"In a word: Awesome"

A game by Squaresoft, and Disney. Wow, who would of thought? The better part is...everything is well done for putting Disney and Square together. So what exactly does this create? Kingdom Hearts, duh, but lets take a deeper look at what exactly makes this game close, if not already a masterpiece.

Story 10/10
The story is simple, and easy to understand. You play as a young boy Sora, who is always the type who is up for any kind of adventure. Along with his friends, Kairi and Riku, he plans to sail off the island that he lives on, and see other lands. However, a legion of darkness attacks his island, and sends him, along with his friends to a new world! Along the way, Sora will meet some Disney characters, even some that will fight with you! Best of all, Final Fantasy characters from 7,8 and 10 make an appearance in this game! You might even have to fight them!

Game Play/Controls 10/10
The battle system of a mixture of RPG, and Real-Time fighting. You can attack an opponent by pressing the X button. There is no time delay, so that’s what makes it Real-Time. O makes you jump, which is useful for dodging around an enemy, and dodging long-range attacks. R1 also allows you to target enemies. As well as you can learn abilities, which require an additional button press. Overall, the control system is just fine. Its RPG Elements include using magic attacks, such as Fire, that consume your MP. The AI’s controls your teammates, who are usually Donald Duck and Goofy. You control Sora at all times; there is no other playable character. You can use an item, but you must assign certain items to certain characters so you can use it in battle. The battle system is very easy to understand, and the controls are simple so you learn them very quickly.

Graphics 9.5/10
The graphics are totally awesome in this game. Disney characters look exactly how they do in the movies, and still have their same facial expressions. The Final Fantasy characters are also much more increased in detail, especially the ones who were only the PSX. The backgrounds also have nice detail in interaction. However, the game still has minimal graphical jaggies, but they are hardly noticed.

Sounds/Music 9/10
The sounds are very nice as well; the effects from the thunder make nice effects, and the sounds in battle sounds good. Voice acting from the Final Fantasy characters! Wow! A lot of them sound just like I would expect! However, some sound weird. Popular stars also play the voices in this game. Including some from Mandy Moore and Lance Bass (N'Sync). The music overall is fine, but I thought the music didn't have as much feeling and didn't hook you in as much as the Final Fantasy games do.

Replay Value 9/10
You'll probably want to end up playing this game again. Some for seeing the Final Fantasy characters again, or taking different choices in the beginning of the game, this adds good replay.

Rent Or Buy
BUY I'm so sure anyone reading this review has played or at least heard of Final Fantasy before, and know the quality of the games. This game is no different. It's worth every penny, and no, it's not kiddy.

Like the Japanese version, the Camera is lacking in battle! ! The Camera improperly moves sometimes with Sora, sometimes getting blocked, or going to an angle in which you cannot see the enemy, allowing endless pumble. This is the only major flaw in the game.

Final Words
Square and Disney make a pretty good team! There is indication that a Kingdom Hearts 2 will eventually be announced, until then, enjoy this great game that finally hits the states, and has the return of our favorite Final Fantasy characters.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/19/02, Updated 09/19/02

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