There is no option to change the controller layout, which would have been nice. A few flaws, but it works out very nicely.

Gameplay: 11/10
Ho-lee craaaaaap. This is where the game shines, and it's obvious why. Square has always had amazing gameplay, and this is no exception. The system is set up like Phantasy Star Online, I think. You have an ''Item'', ''Equipment'', ''Abilities'', ''Customize'', and ''Configure'' options under the menu. You set abilities to different abilities, like Phantasy Star Online. I can't say too much about it, but I can just say that the gameplay is a hybrid of Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star Online.

Music/Sound: 9/10
The music is a little hokey, IMO. It sounds like bad Japanese techno in the beginning, and progresses to light music as it continues, with pounding battle music. The voices are done well, and the celebrities are better than I thought. The FF characters sound like I thought they would, and I'm sure most people will agree with me, upon playing. Marks off for the hokey music.

Extras: 20/10
If anything, this game has insane extras. First off, multiple Final Fantasy characters such as Wakka, Tidus, Selphie, Squall, Yuffie, and Cloud are in this game. If you were a fan of any of these characters, seeing them for the first time will make you go crazy. I know I did, hence my Final Fantasy VIII screenname. The Disney characters are well done, with cameos from over a hundred characters. No matter who you see in this game, you'll always point and say ''Hey! I know that guy/gal!''

Buy or Rent?
Buy. I don't even have to explain why.

Pros and Cons


-Amazing graphics
-Amazing storyline
-Amazing gameplay
-Disney + Squaresoft = love


-Iffy controls
-Hokey music
-That's it.

Overall: 10
This game has been worth the wait. It's an RPG masterpiece, and certainly one of the best that have come from Squaresoft, in the middle of the Final Fantasies. What's great about this is that it has it's own unique style. Square and Disney didn't just take the Final Fantasy system and put Disney characters on it, this is a new experience. At the risk of sounding cliché, this game rocks!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/19/02, Updated 09/19/02

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