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"The game I've waited all year! Is it truly worth it?"

Well, judging by the score, you'd have to say yes huh? Disney and Square, a very odd junction.
The game starts off quite unusual. The first sequence was a dream, but it is very important as to how you play the game.

Introduction: 10/10
The fmv intro was absolutely amazing! The best I've seen in a while. I love the part when Sora rises from the ocean with the glare of the sun reflecting off the water. Amazing...
The interface and menu system is quite simple, even though it took me a while to learn how to scroll up and down the menu when I was fighting, but I'll explain more in the gameplay section.

Story 9.5/10:
The story is excellent and heartwarming at times. You are a 14 year old teenager named Sora. Who was born on Destiny Island. He is living with his friends Riku (age 15) and Kairi (age 14). He hopes to see the outside world other than Destiny Island. Riku has more of a desire than the rest of them to see the outside world. Well anyway, in the beginning they build a raft so they can see the rest of the world or worlds.

On the other side of the story, the Disney side, King Mickey is missing. He apparent left to find more about the heartless. Donald and Goofy assemble and look for King Mickey. Under Mickey's orders, they are also to look for the chosen one with the ''key''.

I won't give more then the intro, so there are no spoilers.

Graphics: 9.0/10
The game is very colorful and bright. The textures are not as detailed as you'd expect, but don't worry, the graphics are still very good. The facial animation and character movements are the highlight of this game, well at least to me. The Disney character models look amazing! (how many times did I use that word?) Their expressions and movements look exactly like their cartoon counterparts. The Final Fantasy characters in this game look great as well. They all just look so good, and some of the designs are quite unique. The graphics are hard to pinpoint, it depends on the world you are visiting. Wonderland is quite simple in design, as comparison to Destiny Island (where you start out) and Deep Jungle. I personally liked how Deep Jungle looked, varied in lighting a lot. I was a little disappointed with the water physics of this game, it's not as detailed as some other games out there, but it still good to look at.
I suppose the game is made to look simple on purpose, and not as detailed as say....Final Fantasy X.

Gameplay: 9/10
This game is an action RPG. Those who have played Zelda or Dark Cloud would find the control scheme a bit similar. The targeting system in this game borrowed a little from Zelda 64 games, but then again, shouldn't all action games have a targeting system?
Most of the time, your party will consists of Sora, Donald, and Goofy, with Disney characters to back you up along the way. You can even summon other Disney characters to help you in battle. And no, you can't have Final Fantasy characters in your party.
Some would complain about the gameplay. I for one do not find the camera to be in my way. It does take a little more time to adjust the camera mid battle, but too many have been complaining about how horrible the camera is, when in actuality, it isn't as bad, well, not to the point where the game is unbeatable. The menu system takes a little while to get used to. Using the right analog stick to select the commands while dodging enemy attacks takes a little work and coordination, but you'll get used to it. I find aerial enemies annoying, since sometimes, you can't see them. I also find it hard to hit enemies with your magic. Parrying and dogding takes a little while to master as well.
The only complaint I have is the gummi ship parts. It's fun but it get's tedious. You control a little space ship and shoot things. Remember those plane games like Raiden, but 3d? It plays a little like that.

Sound: 10/10
I find the voice acting in this game to be top notch! For those of you who think that celebrities may not do a good job, you are wrong! THey did a great job playing all their respective characters. The Disney characters sound like they should. Some Final Fantasy characters I find a bit awkward in the voice department, but I'm not saying they're bad, they just sound different than I thought they would be.
Haley Joel Osment, David Gallagher, and Hayden Panettiere do an excellent job as Sora, Riku, and Kairi.
The battle effects, including battle grunts and taunts are great as well. The background music is quite good as well, even though at times I didn't find that it fit, but it's still good. What more is there to say?

Final Comments:
This game is great, recommended for old Square fans to new gamers who've never played an RPG before. This game is excellent. Is this game kiddy? A little, but it won't get in the way of the storyline that much. If you absolutely hate Disney, but just got this game for Final Fantasy characters, you may be a bit disapointed. This entire game is based on the Disney world, with a few Final Fantasy characters to add to the story. Excellent game, one I would not miss. This game is as long as any standard RPG's nowadays. From 30-40 hours your first time though, if you take it slow.

Rent or Buy?
If you hate disney so much as too look at this game, then you'd be missing out a lot! I'd say buy this game. It has lasting appeal. There is an expert mode for you to play through to to increase the difficulty. As if the main game isn't hard enough. If you want an extra challenge, play on Expert Mode.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/22/02, Updated 09/22/02

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