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"Mickey Mouse will Whoop Your Ass. This is Perfect."


When I first heard about this game, my reaction was pretty much like everyone else's. "What the heck?!?! How DARE they combine these awesome Final Fantasy characters and the fruity characters from Disney?!?!? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!" But, like the curious cat I am, I read the awesome reviews this game had been getting, and I got over myself, so I went out and bought myself a copy.

I was driving home, expecting the worst, thinking “Oh man what if the Disney characters make the Final Fantasy characters stupid by comparison! Oh man! Why did I even buy this game?”

I went home and popped it into my PS2. After the opening FMV, I realized. This isn't a fruity Disney game. Wow, I was never happier for proving myself wrong. This game is seriously a masterpiece, and I think is definitely deserves a spot on the top 20 games of all time. Please enjoy my review for Kingdom Hearts, MY favorite game of all time.

Game play (9/10)

This game is perfect for beginners at RPG's, people who are just testing the waters of the RPG Lake, and want to try out a good RPG. By all mean, GET THIS ONE. You will want to play RPG's for the rest of your life, assuming all RPG's were like this one.

I seriously think that this game has the best learning curve of any game I have ever played. When you first start, they do throw you into an introduction on how to play it. This game doesn't treat you like you are an idiot who hasn't played games before, like some games do. It just tells you the controls, and lets you battle a bit.

Another cool thing about the beginning is customization. They tell you to pick from a sword, shield, or magic rod. The one you pick will determine what your stats will be throughout the game. I picked the sword, so my main focus throughout the game was power. Depending on which weapon you pick, you will also learn a totally separate move list for each one. I played through again just to see what different types of moves I could learn as I gained levels.

As you level up, the different moves you can learn is extensive, and you can only use a limited number of moves according to how many Move Points you have (Similar to FFIX, etc.) So say that the spell “Fire” costs 3 points, and I've already equipped a lot of moves, and I have 2 points out of 15 points in all. I can't equip it, but when I level up; I can choose a bonus that I can add to myself, like more HP, or more move points.

The battle system is really awesome also. It's real time, so there are no “random encounters” for you to worry about when walking around places. The enemies' just pop out of nowhere and you have to battle them on the spot. I thought the way you fight was really well put together. You have a little “menu bar” in the corner of the screen, and you have to use the D-pad to choose whether you want to Attack, use Magic, Items, etc. Sometimes this got a little hectic, especially during boss battles where you have to heal a lot and also worry about keeping your partners healthy etc.

The weapons, “key blades” are one of the most original weapons I have ever seen. They are pretty much what they sound like, giant keys that you pretty much use as a sword. As you proceed through the game, you gain new key blades, of course, and the detail on these blades are incredible. Just wait until (that is, IF) you get the Ultima Key blade. Wow.

This brings me to the next part of the game play. Donald and Goofy. These two follow you around and fight with you! Yeah, I know, it's Donald and Goofy! But, they actually are pretty strong. You don't control these two at all, they control themselves. You can set what they do, like “Only Use Items When Health Is Low” Or “Only Use Magic”, so you have a little control over them, but they think for themselves. You can also equip them with items for using, etc.

Of course, like any other RPG, they try to switch it up a little. You can fly something called a “gummi” ships (see my opinion on that below) and also changing outfits according to worlds, like the fins you gain when you go underwater.

In every world, you also can get an extra character that follows you around. These are always Disney characters, and they are always pretty powerful. My favorite was Jack Skellington (From the Nightmare before Christmas) or The Beast (From Beauty and the Beast) each character has its own separate move list that they learn as they level up. Some other cool characters are Aladdin and The Little Mermaid (Whoo!)

I have ONE and beef with the game and ONE BEEF ONLY. The “gummi” ship, which was sort of a mini game where you can design and fly your own ship, got annoying and tedious after a while, for it was the way you had to get from place to place, until later in the game where you get a “warp” block, then you don't have to fly everywhere.

