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"One word describes this game: average. Not much else"

This review will be considerably shorter than my other reviews. Why you ask? Because thats what the game is. Very simple and it doesn't take a bucket of words to express the feelings on this extremely average game with a few really cool twists. So what do I like about it? Well the first time I popped it in, I was very impressed with the overall presentation of the game, and the interface is awesome! Its definitely a futuristic type game that actually feels futuristic. No doubt about that. Also, the game was a lot more impressive looking than I had even hoped for. So where does it fall short, dead on its knees? Well the huge gameplay problems, thats where. The gameplay at first seems like such a sweet idea and it may be, but then when you actually start playing through the story mode it seems kinda tedious. Ah yes, the story mode. Miserable! Not much way around that. The story is ridiculously ''I don't give a crap what happens to him'' type story. And the objectives actually revolve around the story, which make it so you pretty much have to sit through the cut scenes to know what you are doing. How pitiful! The tricks you pull of are done pretty well, and feel just average... but the camera is another story. It is completely off! It is a whole 45 degrees directed upward from what it should be. You basically are staring at the sky whenever you try and do jumps and tricks, etc. Going off ramps is even more crazy. Doing basic grinds and flips are ok, but if you try to combine tricks it becomes a mess. Had it not been for the camera, this game might of scored a 7. To sum it up: good graphics, sweet interface, fair tunes, and cool-but majorly flawed gameplay.

Graphics 9.0
I really was shocked with the graphics. I thought they were going to be horrendous because I didn't read the nicest reviews for this game. However, they turned out to be not all THAT bad. Quite good actually. So where did it score big points with me? The feel of menu navigating, and interface. Just doing that alone is more fun than playing the game (ok maybe a little exaggeration). But the game looks soooo cool!

Sound 7.0
Good sound? Well no... bad sound? Well... no, not that either. Guess it just kinda fits into the blah blah category of nothingness. I didnt really care for any of the tunes, and the voice actors (yes there are voice actors) sound really dumb.

Gameplay 5.5
Don't get me wrong, it starts off way cool! It seems way cool, it looks way cool. But it doesn't exactly execute way cool. The camera is huge docker in this area, and it seems very hard to even control your board. You cant stop it either, and you will have hard times judging jumps and turns, all that stuff that is pivotal in these kinds of games. Stick with the Hawk if you want this kind of sweet gameplay. Playing that for the thousandth time is almost better than playing this for the first. Its really not THAT bad tho. Its simply average, fair enough?

Lasting Appeal N/A
I aint gonna be unfair and judge it on this. Why? Cuz I rented the game. Do I want to buy it? no... Did I play it after the first time I popped it in? Yes.... why? Because I wanted to write a review about it. Haha. Sorry Criterion, you tried to make a sweet success but it didn't turn out all that successful. It sounds and looks a lot better than it plays. Plus playing through story mode is a nightmare! I would die before I went through that again. At least freeskate isn't too bad.

Rent or Buy?
Two choices: Rent it to see how cool it seems... and then get worn down with it. Or two: don't rent it. Simple as that.

*note: oops, looked like it turned out longer than I thought.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/27/02, Updated 02/27/02

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