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"A wonderful game, a lot better than others Action/Rpg's"

Kingdom Hearts is just wonderful! The best Action/Rpg available for PS2 (and maybe even better of other consoles games). I personally spent more than 100 hours in order to finish it at nearly 100% and it's worth the difficulty. It's a really great game, with surprises and other things inside: if you don't know what to buy with your money, get it! You'll not regret it, I'm sure of that! You'll never say it's not amusing! It's the best Platform/Action/Rpg available for the PlayStation2! There are only a few other games that can be a challenge for KH (like Devil May Cry, but this is not the place to review it). Again, buy it (or ask a friend to lend it to you so you can try it...poor friends, I think he'll not have his game back! :D). Here you'll find my review. I don't think I gave KH high votes because I'm a Square fan (and I'm not really a Square Fan...Square-Enix is only third in my chart) but mainly because I've really liked it and I think you should at least give it a try. Anyway read this, hope you'll get some idea of the game!

GRAPHICS: They're not as good as FFX, but they look great in this game. Nice face movements (eyes, mouth...). The attack's effects are realy amazing! They are mixed really nicely with sound effects, during a battle. Surely one of the best point of KH. Every world is really high detailed (thus there are 1-2 second of loading before entering a new area...but there are not that long if you really play the'll don't ever see'em!) and every main character (there are 3) has many different weapons, all coloured and with a different attack's effect! (Other playable characters have a weapon too, but only one, even if it has its own attack's effect; thus, other characters cannot use it even because the character that own it cannot drop it since it's the only it has!). If you want a game with the best graphics, buy Final Fantasy X, but then if you want a game with really good graphics and a much deep gameplay, then buy KH! There are a few FMV with graphic that seems like FFX ones, but there is a lot of difference, in both positive and negative ways. I can say that KH surely does not need amazing graphics: they're great as they are now! 9/10

SOUND: It's not wonderful, but still good. Nothing to be very excited of, but the tunes are really appropriated and they never repeat (except for the battles, but there is a different battle tune for every world). There are plenty of sound effects in the game (from the ''WHACK'' when you hit an enemy to the ''DLING'' when you gain a level). The voices are great and we'll finally be able to hear some Final Fantasy character's voice! All the voices belong to expert actors and they're really expressive and well made. There are main songs like Final Fantasy and they're singed! They're really great and there are also remixed version of them! You can hear the remixed one in the first FMV, and the normal one in the Final FMV! Again, sounds are really well mixed with graphics and gameplay during battles. A note: even if characters have voices, it does not mean they'll speak all they'll say (with this line I mean that there will be phrases that the main character and the others will not speak. In some ways it is a good thing, in other ways, it is'll decide what way to take!). Being a fusion game between Final Fantasy and Disney, KH will also contain Disney characters: Donald Duck first: its voice is REALLY amazing and funny! You must hear it! All the others voices are pretty good, though. 8/10

