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"So much hype, so little game!"

The idea is great, Disney and Square teaming up to make a game where all the Disney characters, and some Final Fantasy characters join up to fight evil. This way, not only are little kids that love Disney buy the game, but people that are obsessed with Final Fantasy. Wow, Square's really got it made! Too bad the game is terrible...

Story 7/10
I like the story, kind of. It's really not that good when you think about it, but in small chunks, you're entertained. Basically, some demons from another world named the Heartless are going from world to world stealing peoples hearts, or something like that... Sora and his friends world is next in line. On another world (I'm saying world a lot because they never use ''planet'' in the game) all the Disney characters are going about their lives when Donald Duck and Goofy find Mickey, the king, missing. He's gone searching for a key, and the two go searching for him. Sora ends up with the key, and join up with the two to find Mickey and stop the Heatless.

Sound 8/10
I never really noticed the music, nothing really special I guess. There's a few Disney-familiar tunes in the game, but besides that, everything is too quiet or too annoying to pay attention to. The reason, however, why I give it an 8 is this game has the best voice acting in a game I've heard so far (second being Resident Evil...Joking...). Disney took it to themselves not to just take the Japanese version and put bad dubbing to it, but hiring all the original Disney voice actors and some other highly paid stars, and matched the characters lips up perfectly. Bravo in that department.

Graphics 7/10
Whenever I see a game on PS2 with regular graphics, that look boring and dull, I give it a 5. This would have gotten a 5, but the cinemas are so pretty! Too bad they're so few and spread so far apart. The game graphics are nothing special, nothing that you wouldn't see if the guys that made Jak & Daxter took less time with the character models. The characters lips move very well with their voices, but that's the only special thing about it. I think the most boring levels were put at the beginning of the game, which will no doubt scare away half of the people who play this game and don't have the patience to see it all the way through.

The graphics, to put it short, look like they were made before Jak & Daxter, but had that games idea of facial emotions in mind.

Gameplay 5/10
This is where this game really stinks. The fighting system is basically like Threads of fate, but with a camera on drugs, and a really annoying targeting system. When you're trying to fight a boss or something of the sort, Donald and Goofy are off fighting the monster, while you're in a corner, trying to get the camera to stop spinning and focus on the boss! The fighting system isn't new or innovative, it's just something they dug up and added a few extras on to. Another annoying thing about the gameplay is that to interact with things, which includes casting spells, attacking, opening doors, and using items, requires you to take your finger off the analogue and use the d-pad to scroll up until you choose the right action. This means, in mid battle, you hold the left analogue with your right hand to run away, and select your last potion to use on yourself, then run back ready to fight, and take a few hits before you notice that you forgot to scroll back up to fight. Very, very annoying, and not worth mastering.

Another disappointing part of the game is the little spaceship game you get to play in between worlds. It's not fun, and looks like something Super Nintendo would dish out in their early days in an attempt to look 3D. If you want, you can actually put the controller down, go eat dinner, then come back, and you'll be done the level, since the bad guys don't really attack, and the rings are almost always positioned right in the middle, and if they aren't, it's not powerful enough to blow your ship up.

Challenge 9/10
This game is challenging, to the point where it is just plain annoying. The main challenge is moving the camera so you can see where you're jumping to, try the jump, then have to climb all the way back up and try it again, because, you missed... of course... The jumping action Sora does is very odd also. It's not a regular jump, he kind of floats while falling down, but I don't think he's supposed to look like that... But it makes the game even harder, trying to land on the right spot.

Replay Value 4/10
The only reason I would play this game is a second time would be to hear the great voice acting again. Otherwise, not worth it.

Overall 6/10
If you're a hard core Square fan, like me, you'll buy the game, like I did, and add it to your collection of every Square game ever made, like mine. You won't like it much, but you'll smile and deal with it, just like you did with Saga Frontier, and The Bouncer. If you do like it, stop it, we all know it's a bad game, and even if you make a little shrine to the game in your room, Squaresoft won't thank you for supporting them!

The truth is: they could've done this in a much better way, maybe turn based would have been more enjoyable? Maybe they could have lowered the number of fighter you get into? Maybe they could've put a little more thought into the project, instead of just dishing out another title for the money? Yes, the cold hard truth is Squaresoft wants your money, and Disney wants it more. Luck for you, this game isn't a reason to dish your newest paycheck over to them!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/19/02, Updated 09/19/02

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