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Reviewed: 09/20/02 | Updated: 09/20/02

Thus, Children step into the Light...

(If you wish to skip the introduction and stuff, please go to 'please stop here', though I highly disapprove of you skipping an intro to any reading material...some people just don't have the attention span, so I thought I'd be nice.)
I'll start off by introducing me to you to let you into a little bit of information reguarding my choice on games, etc. I am 18 years old, I have a girlfriend and am very anti-sociable unless people approach me or I take on a different...hmm...'persona'. I like any RPG that has decent story, decent use of deus ex machinas, classic characters, and so forth...Anyway, I bought this game the day of its releasal and I'm completely intrigued by it. I was intrigued when I first heard it was Square and Disney that were making a game together. I first thought this was just going to be another Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time but Disney style-graphics. Then it got down to two months before its releasal in the US, I started researching what it was about; this allowed me to find out what the plot was and then I started thinking 'wait a second...this is a very good strategy!' I'm a partial man of business and also strategy, I know a tactic when I see one. Square deploys a wolf in sheeps clothing. Basically, they used Disney to bring in new RPGers to their favor of getting more profits. So, why did I give this game a 9/10? I'll summarize it:

(Please Stop Here; the intro is over.)

Game Play and Story 10/10: There's nothing wrong with having Disney in your mind. My own parents were even curious about the game. We sat down and watched me play it, laughing at some parts and getting silent at others. This is DEFINETLY something for a family to unite in one room and watch. The story reminds me of that of 'The Hobbit'; it shows a transgression from being an adolescent to becoming an adult(Thus, Disney supplied the kid side, Square provided the adult side and they formed KDH). If you loved the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy, then this game is for you. I believe the storyline is very easy to follow for most children, other parts they might not get now, but through will power and understanding they will step into the light of knowledge.

Music and Voices 9/10: Music was very fitting for the atmosphere of each world, however, sometimes it got repetitive and I started leaving for the Gummi Ship. Voice actors are a perfect fit; however, some areas they didn't do voices (instead they did text bubbles) and sometimes the people looked happy when they were sad. Other than that it was a perfect sound all around. Oh yeah, 'Simple and Clean' was a good version for PlanitB MIX, but I still liked 'Hikari' for both versions

Controls 10/10: It's the birth of a new Legend of Zelda; a REAL Legend of Zelda 'RPG'; that is, if Zelda ever was going to be an RPG again, this is what it would be like.(I know many people complained about LoZ being an RPG and I'll say it again 'Legend of Zelda II is an RPG, not Legend of Zelda as a whole'.) Anyway, the controls are somewhat difficult to get adjusted to after you played Way of the Samurai, but they are simple controls. You got all your commands laid out in front of you. Plus, you don't have that annoying 'auto-jump' where you have to run to a cliff or do a leap slash at the enemy to jump. Plus you can program your side-characters to perform certain tasks so you only have to worry about yourself during battle. The camera's a bit shifty, but it's good over all, because the Auto-Lock function works perfectly.

Character Development 10/10: This is a HARD game to develop characters in to interact with each other. ALL of the Disney characters are there, some have new personalities, some don't...either way, Square and Disney put a LOT of effort behind character development. If I see a flaw or two, I'm fine by passing over it, but if it keeps on occurring, then I'll be worried. I never really liked Leon before he was in KDHs, now I can feel sympathy for him...he actually has a character now. I laughed and cried at the same time when Leon started telling plot information...*sniff* was beautiful...

Graphics 9/10: Last but not least, the graphics section; I'm no longer a fan of big-time graphics, though I love to watch it, I hate it when it blinds me. The only real problem I saw was a happy face on Sebastien's face when he seems scared or something. Well, can't all be perfect; but also the Gummi Ship caught my eye, then I remembered 'Disney wants simplicity for younger viewers/RPGers'. So, I'm by-passing the Gummi Ship's graphics, it's okay.

Buy/Rent 9/10: If you have the attention span that doesn't even exist upon or above this plane of existence...this game is not for you...As for the rest of you, buy this game as soon as you can! This is something to pass on for Generations; the legendary RPG that 'brings kids into RPGs' as well as 'transforming their mind into adults'. If you are unsure about my choice of your decision, RENT the game, I'm serious, that's how good it is. Play it with your family! This is something everyone can enjoy!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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