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"Thus a Beautiful Relationship Between Square and Disney Begins."

I must admit when I first saw this game I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know that I would fall in love with this game and all its glory. The mix between a Final Fantasy and Disney characters made this game one of the Best Square has ever made. I remember when I first heard of this game and I thought it wasn't anything special, that it was just another Final Fantasy and it would be just for kids since Disney is involved. Well let me tell you something I was dead wrong. This game has Final Fantasy elements to it but it sure as heck isn't another Final Fantasy and having Disney in this game does not make it kiddies.

This action RPG stunned a plethora of people in the gaming industry and out of the gaming industry and here's why.

Now lets get down to the games cinematic shall we.

Sound- 5/5
Sound is definitely a must in rpgs, but don't worry they got it covered. The sound in this game is simply brilliant; the opening song "Simple and Clean” is just beautiful. The battle music was amazing and the different levels music went hand in hand with each other. Yet another game where square has outdone itself in the music department.

Graphics- 5/5
The in Game graphics are beautiful to begin with. Then you have the cut scene graphics, which are fantastic. With the same graphics as used in Final Fantasy 10, Kingdom Hearts graphics in and out of the game are simple mind blowing. The summons in this game all well done and spells animation is very original. Square and Disney were also very detailed with all the characters attributes and did an excellent job with converting the character style changes from games like Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8. Well done Square and Disney.

The game play would have been perfect if only the camera had been better. The camera in this game could sometimes go all over the place so you couldn't see all of the heartless you fighting, which could cost you, especially against a boss, like Riku or Maleficent when she's a dragon. But the fighting in this game very well makes up for the lack of the camera view, where you can gain new abilities while you level up which adds more strategy to the game.

Not only are you a fighter or a warrior in this game , you can also use magic which makes the game even more fun and puts a little strategy into the game especially when your fighting some of the more harder bosses in the game. Magic also plays a part in getting items you might need and using magic is definitely a must when your fighting bosses later in the game, like using Aeroga is a must for and of the 4 secret bosses, without magic you can't even beat one of them, magic plays a major role in your quest to destroy the heartless.

Characters and party members- 5/5
I love the fact that even though this is made by Square, that the Final Fantasy characters are only cameos and can't join your party because if I wanted a Final Fantasy character in my party I might as well just play Final Fantasy. So Sora is the main and original character. Riku and Kairi are also original characters to only kingdom Hearts. Its pretty fun actually to have the Disney characters from different worlds in your party, makes you feel like your actually part of the story and Riku even joins your group for one battle, though he didn't help much. Final Fantasy characters on Destiny Island were good training though so they had their purposes. Oh yeah and the biggest curser in any game Cid from Final Fantasy 7 made it into this game. I must say folks Disney must of worked a miracle to get Cid into this game.

Battle System- 5/5
The battle system in this game is extremely well done. Learning new skill by leveling up and having the right amount of skill can make a fight in this game one the most memorable one in any game, you know I'm talking about Sephiroth, so I'll focus on a battle speculation on him. Picture this you don't have the Ultima Weapon your at a level of 60, lets say your using the OathKeeper, now the Oathkeeper is a good Weapon but nowhere near as good as the Ultima weapon. Its just you and Sephiroth think your up to the challenge? I'll try it and tell ya how it comes out.

Which brings me to my next rating.

Weapons- 5/5
Who would of thought that you start off with a wooden sword at the start of this game. Well thank god that didn't last long, not long after you get the wooden sword you get the Keyblade, which you get a new keyblade from each world you go to until you get to the Ultima Weapon which might be the hardest weapon to get in the entire game. Not only is your weapon awesome but also your group's weapons can look very awesome. Donald's save the queen staff is a thing of beauty and Goofys save the king shield just looks nice. Your ally's weapon from different worlds won't always be cool but some are I mean who doesn't like Aladdin's sword honestly? And then your opponents weapon. Jafar has that staff of his which is ok, Ursula has that giant staff which pissed me off allot but was pretty cool, Captain hook had a long sword as well, Maleficent had a staff as well, Riku had his own Keyblade which pwned the competition in weapons, Sephiroth had the Masumonna( that's probably spelled horribly, its the long sword Sephiroth has), and Kurt Ziza has like 6 weapons stupid ****, sorry about that folks.

Overall Kingdom Hearts had alot of new idea and alot of unoriginal ideas so I'll be honest. This is basically the average RPG but with new elements to it which makes it an action RPG. Its a good thing this isn't a turned based RPG, can you imagine going through the whole game and having to take turns to attack?? Doesn't sound too thrilling does it? So we know that Square and Disney know exactly what their doing, especially since Nomura had a big part in the Final Fantasy series especially with Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8, which thanks to him we can fight Leon, Cloud, and One of the most favorite boss fights of all time Sephiroth and we can give a big thanks to Nomura, so lets give him a big round of applause.

Story- 5/5
The story started off perfectly and very realistic for an unrealistic world.
I mean think about your 14 years old and your stranded on a chain of islands that are totally surrounded by water I think I would want to get off the Islands too wouldn't you? Then you finally get off the island, though not the way you expected and you're all alone with your keyblade. Then you meet Leon and later you finally meet Donald and Goofy. After you travel all the worlds and lock them you finally get to go to Hallow Bastion where you believe the final battle begins. You finally meet up with Riku but his is not on your side, you defeat him in a fight even after loosing your keyblade for a short amount of time. Once you beat Maleficent and her Dragon form you once fight Riku though this time he seems different and stronger. Once you beat him you might think the game will be over, but just they the story takes a turn and Ansem appears, you figure out the rest :)

Playability 5/5
This rarely ever got boring to me. You will always have something to do, the game gives you plenty to do in the Tournaments at the Coliseum. So depending how much you enjoy the game and what level of skill your at this game should take you about 50-70 hours if you do everything which, did I mention never gets boring? I'm sure I did, another reason why this game doesn't get boring is because you can't get all the items and trinity marks right when you get to the level. You have to go through the whole game to even some of the necessary skills for the items and trinity marks, so you'll be very busy throughout the entire game ^_^.

Replay ability- 5/5
I have started 5 new games and beaten them all and I can honestly say that I haven't gotten bored with this game once, which is something unprecedented in my case. Also when you start a new game you complete the game faster and faster each time you play because you know where everything is and you know how to get them. So you can challenge your self to do better each and every time you restart the game. There are also many challenges that will test your patience and temper, such as getting to level 100 on Destiny Islands, sounds crazy right, well people actually are crazy enough to attempt such a challenge which commend anyone who attempts and completes this challenge. You also try and beat the game at the lowest level possible, which will test your skills and not just your strengths.

Sometimes I wonder why people say they hate Kingdom Hearts, some say because it has Disney stuff in it, which actually adds more fun to the game and even though Disney did help with Kingdom Hearts its still a game for all ages.
Some people say this game is boring though they probably haven't got past with Destiny Island which might be a reason but once they do get off the island they will see the error of their ways and see the light!

I would like to add another Kingdom Hearts left open a spot for one of the anticipated sequels of all time, Kingdom Hearts 2 which everyone hopes will be much better then the original which its shaping up to be.

So overall I give Kingdom Hearts a perfect 10/10, this game is definitely a must for any action rpger out there.

Characters and Party Members-5/5
Battle System- 5/5
Weapons- 55

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/06/04

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