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Reviewed: 09/19/02 | Updated: 09/19/02

This game is absolutley great and one of a kind

When I first heard about Kingdom Hearts I was thrilled to see a game between Squaresoft and Disney. 2 of the biggest companies working together to create what is considered a masterpiece by many. Without further ado, lets get on with the review.

Graphics: 9

While falling a bit short of FFX's graphics, Kingdom Hearts is still beautifully well drawn and displayed throughout the game. The worlds, as well as all the characters are brilliantly displayed how they were meant to be. However that's just ingame-play. The CGs are remarkably beautiful and are top notch competitors with Final Fantasy X's.

Sound: 8

2 sections here, Music and Voices

The music is definitely one of this games strong points. With new songs, as well as old Disney themes this game does not fall short when it comes to music. It just always catches your attention when you finally meet a Final Fantasy characters and start hearing remixs of some of your favorite Final Fantasy music as well.

The voices are another great achievement in this game. Unlike Final Fantasy X's voices which I did not prefer, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Kingdom Hearts. With many famous actors playing as the main characters, and many special voice actors doing cameos, you know you will recognize some of them. On top of that many of the voice actors who did a part in their respectful Disney movies are back in this game which is a big thing if you have younger siblings who like Disney.

Story: 9

The story in this game is very straight forward, yet has many twists and events that could happen at any moment that you would never realize would happen. In Kingdom Hearts you can also stray from the storyline some as well and take some time to complete optional sidequests and the such.

Gameplay: 9

When it comes to battles in this game, it is definitely something different then what Final Fantasy is like. Instead of turn based fighting, you fight in real time combat right where you are standing. The fighting is very much oriented to how Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask where like. However you can still cast spells as well as summon. Spells are a big part of the game as you will recognize most of them from previous Final Fantasys, as well as some new spells.

The Summons are a great feature of this game as well. Seeing many Disney characters come into battle to aid you will surely take your breath away.

The controls can be a little challenging at times when it comes to locking on, or attacking multiple targets, but after you've played the game a few hours you will have the hang of it down.

Replay Value: 8

While beating the game is a big deal, after words their might not be as much to do as you thought. However, finding all 35+ Trinity Marks, all 99 Dalmations, and completing puzzles in the Hundred Acre Wood, you will probably have had your fill of sidequests and replaying. Not to mention building your own Gummi Ship is one of the most fun things to do in the game.

Overall: 9

Disney and Squaresoft couldn't have done a better job when it came to making a real time action/RPG game. The graphics are wonderful, the story is good, the music is breathtaking, and this game is definitely reccommended if any of you are fans of Squaresoft or Disney. Thanks all, and enjoy Kingdom Hearts.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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