2D Art & Character DesignRasmus Jorgensen
Additional ArtJason Millson
Additional ArtPaul Mulliner
Additional ArtLee Tibbetts
Additional ArtChris Walley
Additional ProgrammingLarry Docherty
Additional ProgrammingStewart Miles
Additional ProgrammingBrett Paterson
Additional ProgrammingThe Renderware Team
Assistant ProducerBen Duncan
Character Art and AnimationPeter Lake
Character Art and AnimationNeil Manners
ClaytonSteve Brodie
Communications ManagerJason Fitzgerald
Creative ManagersPaul Glancey
Creative ManagersAlex Ward
DesignerSteve O'Neill
English Editing and TracklayingBen Minto
EthanMarc Biagi
F I G S Editing and TracklayingJonathon Perrell
Foley / Field RecordingsBen Minto
Foley / Field RecordingsSoundkids
Game DesignerCraig Sullivan
Head of Criterion GamesFiona Sperry
InsiderRyan Drummond
JJ SawyerDave Rivas
KatLani Minella
Lead ArtistEd Hayden
Lead Audio ProgrammerPeter Bishop
Lead Namco TesterRyan Chennualt
Lead ProgrammerSean Turner
Lead SCEE TesterCarl McKane
Level Art and DesignEd Hayden
Level Art and DesignChris Healy
Level Art and DesignTim King
Motion-Capture ActorsSteve Field
Motion-Capture ActorsSamantha Fisher
Motion-Capture ActorsRob Horsman
Motion-Capture ActorsShelly Love
Motion-Capture ActorsRob Oldfield
Motion-Capture Shooting and Data Processing ByCentroid Motion Capture -
Motion-Capture SkatersLucy Adams
Motion-Capture SkatersMatt Davies
Motion-Capture SkatersMatt Pritchard
Namco ProducerJon Kromry
Namco TestersAdrian Escultura
Namco TestersDan Fowler
Namco TestersJohn Hsia
Namco TestersTim Johns
Namco TestersGlen Seward
Namco TestersDaryle Tumacder
NaomiErin Ashe
OscarMarc Biagi
ProducerJames Smith
Producer for Criterion GamesSiobhan Reddy
Product ManagerGraham Brown
Production AssistantKrissy Venter
ProgrammingDavid Harvey
ProgrammingSteve Lucas
ProgrammingToby Nelson
ProgrammingDominic Parrot
ProgrammingPaul Ross
ProgrammingRichard Thomassen
ProgrammingSean Turner
ProgrammingTom Williamson
Project CoordinatorJames Guirao
SCEE Senior ProducerDavid Bowry
SCEE TestersKeiran Gaynor
SCEE TestersMartin Gibney
SCEE TestersCarl Jones
SCEE TestersAlan Mawer
SCEE TestersALan McArdle
SCEE TestersCarl Robinson
SCEE TestersIan Turnbull
SCEE TestersChris Vaughan
Script WriterMartin Pond
Sound DesignerBen Minto
Team ProgrammerRichard Thomassen
TestersSimon Crawford
TestersGaretch Harding
TestersGiles Haydon
TestersJonathan King
TestersNeil Martin
TestersGavin Parker


Data and credits for this game contributed by Spurius, SSpectre, Mookiethebold, and odino.

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