The (Freakin' Awesome) Story (10/10)

As my title states, this story is freakin' awesome. From the moment I started to the last steps in the game, the story had me totally compelled and intertwined with it. I have never seen a better story in any game I have ever played. Ever. You play Sora, a 12- year old kid, (voiced by Haley Joel Osment! OMG!) And, I think, for a main character, and a Square game, the main character ISN'T annoying! You begin to like the character, and eventually love it. This is sort of a romance story, but I won't give too much away.

The jist of it is, that the “Darkness” (not the band), has infected the Disney world (Not the theme park), and Sora, the “chosen one” (cliché, I know,) has to travel from his normal world and seal all the infected places with his trusty key blade.

The story in general is pretty funny. I mean, it has its funny moments, just like all the Disney films have had. You will have so much fun traveling from world to world and seeing what Square Enix has put in store for you.

And the ending….wow….After I beat it, I just sat there and let it all seep into myself. (Keep in mind I had unlocked the special secret movie at the end). I played it everyday after that for like a week just to keep watching the ending. (Note: Mickey Mouse kicks serious ass.) I have never dreamed that I would ever cry after playing a video game, but I proved myself wrong. It's that emotional. Yeah, I know. It's pretty sad.

Graphics (10/10)

Once again, Square has outdone itself with its FMV's in this game. They are absolutely stunning. The mouths actually MOVE correctly with the words they are saying! They look like they are actually saying it! That is a first in any game I have played.

The environments are simply beautiful. They look like I am actually watching the movie of whatever world I am in! Whether it's sliding down vines with Tarzan, or stomping on Oogie Boogies Bugs, they all make me feel like if the movie was real, that's what the places would look like.

Everything from the enemies looks wonderful. Everything is so detailed, and I loved just standing there and looking at the places. Even your costumes change in certain places! (Underwater, Nightmare before Christmas, etc...)

Sound (9/10)

The reason why I separated sound from graphics is because there is so much to say about the sound. Let's start with the regular music during game play. In every world, the music is totally different that the other, and I mean TOTALLY different. It could be the smooth jazz of a town, or the Caribbean music Under the Sea.

Now, In the FMV's, the beginning and the end, they have two different versions of a song called “When You Walk Away.” When I heard this song, I downloaded it immediately. At the end of the game, when this song plays, it just GETS you right there. *points to heart*. The ending is so emotional, and this song just multiplies the emotion tenfold.

There were some exceptional sound effects in this game, from everything to footsteps to Key blades clinking, there were an array of sound effects, and all were crystal clear and sounded beautiful.

The voices in this game are impressive. They actually got people I've HEARD of! Haley Joel Osment does the voice of Sora, the main character. If they were a voice in a Disney movie, then they're a voice in this game. Hercules, King Triton, Tarzan, everyone has their original voice from the movie. Even LANCE BASS does a voice in the game! (I'm not gonna tell who, because it's pretty secret)

They only thing that got me a little mad was the parts in the game where they got too lazy to have characters talk, in which case you just read the text. This sometimes dragged on, and would have been made a lot more exciting and interesting if the voices would have been recorded for it.

Play Time/ Replayability (10/10)

This was a good length for a game, not too long, not too short. If you play through the story and don't try any of the side quests or extra stuff, it would probably play roughly 35-40 hours. WITH all the extras, side quests, and other things, it would take you way over 55 hours. There is an extra “ending” that you can unlock after doing certain things in the game, and believe me, it is WORTH IT.

After I finished playing it, I continued to beat it just to watch the ending over and over again. After I grew out of that phase, I played through again. And again. I never get tired of this game. And I usually get tired of things easily. I am currently on my 4th play through. So, to sum it up, this game has HIGH replay value.

This game is challenging, humorous, long, exciting, emotional, romantic, and all in all the best game I have EVER played. If you haven't played this game and you are an RPG fan, give me your address so I can go over to your house and slap you. If you haven't bought it yet, Buy it. Buy it now. I have spoken.

OVERALL (Not an average) 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/01/04

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