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Reviewed: 09/19/02 | Updated: 09/19/02

This game has forever changed my opinion on Disney!

I’ve played some great games in my time. This definitely is way up there. I got to say this was a really refreshing game that makes me, a former Disney hater, to love the kiddy company that is Disney. Square didn’t make a mistake when they teamed up with Disney. The great abundance of Disney characters is truly amazing! I couldn’t turn my head without seeing a classic Disney character. Besides everything else this game is also extremely fun to play, although it isn’t perfect, it is extremely close to it.

Gameplay: 100/100
Wow! This game's fun factor is truly off the charts. I have so much fun fighting enemies and I rarely get bored while leveling up my characters. Sometimes it doesn’t even seem like an RPG. The games pure fun level makes me think this game is mainly gameplay, but then I think about the amazing story behind it and the wonderfully drawn characters and backgrounds. I can believe I ever doubted Square and their alliance with Disney. The gameplay alone is worth the $50, but with all the other things this game offers, it is a must get for almost any gamer. My only real complaint however is that the camera does get annoying every now and then. Sometimes it just acts up and goes crazy. But, even though the camera is far from perfect, it does not change the fact that this is one of the most fun games I have played in a long while. Gameplay gets a deserving 100/100!

Story: 95/100
The story is near perfection. It entangles the person, and makes it so you can never put down the controller. And with the great gameplay it has, this game well keep you hooked for hours without hope of stopping. Now that I have told you a little about how great the story is, I can give you a little brief introduction on how the story is. It is about a 14-year-old boy named Sora. His two friends were lost and he goes out to search for them. That is about all I can tell you without any spoilers. When you get in the game your two allies that you always fight with are Donald Duck, and Goofy. Its a pity that you cant pick up any other Square characters to join your party however. You can also only control Sora leaving Donald and Goofy entirely to AI. Still it is a great story and a great concept. Almost anyone would fall instantly in love with this game.

Graphics: 100/100
The graphics are wonderful and really put the PS2's power to work. While it isn’t the greatest in any game, the graphics do match the way the game feels and I couldn’t have asked for it to look any better. The design of not only the characters but also the world around you is really nicely done. The game is just as good, if not better then FFX. While there aren’t many CG movies in this game, the times there are is quite breathtaking. You can tell that they really put some work into this game. This game is some really tasty candy for your eyes!

Sound: 100/100
The music in this game is really good. But the music alone doesn’t get that 100/100 score. It’s the voice acting that is really top notch. With a Hollywood cast like that, who wouldn’t expect it? Finally the American version is actually better then the Japanese version! Actually it wasn’t that big of a surprise though. I mean what do you expect with people like Haley Joel Osment doing the voices? They also fixed the lip movement so it isn’t like FFX on that department. If you had any doubts in bad dubbing then this game proves almost anybody wrong. If Games had Academy Awards then this would definitely take the cake!

Replayability: 90/100
You know in most RPG's you can only play it once then you basically throw the game in a closet for a couple of years? Well, Kingdom Hearts definitely will make you play over and over until the reason you threw the game away was because something got overheated after days of never turning off your PS2 because you just couldn’t say no when someone told you to stop playing. It’s simply that fun and addicting of a game. When I played this game I was actually thinking about how fun it would be to play the game a second and a third time.

Difficulty and Tilt: 100/100
This game isn’t what you would normally expect from a Disney game. The game isn’t all that easy, and the length is quite long. Playing in normal mode will leave you did a couple of times. Playing on hard will allow you to lose count on all the times you died. So this isn’t another kiddy game that you can play eyes closed with one hand. The game is also about 30+ hours long depending on if you want to get all the secrets or not. If you try to get everything it may take you around 40-60 hours depending on if you have FAQs and how good you are in the game.

Rent or Buy: Buy, Buy, Buy!!!! This game is a wonderful buy that will be great in anyone’s collection. I went to get it as soon as it came out, and I am not disappointed at all. You should turn you computer on and go to your nearest game store and get this game right this second!

Overall Score: 98/100

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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