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Reviewed: 01/20/03 | Updated: 05/21/03

This game is GOD


I finally decided to get this game, and all I have to say is wow. I thought this game would be horrible, but it's actually really good, in fact, better than any game I ever played! There's everything in this game; action, adventure, music, power! I completely fell in love with this game and I think everyone else will too.

Story Line: 10/10

This game has an extremely original, never before used story line. This game has characters from many Final Fantasy games and Disney characters. The actual story is easy to understand, and yet complicated. This is because many things happen at once.

There are basically two story lines. One is you live on a small but peaceful island called Destiny Island. You are teenage boy named Sora. With two of your friends, Riki and Kairi, you all dream about visiting other worlds far away from the island. You three decide to make a raft and travel away from the island to find these other worlds. One day, the island was taken over by black shadows called Heartless, and your island was destroyed. Before it was destroyed, you obtained a key shaped sword called a Key Blade. After the island was destroyed, you, Kairi and Riku were scattered. You wake up at Traverse Town, where you adventure begins...

In a different world far away, the king disappeared, no where to be found. He left an odd note saying there's someone with a ''key'' and they need it. Donald and Goofy leave the Disney Castle to find that key, and the person that wields it.

You, Donald, and Goofy must work together to find Kari and Riku, and save the universe from the Heartless. You all have to travel around from world to world, locking each one from the Heartless.

Game Play: 10/10

This game is probably the longest lasting game ever made. There are a lot of things to do, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Each world takes time to beat, and there are many worlds to go through.

One thing you have to do is travel from world to world. You don't go to each world just to fight, you go to save it. You have to fight through the swarm of Heartless that appears to oppose you, and defeat the boss. Only then, will you be able to save that world. Some worlds will be very familiar to you. Some worlds are Atlantica, which was from The Little Mermaid, Coliseum, which the strongest man Hercules fight, and the Jungle from Tarzan. There are many others that will sound very familiar when you play. There are lots and lots of worlds, and each one gets harder and harder to beat.

Another thing you do is fly around in something called a Gummi Ship. You fly in that to go from world to world. As you get further and further, you get more upgrade parts for it, and eventually, you will be able to zip around. Even when you're on the gummi ship, Heartless will still attack in their own ships. Some will just fly around but some will attack you. You have lasers on your ship, so you can destroy them and take whatever they drop. Even when you fly around you're fighting.

You aren't just a warrior. You are also a powerful magician. The spells you can use are all different. They range from attacks like fire, and defense like Aero. There are also spells to stop everything, attack everything, and cure your HP. There are also summoning spells. When you get certain items and take them to a certain place, you can turn them into summons. When these summons are used, a Disney character appears, like Genie, Bambie, Dumbo, etc. They all have different and unique abilities.

Speaking of abilities, you are also a fast learner and can learn powerful abilities. As you beat certain bosses and worlds, you obtain them. They can help you dodge enemy attacks, move faster, etc. These are all very important if you want to beat the game.

Another thing you can do in this game is swim. In some levels you have to swim to get around. Can you believe it? You can move, attack, use magic spells, and even swim! This game has everything!

There are also these awesome things called trinities. They are kind of like special abilities, and you use Donald and Goofy with you to get some items or munny. These are scattered around every planet, and you have to find them to get 100%. Cool huh?

This game isn't just about traveling around worlds. You also have to find things. You have to find Dalmatians. You know, the white dogs with black spots. You also have to find missing pages. These pages are used to unlock new areas in the book with the Hundred Acre Woods. There, you can meet Pooh Bear, Piglet, and the others. When you find a certain number of Dalmatians or do certain things in the Hundred Acre Woods, you get some awesome items.

One flaw though is in the beginning of the game. You learn most of the controls, but this area takes a long time. This game keeps time, and it took about fifteen minutes to get through the first part. That is a lot of time.

One other flaw is not being able to skip cut scenes. This can be good and bad. It can be good because you can pause during any cut scene, but bad because if you watched it before, you might want to skip it, but can't. Oh well the cut scenes aren't that big of a deal, and you know what they say. Good things come to those who wait.

I think the game play in this game is better than pretty much every other game out there.

Controls: 10/10

The controls in this game are easy to learn and memorize. In the beginning of the game you go through all the controls so you learn it. You learn how to walk, run, attack, use spells, move objects, etc.

Sound + Music: 10/10

Do you know Utada Hikaru? Well her song is in this wonderful game. If you like her, then you might want to get this game just for that (lol). Well normally, a lyric less music is playing. That changes whenever something around you changes, like when Heartless attacks you, the music gets dramatic. When they are all gone, the music goes back to being peaceful. When you are in a boss fight, the music gets exciting and lively.

The sound effect in this game is also really good. When you strike something with your Keyblade, it makes the right slashing sound. When you hit something hard with it, then it makes a sound like when you hit a steel bar with another steel bar. The sound and music in this game is definitely good, worthy of being in a great game.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics in this game is definitely one of the best ever. Nothing is cut off, nothing is blurry, no problem. Everything is well detailed too.

For example, when you're in Traverse Town, the neon lights on some of the stores is really bright and looks almost real. It sometimes feels like I'm in the game beating up some Heartless.

Lifespan: 10/10

This game is most likely the longest game out. In fact it's probably the longest game ever! This game keeps a record on how long you play, and you will be playing for at least 100 hours! That's how long this game will last!

Replay: 10/10

Well for one thing, this game takes a really long time to beat. Second, you have to do many things like find 99 Dalmatians and every single Trinities. And when you manage to get 100%, you get some special features (which I won't say because it can spoil the game)! One other thing, there are two modes. You can play an easy game (though it's still pretty hard) and a hard game which is, well, harder. If you manage to get 100% in both hardness levels, then you will probably be about three years older. And if you actually do finish both, then you can start a new game again! This game will last forever!

Rent or Buy: Buy

If you own a Playstation2, then you should buy this game. If you don't own a Playstation2, then you should buy one with this game. This game is worth every penny.


Story Line: Totally Original; a 10/10
Game Play: Definitely a great game; 10/10
Controls: Easy to learn and memorize; 10/10
Sound + Music: Ahh music to my ears! 10/10
Graphics: Is this real? Well it sure looks real! 10/10
Lifespan: Well over 100 hours! 10/10
Replay: Most replayable game ever! 10/10
Rent or Buy: Definitely worth 50 dollars! Buy it!

Final Words

This game is definitely a game worth 50 dollars. This game is good for people of all ages, and good for people that aren't allowed to play those violent games like Grand Theft Auto or other bloody games.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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