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First of all, I want you to do yourself a favor before reading this review. Look at all the other reviews, and find the ones that gave this game a score under a 7. Read them thoroughly, and notice that they don't really make any sense at all. Thank you. Now you can read on.

I am going to admit, this game has it's share of bad points about it. How did Kingdom Hearts get a perfect score then?? Keep reading..

Kingdom Hearts is a Action/RPG game made by Disney and Squaresoft, two companys that, for one reason or another, most everyone knows about. At first glance, you will probably be thinking ''What a stupid idea. A Disney game? What kind of loser could give this a 10/10?'' Hopefuly after reading this you'll change your mind. I want you all to know that this game is by far not as kiddish as many of you think it would be.

10/10 ~ Flawless

Obviously the most important part of any game, it's gameplay. How are the controls, the debth, and difficulty? Perfect. I'l start with the controls. The controls will take about 5 to 10 minutes to get accustomed to, with the help of a little mini tutorial at the beginning of the game. On the little island you start on, there is plenty of things to do to get used to the controls. The left analog stick moves you around. The arrow buttons are used to choose what the 'X' button will do. Theres a little menu at the bottom left of the screen, with 4 options: ''Attack(switches to 'talk' when theres a person around you), Items, Magic, and Examine. You scroll through these with the arrows, while at the same time moving around with the left analog. Its really easy once you get used to it. The second part, the debth of the game. Let's just say theres more then enough little things for you to do. Theres a fun little minigame where you can build your own ships and go through over 30 different Star Fox type levels. This alone can keep you occupied for a good while, seeing as the customization options for your ships are virtualy endless. Theres a whole area devoted to other mini games, and theres a coliseum to do battle in. In addition, each little world has plenty of stuff to do in it. This game will keep you occupied for months. Now for the difficulty. It's literaly at a perfect level. Not too hard, and certainly not too easy. There are many secret bosses, who are unfathomably powerful, with even better rewards. The normal enemys range from little black monsters, to hulking giants that take forever to kill. The games bosses are all fairly difficult, wich is exactly what a boss should be. Beating bosses gives you from new spells, to rare items, to a brand new weapon for you or one of your team members.

8/10 ~ Good

There are some storys out there, such as excellent one from Final Fantasy 7, 8, and so forth. Then there are the unbelievable complex ones, like in Xenogears and Vagrant story. This game isn't as good as those, but it's more then enough to make you wanna keep playing. Each character has a clear and distinct personality, and with all the familiar Disney and Square people in this game, you'll never know who will enter the storyline next. Basicly, you are a dude named Sora who wants to get off his island. With your 2 friends, Riku and Kairi, you build a raft. The day before you set sail, a army of monsters called the Heartless comes and destroys your island, sending the 3 people into different worlds. Elswhere in Disney Castle, Donald and Goofy get a note from the missing King that they need to go find the one who wields the Key Blade and with his help rid the universe from the Heartless. In a place called Traverse town, Sora Goofy and Donald are united, and the quest begins. There are a handful of worlds, such as the Tarzan world, the Aladdin world, and many others. Your job is to travel to each one and..Well that would be giving it away.

10/10 ~ Flawless

I knew what to expect from Squaresoft, but I have to tell you just how amazed I was at how good this games graphics were. It's not as good as FFX, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. All the Disney characters are made into 3-d and let me tell you they all look great. The backgrounds and enviornments are so well done, they will make you want to go walk around for the sheer purpose of admiring them. The spells..Sweet Jesus tapdancing Christ, are they well done. I honestly don't know how to put this all into words. All I can say is that you won't be dissapointed at all.

9/10 ~ Excellent

The music on this game is very well done. Not only that, but in each world, the background music, battle music, and other music is all different, to make it fit into the world more. The sounds of this game are perfectly flawless, as you will notice as soon as you turn on the power. Everything sounds realiztic, and none of the sounds ever gets annoying. Again, you won't be dissapointed at all.

9/10 ~ Excellent

This game, without any side quests at all, should take about 25 - 30 hours. But let me ask you somthing. With so many things to do, and such a great enviornment this game provides, how would you NOT want to do sidequests, minigames, and whatnot? If you go for everything (In other words, try to get everything 'perfect') in this game, it will take more or less 50 hours, wich is pretty long for an RPG, but to my knowledge, unprecidented as far as adventure/action/RPGs go. And this game won't get old, I promise you that.

Overall Score(Not an Average)
10/10 ~ Flawless, perfect, whatever.

This game is amazing. Wether your a fan of RPGs, Disney, or even if youv never played a game in your life, this game is the definition of excellence. As far as rental goes, forget it. Just go buy it, and you won't be dissapointed in the least.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/14/02, Updated 10/14/02

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