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"Hopefully you can change your misconception of this game."

Kingdom Hearts was a game that not only was a game neglected by me, but it was neglected by many people. The fact that Disney had produced the game, it threw off gamers. About 2 years after its release, a friend recommended the game to me. A beautiful game it was. The concept, and guess what? Final Fantasy characters all blown all around the game. This is a game that should not get your misconception of it.

The storyline. Wow. Can you say in-depth? I'm sure you can, but the real cool thing about this is the storyline. Interesting, and it's just really surprising. You play as Sora. The game starts off as you live on an island with so many people. You and your two friends want to travel further to experience the worlds. The night you are planning to leave, Heartless show. Heartless are these black globs that infect you and then you become one. Once you leave, two of Disney's oldest characters: Donald and Goofy have teamed up with you. In the search to find King Mickey (he has been kidnapped), and to experience the world, Sora is granted a Keyblade. It is granted to only one person, and with you it you can open the door to the other side of the world. Yes. A bit common, but really. It's unique from the Disney games you see today…or if they have any now.

Let me talk about the best attribute to this game that will bust your jaw open in a vertical motion slowly opening every nanosecond, and then fully wide with you gasping with the state of the art graphics. I'm serious; this puts some of the recent PS2 games in the low-deserved attention spot. The cutscenes are so thorough with so much variety, and a great use of colors. The Tarzan level is basically a jungle. The trees and the sense, the branches. Everything in a jungle is captured into it with the graphics. There is so much variety. I'm sure that this game is worth buying just because of the graphics. Definitely effort went into this game. It's a definite.

The sound. Hmm…it was adequate…if you are talking about the sound effects. Like footsteps, echoes when you slam a weapon to the wall. One of the best things about this game is the soundtrack. I've bragged enough about the graphics, but seriously. This is like a chick-flick song. So many vocals in this, and they were really good. Before I knew it, I was singing along. Even though the soundtrack is good, the voiceovers could've been a little better. They were adequate with the voices to many Final Fantasy characters. To be honest, Goofy and Donald, sound really good.

The bosses in this game are seriously sort of ripped off from Final Fantasy. Yes, Sephiroth is in the game. I don't know about you, but Sephiroth is an over hyped character. He's just a character that wears gothic clothing. Of course, I being biased, I'm just telling you that he's in here. Behemoth is in here. A tough one he is. All in all, the bosses in this game are difficult at times, and then easy. The strategy to beat each boss isn't really hard. You use potions and hack-‘n-slash.

This game plays like any other RPG…you grow levels. You get experience, and you grow levels. It's egregious, increasing your health bar is a definite in this game. The best part in this game is that all three of you, (Sora, Goofy, and Donald), all grow levels, so it's like having more powerful…or you just feel godly. Even though combat can get tedious, spells are included. You can heal yourself or shoot an electrifying bolt of electricity with velocity to blow your opponent away.

Within the game there are some puzzles that are in here, but nothing to blow you away for you puzzle-lovers who can't stand a game without difficult puzzles that cause you to use your mind a lot. The gameplay, in short, is linear. Yes.

The weirdest part of this game is one of the level's that is so abnormal; it may change your interest. There is a Winnie Pooh level. Bah. Can it get any worst? The upside is, is that it is only a side level (thank God).

There are many, many unique environments. The Peter Pan level is focused on the ship, and then Big Ben. Pinocchio is based in an underground sea. The Little Mermaid is underwater has you swim. That's the great thing. This game allows you to gain different abilities as you progress throughout the game. Such as swimming. That was the cool thing. You swam throughout the sea with simplicity. Well put together.

The controls in this game are really well done. The simplicity found here is just really amazing. Seeing how many games these days come out with so much depth and so many things you can do, you have all of these buttons to press to program to combo, or whatever. For example, you might need to press the R1 button several times to accomplish a stab. Yes, it may seem a bit exaggerated there, but this game really is well put together. The combat system very fluid. Of course you can jump into the game with the controls.

Within the game there is a book that keeps a record of all of the adventures, of extra information to help you get back into the story. This is quite helpful when you are just trying out the game at a friend's house, you may want to jump into the storyline and get a glimpse on what the game is about, instead of listening to your friend blab about it in a tedious way. It was really good for it to place it there.

The bad thing in this game is that you can only evolve to level 50. Each character can go to level 50, of course their health bar is extremely long making you tougher, and when you are hit you decrease little health. The really interesting thing is that in the beginning of the game, you are asked numerous out-of-the-blue questions and in the order you answer them decides your growth rate. So you can be placed at slow, intermediate, or fast. Each character gets one of these, so none of the characters will have the same growth rate.

If you are one of those people that HAS to have EVERY little detail, i.e. cheats, extra stuff, glitches, this game is full of them! Glitches not in a bad way, but something done for pleasure. Cheats are in here, and then extra stuff. There is so much extra stuff it will blow you away. So, remember, it'll take you awhile to collect everything/see everything.

It is pretty hard to get into the game. It'll take you about a few hours to jump into the action and have fun, which is sort of a downer, because you always want a game that you can start to play and then immediately get hooked and you won't turn off your console after continuous play. This game fails at that, thank goodness for the fun in this.

The length in this game is pretty decent, not as long as games such as Tales of Symphonia, and Final Fantasy, but it is longer than usual RPGs. If you enjoy a semi-long RPG, this game covers that area, but the difficulty can hold you back a bit, only because you may stay a level or boss battle in which you have gotten stuck.

I've thought I've told you everything about the game, unless you want to hear about the incredibly stupid camera. It tries to follow Sora and the characters…but it fails…miserably. It will be a failure. Yes. Hopefully, my semi-enlightened review about this game can change your misconception of it a little bit!


* Unbelievable graphics
* Unique storyline, a bit hard to follow, though.
* Incredible music, the soundtrack will blow you away!
* Bosses have a great balance of difficulty
* Final Fantasy characters are included


* The camera angles are a pain
* Sounds are adequate
* Winnie Pooh!
* Not many hardcore puzzles/not many puzzles, period.
* Can take awhile for you to get into the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/07/05

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