GAMEPLAY: This is the BEST part of KH. Basically when you encounter an enemy you can lock him (so you don't get confused with other things like barrels and boxes) and you can either attack him or use magics or summons (if you have them). You can run from the enemy, turning the lock-on off, you can hide in passages, curing yourself and let your others party members take care of the enemy, then you can return to the foe and smacking him with your weapon! It's very funny, since there are many different weapons (even if their tipe is always the same...think of a characters that can only use swords, but a lot of them...) and the ''WHACK'' graphic effect is ALWAYS different! Of course you can Jump, climb and do whatever your like (of course only if you can) during the battle (but you cannot open the menu in order to stock items in your pockets). Basically, you are not forced to lock an enemy, but if you go near one foe, it'll be automatically locked on (I'm not sure about barrels, boxes, crates and other things, though). There are different commands: basically: you control the main character using the left analog stick and you can choose what to do with the + control pad. You can jump with the circle button, you let the others party members charge with the triangle button, you can do some chosen abilities with the square button and you use the X button to confirm commands you choose with the + pad. The + pad menu is similar to Final Fantasy ones in battle. There are Fight (and with the selection on this, you can continuosly whack the enemy by pressing X), Magic (when you hit X you'll go in a sub-menu where you can choose either what magic to cast or going to the summon sub-menu), Items (wich allow you to use items you've in your own pockets and NOT in your bag...basically when you collect an Item it goes in your bag: by opening the menu you can move it from the bag to your pockets...obviously your pockets are not black holes...they can't contain infinite objects so be warn!) and the fourth slot is occupied by the names of the special attack abilities you can perform with your weapon (you can use them only if you have turned them on by using your AP = Ability Points). It may seem difficult, but I assure you it's very funny and fast! In the low-right corner of the screen you may see the face of your main character, a green bar and a blue bar: the green one shows your remaining HPs and the blue one shows your MPs. Obviously, if your HPs reach 0, you die. :) . A thing you have to remember: if others party members die, the game does not stop: they'll simply stand still, with stars over their head, swooned. If you wait a bit (and maybe you dodge enemies attacks, possibly, thanks =P), they'll regain life, without using healing items; but if YOU die, then the game stops even if your teammates are still alive, sorry. In KH, Potions and High Potions can even cure swooned teammates so don't keep fooling around searching for a Phoenix Down, ok? :P. The Bosses are well designed and some enemies really have a great A.I.... they can hide and hit you behind if you don't put your guard up! Basically the first enemies aren't that intelligent...but some of the final even shake themselves when you go near them, in order to moving you away...a nice thing is that your teammates can heal you, either with magic (if they have the right magic and enough MPs) or with healing items (if they have any in their pockets). You can do the same with them, of course. Maybe there is only a thing to mention against the GamePlay...except for some bosses (that actually are however manipulated by) you'll be only fighting Heartless and no other enemies (of course there are many different tipes of Heartless...but the thing still remain the same!). 10/10

STORYLINE: Very deep...and...veiled in darkness (play it and you'll understand!)...don't believe people that say that KH is a kid game...there are deep feelings in the storyline...with a friendship-love between the two main characters and they can't explain each other how they feel (or perhaps, they don't want to?). Lot of things must yet happen (see you in KH2, guys!)...basically it isn't really the simple ''Save the world!'' but...''Save your Heart''! Seeing some Final Fantasy characters that actually encounter some Disney characters is simply wonderful! They all gather in order to destroy the darkness and save their world that have been destroyed by the evils Heartless. There are some hidden bosses that are being manipulated by Heartless and are blocking some be prepared to fight them! Some of them are really interesting to fight! All covered in a big cloud of fun, of course! Maybe the final scenes are a bit sad...but this is really good for a'll se tears pouring down your cheeks, believe me! And not to mention, a FMV that can be unlocked only by doing certain sub-quests... 10/10

DIFFICULTY: Well, there are three modes in this game: easy mode, when you may encounter some problems but you'll be fine; Hard, when you'll die many times and be in danger a lot and Ultra Hard, when you'll die almost all the time...suggested only to the real experts. However, it's very balanced. And even if you're playing in Easy mode you can level up as much as you want and you can fight some HARD there is all the action you've been looking for! 10/10 (With this I mean: if you are calm and pacific, go with Easy; if you want some aggressivity, go in Hard and so on...balanced with the player's don't worry: you'll be able to finish it!)

REPLAY VALUE: Mmm...well, like others RpG, you may want to begin a game another time...maybe because you've finished the first game by simply going straight to the goal without searching for goodies and so on...if you think so, KH has a great Replay Value...another note: maybe you've beaten some Super-Bosses at low level but have heard that they use some different attacks when you're at higher you may want to level up in a second game, since some super-bosses cannot be fought a second time (but one particolar super-bosses can, and it's the strongest foe in KH, but I can't tell you who he is). However I think it's enough to play KH once. So I don't rate it since I don't really consider it.

OVERALL: A wonderful game from SquareSoft: all is great (maybe only the musics lack a bit). If you want the best Action/RpG ever created, just buy KH! It's worth the price...believe me, it'll keep you for hours and hours (even because you'll surely want to level up and obtain new powerful weapon). And not to mention...some good Super-Bosses...and some good sub-quests! Gaining levels is finally amusing and not boring like other games! Finally a real amusing title with plenty of things to show! 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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