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Reviewed: 10/11/02 | Updated: 05/11/03

I'm normally not a fan of Action RPGs but this is an exception

The Second I saw the commercial for this game I knew I had to have it, it looked so cool, and yet so appealing to many people. At first I thought it was a regular RPG (turn-based battle system) but after reading a few reviews here I found out it was not, which upset me a bit. I normally hate real-time battles in RPGs, because they are so darned complicated, but after playing for about 10 hours, let me tell you, if you’re a newbie to the real time battle systems this is a great game to start, as it starts simple and builds up difficulty slowly. Now for the other barrier this game has for so many gamers, the age barrier. Sure this game is made by Disney and a lot of people may give it flak for it, however this game is also made by Square soft one of the most respected video game makers in the market. So if you think your not gonna try it just because it has Disney characters in it, then your making a huge mistake. Enough about the barriers this game crosses and on with the review.

Gameplay – 9/10 This game is one of the best games I have played in a long time, the game play is simply amazing as well as addictive. You are Sora, a 14 year old that lives on a remote island with some friends (or so it seems, the story doesn’t actually mention how they got there, just that they are there). You start out by picking your character status, Warrior (which I picked), Magician, or some weird thing with a shield. What this decides is certain status points that your main character will take, although it really doesn’t matter, as the difference in points is not very big. After that you learn the basics of the game, then you do a few chores to get a raft ready to sail off the island with (you can fight several final fantasy characters in this stage, it’s a lot of fun, so give it a try), that is until the darkness comes for your world. After that you find out that a collection of bad guys throughout Disney movies has formed a coalition to destroy all the worlds through these keyholes, your job is to lock the keyholes with your key blade you receive before the darkness swallows your best friend. You then meet “King Mickey’s” loyal Magician (Donald Duck) and his high Knight (Goofy), you go around with them in your party to find these key-holes and you lock them, pretty simple right?

Controls – 10/10 Very easy to learn controls, however if you are not a big fan of the analog sticks your gonna have to get used to it, because the directional pad is used for command selection. There is a lock-on feature that is real nice in the game, as well as buttons to turn the camera so you can see better, however if your close to a wall this feature is a pain to try and use. Then there are a few hot keys for your techniques as well as for your magic so you can use it easier.

Sound – 8/10 The sound for the game is very good, most characters have voices, the music is representative of it’s movie pretty good. The Songs for the game are obviously good, as you may have heard that song from the commercial that gets in your head and just stays. Most characters have voices, however one of the problems is that some scenes do not contain voices for the characters but text bubbles in stead, this however is not a big deal, but it’s more work on the gamers part. One other problem with the game is that if you get stuck on a level the music starts to tear at your nerves, which is probably good motivation to get everything and move on.

Graphics - 9/10 The graphics are good but they are still lacking compared to those of Final Fantasy 10, however if you’ve ever read one of my reviews you would know that graphics have never made a large difference in the game to me. Even though the graphics are lacking they look rather spectacular especially when you watch old Disney movies like “Alice in Wonderland” then play the wonderland level, the difference is quite noticeable, much more attention to detail.

Replayabilty – 9/10 Well seeing as how it’s an RPG the replay value for most people is not terribly good “Playing through an RPG more then once is like throwing goats at a stop light, there’s a reason for it, but most people just don’t see it”. However this game is an action RPG adding a good level of replayabilty, not to mention all the side quests, Building your Perfect Gummy Ship, finding all of the 101 Dalmatians that are hidden throughout the game, as well as the hundreds of Trinity marks in the game. The trinity marks are of several colors, after you beat a world you learn the Trinity moves that allows you to use the mark in order to get a treasure chest with some goodies in it.

Rent or buy? Seeing as how this is an RPG, you’ll Probably want to buy it, it’s very good so you may consider playing it again. This game should also take you a good number of hours (About 30-40 depending on if you are using a guide or not), so Renting may not be the best of ideas unless you have one of those blockbuster game pass things.

Overall – 10/10 Whilst this game lacks very slightly in very few categories I believe this game is great for anyone who enjoys Disney movies, RPGs, or someone who would be interested in an RPG. However you probably are going to get a lot of flak from your friends as well as sales person (in which event I filled a complaint to the manager that not only did the employee make fun of my selection but he didn’t do his job of suggesting a suitable replacement). This game is simply too good to not try just because some idiot with an opinion tries to push his or her opinion on you, use your own mind and think for yourself.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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